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Giroud pleased with ‘first touch’ goal

Olivier Giroud’s first goal of the season is up there with the best he’s scored for the club, and he revealed that he’s trying to score more with his ‘first touch’ [after a chance is created].

Speaking to Sky after the match, he said, “You have to be happy with a goal like that, a first touch goal.

“Apparently, the boss told me that 7 of the 19 goals last season were with my first touch, so I tried to do that. It was a good cross from Mesut, and I felt good physically during the game, so we have to keep it up.”

The win provided the Gunners with the three points that were really needed after the opening day against West Ham, and the French international praised the team’s character and performance to react to that defeat.

“We really needed the 3 points to bounce back after the West Ham game – I think we could have killed the game before. We should have scored more goals, maybe we could have done more with the last pass, but it was a nice 3 points.

“You always get criticised when you lose, especially at home. We said at the beginning that we want more, to win the league, so when you say that you have to face expectations.

“It was a bad result, but the most important thing in football is to bounce back, keep your faith in your game, and we did that today.”

The man done good today.

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Great goal! I believe in you handsome man!


John Cuntterry

Stringer Bell

Well done big man. There’s a lot of folk on last post blogs that think we have 4 points could you remind em we lost last week.

King Henry

That doesn’t add up?

Not sorry.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So you don’t win an extra point for the prettiest football or the spectacularliest goal?

Stringer Bell

We wish hey. Just watching Chelsea get done, enjoying it but do I want an equaliser????


I have been touched !!


Well taken goal, but honestly that was about the extent of his match today (that and standing there throwing up his arms each time someone shoots instead of passing him the ball even though he’s standing still with defenders around him). His constant need to do fancy one touch flicks around the 18 drives me crazy vs just trying to control it, turn a defender and shot as he has a very good shot from 18-25 yards. There are a couple of times especially all he needed to do was settle the ball then shoot it from around the 18,… Read more »


That’s not his game though. His whole game is based around linking with our other forwards and midfielders. And he did more than his goal today, he provided a good outlet to relieve pressure with his hold up play from Cech long kicks.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You nailed it right there. Other people are taking shots (which Wenger said he wanted to see) while he is standing there WITH DEFENDERS AROUND HIM. He draws the little fuckers to him which leaves room for others to take a shot. It’s one of the things he does, just by being big and handsome and in the oppositions area.


When we have one player in the box for most crosses that player needs to be more active and get to the near post instead of hanging out by the penalty spot as so many of our crosses go across the front post to the keeper with no pressure on him. Most of our players immediately fight and try and win the ball back after we lose it while Giroud’s first response is to stand there and complain while people didn’t pass it to him. He does do some things well as you said (esp being an outlet for goal… Read more »


When the ball goes deep HFB does make for the near post. Today he forced a good save from a ball at knee height that he deflected. When the ball is further out from the goal line HFB plays just in front of the defenders. Playing behind them would make him offside. I don’t think we’d be happy with that.


So you want Giroud to be less predictable by doing what almost every striker from junior level up would try to do?

Danger Mouse

Good work. I sometimes think we don’t appreciate this guy enough. Always works hard, good link man, good touch, scores goals.

Big Red Machine

We always appreciate him when he scores, and denigrate him when he doesn’t. Benzema wouldn’t have converted that chance.

Danger Mouse

You get the feeling that if he played for, let’s say, Inter Milan or someone, people would be saying we need someone like that Giroud lad who plays for Milan.


Considering its 8 games since he last scored I doubt it 😛

Andy Mack

His numbers are better than the Milan strikers.

Martin Finley

Considering its 8 games since he last scored in an official match back in April vs Liverpool I kind of doubt it. I dont people here even watched the game. I thought Giroud gave the ball away alot, and when I checked the stats he had an abysmal 58% pass completion rate. He also only won 3 out of 8 aerial duels he was involved in. He scored a great goal I agree, but looking at the bigger picture it was well overdue considering its 8 games since he last scored. Giroud is a decent player, but I think alot… Read more »


This in a nutshell.

I am so happy for Giroud today because he has had to endure endless second guessing and disparaging remarks from pundits, Henry and some Arsenal fans. By any metric he is an elite striker with only a few players who could be posed as better on the world stage.

Players such as Giroud deserve their crack at the title this year…another striker can be bought in next season.

Getso gunner

Happy for Giroud and especially He scored from a cross by my special gunner Ozil

Wang Coq

Great goal and I liked his post match interview. Seems like a humble guy.

Stringer Bell

Humble guys don’t win you football matchs, take Messi for example!!!!!!


I didn’t see Messi wining the World Cup. He picked up his man of the tournament award with the demeanour of a spoilt child who’d had his play house downsized while BFG, Ozil and Poldi lifted the trophy.

Danger Mouse

Sorry, one last point. Thats a cracking finish from Giroud today. If it was Aguerro with that finish we’d hear about nothing else for a week. Anyway no more random points from me. Well done Arsenal. Big three points.


I think he’s ready for a 30 goal season, if he can approach every match just looking over his shoulder at the looming shadow of Benzema. At this point, though – as much as it pains me to say it, having spent the last 8 summers sacrificing entrails to get Arsene to sign him – Benzema would be a luxury. On broader note, it’s positive that the boss is willing to learn quickly and revert to a line-up that made solid strides forward last season. A welcome improvement from the stubborn insistence on attempting to shoehorn Alexis and Wilshere into… Read more »


*Ozil and Wilshere, not Alexis and…


just say the aguero goal and i have to say can’t help wandering how good he could complete the squad but hey, I can only dream. That’s not to say Giroud is no good.. but he is the best that is available now. we are not going to get anybody significantly better than him in this window(aguero,costa,lewandoski,ibrahimovic,suarez, to an extent benzema).

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Even when he scores a spectacular goal, some people want instead to focus on this false narrative that surrounds him.


It’s never good enough for some.


Costa isn’t a lot better than Giroud, put Costa in our team or Giroud in their’s and last season would have finished the same way.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Would Costa have to bring his dodgy hamstrings with him if he joined us? I’m not sure he’d be all that great for us, not with his legs and our history of dealing with legs like that.

If Giroud joined Chelsea then I imagine their midfielders would score more goals. I wouldn’t like to see that.

Tony Hall

Costa has the temperament of a rabid bull. The odious twat in charge of that lot are welcome to him …


I thought Arteta was on fire when he came on, but our defense still look a bit shady, Cech doesn’t seem to happy with the high line or is it just me?


Was it just me or did anyone else feel nervous with our goalkeeping even though we now have Cech in goal?

Gandalf the Gooner

I think the infallibility of Cech spell was broken last weekend, dont think its necessarily based on his performance today… I was feeling nervous on occasion about the keeping but looking back at his performance this was a bit unwarranted


Go on Olivier!!!!


Elsewhere man shity is doing great job so Maureen will shut up for a bit


Oh and Mou getting raped like it ‘post to be. Can this day get any better. Hahaha


That was an exceptional finish. I was suprised he didn’t lay it off to Cazorla instead. He tends to score in streaks so I hope this is the start of one!

palace gunner

Gd goal today giroud at least this game you had a better hungrier side of arsenal fc players playing nice footie impressive first touch nearly two but nice win today it was nice to see bellerin back to and alexis coyg.


I am please with Giroud.he was good up gooners


Seeing Aguero turn a quarter of a chance into a goal against the Chavs made me realise we have a gaping hole at CF we need to feekt.Not taking anything away from HFB,but no way he could’ve pulled that off in the same set of circumstances.Crossing my fingers Le boss has someone of that ilk lined up for the vacan No.9.



brain is a Gooner4Life

Alexis can… Alexis got the quality to score such goals as well. It must not be Giroud. Everyone has his own qualities on the pitch. The criticisms on Giroud most times is unwarranted. It’s only Arsenal fans (some/most + Henry the pundit) that will still draw out their sword on Giroud even when he’s scored goals like that. It’s as if they’ve always prayed for him to fail, even if it’s at the detriment of the team. I haven’t seen any much difference between Benzema and Giroud in my opinion. If signed, good for the team. But could only be… Read more »

craszy gunner

we were lucky today…we couldve been down to 10men…sometimes I wish arsene was more proactive rather than reactive…if this was mike dean or some of those arsenal hating refs it would’ve been a very tough game Le Coq’s game is about the physical battle…he got lucky in the first half a more proactive approach would’ve been to take him off at half time having been lucky to get off with out a red…he wouldn’t have been able to make even a legal challenge with out the home fans putting pressure on the ref… But wenger always gambles needlessly… Still laughing… Read more »


World class finish.

Giroud is amongst the top 8 strikers in the world

Talk about world class, what did Costa or Falcao do for Chelsea today?


I was actually afraid he got hurt after that fabulous bicycle kick.

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