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Wenger wants retrospective Costa punishment

Arsene Wenger has called on the FA to punish Diego Costa after the Chelsea striker got away with multiple red card offences against the Gunners on Saturday.

We know that the Brazilian born Spanish international struck out a number of times at Laurent Koscielny, before diving in the second period and flicking a leg out at Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the second period – an offence which cost Gabriel a straight red card and a three match ban.

Despite Mike Dean seeing the incident which brought about a yellow card for the Chelsea striker, the Arsenal manager has called for further punishment from the game’s governing body.

Asked if he believed they should take further action, he said, “Yes, of course. They do it for everybody.

“I would like them, especially I would like Mike Dean to look at the whole action that happened during the game and see if he stands for his decision.”

“They can tell you and they know Diego Costa. He is not a newcomer. He was here for a year now.

“I tell you something, if I am a referee and I referee Diego Costa, I do not send somebody off quickly if he responds to it because you know he has been well provoked.”

Wenger also urged Gabriel not to repeat the behaviour which saw him red carded, saying he needs to be more professional.

“I don’t understand Gabriel because he usually looks a calm boy,” he said. “You have to be above that. That’s part of the game. To be professional, to me, is to deal with that.

“You can spit in my face and if it’s in a game then I will not respond. I do not guarantee that outside of the game. What I mean is that the desire to win has to be above all of that.

“You stand up to it in a controlled way. We are equipped to respond, but we always have to keep control of our response.”

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Gabbys English

What I’d give for a a re signed, injury-free Diaby to come and boot Costa in the face.. sigh


I’d pay millions to watch him play against the likes of Viera,Tony Adams and keown. It would be fun to see him try his cheap antics with them.


The one player I’d really like to see Diego Costa against is Jaap Stam. There’s getting away with murder, figuratively speaking, like Diego Costa did on saturday, and then there’s actual murder, which is more Stam’s style.


Disappointed Gabriel didn’t finish the job properly. He was going to get a red card either way, he should of smashed him in a tackle afterwards like Roy Keane. Or when it was all kicking off just full on head butted him like Dion Dublin when he lumped Savage right in his shnozzle.

Cygan's left foot

What shocked me more than the red card was our players in the second have sitting like little kittens with no one having ago at Coasta and get him sent off, but caring to keep him in the game. Just like we did with Daiby and Gervinho at Newcastle in both games we were trying to not hurt Barton’s feeling and be sweet to him even at one point I saw RVP apologising to him. Remember how that team of WINNERS at Old Toilet hounded Horse Face after sending Vieira off? How they ganged up on him and Keown was… Read more »


Somehow we have a cohesion in our game play, they’re all friends but strangely the lack a team spirit to stick up for each other. Saying that, you know that if Arsenal players would have rattled Diego Costa, as they did some moons ago with Eva just tackling the shit out of him, they would get instant red cards. Although I would have liked to see Jack giving him a piece of his mind

Slower than per

Or maybe, just maybe, our players would actually rather play football than resort to cheap tricks and unrivalled attention!
You know,like what they live for and work hard for.
Fights and the like do not win you football.

Trying to walk the ball into the net does haha

Men vs boys

Maturity vs insecurities



I totally agree. We are too lightweight. We seem to leave a lot of it down to the referee, and since they’re totally incompetent – we end up getting totally shafted by their decisions. We’ve been missing that cutting edge to our game since the invincibles. If you wanted to play football, they could beat you that way, if you wanted to kick the lumps out them, they could beat you that way too. We had both sides to our game, whereas now we are too nice. Yeah, we can play super slick football at times, but too often we… Read more »


Can we make a chant for one mr.mike dean. He surely deserves retrospective punishment too.

Oor Wullie

Can I retrospectively kick him in the nuts?


Personally, I would like to see, if it makes sense legally, Arsenal take Costa to court for unprovoked assault and injury. I would also like to see Arsenal take the FA and the refereeing association to CAS for continuous and repetitive incompetence in policing of English football.

Oor Wullie

And if all that fails kick him in the nuts.


Does “outside the game” include on the touchlines? Just asking

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Haha I quite like that bit of fighting talk from Wenger at the end there. If anything good can be gleaned from this whole debacle, I hope it fires up the team a bit and we can channel the frustration positively to respond, or go on a bit of a run.


Gabriel looks calm in the same way a seasoned assassin looks calm as he snaps a neck.

If only he snapped Diego’s.


If Gabriel looks calm to Arsene Wenger maybe we should be worried about his comment “you can spit me during the game,I’ll be calm, but out of it I can’t tell you how I’ll react”

I think Mourinho should be worried, very worried after Arsene retires


I hope the players learn from the red cards this week. I hope Wenger has learned too. When faced with the ineptitude of fuckwits like Mike Dean, collectively, the players can force him to act.

Gab's Scratch Mark

Perhaps we’re overlooking the human and emotional side of it. If I was in Gabriel’s shoes, I would’ve reacted the exact same way if my fellow teammate got shoved in the face THREE times and chest bumped, on top of getting scratched across the neck.

We can argue for a more professional reaction but on a real world scale,very few would have kept their cool.


Gabriel should’ve made full use of his straight red and beat the shit out of Costa. Nothing professional about how Costa plays. I’m all for some physicality and all that since it is a contact sport, but the guy takes it way too far. Almost as if he doesn’t think he’s good enough to beat defenders fairly.

See lots of people on Twitter etc saying they’d love to have him on our team. No thanks, rather have a good group of honest lads that try their damn hardest to win fairly.


As others have said over the weekend, it would be pointless having him at Arsenal (even if I wanted it; which I don’t).

In the Red and White, Costa would spend so much time banned that we’d barely see him play.

Sir Elton John

I really would like to take Costa to the sidelines and give him a good ‘spanking’ even though he’s a cunt.
don’t think I could hate that bunch of chavs more


Nice thought but it won’t happen


We lost….again. To them. Again….Fuck off Wenger.

Perry S.

please go away.

Arseblood's Mother

Shut. The. Fuck. Up


Send him to bed without his supper, Mum!


yea.. Wenger should fuck right off. He too arrogant for my liking.

Boilermaker Gunner

I am still disappointed at what happened in the game
Are we appealing for Gabriel?


doesng sound like it. So infuriating that Costa shouldn’t have been on the pitch for Gabriel to kick.


He got it on principle of “aggression” or lashing out or whatever fish’s tit you want to call it.
Knowing the FA with their track record of holding up to their principle decisions, I doubt it would of any use, the appeal.


Just heard that scum bag Costa has been charged by the FA with violent conduct ?


Good comments from Keown on Motd2 just now, basically calling Costa out for the bitch he is doing all the agressive stuff then looking to the refs when he gets it back. drogba was the same, big physical guy who dived like he had been shot. The worst kind of players


Yes, Drogba dived but that doesn’t put him in the same category as Costa.


I put him in the same category because he is a big strong man who can outmuscle a lot of defenders but then acts like a weak kitten crying to the ref when you match that muscle. or Pussy is more apt.


Reading between the lines, Arsene wanted Gabriel to take Costa out in the tunnel, rarher than kicking him on the pitch.


Comment of the season


‘We are equipped to respond’
Look out next time, Diego


Sadly I don’t think we are equipped to respond. I hate to say it but we are a million miles away from winning the league. 🙁


Oh, come on. Everybody needs to man up. We’re ahead of, and better than Chelsea. The only reason we didn’t wear them out and beat them is because of the three men who are ruining football. It’s early in the season and despite poor form only 5 points off the top. And Corporal Jenks just beat City. I understand we’re all whip-smart from the lean years, but really. It’s too soon to give up. That attitude gets too far into the stands too soon and we might as well all go home. The transfer window is closed. Let’s get on… Read more »


I just cannot believe that not only Mike Dean. but also his assistants did not see anything, when it kicked off with Costa rearranging Koschielny’s face,. Plus what happened after that

Arseology - Reloaded

Dean is an imposter. The faaacker doesn’t even have a UEFA license.


Next up: Wenger punished for “bringing the game into disrepute” by daring to criticise the referees. Probably at least as heinous as kicking a water bottle.


I actually wanted Wenger to go “sod the charge I am going to say what I I want. Costa is a twat. In fact in future when any of my players talk to him they will say how you going twat.”


I thought about it on Saturday when I heard his interview. You wonder if he thought it had finally got so bad that he has reached the point where just doesn’t care anymore what they do to him.


I dont buy the ‘pundits’ analysis that arsenal are ‘naive’ and chelsea’s description as ‘guile’. Costa’s behavior is not guile, it is more similar to a less evolved primate. someone should settle scores in a way he understands – by slinging poo at him

Austin Gooner

Agree. Had Costa been sent off – and on another day he might easily have been – are all the pundits describing Costa as an evil genius? No way. They would say he didn’t keep his head. And he didn’t. How else can you describe the angry reaction to Kos and then Gabriel? He was way out of control and saved only by Dean’s weakness. Pathetic how superficial the stories on the game have been. Present company excluded naturally.

Petit's Handbag

First, I’d beat him unconscious. Then I would take him down to old Z’s basement. From there, Z could do with him what he wished.
Which would probably be to ring Steven Spielberg as he’s been looking for someone to play the lead role in “The Elephant Man 2 – Horrible Basterd”.


Honestly this is the second time we lost the game at the bridge for big mistakes from the same referee if next year we will have again him we should play with the kids . Could be a very good protest in the face of this mafia organisation called “FA”

Brendan Rodgers' self-portrait

Not a violent person at all but I would consider punching Diego Costa in the nose if I ever had the opportunity. Nothing more, just a good, clean hit in the nose. I can’t remember despising a footballer to this level in ages…and he’s only been here a year.

Arseology - Reloaded

Busquets is another that is just crying out for a good punch.


I’d taze his nuts


I haven’t despised an opposition player this much. I couldn’t stand the horse faced van Nistelrooy, but this guy is much worse.


I would just call him an ugly rat and follow him the whole game to wind him up and if he lashed out at me I would dive just like he does and have him sent off and giggle after fucking hairy cheating rat that he is.


This kind of talk is very Arsenal v Manchester United 1997 – 2007 type stuff, I like it.


Before the Chelsea game I was thinking that Coq was a contender for captain in the future. Now I believe he is a contender for the armband right now. He was the only one determined to get the team hyped up during our lose to Zagreb when he came on and he was also the only player to try and seperate Costa from Gabrial. I love Cazorla and what he bring to the team but not for Captain. Coq has a fight in him that will never die in a game and I love it, He’s a leader.


i agree. and he’s not afraid to yell at his team mates. i would love to see him take the arm band. it seems that coq and gabriel are the only fighters in the team right now. we need more of that mentality. it’s ridiculous that arteta is the captain of this team. a joke actually.


In the january window, we sign the meanest badest mother fucker around. He plays one game and is then sent back to jail. Because he downloaded a u2 album illegally.


I had a good chuckle at this thank you !


Is that still a punishable offence? Last I heard they were having trouble giving them away!


It’s punishable as an offence against the Decent Music Act 2015.

little gretel

If one good thing has come out of this it’s that the majority of Arsenal fans are united against those cunts rather than attacking each other.

Arshavin's fake moustache

I saw someone on Twitter say something along the lines of ‘what a waste of money, at least I punched an AKB’. What the actual fuck?!


Still mad at the ref for his poor attitude towards yesterday game,can’t believe Costa didn’t get a red for his fouls and what the hell is the FA still doing about it,rather keeping quiet n folding their arms coz is against arsenal,should this be against chelsea you need to see Morinho’s reaction. Wait a minute have Fabregas ever wore an Arsenal jersey? He even joined Costa to protest for red against Gabriel. I hate the memories of watching him play on arsenal colour

Dutch Gooner

Suppose wenger can’t say much different when talking to the media but I sure hope in private he told the lads to take a red card for the team next time something like this happens. And not a flick on the toe kind of red card. More of a flying elbow to the face or a two footed ankle breaker kind of red card. How we let costa get away with acting like the complete twat that he is embarrassing. It’s only September, the title we were supposed to be fighting for is already slipping away and nobody’s doing a… Read more »


It is not, relax. Atleast we are not Chels…Chelshit… Shits!


Pretty confident nothing of consequence will happen – especially if Dean claims he saw the incident and chose not to do anything. I realize Gabriel should have kept his cool but I admire his fighting spirit & the way he stood up for his team-mate. Hes exactly the kind of defender we need!

Beyond that, I think it’s probably time to let the Costa thing go, Continuing to complain isn’t going to get us anywhere. Time to look ahead with an eye to stuffing some spuds!


I’m 100% sure he didn’t see the Koscielny/Costa incident where Costa slaps Kos in the face. Most people are confused as to when it happened, it actually happened before the chest bump incident between Kos/Costa. Go to Arsenal Player and go to the end of the 1st half, you’ll see what I mean. The face-hitting from Costa happened so quickly I didn’t even notice them until I saw the zoomed in replay.


If the ref/linesman is watching the game more so the ball he should/would have seen Koscienly taking an absolute walloping since it happened when the ball was being played in (to the two)

Mike Dean is just a blind rat


I don’t think he’s blind. I think he’s biased.

You don’t control the game with red cards, you control it warning players that’s where they’re headed. He wanted to brandish the red card.


It’s not just Dean – it’s his team. If the linesman saw it Dean can claim a decision about action was made on the field by him which would allow the FA to avoid doing anything. I wouldn’t mind betting Dean will say something like that just to let the matter drop. Either way, it doesn’t make much difference. IMO. The match is lost. Costa is still a prick and a retrospective ban will probably only garner him support & allow Mourinho to start his conspiracy/Wenger’s a moaner crap again. At this point the best case scenario is that this… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

The problem is that Mike Dean is such an egotist I’m not sure he’s willing to admit he didn’t see the incident.


Gab was standing up for his mate. We all know what Costa is like and the fact that Kos didnt retaliate is being missed in all this..Big Ups Boss

Johnny Gooner

I generally don’t understand those of our supporters who think this was just poor/weak refereeing. Look at the stats when Mike Dean officiates Arsenal. And look at what games Mike Dean are most often chosen to officiate Arsenal in. Something is obviously wrong. Call it what it is. Corruption. Conspiracy. Somebody in the FA clearly has it in for Wenger. I’d be happy if this wasn’t the case, as I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but when you look at the numbers, it is hard to argue anything else. I welcome anyone who’s willing to try and change my perspective.


“I don’t understand Gabriel because he usually looks a calm boy,” – lol i’m waiting for this red card quite a few games now 😀


After a day and a half of stewing in my own juices about yesterday’s game, I’ve come up with the following conclusions: This Calls for More Data Collection and Analysis I like what 7 am Kickoff gave us. However, it’s not enough to know your team’s winning percentage with individual referees you need to know why you have that winning percentage with them. That means taking a close look at a ref’s foul calling tendencies. Referees Should be Considered Another Form of Opposition Arsenal needs to look at tape in every game they play and see what fouls are called… Read more »


Actually very good stuff. Please forward to 7amKickoff. We could use more analysis of the ref and win-loss ratio. Im not sure it will be used in the way you suggest but things like this could eventually put pressure on the FA that their refs are shite


I thought about the FA angle. My suspicion is that they and the Ref’s union would kill the information (to avoid looking bad) and punish us instead. Iamgine what types of calls we’d get after going public. Really the best way to use the data would be to consider the referee’s an additional opponent and use their tendencies against them.

In addition, if we (Arsenal) do the analysis work why would we want to make it public so that others could use it as well?


With the refs being so inconsistent though, would this sort of analysis be useful?


That would depend on how the referees were inconsistent. If there was no consistency regardless of team and player, location on the pitch, position within the game, score, type of action etc. then it would be useless. Of course, if that level of inconsistency existed we would likely not be unhappy with the referees because it would even out. Do you think we get as many “undeserved good” calls as “underserved bad” decisions? I don’t.


Just look at the picture, its like the bully in the playground fuckin with the defenseless kid.
Its pathetic, vicious and sad, all rolled into one.
Kos knows he cant retaliate and risk what happened to Gabriel.
Whether Dean has seen it or not doesnt matter, cause he doesnt know what to do in this situation……..he is too weak to properly deal with the bully.

The F/A will ban Costa for 3 matches………….


Wenger really captured my imagination regarding Gabriel there. True stuff he said. You have to think let’s win this game 1st “that would be a bigger kick in the nuts than actually a kick in the nuts” to chelsea and the filthy man Costa.

That being said he should be kicked in the nuts by Zeus.


“I do not guarantee that outside of the game.” Go on, then Arsene! Maybe we need to see a bit more of that inside of the game!!


Look don’t talk macho bollocks about some ard nut of ours giving Costas a lesson. IMO he’s Mourino’s avatar on the pitch, a manager who will sneek up behind you poke your eye and run away, then talk shit to everyone about how he’s the greatest! Anyone who enjoys football knows that was well shy of a football match! because its an ego fuelled cheating circus of ubercunts. So let them be ubercunts, let them win that way, I’d rather lose to them ten more times than have to justify being a chealsea fan of a parked bus full of… Read more »

james oakes

Costa as had 12 cases of this sort of thuggery , and nothings been done, dean does not like wenger and him and his linesmen are suffering costa blindness, the linesmen saw all the offsides and the 2 fouls carzola commited, for which he was sent off, yet none of the officials saw any of costas antics, these guys should be banned from officiating any matches for the near future, but we know the fa mafia will do sod all,


Video and media can be sometimes a good tool to use. Why not do a stats and video of Diego Costa on his every match and circulate it online. We help him to promote his cunt act till the FA and the ref notice it or can’t ignore it.

Same to Mike Dean. They ruin us we ruin them.


The FA and bpl need to understand they have a global product and stop mucking about. It’s not only people in England who are paying good money and being short changed with their bull shit referees and rules. Get in the video replays. Demote the silly officials. Keep the game clean and pure


Have you signed the petition yet? It’s on mirror. Sorry can’t put a link as using mobile


Wenger will get punished ONCE AGAIN for the stupidity of refusing to sign another midfielder (Schneiderlin was available and willing to come to Arsenal). The guy knows how to win leagues, he had tough guys back in the time, Viera, Keown, etc. Why isn’t he signing players like those anymore? A mistery, but it’s clear that we won’t see Arsenal winning another PL at all as long as Wenger stays in charge. But financial stability is what matters most to the current board so guys, let’s get content with getting to the CL every year. And even qualifying to it… Read more »


The way it goes he will try to sign someone during the winter break

easy tiger

Costa is not the trouble, Mike Dean is. Costa bends the rules and I hate him, but Dean is a weak moron and I hate him.


My word, the Guardian report on this is insane.

If Dominick Fifield thinks that what Costa did was genius or even football then I’d like to invite him to a five a side game this weekend and stick my thumb up his ass.

What a cunt.


After looking at how he left , his pathetic diving at Barcelona and now all the shit he has done over the past year, cesc leaves me disgusted. He definitely deserves to be playing with those scumbags and thank god Wenger did not bring him back. He never deserved to be a gooner. He trips himself and dives in the box at the emirates and has audacity to smile after that. You should be hanging your head in shame. And yesterday, trying to get gabriel sent off, the crybaby. Luckily i know his true side, other wise i would have… Read more »


If “mourin-HOE” really meant it to
Let him pickup his bag, pack Costa in it (but leave his wife behind) & join the WWE


So Mike Dean is not on FIFA’s or UEFA’s list of referees. Michael Oliver is and he was fourth official! What qualification does Dean have? Why not put a fully qualified referee in big matches.


I was thinking that, too. I first noticed it when Gabriel walked off past Michael Oliver, who is the best referee in the league, and I thought if I was Gabriel I would have said “Why aren’t you out there? Why is the best referee in the game on the sidelines and the worst one on the pitch?”


Anyone noticed that Diego Costa is the football equivalent to the ugly Sebulba from Star Wars’ Phantom Menace ? Even though he looks more like a character from Sergio Leone’s The Good The Bad and the Ugly 🙂


As much as we all want the players to have some fight to them glad that Kos kept his cool and didn’t retaliate as it could have cost him three matches. As long as we have the BFG back we should be OK for the next three matches until Gabriel’s ban is over (unless shortened, but I don’t see that happening).

At least Costa has been charged so we’ll see if they win an appeal. Sucks as it should have been 11 v 10 in our favor and we wouldn’t have had two players suspended.

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