Thursday, July 7, 2022

Wenger: signing Cech was a tough decision

Arsene Wenger says that signing Petr Cech was a difficult decision, but one he made because he feels it will improve the team.

With David Ospina and Wojciech Szczesny in the squad already, the Arsenal manager believed his goalkeepers were far from a problem, but when the Chelsea man became available he moved for him to add more experience and winning mentality to his team.

Interestingly, the Arsenal manager is hopeful that the Czech international will help his other goalkeepers improve as well as the first team.

“It was a very, very tough decision,” he told Arsenal Player, “because I have two great goalkeepers. I think Cech can make them better as well.

“He has huge experience and the fact that he has won more big trophies can strengthen the belief of the team. That can help them to develop and that’s what I expect from him.”

And he also hinted that if further improvements could be made if the right player was available.

““You always want to improve the experience level of your squad and I thought he could help us gain something on that front.”

It follows comments from both Wojciech Szczesny and David Ospina about how they’re ready to learn from the new number 1 – and it’s certainly going to make for a competitive environment in that position throughout pre-season and during the 2015/16 campaign.

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Think this move really shows that we aren’t afraid to improve our squad even if it’s marginal. Cech will be huge this season. Haven’t been more excited about a season to start in a long long time and there still could be more surprises! C’mon Arsenal!


Some will say we were lucky to sign cech because of the situation at chelsea. Well other clubs were lucky for past decade plucking best players from us for obvious reasons. Shows you how much influence players have when it comes choosing a club they play for, at least top players do.
Good thing now is most of ours players want to stay at the club.

AN other

I think it was only marginal then Wenger wouldn’t have been bothered to sign Cech as it means one of the two goalkeepers would have to leave.

Victor Kimuyu

We have classy problem now. Ospina is happy to stay as per reports. Sczceszz is going nowhere as per lack of reports. That is a good situation.


Cech’s squad number is 33. So not taking Szcz or Ospina’s.


I think Ospinaaa will go to Everton and become their new Neville Southall. A good move for him if he does imo.


My my how things have changed. Our squad looks so good at the moment, a couple more similar additions and we’ll be challenging for things in England and Europe.

Oh and RvP is headed to Istanbul. He’ll enjoy those derbies against Poldi I’m sure.


RVP can suck a dick. The man has no direction like an octopus on skates. Hope he gets a flare in his face on his debut.


I loved reading that he felt ‘betrayed’ by United.. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha



Imagine if poldi booted him and then was all like aha in his face before calling him a john terry.


Poldi will smash RvP’s skunk face in and post it on instagram.



Liam Bergkamp

It’s the small 1% improvements that can make all the difference at the top level.


1% quality wise, but factor in his experience and winning mentality I think we’ve got a huge upgrade. That could raise the level of our entire back five


Arsene’s just being polite.
1. He’s a complete upgrade
2. He’s seriously pissed off that cunt Mourinho
3. Mourinho is a complete cunt
4. Mourinho is a complete cunt

Alexis' Right Shoelace

Man, I wish I could like this twice.


Clear your cache, thumb up, clear your cache, thumb up, clear your cache, thumb up …

Springbank 1962

And then there’s Muzzi Ozcan’s “transfer of the season” yet to resolve.

If he wasn’t right about Alderweireld, RVP, Schweinsteiger, and Arda Turan I don’t think I’d have given it much credence, but (as of this morning) he seems to be sticking with his tweet.

A bigger transfer coup than Schweinsteiger?

It’s the hope that kills.


I am off to Google that stuff you said….as I have no idea who the people of whom you speak are!??
I am a Gooner honest!


His comment is tantalizingly vague. Hard to put much credence in it. I guess, if he’s right, we will know soon. In the meantime, Wenger certainly does not give the impression of a man on the verge of making the “transfer of the season”! You’re definitely right on one thing though, it’s the hope that gets you.


You thinking Schweinsteiger is a transfer coup? anyone who thinks that is wrong, first of all he is 31 and past hist best and injury prone because of his age last season he didn’t play half of his game for bayern in a league where there is no insensitivity or difficult games, if Schweinsteiger was in top form and fit 90% of the season Bayern would never let him go, he started to get constant injuries for the last couple of seasons and he only played 50% of the games, he will do a job like carick does for man.utd… Read more »

Springbank 1962

Good God no. But you watch the fawning press on tomorrow’s back pages. I’m relishing the scatter-gun signings that Van Gaal seems to be making – over-the-top transfer fees with all the cohesion of something incomprehensibly incoherent. And not for the first time either. It’s hilarious. Between them and Liverpool it’s difficult to tell who’s the more incompetent. As for Muzzi Ozcan, I’d never heard of him before yesterday, but it turns out he’s Giroud’s, Debuchy’s and Sanogo’s agent (Mondial Sport) so he could well be privy to some insider knowledge. I’ve little doubt that talks are ongoing (re this… Read more »


At from the outside, it’s almost impossible to see any kind of logic to LvG’s transfers. He seems like a kid in a candy store spending an over-indulgent parent’s money. Not difficult to imagine another season (at least the first half) a lot like the last: continual experimentation with line-ups and positions, lack of cohesion, declining morale … I love it!


Seems like he’s baiting for Internet clicks. After all Arsenal is the biggest presence on the internet. The rumors are Goetze, hardly a signing of the season stuff, overrated mostly not to mention we’re well stocked. The only two proper signings I can put my finger on from Bundesliga are the two Bayern strikers…. Oh and of course re-signing TGSTEL. All of which are really unlikely.


TGSTEL wouldn’t be the signing of the summer

The Lord’s Return would be the signing of the century


Agree with Rich: he’s just being gentle. Cech is world class. One of our incumbents is off and guess that’s Ospina. Waiting now for Javi Martinez or Schneiderlin and Cavani or Reus. It’s getting hot in here, I’ll take off all my clothes!!!


I agree with Rich that Maureen is a twice complete cunt (at least)…

Arsenal's Legend

hope your mum is not at home, she may think something is wrong elsewhere.

Get the cechbook and sign that 15+ goals player and give us Chelsea as sandwich in the community shield.


If I had to hazard a guess I’d go Schneiderlin and one of Gotze/Sterling as a no9


No way. And in the unlikely event we do sign a striker he must on no account be allowed to wear 9. Suker, Jeffers, Reyes, Eduardo, Bendtner (very briefly), Park, Podolski . . . plus all the others I’ve mercifully forgotten, so miserable for one reason or another was their tenure: we haven’t had a number 9 for whom things went well in decades. I’ve heard of other clubs, two in Italy – perhaps they’re more superstitious there, or just more sensibly averse to giving two fingers to the footballing gods – who retired the number 9 shirt ages ago.… Read more »


Three more: Merson, Anelka, the Beast.


Rich, in the real amphitheater you have been eaten alive by assorted wild animals … It’s weird the whole thumbs thing. All this loyalty above hopes thigh is odd. I also think Wenger is becoming more predictable for obvious reasons.

I think there is more to come too. I reckon we will sign at least one more wc player and another maybe less so. I think Arsene is going for it – and that makes me happy!


I totaly had to google amphitheatre


Our goalkeeper situation is a like a footballing version of Marry, Fuck, Kill.
Obviously we’re all marrying Cech, and personally I would fuck Szcz and kill Ospina.


Dafuq did I just read?

Thierry Bergkamp

Send the young pole on loan if he’s guaranteed to be first choice, that should do him good

Yankee Gooner

Kind of defeats the whole “learn from Cech” thing.

ray parlours wife is a legend

the manager ant got too many seasons left in him, maybe two, three at the tops. i think the manager would set up the team like stoke to win the league and give mureen a hug and french kiss for “the big cup”. some say that the invincebles were a bit like stoke, bar the direct play. they were giants for sure. this season and last, and even some end of season run ins when we needed points to secure 4th place, we played defencive. caveat being arsenes got more class and footballing brain then pulis and big sam put… Read more »


Does anyone else think that Arsene’s time with the club is coming to a close, that’s why he is purchasing all these big name players?

He wants to win one more premier league trophy and call it quits.


Now Utd have bought ‘Pig Farmer’ from Bayern…surely, surely Schneiderlin is the last piece of the squad jigsaw.

monkey knees

I think it’s obvious (and old news) that Chesney is the long term pick, and solution. He needs a lot of guidance (outside of his dad…) and cech can help out ten-fold here. I still think that in 2/3 seasons, Chesney will be unbeatable!!!!


We can buy Ibra as a stop gap while blooding young strikers like Chuba..but this depends on the amountof confidence Arsene has on him


Ibra is arrogant, ancient and past it. He demands ridiculous wages, would have no resale value and as such be a terrible uneconomic signing, irrespective of whether you believe in Akpom, Iwobi, Sanogo and co. Lacazette, on the other hand, is a perfect age (24), is available for 20m (euros) and allegedly eager to come. Wish I believed it was going to happen. Perhaps Wenger will have a little chat with him at the Emirates Cup, as he’s reportedly an admirer? Hate the thought of some other club grabbing him while we dither. Prolific strikers are thin on the ground.… Read more »


Eto likes Strawberries. Brilliant.


This signing goes to confirm that Wenger has rediscovered his edge that made the team win a lot of titles in early 2000 era.

Calvin Goonhard

What a lovely trio of goalkeepers. Cech-Ospina-Szcz. Not bad options.


Can’t wait to see mourinios face . When Cech lifts the premier league trophy with arsenal

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