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Gunners sweat over Coquelin injury

Arsenal have been left sweating over Francis Coquelin after he picked up a knee injury in today’s 2-0 defeat to Chelsea.

On 21 minutes the midfielder landed awkwardly after challenging for a header, his knee bending backwards. Although he continued until half-time, he was sacrificed at the break for Calum Chambers so Arsenal could get a defender on in the wake of Gabriel’s red card.

After the game Arsene Wenger confirmed that Coquelin had picked up a problem that would more than likely keep him out of the midweek Capital One Cup clash with Sp*rs.

“It is a little knee injury, ” said Wenger. “I don’t know how long it will be … certainly not for midweek … I don’t know yet how long.”

Fingers crossed it’s nothing too serious.

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Stating the bleedin’ obvious….but Wenger didn’t buy cover for DM. Sweating over Coq is what he has reduced us all to.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

No problem commitment, no luck and no Coq. I’ve lost hope in September.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

*passion not problem
Stupid autocorrect


City 2-0 down to WHU maybe all hope isn’t lost yet.


So, who should we have enticed with the offer of… “sit on the bench because le coq is great”?
There was nobody…COYG!

Thierry Bergkamp

We have Captain Arteta to replace him. Problem solved!

the american

Le coq is pivotal (pun intended) to our midfield balance. would be a real problem to lose him for any stretch. hopefully the fact that he played on for the rest of the half means theres nothing too serious

Social Pariah

The Coq knee bent backwards!?
There ain’t no benders in the East End, ah’ll ‘ave you know!!


When GARTH FUCKING CROOKS is making good points you know its going to be bad weekend.^tfw

Days = Months….Were Fucked…Our only Midfielder that can tackle.

Still too angry about the game to bother addressing yet another gem from Wenger…Arteta and Flamini yaaay


Thing is, he still misses the central point, the whole thing wasn’t about Gabriel VS Costa. He just keeps ignoring all of the stuff Costa did to Kos, which is what should have got him a red earlier.

Andy Mack

Mike Dean has never been a good ref….. ever!

remember the invincibles

just great. we have just one fucking player playing to potential and he gets injured. Obviously we didn’t sign a back up. #JustArsenalthings


Cech, Bellerin, Kos, Gabriel, Monreal, Coq are all playing well.
Its the forwards that need to get going. We’re not going to suddenly concede loads without Coq.

Arteta, Ramsey is a pretty solid CM pairing.

Boilermaker Gunner

There goes our season 🙁
Someone resurrect him back

Stringer Bell

I like arteta but his legs are well and truly gone. He must be slowest player in premiership I would imagine. How wenger didn’t buy a dm is criminal. He couldn’t find any better than arteta or flamini apparently. Yeah right

Andy Mack

Maybe he couldn’t find any better that were prepared to sit on the bench waiting for Coquelin to get injured.

John C

Both Schniederlin and Schwiensteiger have spent time on Utd’s bench and both were available and better than Arteta

Andy Mack

Have you actually seen Schwienstiger play? He’s been a championship player since the WC and it’s questionable whether he’s better than Arteta. Bayern didn’t put up much of struggle to keep him which says a lot about his fading star, and he certainly won’t sweat blood for the club like Arteta will. Schwienstiger is quite a strong character and i’m pretty certain he’ll start whinging (like a new arsenal ‘supporter’) if he sits on the bench much. Schniederlin knows Schwienstiger won’t be competition for long, whereas Coquelin will be. So £25m for a bench player………. Make no mistake, I wanted… Read more »

John C

I’m not the manager and neither are you, it’s not my job to decide who we buy, that’s Wenger’s, they were examples of players bought this summer who have been on the bench.

But to say you can’t buy a player because he would definitely be on the bench and wouldn’t be prepared to fight for his place is pure defeatism. I can’t understand that train of thought at all, it’s the thinking of a loser and it’s that kind of thinking as to why Arsenal are nowhere near winning the league or Champions league.


Did you just say its questionable to say schwienstiger is better than Arteta??
Please just stop….that is one of the most ridiculous things i’ve heard all week.


If that potential player had done any research, they would have worked out with Arsenals injury record they wouldn’t have waited on the bench for long….

Andy Mack

You think they’ll join for the chance of a few games whilst Coquelin is ‘resting’ but’s happy just to collect his money the rest of the time (like obi mikel), or do you want someone that really wants to play?

John C

Yeah because Coquelin is the bestest, greatest midfielder the World has ever seen and no one in the history of football has been better!! Get a grip, he’s had 8 good months in a 7 year Arsenal career.


Yep. It’s the same thing they were saying about Giroud in his second season. According to them, anyone who’s name wasn’t suarez was “not an upgrade over giroud”. At least Coq has been among the best in his position; same can’t be said of Giroud.


Don’t criticize Arteta or u get downvoted…Apparently people are still waiting around for him to suddenly become quicker.


Arteta played well in midweek before the sending off. Don’t forget that despite his lack of pace he was solid enough to be a key player for us in past seasons. He played well with Ramsey in the centre if I remember correctly.

Stringer Bell

Was that when Liverpool city and Chelsea smashed us, oh yea it was arteta and Ramsey in the middle. Wake up my man and smell reality.


Arteta stats v DZ:

Tackles won: 0
Aeriel duels won: 0
Crosses completed: 0
Interceptions won: 0

Mesut Ohno

Arteta played well???

Fuck man you are deluded, that iwas the worst performance from an Arsenal centre mid since Ian Selley was unfortunate enough to grace the pitch.


You must have been watching a different game.
Wake up!!! This isn’t 2012.

Lone Star Gunner

Man, I am very bummed, distraught even. Can’t think of a worse way for today to play out. When Coq first went down and they flashed to Arteta warming up, my heart dropped. I like Arteta and respect his contributions, but he just can’t replace Coquelin. Even the announcers commented on how Arteta is a like for like only in theory. Re the Costa/Kos/Gabriel thing, I concur with those who say that after the yellows someone should have pulled him away from Costa. Costa and Chelsea are a joke, but we fell for the trap. The Captain (Cazorla, I think?)… Read more »


Totally agree with you Lone Star. We’ve had a major issue with the squad for a while now that still hasn’t been addressed – and that is the lack of a natural leader. A player that the rest of the squad look up to and obey without question – and a player that looks after the entire club’s interests on the pitch rather than just his own. Tony Adams would have taken control of the Costa/Koscielny/Gabriel situation at a very early stage. And why can’t we take bloody corners FFS (on a separate issue)!


Wenger has only himself to blame, if Coquelin is out for a long time, we will get even worse, he is a big player for us. I am hearing that an Arsenal fan has been stabbed by a Dirty Scumbag chelsea fan, and he is in a critical condition, and there is riots between both supporters. I hope the lad pulls through. The disgusting actions of Costa, and the chelsea players, the manager and the fans is a disgrace. Something needs to be done about that dirtbag of a club, there points should be deducted and a huge fine, everything… Read more »

Cyril Washbrook

“I am hearing that an Arsenal fan has been stabbed by a Dirty Scumbag chelsea fan, and he is in a critical condition, and there is riots between both supporters. I hope the lad pulls through.” No. Let’s nip this one in the bud. This story is totally false. It was a bogus report by a Twitter troll posing as a “journalist” called “Craig Sainsbury”. He claims to be a reporter for “Forest Echo News” … which doesn’t exist, except in the form of a Twitter account that was started about two days ago and posts fake reports about English… Read more »

Merty BFG

Great! Now we have world class Arteta and the legendary Flamini to come into the XI.

broken heart of Dein

which ones worse? if you undrestood the sarcasm and downvoted this one or that you understood and denied it… hysterically laughing at possibility of fans thinking with wenger logic. :)) :'(


Everyone knew this was possible except Wenger. He should have gone out to get a good player who could compete with and also replace coquelin. Arteta is obviously not that man. It gets all the more baffling when you consider the fact that Wenger doesnt rate Flamini.
Sometimes I think Wenger is the architect of his own misfortunes.


Why dont we take him off when he’s injured Ffs?!
like özil playing on vs. Bayern in the CL being knackered.
We cant cope with the Coq being out for 3 months. Fingers crossed but our in game management with injuries is ridiculous.


You lot are like melodramatic housewives in menopause. It’s a slight hyperextension, again, slight… He was running after it. It’s fucking painful (out of experience) but it needs a few days rest. Plus Coq probably wouldn’t have been in contention for Capital One Cup. Coq isn’t the fastest fucker either so instead of bitching about so called lack of cover and get behind the team. I find it absolutely astonishing how fake some fans here are, why is the away support at Stamford Bridge louder than the home support at the Emirates.

Crash Fistfight

This might be a stupid question, but if a few thousand Arsenal away fans can drown out the home crowd of whichever stadium they’re at, why aren’t those same fans in the Emirates making the same level of noise, thus drowning out the away fans?

I suppose you could say the same for pretty much all top flight clubs. The question is: why are away supporters louder than home ones?

Andy Mack

Probably because they’re actually ‘supporters’.


Our summer business now just seems just weird.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Not so much weird as retarded imo


Losing Coquelin would be worse than losing just about any other player in the squad. He is literally irreplaceable.

John C

Let’s hope this is a short term injury,

As a long term critic of Wenger and vocal with my disappointment regarding our transfer business this summer i derive no pleasure by being proved right but with 3 loses from 7 matches this season he has put us under completely un-necessary pressure already.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Coquelin.

Fatboy Gooner

At least Mr cunty Dean is earning his keep, on the Chelsea payroll.

As for Coquelin’s injury, we all knew that it would happen sooner or later!
Serves wenger right, for being a stubborn fool in the transfer market!

As per usual it’s the fan’s that suffer the most!

Man Manny

We have Arteta and Flamini. They can cover for 2 weeks. Any time longer, the alarm bells toll.

Thierry Bergkamp

I wouldn’t trust them for 2 mins


I just hope we play a strong side against Spuds: we need a win to cheer us up. And the CO Cup is one we can win.


Never saw this coming.


We’ll bring him back to training, he’ll get a setback and be out for 2-3 weeks. After 5 weeks we’ll learn he actually needs surgery. We will then struggle with Arteta and Chambers at DM (Arteta is injury prone you know), until Coquelin comes back at the end of the season and plays like a hero. Wenger will use this as justification for not signing another DM. Then when the summer window closes, the still ill Mertesacker will sneeze on Coquelin’s old wound, and we’ll have to amputate poor Francis at the knee. Not to worry though, we can stick… Read more »


I’m absolutely tired of football tbh, our own manager refuses to do what is necessary in the transfer window, the refs are appaling, our lads don’t seem capable of turning up consistently when it matters, cunts like costa and mourning escape due punishment time after time, even our fucking football isn’t attractive to watch these days, fucking hell, what a drag this season has been so far.

2003-04-We went undefeated

Gosh another player goes down..for how many months!God knows..same old Arsenal season!Depressing!


Embarrassing enough that we lost, and that Costa is a scummy cunt, but what is more embarrassing is, the fact that whoever edits Arsenal’s website cannot even do that right, they have awarded Costa with the goal instead of Zouma, sick of the stupidness happening at the club, sick of the club being taken the piss out of, about time something was changed, its beyond a joke at this stage, Wenger cant even beat Mourinho, how awful must he feel? Why doesnt he spend, get players motivated etc, the only time he has won is in the pre season shield,… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp

Dinamo fucking Zagreb, rather. Not even the same country


All is lost.


I see many a person blaming Wenger for this defeat. I’m sorry but Mike Dean is responsible. Absurd how 4 officials cannot see multiple attacks on Koscielny from Costa. If he’s already off the pitch for that, Gabriel would never have had to react as he did. 10 men = game over when you’re playing away against a team of Chelsea’s cunty calibre. Let alone 9 men. Fuck’s sake. On a side note, Gabriel is a massive shark. Definitely should have mugged Costa off more if he was going to be sent off. Fingers crossed for Coquelin, been a mountain… Read more »


If your comment is in reference to me, i am not blaming Wenger for this defeat, and i have not seen anybody blame him for this defeat. I blame Wenger for not buying backup for Coquelin, or for Giroud, and i blame him for over playing Alexis. I have not seen the game today, i listened on the radio, i dont know how we played or what happened, i just know we lost, and the commentators were saying they did not see Gabriel do anything but walk backwards and move his head or something, but if all these decisions etc,… Read more »

Dope Smoking Pope

Cialis/Viagra usually fixes a limp Coq : )


Rotate Ramsey to play DM, insert Walcott or Ox for RW.. Fix done.. Ramsey played an entire season at DM all is not lost people be positive..


I think the larger ramifications is the potential loss of 3 players over the next crucial 3 match stretch.

1) Gabriel. A bit too eager but if we remember how Koscielny struggled first season, understandable. Hopefully Per returns to set up.

2) Coquelin. Injury would be an issue. Arteta can cover but it won’t be ideal considering …

3) Carzola also out for 3 games which means effectively the Coqzola partnership is out.

We will have to pick ourselves up quickly and find an effective way to plug the holes for the upcoming matches.

Crash Fistfight

Cazorla’s only out for 1 game as it was two yellow cards.

Mesut Ohno

Don’t know what kind of dumb c#nt would thumb down a fact?


No sweat, we can just recall that guy we have on loan at Charlton. Oh wait…

Andy Mack



Reports from France the coq is out for a month. Sorry guys

Andy Mack

‘From France’…..makes it no more or less believable than ‘From Cornwall’.


Mike Deen played and judged our game STUPIDLY


Any news on Coquelin this morning?

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Prepared for huge amounts of thumbs down, but I would rather see Calum Chambers assume that position than perhaps Arteta if Coquelin is out for a while. Wenger did say Chambers could perhaps be a central midfielder; I don’t know if he’s ruled that out now but, the Liverpool game aside, he at least looked defensively strong against Chelsea. I like Arteta, but its clear he is not what he was, and this will likely be his last season for us. Realistically, can he play 2 full games a week? I’m not so sure. Our midfield has relied heavily on… Read more »


Hayden has been playing DM at Hull, could we recall him?

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

I have no idea, but I would be surprised if we had the option


Well the wheels are starting to come off…If coq’s injury is long term, we’re truly done for and not even 3rd place will be guaranteed seeing that Manure and Martial are starting to pick up.
Last week, we were the second best team in the league, this week…i don’t know.
Alexis is under huge pressure because unfortunately we have two average strikers.
Looks like our new signings Cohesion and internal improvement aren’t just working out at the moment.


‘A little knee injury’from AW means 3-6 months out. We’re fucked, and he knows it. Watch this information seep out in the coming weeks after he disappears for a couple of games.

Gervinho's forehead

This was always a possibility and we knew Coq could never play every game in 4 competitions even if fit! The responsibility lies solely at Wenger’s door. I defend him when right but his complete arrogance and ineptitude in not trying to provide backup for Coq is astounding. Arteta is never going to be that person and there must be some players better then him out there in the world. I don’t buy his ‘lack of quality in the market excuse year on year. I really thought this was year to pick up a gear and strengthen the team for… Read more »

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