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Ramsey and Cech rue red card effect

Aaron Ramsey and Petr Cech both believe the red card issued to Gabriel Paulista changed the outcome of the game yesterday against Chelsea, but neither player went public with any criticism of Mike Dean.

Although Arsene Wenger was strident in his post-match interview about how the official had got it wrong, the players focused instead on what it meant for the team.

“We felt quite comfortable out there,” the Welsh international told the official site. “They haven’t had the best of runs of late and the more the game went on, the more the crowd would have started to turn and moan a bit.

“That set-piece has cost us but we tried our best out there and we paid the price from the sending off in the end.”

While Cech said, “We played really well in the first half and that sending off changed the situation on the pitch.

“It’s up to the referee and his officials to make decisions. I can’t comment on it because I didn’t see the incident or what happened after.

“The important thing is that they had the one-man advantage for the second half and they took advantage of that. This made a big difference in the game, going into half-time at 0-0 and we were playing well in the first half.

“I thought that we were right in the game and we had a chance to win, but going into the second half with only 10 men and finishing with nine men made it hard.”

And Ramsey is looking for the team to turn things around on Wednesday in the Capital One Cup.

“We wanted to get back to winning ways and have a positive game. We were doing that up until the sending off.

“We have to move on and put things right on Wednesday. It’s not good enough for a club like Arsenal to lose two games in a row.”

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I’ll help you out boys…Mike Dean is a Thundercunt!…


Sorry if this is against the comment policy, but had to post this. Sign this petition to stop Mike Dean from ever officiating Arsenal matches here.


Over 50,000 have signed, please do so if you haven’t.


is the fa going to ban costa for violent conduct that the refs “didn’t see”?

Walcott's left footed curl

No, he got booked and is therefore already punished.


He didn’t get booked for violent conduct though. He only got booked for the fight with Gabriel afterwards.


Nor was he booked for the off the ball foul on Ox. There are plenty of offenses he could be punished for there. But he won’t be, of course.

I wouldn’t be surprised if instead Wenger were punished for his comments.


No, he got punished for the melee btw himself and Gabby, not for the slap on Koscielny. The FA can retrospectively ban him for the other occurrence.

Dan Hunter

I think retrospective action can only be taken when the referee has not actually seen an incident, so, if the clash with Kos or the kick on Ox is completely left out of the match report, action can be taken against Costa, otherwise not.


Today the FA charged Costa with both violent conduct and improper conduct. In general, they only issue retroactive charges if they are 100% certain of guilt, so Costa is probably going to get a four game ban. Both Chel$ki and Arsenal have been charged with failing to control their players.

Man Manny

Good game before the referee went mad.
Gabriel is a class act. I love him. He will learn. I remember Koscielny when he came; he had such issues but yesterday, he was a study on calmness.
I also think our boys (especially Cazorla as captain), should have done more to help Gabriel by pulling him away long before that rogue of a player had the chance.
I don’t know is worse between Mourinho and Costa; I think they deserve each other – despicable characters.


BFG would have done a nice job, santi is still learning about captaincy band.


Lol learning? He shouldn’t have it then.

The ones to learn are players that dont have it not the one who has it!


am still gutted each time I remember the game. It was really a bad officiating. What the F.a can do now as a consolation to arsenal and we the fans is to ban Costa and rescind Gabriel’s 3match ban

Cech's Hat

You look a bit like Diego Costa.


Whoa whoa whoa. No need to insult the man.


Nothing to rue.

Mike Dean is a fucking bastard, that thinks he is centre stage instead of the actual game of football.

Up the Arsenal.

Cech's Hat

Gotta say, I agree with Ramsey and Cech, we looked comfortable until the sending off, which was totally uncalled for. Diego Costa is a scum, and looks the part as well.


Wasn’t particularly impressed by Cech’s claims after the game that he didn’t see the Costa incident….


Yeah agreed it would make no difference.

Just would’ve been good to hear Cech tell the truth about what a massive cunt Costa is


Team I’d like to see against spuds:



Team I’d like to see against Sp*ds:

Van Damme (what a chocolate leg)

I dare Sp*ds supporters to throw coins at that starting XI.


Hahaha… Thanks, I needed that laugh – especially after last night’s farce! ?


Good team – shame The Jeff is injured!


Jeff is injured, mate.

ozil lovely eyes

I’d rather forget about yesterday and focus on the next game


After reading 7amkickoff’s analysis, and watching the Dean “jump for joy” during the Sp*ds goal again, I’ve come to the following conclusion:

Mike Dean is an animatronic robot controlled by the vast conspiracy against Arsene run by UEFA and the FA, which remotely mimics the actions of Michel Platini.

If you’ve got a better explanation, I’m all ears, but I doubt you do.





No doubt the sending off changed the game. But at the end of the day if Koscielny can behave and not react to Costa, then Gabriel should be able to. Cost us potential points. We all know what he’s like, should play on it instead of getting played by him. Still looked a bit toothless before the sending off. But we were in the game. Shame.


Utterly missing the point. Its about the fact we are playing a rigged game. If there was any realistic hope that Costa would have been sent off if Gabriel had not got involved, then I’d agree, but can you honestly say that would have happened? Koscielny not reacting simply did not get himself sent off, and I’d rather see team mates standing up for each other (especially our CBs) rather than lying back and be bullied. As to the rest, we were standing up to the Champions at their place until the sending off, so perspective on our performance and… Read more »


I don’t believe I have missed the point. My point is Gabriel knew better when standing next to him that kicking out is wrong. And as a result, potentially cost us some points. We weren’t out the game, and neither were we dominating. I agree about standing up for teammates, but u can’t go doing what he did. Costa ain’t our problem no as professionals they as players have to hope the ref, of family panel get the decision right in the end. Reacting to do it does nothing but harm the team. You see my point?


I never saw the game, however I’m in agreement with your general sentiment. If a player gets booked for decent or provocation then it’s the result of them not being in control of their own emotions (but ref, he made me do it!), it’s basically just immaturity. Both Gabriel and Giroud’s conduct in mid-week have cost us dearly and we really have no one else to blame but ourselves. What’s most disappointing for me about the last two games is that we haven’t given ourselves a chance. At least give yourself a chance of competing on an even footing, if… Read more »


i demand every news in paper and media about chelshit should start with “Dog costa is cuntest among the cunts and moaningho is the father of the cunts”..

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Costa is much worse than Balotelli, Joe Barton and even Terry. If Costa wasn’t a professional football player, I imagine he would be in jail with a lengthy criminal record.

Arseblog's dog

The way he goes about being a footballer I wouldn’t be surprised if he still ended up with a lengthy period behind bars. He is nuts.


Never really felt Balotelli was a bad guy apart from that one game he tried to murder sagna and his off field antics. Costa on the other hand is the spawn of the most unholy and needs to be put down with a silver bullet and wooden steak.


He definitely deserves a wooden steak. Also a wooden burger and some wooden chips… Hell, all his food should be wooden.


With lots of splinters and rusty nails.


The worst player football has ever produced….

Tshaka the gooner

The most worrying thing about Arsenal is that our best players are off form. Yesterdays substitution of Ozil and Sanchez says it all


Played two games with 10 men in a row.


“We have to move on and put things right on Wednesday. It’s not good enough for a club like Arsenal to lose two games in a row.”

Well in Rambo! On a positive note; Santi and Gabby will both be fresh and well rested for the Emirates Scum fixture in two weeks. Onwards and upwards!


Nothing but bitches moaning bout the ref.we could do with a player like Costa throwing is weight around coz we ain’t nothing but a bunch of posers on the pitch no conviction in any of our players


Once again. Hard to believe that there are actually people out there that believe Costa’s type of play is preferred to real skillful football. Goonism should have no place in this sport. Go watch UFC or Rugby. Even harder to believe the comment is from a proposed Arsenal fan. Sounds more like one of the goons from Chelsea in disguise. How was the subway incident in Paris, goon.


Even rubgy prohibits neck grabbing (tackle) and slapping for that matter.

So Cost should well be at the UFC.


Do not feed the troll.


The thing that irks me most is that its hard to know or understand what is the best course of action for our players. For years we were accused of having a soft underbelly that needs fighters and grit, while we still don’t exactly have a team of hard men whenever we do stand up to the bullying tactics we pay the full price. I thought Kos was showed immense control to not react to that old faced bastard but ultimately we got nothing for it. Perhaps he should have clutched his face and roller around like Chelsea players do?… Read more »

Social Pariah

And fuck that Uber-Cunt, Shearer, who “…loves Costa…”

Stick your celery up your arse

No bloody wonder Shearer loves Costa – he was just as fucking obnoxious himself when he was elbowing his way round a football pitch – CUNT!


In my ideal revisionist world Gabriel would have walked away before the red and 5 minutes into the next half someone out on a card (preferably a few someones in succession) reminds Diego that there is a downside to being scum.

And then every time a few players run by Dean somebody shouts “money in the bank!” In a disguised voice.


…Someone *not* on a card etc. etc.


So why didnt we get Martial? Not better than Walcott, Welbeck & Giroud is he?


The most worrying thing is : 1) We lose Coqzorla. Hopefully Coquelin will recover quickly but Santi is instrumental in midfield as we saw when he was reestablished next to Francis against Liverpool second half. Ramsey will have to come in and play a more discipline role next to Arteta, provide a bit of the zip of Coquelin covering the older man. Arteta will hav to add passing ability and ball retention where Ramsey could be profligrate. 2) Gabriel. He has been an oustanding back up so far. Metersecker has got to come back into the squad now. A first… Read more »

Dan D

Agreed we were comfortable but we still have the ability to give the opposition a poor goal out of nothing, as per yesterday.

Costa should have gone absolutely no doubt but I stand by what I said yest’ and we could have managed the key situations a whole lot better.

Still, fuck it, it’s done now.

Midweek is an utter must win game now, always is v the spuds but even more so now. For that reason I think Arsene has to pick the strongest team available to him.


this is what i know. this is all on wenger now. he refused to go into the transfer market because he believes the team he has can challenge for the title. if you believe him, then it’s only his management that is holding this talented group back. why is his record against the top teams so abysmal even after significant investment in the club? because he doesn’t know how to win against a top side when it matters. the team is talented enough to win against most average sides (although that’s not even a given anymore), but when preparation and… Read more »


Blimey, the odd full stop wouldn’t hurt mate


Its Wenger’s fault Costa is a cheating bastard and Mike Dean is too weak and incompetent to do what he is paid to do?


yes. it’s wenger’s fault that the team wasn’t prepared for it. is anyone surprised by mourinho’s tactics? of course not. what did man city do against chelsea? fernandino elbowed costa in the face during open play and that was pretty much it from the ugly bastard. put him in his place before he gets under your skin. that’s a team that was prepared for battle. i’m tired of people moaning about poor decisions and bad luck. it’s been going on for too long.

King Kolo

I’m sure i’m just panicking but… if Martial was being touted around for 20 million pounds earlier on in the summer, why wasn’t Wenger all over that?!!


At the end of the day, Mike Dean Costas the game.


Game is over. We lost. Nothing there will change. What I’m curious to see is what happens with Costa… If nothing happens, it means Dean/linesmen saw it, and therefore the FA cannot intervene, which in turn shows Dean as incompetent. If Costa is fined, it means Dean/linesman did not see it. Which means they are incompetent to see three sending off offences he committed against Koscielny. Either way, Mike Dean cannot come out of this looking good. As for Costa, to come out of the game with only a booking is scandalous. Tot up the below which are a minimum… Read more »


Diego is one weak ugly son of a b### and he knows it. The only hope he has of getting laid is acting like a brute and even when he does get laid eventually he can’t perform because either the girl is turned off because of his face or small d@#k. He only acts tough when the ref is there he probably would sh#t his pants if he meets kos alone and die of a heart attack of Gabriel touched him


Well….that’s all well and good.
But this is obviously another season of high hopes that will fall way short of what we all wanted.
Wenger didn’t strengthen and we are and will pay the price.
Every fan, every pundit knew Wenger was selling the club and the fans short….and here we are Welbeck, Wilshere, Rosicky, Coq….Gabriel suspended…Giroud suspended…and we are only mid Sept!
A dereliction of duty from Wenger. Roll on next year…bollox.

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