Thursday, August 18, 2022

Cech ready for Arsenal challenge

Petr Cech says that talking with Arsene Wenger convinced him Arsenal was the club where he could continue to meet his footballing ambitions.

The Czech international has won plenty of trophies with Chelsea, but says he still has a big desire to achieve things in the game and feels that the Gunners can help him do that.

Although he’s now 33, that’s still quite young in the life of a goalkeeper, and Cech is delighted to continue his career in England with us.

“I’m really excited about joining Arsenal football club,” he told the official site, “and can’t wait to join up for pre-season.

“I have the same commitment to football, the same motivation and the same hunger for success as I had at the beginning of my career, and I love the challenges brought by the top quality players you face while playing in the Premier League.

“When Arsène Wenger spoke to me about his ambitions for this club, and how he saw me as part of this team, the decision was clear.”



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Big Mad Andy

I love this football flub

Third Plebeian

A classy player joining a classy club. Cech is a complete professional. He’ll bring more to this team than just his goalkeeping skills. Still can’t believe we pulled this off. Well done, Arsenal and Arsene…and Rosicky!

Podolski's Hastag

Maybe Cech will score the winner against Chelsea and celebrate like Welbo did. Well one can hope.


A goal kick or drop kick that gets blow by the wind all the way into the Chelsea goal like what Tim Howard did once 😀


Can it also ricochet in of John Terrys testicles, causing him to fall over again and writhe in pain and humiliation, slowly crawling his way off the pitch to the rapturous applaus of a capacity home crowd?


I have always maintained that the best goal ever would be a goal scored by a ricochet off John Terry’s face.


How about if the follow through connected with Terrys face instead, Diaby-esque ?


Im down with the ricochet idea but id rather it split his bag open and he left a trail of stringy bollocks across the pitch as he crawled off.

Pedantic Dan

“Football in the groin! Football in the groin!”


Not every one got that Dan.. It’s the kind of subtle humour that flies over the head of the mainstream.
Whatever I will Cech the “Like” button for you.


A film by Hans Moleman


I’m so over this news already, hurry up and tell us his squad number 😉


Number ONE

Springbank 1962

Who saw this coming? Typical Wenger or what?

Stringer Bell

Absolutely great signing and if we needed any more proof a massive statement of intent. Coyg.

Getso gunner

The day you help us win the community shield I will go over the moon…….
If you help us win EPL or UCL.. I will go over the sun

Save 75 cents

I guess depending on which axis you are viewing the sun from you could be going around it from the side. Perspective is everything.


“I’m really excited about joining Arsenal football flub,”

‘Football flub?’. Did Mourinho left-hook him before he left?

Only joking. We all know that Mourinho would go for the slap and then hide behind John Terry

Le Jim

Doesn’t he go for the eye gouge?

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

I just hope Mourinho is totally gutted.

We shouldn’t underestimate just how much Fabregas/Chelsea pissed Wenger off. This is revenge served ice-cold.


Took the Mancunian lad Welbz from United after they took the skunk. He’ll turn out great, Wenger has seen something in him. And now we took the only classy player of Chelsea from Mourinho. Muahahahaha

bims lay

yep, and how sweet it is!……….he who laughs last and all that!

love that there isnt any mention of moucuntnho, only roman in his farewell message to chelsea.


Fuck me I am delighted! This team is scarily close to being at the top and I have not been more excited about this teams potential since 08/09.

Let’s do it.


I have been dreading for many years the transfer market.
But the last three years have been wow!!!!!


It was foretold.


Le Prof knows best.



This is how Arsenal does it now. Fuck it, I’m done trying to guess who we’re gonna sign. As with Ozil and Alexis, unlikely bordering on unbelievable.

Who thought he’d be our first signing when the season ended? Seriously?


New Lehman!


Hope not.. I remember the CL final like it was yesterday.. and also how he made Aluminia no.1 because of his antics

David C

it still hurts like a fresh wound. I don’t blame Lehman, we had a back 4 that simply wasn’t allowing anyone to score and we brought back Campbell and Cole before the big game because we were scared of losing them…

I hope Cech et al, give us some new wonderful memories like the last 2 FA Cups! More of that please.


Once again it seems Wenger had a say in convincing a player. All those fans asking for his head should realise what we have here. I mean, yes, of course he can do better. But let’s not forget that he’s one of the greatest in our time.

Stringer Bell

He has had two seasons now with money to compete, he signed Ozil then Sanchez and now he signs Cech. Arsene most Arsenal fans owe you a huge apology. I can see league or champions league this coming season. Or both. Dare to dream.


haha, i don’t think anyone owes anyone an apology. People just need to look at things with perspective, i guess.

Stringer Bell

Maybe sir. But the abuse he revcieved from some was disgraceful. My apology would be for doubting and blaming him through tough times. I never abused the man cos always had my respect and it was painful to think it may all end in tears. Which did you belong I wonder hhmmmm


It has been quite a turnaround. After we lost to Everton towards the end of 2013/14 and having being thumped by Pool and Chelski, I started to believe his time was up. I never felt that low as an Arsenal supporter as I did after that defeat. AW looked extremely anxious on the sidelines as the intensity of the pressure began to take its toll. Then all of a sudden the team started grinding out victories as we got back to basics, and he got the team confident again. 2 Cup wins later, and 2 World Class signings later, and… Read more »

2015-2016 = the year we've been waiting for

“Stamford Bridge expansion to cost Abramovich £500mm”

Wenger built The Emirates without a single penny worth of help from the owners.

The journalists who rate Mourinho as “the best manager in the world” need to imagine – just for one second – how Mourinho’s Chelsea would fare if they had to ‘self fund’ their stadium like we did.


Nobody’s asking for his head any more. But if we lose the first game of next season you can bet they’ll all be back talking about how “they’ve always said Wenger should go.”

Unfortunately, this club has to deal with a significant minority of the fans who are about as fickle as any you will find anywhere.

Stringer Bell

Well said sir.

Mesut O'no

Most football fans are fickle numpty’s, doesn’t matter what club they support.


Can i just say this position has been the most contentious along with the DM role. With Coqs viera- esque emergence and Best goalie since Seaman surely great things instore next season!!””


Bouldy's Toupee

I’m still a bit unsure of this signing because my hate for those cunt chavs is so strong. However, I hope Cech is that difference maker between the sticks and wins us the premier league.


Now let’s sign Arturo Vidal (if the papers and freddy are right) and any other marquee signing.

bims lay

On a lighter note…..lets hope he dosent prove to be “agent cech”?………cant trust fucking chesea!….or tottenham!


He’s a great signing no matter where he came from. What a player what a signing. John terry is a cunt.


The only bad thing about this is one of Ospina or Szcezsny will leave, most likely the former, and that takes away that bloody great chant on goal kicks.

Bouldy's Toupee

You’re absolutely right. That man, Arsene, bloody ruthless manager he is… I’m f*cking loving it!



I’ve noticed a trend with the big signings in the last few years. Speaking to Arsene is always the major factor in their decision. Thumbs up if you think thats true or thumbs down if you think its PR work by the club…just want to get your thoughts.

Le Jim

As soon as they see him in his trunks, spread out on a beach in Brazil…

Dick Swiveller

It is something that players often say when joining a new club, but I think it’s probably more true for us than most clubs, by most accounts Wenger is extremely erudite, I can’t imagine Brendan Rodgers being quite so charming.


Brenda takes them to a chippie – but one that uses mashed up fish testicles instead of real fish fillets. This chippie has been specially selected by Liverpool FC’s transfer committee to represent a compelling blend of value and quality.


#WelcomeCech Now that is a signing! Squad number announcement please.

Chopper Harris

Did people out there seriously think that Wenger was anything other than a genius?
It’s taken time but the anticipation of achievement is giving me the butterflies for the first time in years.
This is another statement of intent from AFC

Haven't got a Kalou

All hail the King!

What a great signing to kick off the week. Cech will hopefully wear Arsene’s magic hat.

Daves Been Banned

Welcome to real football my friend and Jose you look like a girl

Long live Dave !!!


am so glad to see this transfer come to fruition. Chelsea fans are really gutted and I love dat fact.

Wenger the fashion icon

Aubameyang next !


On a somewhat related note, if you told me this was Mertesacker in a haloween cech costume I’d believe you.×1000/jun_15/zp_561444897_DP_2898_1697.jpg


Simply fantastic! Next on the block… Arturo!!


In fairness fans slating other Arsenal fans about Wenger, but i think every Arsenal fan knows how much of a genius he is. Its the fact that he wasnt spending, me for 1 thinks that if Wenger spent like this years ago(which he couldnt) he would have won much more trophies. But now he is reaping the rewards of being financially stable, and able to spend.

Dick Swiveller

Some of them do a damn good job at pretending otherwise.


Exactly, there was a well documented reason for not spending. a 450 million investment. the new arsenal ground. but the media and rival fans played with the minds of weak arsenal fans. In the toughest years the club had to face we dropped from 1-2 to positions 3-4 and fans were demanding that we beat giants with our youth players. absurdity at its finest.


Fantastic bit of business. A lot has been made of the defence that he has been sat behind at chelski but I think that ours looks pretty solid these days with the Coq flopped out in front of it. Exciting times ahead. I hope that we can get one more marquee signing through the door this summer, ideally up front and I think that we will be frightening next season. £11m for a signing that will have a massive impact is great business. It improves our team, weakens a title rival and simultaneously upsets Maureenio – that is the holy… Read more »


Petr Cech is a Gunner,
he wears a magic hat,
he could’ve stayed at Chelsea
but he said no fuck that…


Can’t believe it.!! can someone tell me I’m not f**king dreaming.

Artul Vidal next, Arsene W is serious this time.


No, you’ve got the wrong Vidal brother. He’s talking about Artul, not Arturo. My sources in Turin tell me they’ve never heard of him.


I heard Sebastian Frey is actually Arturo Vidal’s older half-brother, and that all the Arturo talk has just been a smokescreen to allow us to sign our real priority.

Scott P

Because we aren’t signing him, or because we are signing a different world-class player between Cech and Vidal? 😉


Schneiderlin next!


Hope Maureen goes on a meltdown. Absolutely beserk and off the rail. Then Roman will left hook him and kick him in the face like Diaby did to Terry. Ha ha ha….


I was of the mind set that I respected Cech for
looking after his family and being a great
servant. Not now. Cunt.
gReT9XUNPX… a stupid Chelsea fan


Well done, you found an idiot on the internet.


What is Theo happy won’t happen again?

Saigon Jack

It’s been a long 12 years, but Seaman has finally been replaced. Liked Lehmann but never fully trusted him. Big expectation for next season now. Going to be very tough to choose which three Arsenal players I have in my fantasy team.


It’s similar to when we took jennings off spuds. A proper signing. Do we mean business now? No more sentiment I hope. Time to re establish ourselves at the top of the league.


What a signing! Now he will know what it’s like to play for a real team.

Alex Partridge

Petr late than never.


Had we not moved for him early, we would have risked him going to United (with their De Gea saga likely) or worse Spurs (slow Lloris will defo want CL footy even if it were United)

Good early move by Wenger even if he did not pay a lot…stingy bastard.

Oh well, at least Cech’s “world Class”.:D


Not only that, but DeGea’s signing will set the market price and have given Chelsea more leverage in the negotiations. Well done!

Merlin's Panini

disappointed we haven’t got him a new hat, judging by the photos on
I’d like to see him where a big Gunnersaurus head. That would be cool.

Merlin's Panini

*wear a big Gunnersaurus head.

stupid words


First signing, and it’s already this great. I’m sure there’s more to come, and just as exciting.


Peter cech version 2.0 without the helmet please .!


Thank god the wait is over.
Mega season on the way.


Cryurinho biggest fear after cech signing for us ? cech revealing to Arsene that bust tactic they play every-time they face us and which player is targeted to be kicked and how they park the bus. That was his real fear, not just arsenal having world class GK between the post, the bus tactic will be penetrated this season mark my words, and that little crying arrogant person will start losing his mind not just for signing his best GK but also for starting to wining staging him, can’t wait ! And he will start moaning that Abramovich has a… Read more »


Arsenal doesn’t really need Vidal


I would prefer Veratti over Vidal


Is he the first player that arsenal has signed who has ever won the champions league?


I think he may be.


Hasn’t Ozil won it with Madrid?

kampala gooner

Of all the cunts at Chelsea he is one of a few lovable characters and I’m not saying that because he’s now at Arsenal. Finally a team that suits u. One down professor what’s next. He’s cech plays for Czech he’s got u in check.


Kinda looks like the BFG……. He should be called the BFC… Get it?

Cech pun Cech

Not sure I like the shirt. Is that the 1st/home GK kit?

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