Thursday, July 7, 2022

Arsenal confirm Wilshere injury and absence

Arsenal have confirmed that Jack Wilshere has suffered a hairline fracture to his left fibula, and as such will be out of action for a number of weeks.

Early estimates suggest it could be 6-8 weeks, but if we get him back sooner than that then all the better.

“The information you have heard about Jack Wilshere is right,” Arsene Wenger told the official website.

“I had a bad surprise because it is a hairline crack in his fibula that makes him a few weeks out.

“There is minimal damage apart from the bone damage – there is no damage at all apart from that. It was a collision in training and it was all completely accidental.”

Sadly, despite things like this happening at football clubs everywhere since football began, some dip-shitted keyboard warriors have been directing abuse at Gabriel on Twitter – as it’s believed he’s the one with whom Wilshere clashed.

Our advice is:

a) Don’t engage with people who are that stupid – even with all the reason and common sense in the world you can’t get through to someone pigshit thick enough to do that in the first place.


b) Block them so you’ll never have to deal with them again. Don’t RT them. Just don’t give them any publicity or oxygen at all. And hope you never meet them in real life because they’ll probably try to stick one of their paws up your bum.

Get well soon, Jack.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Sad, sad news. More gutted for him personally than the team, I think we can cope but this was shaping up to be (and may still prove to be) a massive year for him. Eight weeks wouldn’t be the end of the world, let’s just hope that’s the end of it.


Thank fuck it’s not ligament damage or anything like that. With any luck, a bit of rest, some physiotherapy and several large glasses of milk, he should be back on his feet in no time. But with players with a history of injuries, you just never know…


Some blame should rest with Le prof. why does he always insist that them trainning session be of same intensity as the league game itself. When you are about to face Barcelona in a ucl semi. Fine but openning day to WHU?


Poor guy, the luck is shit with this lad.

Get better chap! See you soon we hope!

Stringer Bell

Hope it mends quick Jack and when you return it’s to the team leading the prem.


I am a big Wilshere fan and believe he has a lot to bring and a lot to add. He has shown, beyond any doubt in my eyes that he has the fabled “world” class in his game and all he has been unable to show is if he can deliver like that consistently. I think he has the potential to add some real drive and snap to our current Arsenal team when needed and was looking forward to seeing him in action much more regularly…. I hope this is the last wait. Those who compared him to the unfortunate… Read more »

JJ's Bender

Completely agree

The goals against brom and the two for engerland were a reminder to us all what an incredible talent he is. Don’t give up jack!


Anyone saying a bad word about Gabriel (because of this) will forever be regarded as a Stoke fan, at best.


Ah come on, bit harsh surely?


If we are lucky he will be back in the squad before November. Seriously.


Gutted for Jack, was tipping him for a great season.

At least Gabriel could go into the season with the new monicker ‘Bone-breaker’..


Disclaimer: Just trying to add a positive spin for Gabriel’s sake..Don’t want him to actually break people’s bones..

New Haven Gooner

Except for John Terry’s.


I’m very glad that it’s “just” a hairline fracture. Unfortunate yes but definitely preferable to ligament damage in his dodgy ankles. Bones heal faster and perversely come back stronger.

Also despite all his talents we do have substantial depth and cover when it comes to where he plays. It would have been far worse if it was the Coq that got banged up!


Please, please, please don’t jinx le Coq.

*Performs warding ritual*


Three months minimum, I should think, given his fragility and the need for caution, but it’s good that it’s his fibula not his foot or ankle again. Hairline fractures are usually unproblematic and the bone in fact comes back stronger.

Beyond belief the death threats to Gabriel and his family.


As the boss would say, I am little bit fucked off with this news.


If you think about it,its only two months.Ramsey was out for the same length,Giroud 3 months,Ozil 3 months,but they still played a major major role for the club last season.I reckon we’ll have Jack back just in time to relieve some tiring legs at a crucial point in our campaign.Best of luck Jack!


Just convinces me more that we need backup for ale Coq.

Not that it’s directly related, but anyone can get injured anytime, and one to our Coq and were very exposed. Injuries to the Coq must be avoided.

Ouch, my dick!

chippy's chip

Gutted for jack. Keep ya chin up. All the best for a speedy one. Makes wengers job a bit easier.


At least its official it not his ankle, (FEW) another out of the blue training incident it shows how competative the training is now fighting for a first team start, Gabriel getting stick is so out of order could of been any player if it had been the Coq we would be saying a solid DM’s tackle on JW uncalled for but hey get well soon Jack


Wear your shin guards lads. Even at practice.
Get well soon, Jack.


I am all for full blooded challenges in training … Train how you play thats how the title winning teams of the past trained … Hope jack a speedy recovery no doubt he will
Be back in time for the end of the season and to win goal of the season yet again


Well in ‘the past’ we would have Lee Dixon running up and down with a broken knee…

It’s best to leave some things back there.


arsene crocked wilshere in the 10-11 season…he was overplayed…he’s young but his best case scenario might be rosicky and worst case diaby…

Le Jim

Only plus-side to this whole situation is that, according to Szczesny (recently), Gabby’s English is still pretty much non-existent, so he hopefully won’t be aware of all those cunts.

Gutted for Jack and Gabby; they both must be destroyed over this.


Hairline fracture on someone as healthy as Jack, three weeks


The concern with Wilshere is his 3 months out is not the same as other players like Giroud, Ozil, etc. being out three months because he has always seemed to pick up something else upon returning, often a muscle injury from compensating or something freak like getting kicked in the foot. Those other players do not go into challenges as aggressively as Wilshere does as well where he leaves himself exposed to more dangerous contact to his feet/ankles. Hope he can come back and put things behind him for good, but losing three months and then having to work his… Read more »


Why the feck do people in this threat keep quoting 3 months?


Please, please, please don’t turn into Diaby, Jack.


the thought that some arsenal fans are sending gabriel death treats doesnt bode well for the club, what do you think its doing to his moral and to the moral of the rest of the team? do they think he did it on purpose? and in the end which player would want to come to a club who turn against their own players? accidents will always happen in football its a contact sport. they should wake up and realise no one is perfect even they have done mistakes, shame on them,


Sorry for him, glad for the squad! At least Wenger won’t be tempted (surely pushed by the wish to show his home made player can be huge) to do the same mistake and to let Cazorla on the bench with Özil on the left and overrated Jack as n°10! It costed us the start of last season! Never forget (how high are the expectations again and again for this “world class” talent who hasn’t started to prove he is one second worth this title) that once Wilshere was injured, Cazorla was back to n°10 with much success before Özil’s return… Read more »

Moral high ground

Arseblog. Genuine question for great site. Why do you even comment on such idiocy?


Come back even stronger, Jack.


I’d love to see Jack go out on loan to Spain to get a consistent 90 minutes week in and week out once he is back from injury. Getting a long run in a team would do him well.


He’s out for a “few weeks” and will be back to the field, playing – for the greatest team. Period!


Surely the FA can fine jack for having such a hairline crack. They should bring him in and have a stern chat with him.
what do we think of shit?
He will be raring to go in late sept early October.


I agree, ignoring them is best option.


Gutted for Jack. He worked so hard to get himself back into shape after the last injury and looked so good in the preseason, I really did expect great things from him this year.

As for the cunts slating Gabriel, I hope that all their curses and bad wishes rebound on them. Turnabout is fair play, and it’d serve them right.

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