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Cech to start against Sheffield Wednesday

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Petr Cech will start tomorrow’s Capital One Cup tie against Sheffield Wednesday.

With David Ospina injured and Matt Macey apparently not considered ready enough to make his debut, the Czech international will do nets at Hillsborough.

“Cech will certainly play,” the manager told the official site. “Ospina is out.”

The need to rotate is complicated by the number of injuries, but thankfully there’s been nothing new since Saturday.

“There are no new problems from Saturday, Per Mertesacker is available again after illness. Nobody else is coming back. Arteta will not be fit. Ramsey, Wilshere, Welbeck and Rosicky of course are all out too.”

It remains to be seen just how Wenger will shuffle his pack, perhaps bolstering the squad with a couple of youngsters to give some of the senior men a break.

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I’m hoping for a ton of changes tomorrow. It was clearly visible in the late stages against Everton how tired a lot of the players are. They need a rest and this is the perfect game to give them it.

Also, the OX to have a stormer tomorrow and kick start his season! He needs a massive game.


Yeah I totally agree, the Ox needs to have a big game. He hasn’t really showed up so far this season. All the talent is clearly there, he has every attribute necessary to become a top player, he just seems to be so low on confidence – especially at the moment. Its been pretty cruel season for him too, considering every mistake he has made, the ball has subsequently ended up in our net. Hopefully he has the peaches to get past this difficult patch – a goal should help.

Belfast Gooner

Think we are pretty restricted in Midfield changes. Flamini probably in for Coquelin. The Ox could play there for Santi with Iwobi and Campbell on the wings. Due to the number of injuries I agree that rotation is restricted unfortunately. I’m not an expert but surely it would be better to play Macey to give him a taster of the first team in case we need him in the Premier League or Champions League?


I’d get Bielik in there too, from what I’ve read sounds like he’s doing fairly well and our midfielders could do with a break. Agree about Macey, though if Arsene isn’t willing to play him against a team of this calibre (no offense to Wednesday, of course) then you’d have to imagine he’s a long way from being ready. Although I’d prioritise everything over this comp, it’s tempting to give it a go. There aren’t many rounds and the final comes at a time when the schedule isn’t actually too bad, so as far as trophies go it’s fairly easy… Read more »


I’m sure Flamini would get the nod. Plus Bielik has been playing center back not even DM.

Third Plebeian

Yup. Flamini will play. Our back four should also be decent. I expect Debuchy, Mertesacker, Chambers, and Gibbs to play.


I’m not sure if I’m ready for another Debuchy-induced heart attack. 😉


Yeah for sure, I meant alongside him. Increase the defensive side of the central midfield to compensate for the youngsters ahead of them who (one would assume) would be a little less astute at the tracking and positioning side of the game. Yeah he has been playing cb, I just assumed that that was because we were a little short at the back in youth level and fairly well stocked in the middle, he looks a better option at dm to me. Either way, as long as Coquelin and Sanchez are rested I’m happy, they both looked shattered towards the… Read more »


From the looks of it, it looks like Wenger is giving it a go and wants the league cup instead of playing all of his youngsters. I’d still would of liked Macey in goal and Iwobi on the wing.

Zorro in the Box

Think Bielik injured himself in the last game. Would expect to see Chambers given the nod there, and Gabriel and Koscielny continue at the back.

Would like to see Iwobi given a chance as well. Definitely hoping Santi, Ozil and Sanchez are rested, but filling the gap will be interesting.


Would like to see Jeff Reine adelaide in the starting line-up to give Santi a break too, but I dont think that will happen. I reckon the team will be Cech, Mertesacker, Chambers, Gibbs, Debuchy, Flamini, Cazorla, Ox, Iwobi, Campbell, Giroud… with Macey, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Reine-Adelaide, Walcott, Willock on the bench


Then he probably wont get a game.


I agree with all comments except regarding Macey. He is really our 5th choice keeper if you include the players out on loan so I dont think he’s close to ready.


If I see Alexis playing tomorrow, I’m gonna go apeshit.

Arsene's zip

If he’s on the bench, I think you will see him sprinting up and down the touchline trying to catch Arsene’s eye!


They may have to lock Alexis up to keep him off the pitch. He’s an unstoppable animal. He never wants to rest.


Rather just play the youth team for this, tbh.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If Peter Cech gets injured, it will be catastrophic for Arsenal. Wenger doesn’t want to play Macey against Sheffield Wednesday. Imagine him having to play him against Bayern or Man City. Knowing how lucky we are in the injury department, I have fears.

Walcott's left footed curl

Even though this is one of the seasons where we think that we haven’t got that many injury problem, we’re second in the injury table with seven injured players. And for of those play in central midfield. That’s the one thing with our injuries that irritates me the most. Why the hell do they keep happening in the same places on the pitch?

Last season: No defenders. When the defenders came back: No central midfielders.

Me So Hornsey

To be fair, midfield is probably the area of the pitch we are best able to cope with injuries in.

Our squad is one of the deepest in the league in those positions.

sanogo's missed kick

After christmas sure but not at the moment. Campbell, Flamini, Iwobi and the Ox/Walcott are our options on the bench as of this weekend. Arteta will hopefully be short term, while Ramsey and Ospina wont be back until after the International break. So currently we are quite lean for the next month or so with our true quality substitutions not coming back till the new year. That being said, if we can manage our squad till then (which I believe is possible) we’ll have some fresh and motivated players ready to do their part in the second half of the… Read more »

sixteen swans over ainola

Obviously Alexis is going to be rested. Koscielny too. And Monreal. Chambers definitely in. Ozil and Cazorla might be on the bench depending on the data. Giroud will probably be involved either to start or on the bench. Walcott, Gibbs and the Ox probably play. Not sure about Debuchy’s match-fitness, but I can’t see Wenger leaving him out. And Iwobi might get a start too. He’s bound to be involved. It’ll probably end up as one of those 11’s that look bizarre on paper, yet still manages to win quite comfortably. Prediction: Cech to keep a clean sheet and score… Read more »


Debuchy Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
Bielik flamini
Ox the Jeff iwobi

True Red

A couple of problems with your selection: Bielik has been playing in central defence. Hardly fair to give him his senior debut in a position he hasn’t played for a while. The Jeff is injured I believe. Back four looks good though. Iwobi definitely needs to start.


The jeff is off playing somewhere else. Unless he is capable of being in two places at once, in which case he definitely ought to start because that’s a very nifty trick for a footballer.


Jeff’s not out on loan. Check the arsenal website.


Where did he say he’s out on loan? He’s off playing for France at the U-17 World Cup.


fair enough


Flamini at Number 9, please! His cameo vs Everto was too short!

Can't Think Of A Clever Name

You look like a bespectacled Diego Costa in your profile picture. Sorry, I shouldn’t be rude to strangers, I know.


I am not that old!


no one is that old


Costa is.


What do we think about:

Ox, The Jeff OR Sheaf, Campbell
Flam, Bielik,
Gibbs, Per, Chambers, Debuchy


Bielik and Iwobi would be great to see. Probably also a run-out for Campbell, Flamini and hopefully also Arteta. I wonder if Sheaf, Pleguezelo or Mavididi will get on the bench as well.

Gunner From Another Mother

Believe I saw Mavididi was playing in the U-17 World Cup


I’d give Chambers a go in midfield. It is where he has played for England Youth as captain. It would allow us to play a back four of Debuchy, Mert, Gabriel, Gibbs as well. Which is pretty bloody strong.


Debuchy Mertesacker Gabriel Gibbs
Chambers flamini
Campbell Ox iwobi

Subs: Macey, Giroud, Beilik, Jeff, Pleguezelo, bellerin

I really hope the likes of Sanchez, coq, santi, nacho, koscielny and ozil get rested. That’s a total of 6 first team players not counting bellerin getting rested. Sounds fair enough. We should just keep the tempo down and avoid injuries.
if we score at least 2 goals within 70 minutes then wenger can take Theo, Ox and Iwobi off and bring Giroud, Jeff and Beilik on.


Walcott to start. He was rested on the weekend.


I think it’ll be Giroud, Sheff wed play deep against weak teams let alone strong teams. Its not like Giroud has been overplayed either


Something like this?

Gibbs – Gab/Per – Calum – Debuchy
Flam – Santi
Iwobi – Ozil – Ox

Viera's Armband

The Jeff and Sheaf are on U17 duty aren’t they? They won’t be playing.

I think it’s
Cambell Flam Ox Bielik Iwobi


No fucking about by Wenger. Cech to make up for his last season by starting all remaining games this season. I’m sure our Cech would not complain if that actually was the case!


There is also a case of Cech playing with a makeshift back four and building the overall defensive solidarity.


So Mert was ill again? Man he really needs to check up on his immune system. Never seen a footballer miss so many games because of illness as he does.


In truth, I thinknow Wenger tries to avoid media speculations as much as possible. That is the reason I will give for BFG being ill for the Everton game. Gabriel suited the game plan of high pressing, but then he didn’t want to answer questions as to why Per was on the bench. Better to leave him out entirely, feign illness to the media and use him when he “recovers”.
This is not the first time I think he has done that. Of course that is assuming all these isn’t just a conspiracy theory


Ring in the wholesale changes for this one

Cech starts but back line should be


In midfield

Arteta (Bielik)-Flamini

Ox should play attacking mid

Campbell and Iwobi wide

Think Giroud may relish a bit more playing time so is hAve him start and get even sharper for Bayern

Maybe give Crowley a run out later for Giroud, swap Campbell top (if he’s in the game) and have Ox switch RW( or Walcott for a quick run out last ten to stretch those legs)

Clock-End Mike

Oh dear. Arteta will not be fit (read the blog first before commenting?). And Crowley is on loan.

Anonymous Physicist

Interesting to see how every single lineup posted in these comments gets thumbed down to hell. Personally, I expect to see Campbell and possibly Iwobi, but no-one else from the U21s. Maybe:
Debuchy Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
Flamini Ox
Walcott Iwobi Campbell

Mesut Ohno

In a game where you are talking about resting players why would you start your only two fit strikers at the club?


After a fantastic but tiring week, we play on a (probably) rainy Tuesday night, when it’s all dark because of winter time, far away from London, for a Mikey Mouse cup. I wouldn’t mind throwing the kids in for this one, to be honest.

Dawn Oliver

Well you might not be going to the match, but some of us have paid good money to see our stars, not the kids!!


Why are we playing Sheffield Wednesday on a Tuesday? Not right. 😐


Team I expect to see from what’s available and based on what I think Wengers mindset is:

Debuchy, Chambers, Mertesacker, Gibbs
Cazorla, Flamini
Campbell, Chamberlain, Iwobi

Macey, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Reine-Adelaide, Walcott, Willock

Giroud to start as Sheff Wed play a deep back line.

Bri Belfast Gooner

Reine-Adelaide off on the u17 WC so wont make the bench. With the exception of Cazorla i’d be happy enough with this side – all full internationals too

Bri Belfast Gooner

Coq, Santi, Alexis, Ozil should be nowhere near this (if a couple are subs preferably unused i’d not be too mad)- we cant afford an injury/suspension to either and they are all deserving of a rest. Kos equally important and deserving. I think LeBoss hinting at Chambers versatility means he maybe gets a run out in midfield (when else can we afford this experiment?) With Per back we could may make do with resting only Kos. Theo rested for Everton so should start, else Giroud if the plan is for Theo against Swansea Cech Debs – Per – Gabby –… Read more »

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