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Southgate won’t call on Wilshere this summer

Gareth Southgate has hinted he won’t call up Jack Wilshere when the England under-21s travel to the European Championships this summer.

Although he turned 23 in January the Arsenal midfielder would still be eligible to represent his country in the Czech Republic when the domestic season ends.

There have been calls (mostly tweeted by a seemingly perma-bored Gary Lineker) for the FA to ensure the strongest squad possible is taken to the tournament; one that includes stars from Roy Hodgson’s senior squad.

Adding fuel to the fire, David Seaman yesterday suggested that in light of Wilshere’s lack of game time, a summer running around in a Three Lions top might be beneficial.

“I’d like to see him go (to the European Championship),” the former keeper told talkSPORT. “He has not played a lot of football this season and, if he is fit, he should go.”

Appearing on the same radio station within hours of his former England teammate, Southgate outlined his stance:

“With the group mentality and dynamic and the way they work together, I’d be loathe to take people who hadn’t had an attachment to the team in the summer.

“There is great character in the team and also great quality and we displayed both to win against Germany on Tuesday night.”

Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley and Luke ‘fatty bum bum’ Shaw are other names pitched as possible candidates for Southgate’s squad…the latter is keen because he heard Southgate is still sponsored by Pizza Hut. 

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Pity. The guy needs ball.

Still benefits from a longer preseason anyways.

Win win either way


I don’t understand how he is still eligible?

Man Like Ozil
Gillespie Road

It’s all based on a player’s age at the start of the qualification process rather than their current age. Jack was 21 when the qualification process started so he retains eligibility for the tournament proper.

Rohith J

Rubbish logic though. You had think this is a tournament that ought to promote youngsters who haven’t had football at the highest level. Jack should be considered a senior based on the number of appearances.

Black Hei

Going by your logic, the coach will have to pick guys who are 19 years and below at the start of the qualifiers, and what do you call the tournament then? The start at 19 and end at 21 tournament.


If they were 21 or under when the qualfiers for this summers tournament started they are eligible. It started in march 2013 when Jack was 21 years old. Means he can be called up.

Jamaican Gooner

Actually a great move by the coach its unfair to other lads who have played through qualifiers…


Exactly, usually agree with a lot of what Linekar says but he’s totally wrong on this. What message would it send to the ‘true’ U21 players if as soon as the older and more experienced players fancied a game they just clicked their fingers and immediately went into the team. Totally defeats the object of creating this supposed winning team mentality (which in itself is something that conveniently ignores the fact the coaching and general standard of player is sub-par in this country).


Yeah… Luke Shaw is kinda fat

George Martin

Why is wilshere still eligible for under 21s?

Someone's Something

Lmfao at “Must include all our best youngsters. MUST”. Sit down fam, it’s just a U21-tournament.


Oh Jezis i don’t care… Its not your fault bloggs.. its just this whole void is depressing… Did anyone see the express today where the headline was Ozil in Shock Arsenal Exit… followed by a story where basically Ozil says he is not thinking of leaving and is happy at Arsenal Then we have David Seamen being drafted in to fill a hole in the calendar answering inane questions. Having to explain to people why 23 year olds are allowed to play in an under 21 competition Please come back real football… I am fed up having to pretend to… Read more »


Neither will we me thinks…


No offence, but i think Wilshere’s far above playing for u21. he should have a nice little break and prepare for next season because he’s slowly starting to lose importance in this arsenal team.
Come to think of it, mata did play for the spanish u21 team in 10 or 11 despite being an established first team player for valencia.


Off topic but a hilarious article in the London Evening Standard claiming Arsenal and Chelsea are to construct a statue of A Hole wearing a 50/50 Arsenal Chelsea scarf and a Crystal Palace sock.
1st April.


I cant believe you read this blog and think that story is hilarious…
At best it’s not vomit inducing.

The crystal palace sock did make it one of the better arsenal related April fool gags.



The u21s is meant to help intergrate future national team players, so i don’t understand why established national team players like sterling, wilshere and the ox are asked to play in the euros when they’re already mainstays in the NT.


The U21s is meant to injure and tire Arsenal players.

Its an elaborate conspiracy, i’ll give you that

Dick Swiveller

Because people are stupid.

They confuse winning anything for being something that matters, hence a developmental tournament becomes something that England MUST win because it’s a shiny cup.


To be fair.. if you look at the German Under-21 side that won this same comp a few years ago, its not too far away from their First XI now. Hummels, Howedes, Khedira, Boateng, Ozil, etc etc… Same with Spain. Tournament experience is what is important, winning is just a bonus. So I can see both perspectives really. I think Southgate will be sensible and take one or two of the senior fellas to supplement what he’s been working with already.


How many of those players were full first teamers before 09 euros?? wilshere has already played in a WC, the ox has played in euro 12, so whats the point of them going down to the u21s for?

Dick Swiveller

That is true, but I think that a lot of them weren’t established internationals and the win was more a consequence of them having talented youngsters who then went into the proper team, rather than the U-21 tournaments making them good.

In short, send Chalobah for a bit of experience if he wants but Sterling/Wilshere will learn nothing, and it would only take away form their preparations for a full season at the top level.


An England U21 manager with some common sense….

Surely this has got be an April Fool’s joke.

Me So Hornsey

Yeah, bring back Stuart Pearce.


Har har Southgate realizes young Jack not good enough for U21
Wasnt he making a fuss about playing him a few years ago?


Haha fatty bum bum. Made me laugh. Shaw should have a bum-off with Nasri – non sexual!

Stringer Bell

Unlike that prick Pearce. Now he is vomit inducing when he opens his dopey mouth.


Mostly agree with what people have said here but I don’t think it would do young English players any harm to have had success in tournament football… We don’t seem to deal with it very well most of the time


Thought this might be the April Fool article! Like Gary says: an U-21 manager with sense…


As harsh as it may be the truth of the matter is that jack has simply not done enough this season to merit inclusion. He certainly has the talent. .. He just needs to (hopefully) stay fit next season, get his sh!t together and stay consistent. … (Getting caught) having the odd ciggy here and there probably hasn’t helped his cause much either 🙂

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