Sunday, January 16, 2022

Walcott and Ox in, no Ozil: Newcastle v Arsenal line-ups

Here are the official line-ups for today’s Premier League game against Newcastle.

Newcastle: Krul, Janmaat, Mbemba, Coloccini, Haidara, Anita, Colback, Sissoko, Wijnaldum, Thauvin, Mitrovic.

Subs: Darlow, Taylor, Tiote, Oberta, de Jong, Perez, Cisse

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ramsey, Alexis, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott

Subs: Opsina, Debuchy, Arteta, Gibbs, Campbell, Giroud, Chambers

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Happy gunner

Sooo where is ozil?


Probably still getting his hair done


He said Ozil not Ronaldo.


show some love for this smartass

chippy's chip

He said Ozil not Giroud.

Happy gunner

Just saw on twitter “minor knee injury”



Strange let’s hope he is not on his way…(paranoid android)


We could have a B.i.D there. Fingers crossed! COOOOYOOOOGGGG!!!


But i though the elephant in the room was “Hello Koscienly!!!!!” but maybe are right where’s Ozil.


I really should start proof reading.


He has a little injury or so the manager says to drop him with out bringing about to much pressure from the media and fans…. Ok just playing here. But this is almost the team i would put out only change being Giroud for Walcott. Pace and trickery on the flanks possession, defending, eye for the pass and shots from midfield. Hope Walcott does not go missing (he has 60 minutes).
Cheers to three points. RAMSEY, CAZORLA, SANCHEZ and GIROUD to score!!! heard it here first!


I wish we had a stable 11. Anyways let’s do this today! #COYG


Wenger has been looking at my Fifa 15 online line up


I think Wenger got the lineup spot on here. At last something to get excited about….


Don’t have a problem with inserting Ox and Walcott, but really could use Ozil’s passing to Walcott. Hope Ozil’s injury is really just “minor”.

mystic meg

we got this . 3 points boys

mystic meg

ok , we are going to lose and we’ll all be miserable.


Think this is the first time this xi has been put out. Interesting, and please score a goal or 2 or 3 or 4….. Ok you get the idea. #Coyg

Me So Hornsey

Ozil has a ‘slight’ knee injury.


Bad news if Özil is not even on the bench. Hope it’s not a long term injury.

Me So Hornsey

Lots of pace in this team. Up top and at the back.

I like it.

Red Cannon

Santi better have a good game today. This line-up is putting an awfully big demand on his ability to control the ball.

Hank Scorpio

That front 4 doesn’t have great creativity or ability to retain the ball

Arsene's zip

Ox and Alexis? Not creative?

Hank Scorpio

They have many great attributes but delivering killer passes isn’t one of them. Personally i think one more creative player would have been better for balance but hope I’m wrong

Thierry Henry's Shirt Advisor

Tbh, the fans have been calling for Giroud out. Can we be surprised that Theo is in? Hopefully he plays a blinder and proves me wrong but I don’t think he’s half the striker Goroud is. Great on the wing though.

chippy's chip

Alexis up top ox and theo on wings

chippy's chip

You know it makes sense the man loves to shoot and score bu not look at himself on big screen replays then fluff up his barnet.


40 shots 2 goals don’t think creatively has been much of an issue.


Let’s see if Theo can cope with the ‘castle defense. He usually does well against them. Defense looks strong. Bench a little short on creativity. I hope Özil just got the flu or sg . COYG!


I’d like to see Campbell come off the bench. One last shot, kinda thing. You never know.

Man Manny

Don’t think it’s a bad lineup but my worry is the fact that Newcastle is likely to drop deep. A draw is not bad for them so I wonder how Walcott will do.
Ozil not even on the bench?
The good thing is we get to see what the Ox is all about from the beginning.
3 points please…time to kick on.


Don’t get it, I think it’s the most adventurous thing Wenger has put on the field in ages and it happened like so mnay other times because a player has to get injured for him to play the right squad…we’ll win

Stringer Bell

Agree, it’s just a shame part of the change is forced, ozil and ox. If ozil is fit you could have bet your bottom dollar Ramsey would have been starting on the right fucking wing where he never stays and clearly can’t play meaning it all gets congested in the middle and left. Hence we ain’t scored to many goals lately.


Oezil has slight knee problem.

This is another structure without Ozil,I think cazorla will play CAM and Ramsey in his favoured position.

So sad,Ozil is injured!


Ok Theo let’s see what you’ve got? COYG!

chippy's chip

And whats he got? Not a feckin lot!


I am going to watch on BT Sport so I would just like to say early that Michael Owen is a complete knob!


ditto brother, fortunately I have to stream it and I don’t have to endure listening to that horrible clichéd cunt


Hope we see the playmaking Cazorla of year’s past! Early goal would be good, otherwise count on Giroud to score his ninth against them late on.


I quite like the subtle ruthlessness Wenger is employing switching Walcott/Giroud through games.

Could be the last minute analysis of his frontline before delving into the market?


patiently waiting. It’s 4:00 AM here. I’m looking forward to watching my gunners play….. Interesting selection, despite the absence of Mesut. A front 3 of Ox, Alexis and Walcott could annihilate Newcastle. It’s a front 3 I’ve wanted to see for a long time, and I think we’ll have too much for them. No Mesut doesn’t mean no creativity as Ramsey works best through the middle and I think he’ll have a really good game. Come on Arsenal!!!!


What pace! That front trio is rivaled only by man city’s Navas sterling and Aguero(in pl)


Three points please


For once, I LOVE this lineup. For once, I can get excited at looking forward to the team play. This is the line up I’ve been waiting to see. Hope we win big.


How are we lining up do you think? Alexis in the 10 spot, Ramsey right and the ox left, Walcott up top?


I think it’s gonna be Theo up top, Alexis and Ox alternating between the flanks and Ramsey at No 10. Unless he decides to play Santi as the CAM, either is dandy by me


Im imagining either Caz or Ramsey in the 10 (I’d prefer Ramsey), Alexis on the left as usual and the Ox on the right and TW up top. Of course with a front three like that you can be sure they will be rotating positions rather more freely than is possible/beneficial to do with Giroud.
Hoping for a really big game from rambo today!

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

The media has imbued me with such a deep rooted sense of paranoia I’m going to be hard pressed not to convince myself Ozil is about to be sold to Adelaide united. Equally, being this is Arsenal, I’m also managing to convince myself his patella has fallen off and he’s going to be out for 6 months while they grow him a new one. Hopefully its nothing serious and he’s back fit and ready for our next time. Until that time, I’m going to read twitter and wildly speculate like an absolute moron.


Excited to see some changes, it’s a very quick line up and we should tear Newcastle apart with that. Usually high scoring games when we play the ‘pies an all. If we win I’ll be slightly worried Arsene will come out with a ‘See, all our solutions lie within’ speech. So much for our injury concerns being a thing of the past though. I do wish people would stop banking on the impossible. Oh and damn the release times for line ups. I’d finally just taken Ox out of my dream team as he ain’t been getting played! 5mins is… Read more »


And it’s a real shame that Özil always seems to pick up little injuries right after his best performances. It just feels like if he can string three or four of those elite level displays together he’ll put to bed his critics.

Perry S.

so why are we questioning why özil isn’t on the bench? let’s use logic here. if he has a knee injury, the would likely prohibit him from being useful on the pitch, so uhhh, that would be mean it’s useless to use up a bench spot for him. minds blown!


Can’t help but feel we are short a true game changer on the bench…that said we are still waiting on players like Wellbeck and Wilshere to return so it can’t be helped. COYG!!

The Mert

There’s more speed in that front 3 than all of Europe! #COYG


Campbell? Where the bloody hell did he come from? Happy to see ox and theo start though

John C

Happy to see a team line up with a shape and players playing in their correct positions


I don’t understand. We go from no pace and width to all out pace. Ox and Sanchez better stay out wide and keep some width.


my God I love this team selection…….. square pegs in square holes!


Were playing fucking shit….again! ! Toothless


Same old same old! Should be a goal up but no penalty given, some clogger savages one of our players and we struggle against ten men!!! Naff match!!!


Would have preferred them not going down to 10 men. Now they are just sitting back deep. At least when it was 11 v 11, they would try to score and it would open it up more. In this kind of game, with the score at 0-0, I believe it gives the weaker team an advantage to just concentrate on a draw, and do nothing but play a deep defense which is difficult to penetrate. I would rather have seen Newcastle play with the belief they could win and play more open. You could see at the beginning of the… Read more »


It’s quite clear we don’t need a new striking option. we are fine like this.

like a red head Ljungberg

that walcott miss…


sure looks like we could use an Ozil right about now..

Running Coqmentary

Who needs a new striker when we have Owen Gole?

Crystal Balls

Our front three were so fast the game had to be Played in slo-mo

chippy's chip

Giroud to seal it, right at the end, just the keeper to beat…. oh yeah.

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