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Gazidis: I’d never put an end date on Wenger’s reign

Ivan Gazidis has refused to put an end date on Arsene Wenger’s stewardship at Arsenal saying he’s thankful the manager remains full of energy and enthusiasm for the post he’s held for 19 years.

It’s widely believed Wenger will step down in 2017 when his current three-year deal ends, however, the Gunners’ CEO has left the door open for the Frenchman to stay at the Emirates even longer.

“He’s been incredibly important for us,” Gazidis told The Straits Times.

“You never know [about a new deal] but he’s in great health and he’s doing incredibly well. He’s full of energy and enthusiasm, his hunger is still there, and I’d never put an end date on it.

“He’s also been a passionate supporter of the club, in a sense a fan of the club. He’s put the club’s progress and development above his own personal interest.

“We believe we have the right man in the club and we’re very pleased that he’s full of health and willing to carry us forward.”

Wenger will be nearly 68 at the end of his current contract, still three years younger than Sir Alex Ferguson when the Scot walked away from Manchester United.

Obviously age isn’t the only factor, there’s also the success of the club over the next couple of seasons. More silverware would be both a nice way to sign off and an incentive to keep going.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens, but there’s certainly no sign of a succession plan in place just yet.

Gazidis also touched on the strength of Arsenal’s squad as they prepare for the new season, noting:

“We’ve got a growing sense of belief in our squad. We want to be more consistent going into next season… we definitely have the quality in our squad to compete and win the league.”

He also outlined, as is par for the course, that the club will continue to focus on a youth-centric policy despite their strengthened finances.

“We’re not able to compete at that level [with the likes of Real Madrid] yet,” he said. “It’s true now we also have the ability to add some top players.

“But what’s more important to us is that we’re able to continue our (youth) development philosophy and then hold on to the players.

“That’s the most exciting story, that’s what the success of Arsenal is built on and is going to be built on. And if you look at all the most successful football clubs over time, they all have that at their heart.”


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Would have been great to see what he could have done without the constraints that the stadium placed on what he could do. Even if he could have maintained what we did he would be the all time great manager in the PL.

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

SAF I would still say is the best, and I hate to say it too, but his legacy is quite a bit different when considering the hair-dryer effect. Not a blemish on Wenger’s record on top of all the good he has brought to the PL and our club.


then your point should probably be SAF – best football team manager Arsene – EPL revolutionary But I dont see how the hair-dryer effect can ever top managing to achieve the Invincibles. Inevitably success in sports will always be rated by the amount of trophies/tittles won. But Wenger will only go down in history as the man who oversaw the transformation of Arsenal on more ways than what happens on the pitch; what he did has a much more profound effect than that of the hair-dryer. I dare say there will someone who come close to being the next SAF… Read more »


Has he transformed arsenal more than SAF transformed Utd?

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

No, I agree with that entirely, it was more a look at the lows either dwelled in as far as their reputation went. I ended up with a rather shallow evaluation of the two, not with that intention of course, but I’ll just defend myself with my morning was particularly rough for a Friday. Going deeper, I don’t really see SAF as a man who overhauled the culture at Utd, with an intention for stability at least, but one who pined for every advantage on the field for results and allowing the club to grow on that success, which was… Read more »

bims lay

well put, couldn’t add anything more!

Scott P

I would be honestly surprised if Wenger left after his current 3-year deal. Imagine building the Invincibles squad, going back down to where we were scraping CL (job well done, I might add), and then rebuilding the squad to a top level only to leave again. If he’s truly hungry to win more with Arsenal, why would he leave right when the squad is reaching this high level once again?


I actually think if he doesn’t win the league by the end of his present contract, he will walkaway or go up to the board room. This team is looking really really good..i hope we win the league this time around!

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

I think he’s in the boardroom in any scenario, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him going beyond SAF as far as age goes. He’s got his hands in a lot of pots and is so invested in the club, you feel like there’s just a lot, even now, that he wants to ensure for the team moving forward before he makes the next step.


I think this season will go along way as to deciding his future. A strong title challenge, even if he doesn’t win the league – to actually go to the end and be close.
A win against Mourinho is a must in my opinion – he has 3 chances starting August 2nd (charity shield) and a strong champions league.
I think De Boer and Bergkamp are being groomed as his successor, maybe I’m wrong, but the timing could be perfect by time he steps down.

David C

I like the Ajax connection as well. Great team, great philosophy and usually very fun to watch.

I really hope Wenger gets the win over Mourinho this year so all the monkeys will be gone.

David C

If (or when, haha) we win the CL or League this year, do you think Wenger would retire or be too hungry to repeat?

For the record I want the boss to stay even past his current contract.

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

I got to think he would look to wind down (especially if we achieve the UCL, but that isn’t really in my focus at all at this point). A win feels like it would legitimize his process, especially winning vs a Mourinho Chelsea side, and it just feels like that becomes the path toward finding a successor. Color me crazy, but that’s my two cents.

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

That said, I still think there would be a lot of meticulous work done for setup who is next so I don’t think that would be the absolute end either, just to throw that in.

North Bank Gooner

He can stay as long as he likes IMO. Can’t imagine us without him…..


Only one Arsène.
In Arsène we trust. #COYG

Burn Baby Burn

Where would we hope to find another manager whose name is practically the same as that of the club? Trophies be damned, this is most important part of this whole thing.


Upvoted your comment ‘cos of your name, Arsene’s name and our club’s name… But that comment of yours was dumb mhen…


Ole Gunner Solskjaer?


The New Shad Challenge: keep Arsene fit for many years to come.


Arsenal without Arsene? Give me a break


Arsenal Wenger!


Am I the only one who thought Arsenal was named after arsene? (Dont blame me, that’s what you get when you started watching football after he had taken over 🙂 ) Sounds weird to think of another manager in the dugout


To have created what he did when he first arrived was amazing then to selflessly put the clubs future before anything else, needing to painfully sell the stars he created to balance the books whilst always remaining competitive and getting into the last 16 of Europe every single year is incredible enough. To then create a squad like has and be a great success all over again is phenomenal. It’s a twenty year plan coming together and he will be as responsible for all the trophies won after he leaves too for setting up such a great position for the… Read more »

Arsenes Banter

For all my arsenal supporting life he’s been the manager of Arsenal, It’s going to be very strange the day he leaves. It would be the perfect ending to a amazing (and at times unfairly criticised) arsenal career if he wins the CL in the last year of his contract, what a send off that would be… And hopefully beating a Mourino led Chelsea team in the final 😉


So to all those PSG and Monaco dreamers. Keep your millions because Wenger ain’t going anywhere. He will retire here end of.

Stewart Robson's therapist

I’ve never known any other manager. I can’t imagine Arsenal without Arsene Wenger, I’ll be shedding a few tears when he does decide to leave.

die hard gooner

i love wenger but if he doesnt win the league by the next two seasons he should step down. there are no more excuses, we are on the verge of something special, we just need to go a bit extra. come on wenger finish your project.

die hard gooner

the number of gooners who accept losing is staggering. so would you like it if he is gonna continue managing arsenal with out winning the bpl and the cl? as much as i am grateful to what he has done for us even legends have to give way sometimes. i dont want to see another humiliating defeat to the likes of stoke and monaco. arsenal fans are so gullible.


Dude, ur chatting shit. Just like every other football supporter in the world, we all want the best for our team. You think by sacking Wenger all of a sudden the next manager that comes in will instantly win the EPL and possibly the CL??. I really hate so called”supporters ”like you who refuse to understand the principles that are being created at this great club. Arsenal have a fantastic stadium, quality players and are very self-sufficient, aspects every other club and their supporters in this country would love to have. Wenger is responsible for most of that and to… Read more »

die hard gooner

you would be surprised how many fans were calling for wengers head after the loss to stoke last season then we went on a late winning steak and wenger became a god again. that is what i mean by gullible. and to answer your question no we wouldnt win every thing straight away but it would be a fresh start . and we have a perfect platform that wenger has built for another manager to come and succeed. 2 seasons is more than enough to win a major trophy with the squad we have got. only a few additions are… Read more »

Andy Mack

Very few wanted him gone. Unfortunately they were a very loud few goaded on by the press.


Couldn’t agree more. People need to fully understand the context behind Arsene’s performance before they can see his real achievement. Sadly not a lot of people achieve this.

The man is pure class – professionally and, as far as I can tell, personally.

Hoosier Gunner

Legends have to give way, he should deliver a trophy is all fine. The reason why you were down voted was probably cos of that tone. Very business-like, aimed at a man who has been very loyal and loves the club. He is at a stage where he can dictate the terms of his exit and he is an intelligent man to do what is best. You don’t have to try to force him to.

die hard gooner

i didnt say sack him,that would be classless but after two years his contract ends. so if it isn’t happening for him by then surely we should try someone else. let wenger move up stairs. wengers biggest weakness and biggest strength is he has too much faith in his players. some times it works out like ramsey and some times we end up having flamini. that is what I am saying.


Fatgooner is that you?


I don’t know why people keep harping on about Wenger having to ‘step down’. This is a non issue, he won’t be there for much longer, maybe 3-4 years tops. When he leaves, you will regret it. Most fans have no idea how much he has and continues to transform the club. Arsenal were never a massive club in Europe and what riles me is fans who go on as if Wenger has ruined some sort of pedigree. We were never good in Europe and it was only after Wenger came in that we could put on consistent CL showing… Read more »


Congratulations dude. You will be sitting in your posh air conditioned stadium and smoking CIGAR with your financial manager Arsene Wenger counting his cash while rival fans would be giving standing ovations in their raw stadium, to their football manager counting his trophies


I dont think he will let himself continue if he doesn’t win ether the BPL or CL before his contract runs out saying that i think maybe he will of done the full cycle sorta thing and decide he’s done all he’s wanted and achieved all he can.


12 points off the top! In other parts of the table 3 teams could fit into that gap, meaning achievement of 3rd is a mask. For the same points we could have been 7th
If we are the gap to Chealsea AW has to buy tough to strengthen the team or GO!


The only one who has to go is a non-supporter like you. I’d list the myriad reasons why you are totally, utterly wrong, but Andy above has already done so. Go away and read his post and learn something from it. Then please stay gone.


Man you clearly are not on this planet. Even wonder if you are a true Gooner


he should be glad that Wenger never put a date on his reign…..


I once shamefully called for Wenger to go (nicely I might add, not typical Wenger out bollocks)an I regret it terribly. I was annoyed at I think the two nil Swansea defeat a few seasons back then crashing quickly out the league cup, and I think he’d just sold rvp to United which now is funny. We were shit that day, but since then I realised how pathetic I had been. When taking in account what he had endured financially it’s an astonishing achievement we didn’t fall apart and lose places to spurs and Liverpool, our squad was ripped apart.… Read more »


That whole Jose Mourinho scenario whereby some folks think Arsene must beat him to be considered a great manager; I sometimes wonder how Jose must feel each time he plays Arsenal and win or draw. He must go into his private Den at Chelsea, puff his checks and say to himself whilst looking into the mirror ” It is important to me that Arsene does not beat me, I will not allow him to beat me, because that’s all I have over him” I personally think José’s hold over Arsene “that no win trophy” actually spurs him on, he is… Read more »


The last part of this interview where he says, if he is no longer the coach, he would get a season ticket, come and watch every game and cheer the team, brought tears to my eyes!!


He is trying to jump the season ticket queue?

Cheeky sod, what has he ever done to deserve that?


Congratulations dude. You will be sitting in your posh air conditioned stadium with your financial manager AW counting his cash while rival fans would be giving standing ovations in their raw stadium, to their football manager counting his trophies


It isn’t always what you manage to do it, most times it is how you managed to get it done.
You still have a lot to learn about what supporting a club really means.
But you will, God willing, grow wiser some day.

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