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Cazorla excited by prospects of big signings

Santi Cazorla says that for Arsenal to fulfill their potential, signings like those of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez will help improve the team and the players already at the club.

In August 2013 the Gunners paid £42.5m to Real Madrid for Ozil, and last summer paid £30M+ to Barcelona for the Chilean forward whose debut season came close to Thierry Henry in terms of his goal return.

And Cazorla says the capture of players of that quality is what Arsenal need as they look to mount a title challenge next season.

Speaking to Amy Lawrence at the kit launch the other night, he reminisced about the two big money arrivals in the last two summers.

“I got very excited,” he said. “It’s extremely important to see how everyone gets excited because the more players of the calibre of Alexis and Mesut that join, the better I will become as a player and the better the team will become.

“Because of their style of play their games combine together, and the best thing for us is the team is stronger because of it.”

And he said there are lessons to be taken from the Spanish giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona with regard to the way they do their business and what it means in the Champions League in particular.

“In Europe teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona have some of the best players in the world. It’s something we have to aspire to and try to position ourselves in that sense.”

There’s some interesting stuff on Jack Wilshere too and a lesson for young footballers as he reveals why he’s so good with both feet – read the full article here.

See some exclusive pictures from the kit launch here.

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La Défense

Erm, hint hint, Arsene!


Santi, you are not alone, we are too!


Wants big signings? He is trying to keep the role of genius midget for himself.

Alexis Sanchez

Excuse me?


Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but it’s a pretty good and subtle pun. You might want to look up synonyms for “big” – e.g., tall, lanky, bulky, etc.


Wow son. You didn’t get his joke, then you think Alexis is the one who didn’t get it. Hilarious :p
But apparently you’re one of only the few who didn’t get it.


One of the great moments in Wenger’s time was when he said, a day before the window closed, “maybe we will have a good surprise for you”, and gave his troll-face smile. Then boom, we signed Mesut Ozil, and everyone was delirious. What a day.

That said, I’m not expecting or ‘demanding’ we make any such players. Surprise us Wenger. Except if it’s Sterling. Not that kind of surprise please.


Sterling would be such a step in the wrong direction. A spoiled, greedy kid who believes his own (really quite absurd) hype, and who is controlled by a vampire squid of an agent. We don’t need that sort at our great club.


Not even at the bargain price of £50m for a 20 year old?


Man City are already offering more than Sanchez!


I hear Alex OxChambo has the same agent. Also don’t believe the Liverpool media(Carragher, Owen etc.) about Sterling trying to paint him as greedy. If you were stuck in Liverpool, coached by Brendan Rodgers, no hope of going anywhere, you’d want out as well.


Sterling is good, but for £50m and wages over 100k, I’d rather we played Cash Reserves. Or The Ox, Gnabry, Welbz…

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Sterling is good but he is not as good as Oxlade-Chambelin. Not even close. He is not as good as Walcott so why do we need him? Let him go to City, we’re fine with the group we have

John C

I’m not sure we’re fine with the group we have otherwise we would have won the league/champions league, but what we need is better than what we have and thats not Sterling in my opinion.

Admittedly there are very few better than what we have but those that are, are in the Ozil/Sanchez bracket.


Whenever I hear us linked with £terling, it makes me wonder how people seem to forget we have The Ox who I’d take over £terling every single time


Those rumors are certainly not set out by Arsenal supporters.
I’d take Theo or Ox over him any day of the week.

Just check out his stats even if you’re into that sort of thing. They’re not that impressive in comparison to the hype. Theo is much more deadly, Ox is much stronger and more versatile.


When our little magician is also excited with the big signing (eg: mesut & alexis), you know he didn’t lie about their ability to play the ball on their feet & give us something different on the pitch. The most important, do not make the game a boring game 😉

Stringer Bell

He is very good player no.




We will have too many chance to win the league next season, no?


What kind of DM should the Boss signed next season? A holding one that wins the ball to breakdown the opponent attacks? Which we already have in Coquelin. Or an attacking one that plays behind the attacking midfielder – Ozil and the attacking wingers – Sanchez and Wilshere to cut off or slowdown the opponent attacking buildups? Are Cazorla and Ramsey performing this job efficiently? If they are not, can they step it up? I think Arsenal will be more balanced in the holding work if they can get someone that does the job better than Cazorla and Ramsey to… Read more »

Stringer Bell

Don’t give up the day job!!


Attacking DM? Wha…?


Has to be one of the best oxymorons of all time. Even better than “army intelligence” or “government worker”. In fact, even better than “rap music”.




I’d like us to rescue Gotze’s career, he’s a top talent at a good age and potentially available.


Rescue his career? He’s won 4 Bundesliga titles, 2 German cups and a scored the winner to get a World cup. He is 23. I’d snap Bayern’s hand off if they were selling don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t consider his career is in need of saving.


By all accounts those are not because of him. He was voted the second biggest flop at Bayern. Meanwhile he was a creative attacking leader at Dortmund. If he doesn’t pick it up soon then yes he will need his career saved.

But Ribery and that cunt Rubbin will need replacing soon, so he may yet get a chance to come good.


Hope Santi’s texting Arsene on this one. Keep badgering him Santi.
Isn’t Santi’s contract up for renewal quite soon as well?

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Do you think he ends his texts with no as well?



Getso gunner

You need to up your game too Mr. Santi by scoring more goals from open play as in your first season


So Handsome


Jackson Martinez, Kondogbia and Cech will make me happy!


The last two Summers Wenger sprang the purchases of Ozil and Sanchez out of nowhere and really surprised everyone. Obviously we needed a goalie and RB after Fabianski and Sagna departed and he did the expected business there. He bought cover at center defender last Summer with Chambers and last Winter with Gabriel. I wonder what kind of surprise he has up his sleeve this Summer. Everyone knows the spots where needs for top line talent or cover are GK, DM and Striker, but wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Wenger go with a top player in an area… Read more »

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