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Mike Dean 2-0 Arsenal: By the Numbers

I’m going to be asked repeatedly and with demand for greater and greater detail so I’m just going to give you data on Mike Dean. This site called has the most accessible stats for Dean so I am using that for most things and for some others.

There is an image from 2 years ago floating around Twitter which shows Arsenal with a 7% win rate when Dean is the official for an Arsenal match in Premier League play. I went ahead and added in the last two years of League matches and as you can see Arsenal have done slightly better since that nadir.

DeanArsenal’s win% in the Premier League since 2009 is 57% so a 24% win rate is quite anomalous.

That’s just Premier League games. In all competitions Dean has refereed Arsenal 30 times total since the start of the 2009/10 season and in that time has refereed 18 “big matches” between Arsenal and Chelsea, Man City, Man U, or Tottenham. As an odd side note, Dean has never refereed an Arsenal-Liverpool match.

If we split his record into two categories — big matches and regular matches — we get two different win%’s over this time:

  • big matches 3/18, 17% winning
  • regular matches 5/12, 42% winning

If we put Tottenham in the “regular” group, then Arsenal have won 1/15 times (Man City, 2-0) against top four rivals when Mike Dean is the referee and there’s your 7% win rate. But even adding those two wins into the regular group (raising it to 7/15) only gets Arsenal up to a win% of 46% which is far below Wenger’s career winning rate of 58%. Note that Wenger’s win% since 2009 is basically the same as his career win rate. Wenger’s great strength as a manager is that he’s remarkably consistent.

Let’s put those big matches in context. Arsenal have played Chelsea, Man City, Man U, and Spurs 49 times since August 2009 and won 11 times (Premier League only). That’s a win rate of 22%. However, we already know that Dean is dragging Arsenal’s win% down so, if we remove the Dean effect, Arsenal have won 8/31 for a 26% win rate.

 Premier League Since 2009 p w win%
Matches against Chelsea, Man U , Man City, and Spurs 49 11 22%
Matches against (CMUMCS) no Dean 31 8 26%
Matches against (CMUMCS) with Dean 18 3 17%

One major reason why Arsenal haven’t been able to win those games is that of those 30 appearances, Dean has given 7 red cards in 5 matches (he’s given 2 red cards in 2 different matches). Those red cards have almost always come in the big games (Chelsea, City, United, Spurs, and Newcastle) and they have almost all gone against Arsenal (5/7). Red cards almost always mean a certain loss for the team that goes down a man so it’s no surprise that Arsenal have lost all but one, the Spurs match where he awarded a red card to Scotty Parker. The only other time Dean has awarded a red card to the opposition was after Arsenal had already had a man sent off and gone down 2-0 to Man City.

Penalties are a similar situation. Dean has awarded 6 penalties in the last 30 Arsenal games he’s been in charge, 5 have been for the opposition and one for the Arsenal. Arsenal have only won 2 of the games in which Mike Dean awarded a penalty: the 2-0 win over Man City and the 5-2 win over Tottenham. It’s also a fact that the pens he awards almost always come in the big games with 5 of them in the matches against big teams and just the one he awarded to Burnley.

The Match

Chelsea dominated every aspect, as you would expect against a 9 man Arsenal. When the end of the season rolls around and we are compiling the data this match will certainly be the anomaly. Unless we see another match where Arsenal go down to 9 men.

It’s deceptive to talk about individual players stats in the context of playing down two men because it artificially makes the opposition’s numbers higher and the red card team’s number’s lower. So, yes, Hazard was a star dribbler and playmaker, Fabregas a pass master, Zouma a defensive beast, etc. But it’s the red card which changed the match.

The one stat that did strike me like a push to the face, followed by a backhand to the face, followed by a chest bump which knocked me over, followed by a little fracas, followed by lots of name calling, followed by me complaining to the official when I was slightly touched, was the fact that Diego Costa wasn’t called for a single foul in this game.


All data from and


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Dean took being a cunt a bit to far today.
There should be questions .. this time. Happens a bit to often doesnt it.


Was very pleased (and surprised) to see Garth Crooks’ spot on comments re: Mr Bean.


Can anyone explain how ALL the officials managed to miss Costa slap the boss in the face twice then bump him to the ground, yet they clearly saw Gabriel’s tiny back heel which even TV replays struggled to show? Might just be me but I smell a cunt

David C

How did Costa not even earn 1 foul?


Just to say a massive respect to Kos for taking all the paws in the face and the bump and not reacting to it. What a Boss.

Tony Waters

You may remember that last season there was a massive conspiracy among the refs to favor Chelsea’s opponents in every match. (If you don’t believe that, ask The Special One.) For reasons which the experts still do not understand, the conspiracy failed despite the best efforts of all the referees in the land. They are now paying the price. Having failed to unseat the King, they are now his obedient servants. José is at his most frustrated when there are elements of a game that he cannot control. Referees used to top that list. Perhaps Mike Dean’s performance suggests that… Read more »

Andy Mack

Last season chelsea got so much favours from the officials that when a couple of them were even handed with them, the ‘special needs one’ threw his toys out the pram.
Looks like they’re trying even harder to get their abramivich bonuses this season!


And why was costa so closely behind Gabs?
Arsenal should appeal the sending off


I think the club should write a formal complaint to the FA about Mr. Bean, sorry I mean Dean. Frankly he should never ever, be allowed to officiate an Arsenal game again.


He literally jumped for joy when Spurs scored against us once, how the hell he is still officiating, never mind officiating big games for Arsenal, is beyond me.

Dan Hunter

Mr Bean? More like Jasper Carrott


mike dean should have been sent off.

Pedant please help make that so by signing this petition and sending to everyone else you know.




done also – only 5,884 signatures to go.

Viva Vivas

How bad does a ref have to get before they are investigated? If Mr Bean isn’t after what happened yesterday, then you have to think they never will. Ever

Andy Mack

Last season Clattenberg started being quite fair in ref’ing games, so Mike ‘The Twat’ Riley sent him down to the championship!


Apparently Mike Dean is the chosen one to take over from Mike Reilly when he steps down as head of PMGOL. And wasn’t Mike Reilly the referee who fucked us at Man Ure when the 49-game streak was broken? He’s probably patting Mr. Bean on the head and telling him “well done” right now.


Yes, far too often, consistently even. Clearly there is another factor having an effect. Bias, incompetence or corruption seem to be the main contenders.


Can Wenger not protest against Gabriel’s red card? Anybody looking at the video can tell Dean made a horrible blunder. This decision MUST be overturned.


0 – number of fouls Costa was called for
1 – cun* by the name of Mike Dean
1 – MotM award for Costa given by another cun*


It’s all been said about how shit that was. In the broader picture, we have a lot to fix (especially concerned about Alexis now, along with Giroud) but we are still in a fair position. We’ve ticked off the chavs at their place and they’re still below us. City lost to West Ham, and hopefully anyone who even mentioned the word unbeaten referring to them feels as stupid as they are.

Anyone know what the chances of getting Gabriel’s ban lifted on appeal?

Boilermaker Gunner

As much as a chance that Costa gets a 1 match ban
Shocking stats
As Tim suggested in his blog, clubs should sue them though I doubt if that can be done
Technology in


Costa has been charged retroactively with violent conduct. Minimum three-game ban if found guilty, and the FA only make a retroactive charge if they’re 100% sure of a guilty verdict. In addition, he’s been charged with “improper conduct”, which carries an additional ban. If guilty on both counts, he’s gone for four matches at least. Doesn’t help us any, because the only way justice could be done in our case to replay the match from the 43rd minute on with Costa off and Gabriel back on, but at least it would acknowledge the magnitude of Mr. Bean’s errors and Costa’s… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Don’t league cup games count? He’ll be back next weekend if that’s the case, so it’s not so bad.


He would have a three match ban if it was a straight red (I am pretty sure it was) for violent conduct (though if that little kickout is violent conduct what the hell was what Costa did to Koscielny called?!?!?).

Dick Swiveller

That was my thinking, how can it be violent condict when he doesn’t even make real contact? Plus, it was hardly a dangerous act to start with.

Thinkng about it though, I guess it can’t be anything else, is ungentlemanly conduct a ‘thing’? Bringing the game into disrepute? Deliberately obstructing a Chelsea player in his lawful pursuit of cuntitude?

They should really look at the rules, if that is counted as violent.


“Deliberately obstructing a Chelsea player in his lawful pursuit of cuntitude?”
Thank you for this^^!


Unfortunately, there is nothing else to talk about apart from Mike Dean. I think Garth Crooks summed it up perfectly, people come to watch a good football match and not an idiotic referee brandishing cards and taking center stage. The best referees are the ones that go unnoticed during the course of a game. Besides, Dean should have done more to diffuse the situation between Gabriel and Mr. Psycho. Say what you will, this match was decided purely by that red card, which could have been avoided.

Real Romford Pele

Crikey, I never thought the day would come that anyone would agree with Garth Crooks.

Has hell frozen over? Has the pope shat in the woods?


Nope! It appears someone is being taken for the words that come out of their mouth and not their previous rep. Woa.

Andy Mack

Crooks was right on that bit but he also said that basically Dean was a good ref, and that’s bull. Dean has always been a bias cunt of a ref, like Mike Riley was and Martin Atkinson is (plus a few more of his PGMO buddies).

Less Rambly Pete

You’d think there is almost enough evidence to lodge a formal complaint there. Guess we’d get told to fuck off and get him Reffing the rest of the season by way of punishment

Less Rambly Pete

You know the thing that’s still with me 24 hours after (other than the massive injustice of it all) is that I still feel that we should have (if not for intervention of cunts) won the game. Feels like a while since I’ve truly believed that we had enough to go to their layer and return with 3 points. Which is great but makes everything else a little harder to take.

Andy Mack

We certainly didn’t look like losing, so a draw or win was on the cards, depending on how the chavs rearranged things when Cunta was (should have been) sent off. So at least another 2 points lost to the PGMO (Ramseys Scouser goal wrongly called).


Remember when Dean celebrated a goal against us? Dickbreath.


I can’t help but feel that the language barrier was a huge issue in the incident. Gabriel, as far as I know, only speaks Portuguese or at least some Spanish. The whole time Dean was sorting him and Diego out he couldn’t understand him, he was waiting for Oscar or Santi to come over. I applaud Gabriel for coming to Koscielny’s defence, I really like to see that in a player (defender especially) but when things boil over nobody can calm him down because they can’t communicate with him in that manner. A lot of Arsenal legends were mean pieces… Read more »

Gareth Davies

VintageFuz, you said “In the replays you can see that he’s watching Gabriel and Diego and he sees the former kick the latter. None of his assistants signalled to him”. That’s not what I saw at all. It appeared to me that Dean did NOT himself see the Gabriel kick. What happened was the Chelsea players surrounded him immediately to point it out (including Cesc please note), and we then saw Dean very clearly communicating with his assistants (you can see him hold his hand to his ear while talking to them) to get their take on things. After taking… Read more »


Yea, Cesc is pretty much dead to me after that match.


Look, I’m not saying that the players or his assistants didn’t have an influence on him but he was right next to them and looked down straight away …


Sorry what I meant to say was that the the split second after the flick of the heel he was looking down at their feet so I presumed he saw it happen… Been watching the incident over and you’re right, his assistant on the far side definitely tells him what he “saw”… Surely refs know that Costa is a twat… I don’t envy them, their job is hard enough as it is and then someone like Costa with a history of being a dick comes along and makes it that much harder to judge anything that he’s involved in objectively…… Read more »

DO Business

** Please Note ** Mike Dean was talking to Jose through the ear piece…


Well written. The referee done a huge disservice to the game on Saturday. The biggest game of the weekend, millions of football fans watching, and the match is decided by a biased official who allowed a cheat to decide the outcome of the game. Mike Dean’s obvious bias against Arsenal is staggering.

I was almost done with football. The only thing that keeps me coming back is my love for Arsenal, and the morals in which Arsenal stand for.

For those of us who care, it is time to make some noise and put things right. Better late than never.


As much as I admire Kos for keeping his head, if he had made a bit more fuss about Costa trying to take his face off perhaps the original fouls would have gotten more attention. But as he says here, he doesn’t like to talk even in the locker room because he feels he could lose control: I think that’s what folks mean about Arsenal having more of an edge, showing more spine and togetherness in those moments. If Gabriel had more support – both in terms of presence and expression – especially when Chelsea were surrounding and pressuring… Read more »

Andy Mack

Or more likely we’d have had more players get cards/sent off.


Thank you there for that expert analysis.


You’re quite right here. Too many times Arsenal players go missing when a little bit of show of support and togetherness in vocals is needed to help sway a referee decision their way.


Wilshere would have stand up for all his players and would give Dean a talking to. In times like this, Arsenal miss his presence.


And Arsenal would also have missed his presence if he’d given Dean a talking to, because Dean would have red carded him too. It’s a lose-lose situation. Besides, do you not call what Gabriel did “standing up for your teammates”? Cunta knocked down the Boss and Gabriel came in and stood up for him. And look what it got him. What more do you want?


Koscielny proved it is better not to react. You can’t win against a corrupt/biased official.

Bring Back Seaman

Agree with it all bar santi.. Commits two fouls gets sent of and yet ivanovitic gets a yellow after totting up. Dean is a cunt and saw another opportunity to take centre stage and stay his cuntary all over Arsenal. The Tottenham supporting thundercunt


It is sickening to think a Spud fan is even allowed to officiate an Arsenal game.

The FA just do not give a shit about fairness in the sport.

Andy Mack

No studs, just miss-timed. Less intent than Ivanivichs previous 25 fouls (only 5 called!).
Santi did not deserve a second yellow, period!


I disagree. Santa’s challenge for which he got 2nd yellow was a booking. That just summed up the day Arsenal were having… but then there was still time after that for Costa to jump into The Ox which the ref again did nothing about.

Laura dawson-Klein

For an experienced referee, too many questions? This disparity is happening far too often. So very disappointing for the game.


Call it being backwards or something but where I am from Players walk off the field for such injustice from the ref.

That’s the only way bad officiating is combated. With new TV deals and millions watching, guy who should have been sent off twice gets someone sent off for nothing, players walk off in protest.

See if refs don’t become accountable

Dick Swiveller

That would mean a points deduction for sure though. and nothing would change.


That’s just stupid. The game would be awarded 3-0 to Chel$ki, in addition we’d get a three or six point deduction and be fined tens of millions of pounds, and we’d have to refund Chel$ki their gate receipts. Plus, we’d be the villains. How could that possibly make things any better for us?

The FA would probably respond by having Dean referee all of our games for the rest of the season, too.


Something is bent in football. We have to cope with the referees who are undoubtedly biased against us, see Referee Decisions and all the stats there, which don’t balance out over a season (even before we add in other stuff against us like injuries).

Social Pariah

I don’t know what the stats are, but when Ferguson finally fucked off, it seemed to me that the refs
improved slightly due to the bungs drying up. But Arsene has never been in that cabal, either in PL or Europe.We’re never ever gonna get anything from referee/whores.


This is the sad reality of why Arsenal have struggled to win a title over the last decade. Yes, the team has not been at the same level as the 03-04 team, but we had 2 seasons where we could have still won the title. The Eduardo leg break year, and a couple years ago. All our injuries, the poor officiating, the cheating in the game… it is all linked. We are the most fouled and the most injured. Wenger has even adopted a less possession based style to avoid the ridiculous number of injuries we get. The Cheatski’s of… Read more »


I have one thing to say…Someone should have fuckin sent Mike Dean off,the cunt


Will I get thumbed down if I suggest Koscielny should have done a little dance on the ground after he got pushed by that muppet? That’s called being streetwise.


The dance just dance will be deem theatrical by Dean and Koscielny will be carded. Then, some will say Koscielny weak for going down easily or as you say ‘not streetwise’.


According to the pundits Costa epitomises the English game.

Bosscialny would have been the play acting foreigner, the kind of behaviour that needs to be stamped out!

Why is ok to kick someone out of the game (or even the league in the case of Reyes) but not ok to go down easily? Eduardo was a perfect example for both sides of the argument – hand his leg broken and take a tumble and the English media and pundits were down on him. I was amazed by Wenger’s refrain when he was asked about Eduardo’s dive!

Andy Mack

100%. Eduardo got a penalty against Celtic without appealing for it. He got out of the way of a clash (not a surprise after having his ankle smashed) and turned round to see the ref pointing at the spot.


If anything, he should have done the roll around after Diego Cunta tried to mash his face. Twice.


Sad, but completely true.


Maybe true. Love Bosscielny even more for being a man about it though, not enough of that.


He’s a shocking referee among a shocking bunch. But if stats were enough to get someone removed as ref he would have been removed a long time ago, along with 1/3 of the other refs in this so-called “elite” pool.

Sadly there is absolutely zero chance of anything happening as a result of any complaint made. Except for almost certain retaliation from referees in future games.

What I just typed ought to sound like the rantings of a conspiracy theorist but unfortunately its just that bad.


I have a friend, who from what I know is a very good ref, but it’s taken him 8 years to get to football league level. Why does it take so long for younger referees? Can elite refs be demoted or does a position only open up when one retires?


Depends on how recently Abramovich has stopped by.

Andy Mack

If he’s not a northerner then his chances are even lower.

Bring Back Seaman

If my stats at work are not up to an acceptable amount I get diciplined and eventually fired… Why is this different for referees…

Andy Mack

The refs make the stats. They said last year they got 95% of all calls right which is fucking ridiculous.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game where they get more than 75-80% right in the PL.

Andy Mack

” Keith Hackett has called for his successor Mike Riley to be removed from his position with PGMOL and labelled the current crop of officials as the “worst that we have seen,” citing “over 20 major errors” during the Christmas period. Yet the PGMO keeps banging their drums and pretend that 95% if major decisions are correct.”

Ex-Priest Tobin

Costa should go back to the slum he crawled out of. He would be lurking in an alley in some South-America gang hellhole instead of playing in the EPL if he didn’t have a bit of football talent to go with his trash slum tactics.


People say that Mike Dean is incompetent. I say he is a crook. What more evidence is needed?


“The one stat that did strike me like a push to the face, followed by a backhand to the face, followed by a chest bump which knocked me over, followed by a little fracas, followed by lots of name calling, followed by me complaining to the official when I was slightly touched, was the fact that Diego Costa wasn’t called for a single foul in this game.”

that’s a typo there right? Tell me I’m correct, Tim.


Zero fouls committed according to Opta


Knowing how some of the other opta stats work (thanks to you, Tim – good stuff) I’m guessing it’s simply a matter of no action taken by the referee = no foul committed. Reality aside, of course.

So not only did Deano single-handedly determine the outcome of the match, he also severely skewed the fair play stats for both clubs. Not that that matters for either club really, but it distorts the true picture of the respective clubs’ characters.


I think the reason why Dean has never reffed an arsenal v liverpool match is because I believe he lives close to liverpool or in the surrounding area.

He is a despicable ref. How many refs have you seen celebrate when a team score. He has done it twice against arsenal, he should NEVER referee arsenal again


He should never referee again, period. I would go as far as to suggest we should take legal action against him!


OK I’ve been wanting to say this since 2.00 this afternoon. I HAVE NEVER WISHED A PLAYER TO HAVE HIS FUNKING LEGS BROKEN IN 3 PLACES THAN COSTA. Now I’ve said it. Thumb down if you wish but the moron is a horrible human being. I will be glad if his career ends now.


Where’s Roy Keane when you need him?


Phew. Feeling great after saying that. What a relief

gooner 44

and them 3 places should be the “Tolly” the “Drayton” and the “Coronet” he’s a fuckiing scumbag

Glory hunter

Can’t we just request that Mike Dean never ever referees any of our games again? Coz this is getting ridiculous

Vintage Gooner

See early in the comments for a petition to the FA that Dean never referee Arsenal again. It already has over 42,000 but still needs every Arsenal fan to add their name too.


People like him completely ruin the game of football as a whole for me- the fact that people like Cunsta and Moureen get away with their cuntery and are still WORSHIPPED by the press just makes me sick and seriously puts me off football as a sport. The officiating in the game is so unbelievably backwards for a sport of this stature, it really isn’t hard to introduce video refs or something more competent than what we currently have, especially with the amount of money flowing through the sport. Look at rugby as an example, you don’t have referees who… Read more »


I’d rather let it put me off the press.
I haven’t read a newspaper or watched tv (bar Arsenal) in 12 years and it’s the best thing I ever did.


I’ve lost all credibility for the game ever since Rooney threw himself on the ground at OT and got that penalty which cheated us out of our 50 game unbeaten run


Thanks for the stats,i was hardly looking for them,every time dean is incharge of our game idont bet a win,my fingers remains crossed coz almost every decision goes against us,gives penalties or red cards so so cheaply,,i think refs are doing ‘rotational fouling’ on arsenal .Eg livepool game n today,they hate us! so moureen said he shall win next match,so the ref had to justify that!Pathetic,thanks


You could be right. The big games are often decided by big decisions. Funny how we never get any!?


If this is Chelsea’s plan for the season, they won’t get away with it every week. Not all refs are as shite as Mike Dean.

Andy Mack

But most of them are!


That moment when you are preparing to celebrate a thug getting sent off and salivating about our 11 vs their 10…:-(


One thing has been crossing my mind is that is there a Russian money in a brown envelope influencing his decisions?


Mike doesn’t need the money mate. He’s cashing in on the ad space on his new website.


..if you click on the link you may find that I was fibbing about the website…:-)


Nothing Gabriel did warranted a yellow let alone a red card, whereas Costa was allowed to commit offence after offence by the cunt that is Mike dean. It’s by no means the first time dean has been this bad either especially when reffing arsenal games. The only conclusion has to be that he is bent/biased in some way, it’s too much of a coincidence for it to be anything else. Also, could you imagine Fergie putting up with him for this long? Not a chance.

Something has to be done.


Chelshit.filth From manager to the twelve men he had on the pitch.

Andy Mack

13 on the pitch, as at least one of the linesmen was crap.


I hate to be ‘that guy’, but this Mike Dean stuff is getting blown out of proportion. Yes he’s a cunt. And yes him and his stupid officials missed what should have been a red card for Costa. But to suggest that he’s responsible for our poor form against the top sides is a bit desperate. We lost most of those games because our team had a nasty habit of bottling all the big matches, which happen to lead to a lot of penalties and red cards. Last season we managed to shake that bottling habit and started adapting our… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Actually, back when we had guys like Denilson and Djourou around our record against the top teams was better than our ability to beat lesser teams, that was when beating lesser teams was the key to winning the title, and now that we’re doing it, it appears that winning the big games is the key, and pundits wonder why no-one with two brain cells to rub together takes them seriously.


That was only true for the 2008/2009 season. Every season after that our record against the top sides was abysmal. 2009/2010 Man United 2-1 Arsenal Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea Man City 4-2 Arsenal Arsenal 1-3 Man United Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal Arsenal 0-0 Man City 2010/2011 Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal Man City 0-3 Arsenal Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea Arsenal 0-0 Man City Arsenal 1-0 Man Utd 2011/2012 Man Utd 8-2 Arsenal Chelsea 5-3 Arsenal Man City 1-0 Arsenal Arsenal 1-2 Man Utd Arsenal 1-0 Man City Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea 2012/2013 Man City 1-1 Arsenal Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea Man Utd 2-1… Read more »


Ooops typo I meant Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal 😉

Dick Swiveller

As I said, we used to beat them a reasonable amount but then started getting our arses handed to us.

I also doubt Dean was the ref in all those, specifically because I remember some of the shit Webb did at OT.


Don’t have the figures for ’13-14, but that was when the media started publicizing his behavior, so not sure if he got fewer games or kept his head down for a bit. 2009/2010 Man United 2-1 Arsenal — Dean Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea Man City 4-2 Arsenal Arsenal 1-3 Man United Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal — Dean Arsenal 0-0 Man City — Dean We score 1 point 2010/2011 Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal — Dean Man City 0-3 Arsenal Man Utd 1-0 Arsenal Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea Arsenal 0-0 Man City Arsenal 1-0 Man Utd We score 10 points 2011/2012 Man Utd 8-2 Arsenal Chelsea… Read more »


Oops bad maths, we got 0.93 points against teams when Dean wasn’t in charge not 1.56. Not good, but still it is still 3 times as many as we got out of Mike Dean.

By the way, no other referee got more than 4 games in the same period (Clattenburg), so Dean was not only by far the worst ref for us, but got more than twice as many games as any of the others.

gooner 44

you can pontificate all day long
but its an absolute fact that cunta costa should have walked for the assault on kos, gabriel dont get involved and we’re 11 to their 10.
mock dean should be shot at dawn, castrated at midday and hung drawn and quartered.

mlog oghale

we all complaining about mike dean right? how bout those useless arsenal players who couldn’t stand up for a team mate? chelshit players rally round costa & bullied dean into sending off gabriel while our useless players were acting like peace makers….when the game gets rough our players chicken out!! Dean was just being Dean while Costa will always be that! sadly our players are of no use!


Right, our players are to blame, not the cunt that is Costa and the bigger cunt that is Mourinho and the biggest cunt of all Dean. Arsenal fan indeed. You call our players useless for not stooping to Chelsea’s level…I for one don’t want our players stooping to being absolute tossers and cunts but I feel this club is fucking better than that. Oh and you’d be wrong to think if we had done the same as Chelsea had done it would have made a bit of difference. With Dean in control we’d have lost more players and more of… Read more »


We all saw what happened when Gabriel stood up for a teammate.

Verminator's Mojo

Am sure he meant pressuring the ref to act on a clear off-the-ball chest down. Players need to put the ref under some pressure, unless you say they were all on a yellow at the time.


As much as I hate Chelsea doing it, I agree for those matches to keep the pressure on the referee balanced. Other matches I do wish our Captains would be having more conversations with the referee. Besides, if he starts to get pushed too far on it he’d be forced to take action both ways or make everyone stop it. In theory, that is. Next match against them from the get-go Wenger and the Captain should be professionally asking Dean and the 4th official to ‘please watch Costa, he’s bashing us in the face and trying to wind us up… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

So, the solution to playing a bunch of petulant cheats is to cheat just as hard?

No thanks, happy to stand up to them (Gabriel is going to get even more love from the aevertage gooner in future imo) but not to stoop to their level.


We’re not all complaining about just Mike Dean any more. Most of us are now complaining about you as well. If you think that kind of behaviour is acceptable, then you should support a team that engages in it, and not Arsenal. Arsenal is above that kind of cuntitude.


i am glad Kos did not roll on the ground when Costa slapped him repeatedly, and same can be said with Ox when Costa kicked him. My players acted like men, earned my respect, and lost the match with dignity. These are traits in football I would like to show my kids what it means to be decent and play football for the love of the game and not to win at all cost ( cheating Costa ). I was so angry during the match and felt so protective of Gabriel when the injustice was happening, but in hindsight now… Read more »


Agree with you completely. I felt like giving up on football on Saturday I was that irate. I attempted to even smash my coffee table, and party succeeded!

It is only my love for Arsenal and what we stand for that keeps me watching the game too. I don’t think I would have stuck around as long as I have, had I supported another team. I am lucky my family were all gooners, and you were wise to make the switch!

Time to kick all these cheats out of football.


Is there any point of having a fourth official these days? What do they actually do except be a replacement cunt, should number 1 said cunt get injured. Seriously, all 4 officials missing the koscielny incident is a joke. The boss should of hit the ground on the second one but i suppose hes not a whinging little prick like costa. I knew it wasnt going to be a good day when costa tripped over the ball and started waiving his hands around to yellow card coquelin. Absolutely mind boggling how that call happened. If theres contact then coquelin gets… Read more »


Give the worthless 4th official a monitor, and let him be of actual assistance to the game!

Tony Waters

I do not doubt these numbers, but it is a pity that there is no Home and Away breakdown. For e.g., if 2/3 of the matches Dean refereed were away games for the Gunners, that would put a different slant on the statistics. As for the match Mourhino’s comments afterwards, referring to Costa as Man of the Match, and saying “That is exactly how football should be played,” ought to result in disciplinary action, not against Mourhino personally (fining him about as much as he pays for a haircut is pointless), but by fining Chelsea FC six points. Their manager… Read more »


Thanks for the great info, as always. Like many here, I am not surprised to see that the numbers bear out what many of us already know and, in a sense, fear from a Mike Dean officiated match. Yet, while I do not find the results surprising, they are, in fact, shocking. Shocking in the sense that this official has a clear, demonstrated pattern of officiating(would love to see all the match officiating statistics as well, if such a thing exists) in matches involving Arsenal. Were it merely a few games it could be seen as an aberration, but over… Read more »

Oguttu Moses

For us the Arsenal fans in Uganda are lost of words. We wonder how un civilised and backward thinking some whites like Mike Dean are. I suggest the man be investigated. You may find out that he had had a talk with Chelsea officials before. If really not why behave like that. Many people put in alot of Cash to enjoy the game. Some of us put in alot of time. Pend afew things so that we can watch a match only to be decided by Dean in an unfair manner.


Careful mate … while I agree with you in principal, if I referred to you as “blacks” I’d get banned.


It is stunning just how little Dean cares for protecting his own reputation when he can give a performance like that. That is how corrupt the man is. I’d love to see the results of a forensic accountant going through his finances.

Dick Swiveller

Because he knows it won’t be an issue.

It will go down in the media as ‘silly, silly Arsenal’ and ‘clever, clever Mourinho’, with no mention of how awful the reffing is, but maybe the odd ‘tut tut, we don’t like to see that’ in Costa’s direction, with no real feeling.


The media cover up started almost immediately. Ian Wright disgusting on absolute Radio happily joining in the bullshit cover story about Gabriel rising to the bait. Just watching MOTD 2 now and the bullshit continues.


Its amazing that we never think about corruption in the English game. If this was Italy or Turkey there is no way that Mike Dean would not en suspected for being on the take after yesterday’s performance. It was so inept it was incredible. Perhaps though he just secretly hates Arsenal or loves Chelsea. Another thing that stinks to high heaven is the refusal to used video tech despite all the cameras and computer technology used in the game today. With all the money at stake you would think that a simple video replay to show the officials what we… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

It’s the only reason to resist TV reffing that makes any sense.

mlog oghale

@ TommyB & Mpls, did yhu see when J.wilshere stepped up to j.terry & made him run like a scared puppy? did yhu notice that the referee was “shooing” santi our captain for the day? he wouldn’t dare do that to J.W or Even Henry14 wouldn’t take that from anyone, this guys are nice to a fault & opponents (Dean included) take advantage of that, I watched in shame last season as Mitrovic came on for Anderlect & straight away “bullied” Per, had him calling the ref for protection & the guy eventually scored on Per. M, lets drop sentiments… Read more »


We actually missed a chance to get them to 10 men..instead we ended up down to 9 men.

Mark Hewitt

The Australian rules football system of being reported to a post match tribunal would solve both of Costa’s problems, rough play and diveyness. Downside is that he would not be actually sent off during the game, but that’s the tradeoff.


Perhaps Dean is getting backhanders from the Chelski owner, or perhaps he’s just a massive tosser.


Or both.


This match was wierd and unfair, but to the player of the game i think Walcott did a greate job! Working his ass off, god to see him back with the spirit!

Arctic Troll

I guess Mike Dean will be enjoying spending all those lovely roubles this week.

If it looks like an Italian refereeing scandal and smells like an Italian refereeing scandal…


Number of parties at mine when Costa will be in agonising pain holding both his legs broken: infinite


We need video replays and microphones on refs, then the cheats would find it much harder to get away with it. That match leaves a stink way beyond incompetence, I think it was fixed.

kano gooner

I mean can’t Wenger be allowed by the club to come openly and say what he thinks about Dean? That he is piece of shit and he is absolutely a bias referee?

I mean, the punishment can’t be more than 5 matches ban and some few £s in the FA’s purse. We can live with that as club as the long term benefit may well be that Dean will never officiate our match again.

It is about time some managers damn the consequences and criticise these shit refs, it will make to sit up!


There was someone a few weeks ago (after the Ramsey disallowed goal against Liverpool), who (was an amature ref himself), was on about the importance of ref’s authority. That’s what is one of things that so wrong with the game these days. A stupid ref, wanting to stamp his mark on the game, actually can! The players and managers have to behave if not fined/banned big time but Refs have no accountability. When so many other aspects are scrutinised so much and so many other sports have evolved to take advantage of technology to deliver fair outcomes, football under FIFA… Read more »


Do ourself a favour and watch a rerun of MOTD2. Watch Amy Lawrence, occasionally of this parish give a nauseating eulogy to Costa. These media types really are the scum of the earth.

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