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Wenger on two injuries, youngsters and defeat

After a torrid evening at Hillsborough Arsene Wenger faced the Sky Sports cameras as he faced up to another premature Capital One Cup exit and the loss of two first team stars to injuries. Here’s what he had to say

On whether the evening was defined by early injuries to the Ox and Theo…

Yes, it was a very bad night for us because we lost two important players in the first part of the game. After that we were not at the level that is requested to play a team of the quality of Sheffield Wednesday. In the end we have to congratulate them, they were sharper, quicker, more decisive than us. We had a lot of the ball but we didn’t create anything. Especially in the middle of the park we couldn’t create anything.

On being disappointed by the way goals were conceded…

Of course, because two were from set pieces. We looked very naive, yes.

On people overreacting to the result…

We cannot master how people react. We have to analyse it [the game], we knew at the start that if something happens to us [injury-wise] we’d be a bit short. We have to manage as well the workload of the players, we left six at home, and I think [that was right] when I look at the two players who got injured today.

On the young players…

It was too high [a level] for them. They are not ready to play at this level. None of them.

On the injuries…

We are short now because we lost Chamberlain and Walcott and we have already a few injuries. It is a big blow for us today, of course to lose the game. Even more for the other competitions which are very important to us [because] we lost two players of that stature.

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I’m sure the Walcott sub was more precautionary. Just waiting for Chelsea to lose now. That’ll make everything better

Anonymous Kumquat

And Chelsea don’t disappoint! #injosewetrust


which idiot down voted this comment? must be jose himself.


more misery for hazard miss pen and can’t beat tired stoke side with playing with 10 men 30 minutes extra time with first team.

Yaya Binks

Chelsea lose and Costa gets taken to hospital after a Shawcross & Adam sandwich, tonight doesn’t quite sting so much.

Coq au Vin

For real?!


Hospital in Stoke hopefully with a stokey doctor who “accidentaly”. gives Costa medication that makes his head swell ruling him for rest of season.


From Yahoo:

“Mourinho was subjected to ‘sacked in the morning’ taunts from the home side’s supporters as Chelsea suffered another significant setback following a poor start to their Premier League title defence. An injury blow to Diego Costa compounded matters further.”


*wipes tears from face*


And on top of that:

“Chelsea fans celebrate the absence of Cesc Fabregas for League Cup clash against Stoke”–spt.html

Neil #2

Don’t like Chelsea or Mourinho, but can’t be happy about player injury.


Especially when we’ve complained about Stoke doing the same thing to our players. Weird the way Mourinho’s obsession with Wenger has begun to be reflected in a mutual obsession amongst the fans. Who cares what’s happening to Chelsea when they’re 15th & we’re 2nd?!


Difference being our players are honest and don’t fake injuries to get other players sent off. Now if you’re a serial player who feigns injury to do exactly that, I really have no sympathy if you do end up with an actual injury.


Nobody does mate. But these are exemptions. I utterly hate guy (costa)also think Maureen needs professional help. Just a bunch of twats


Who? Costa? Fuck him!


Not defending Stoke, I don’t like their style of playing (if it can even be called that) either but tonight they descended upon a coward and a war criminal of some note, the Joffrey Baratheon of football, and I’m glad they took no pity on him.

Mourinho’s current predicament is funny because of his very big words and his very uncalled for insults.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Costa set himself up for that. All this “hard man” shit. All the cheating. The dirty fouls. It all added up to a fucking great challenge to the troglodytes at Stoke, and it sounds like they rose to the occasion and put him back in his place.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Stoke just made their coming League game against Chelsea a bit easier. I think that cunt Shawcross was just waiting for his chance to put one on Costa.


His head is already swollen and misshaped #COYG

Gervinho's forehead

The classic Arsenal injury curse returns!

There is no way this can be unfortunate. Year on year this happens to us more than other teams- what is going on?!!


I wouldn’t rule out bad luck because the injuries seems to hit the same position in the formation.

The most recent example of Ramsey, Ox and Walcott all on the right if the front 3!

Similarly we have had CB and full backs crisis not too long ago.

Definitely time to recall Gnabry.


Definitely time to recall Gnabry.

Coq au Vin

I forgot what I was going to say… Good night

Glaswegian Gooner

Seriously hope Theo and the Ox are ok, an injury crisis even this relatively early in the season could be decisive.

Some very poor performances from our backups today. Debuchy and Campbell in particular. Not good enough lads, not good enough at all.

Back to the drawing board for Saturday. We’ve not won at Swansea in ages, and they love playing against us. Time to regroup and and maintain our focus in the league. We can’t afford many more slip ups, even this early on.


I’m sure there were precautionary subbed both of them and would be out only one ore two weeks and be back to smash the spuds.

Mr. G

In my opinion, Debuchy should be sent to the reserves for the rest of the season and a new right back bought in January (if possible) as back up to Bellerin (Chambers shouldn’t play there). His reaction to becoming second choice right back, in other words just a massive sulk that is clearly impacting his performances terribly, is very unprofessional and embarrassingly immature from a 30-year old. Campbell at least tries, even though he is far from good enough and only around because Wenger wouldn’t strengthen in the summer. We need more depth, because too many of our squad players… Read more »


We could recall Jenkinson.

It Is What It Is

There are 3 million reasons we can’t do that.


I know I’m treading on shaky ground but don’t you think your opening paragraph might be just a tiny little fraction over the top? Debuchy was woeful. Walcott, Ozil, Flamini and Arteta have all played underwhelmingly for us on occasion. It happens. Do you think playing Bellerin would have changed our fortunes today? Notwithstanding our need to rest the poor child at some point, blaming our RB for the worst collective performance of the season so far is unreasonable. Calling for his resignation is ludicrous. We need to give Debuchy game time, and he needs to deliver when those occasions… Read more »

Ozil's eyes

Your name tho

Mr. G

I’m stating that based on Debuchy’s entire season. He’s been very poor in every game he’s played, and he worryingly looks like he’s lacking the commitment and fight to win his place back rather than sulking about it.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He’s lacking the sharpness that match fitness brings. Our squad players who aren’t selected every week just don’t get enough playing time. Training doesn’t cut it. Actual competitive football is nevessary to truly get a player match fit, and until he’s got it he’s going to look slow, off the pace, knackered by 75 minutes (if he’s fit enough to get that far),with a poor first touch. Wenger seems to view rotation as only benefiting the regular player by giving him a nice rest. Thus he only rotates when he absolutely has to, or when our one League Cup game… Read more »


Meant to upvote it. I agree.

Zorro in the Box

“Arteta contributes nothing at all as a footballer” – shows how much you know.

Whilst Santi and Coq are a great combo, we simply do not have anyone that does what Arteta does well – breaks up play, defensive ability AND passing ability. Santi is learning it but isn’t exactly known for tackling. Arteta’s age is showing – he lacks the burst and speed he once had and his body is in it’s footballing twilight. But he, like Rosicky, still make great contributions when they do play.

Mr. G

Tell then – what does Arteta actually do? He doesn’t have the legs to be getting forward and looking to create, nor for doing a proper job in defensive midfield either, where he isn’t the most positionally disciplined either. He’s a pretty good passer of the ball, but at Arsenal’s level you damn well should be if you’re playing in midfield. Comparing him to Rosicky is ridiculous. Rosicky can still have a big impact on games. If we wanted to get the best out of Arteta, we should have bought him two or three seasons before we did. He was… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Haha, you have a great idea there. Because we are The Arsenal, we just tell players to join us when we want them. “Messi! Come to Arsenal now. You’ll only have one good year left if you wait until Barcelona want to let you leave.” I can see that working. Definitely.

Zorro in the box actually told you what Arteta “does” in the post you replied to. I guess you were just keen to get back to slagging Arteta off so didn’t bother to take any of it in.


I am not sure why you’re getting down-voted so much for being honest. I think Arteta WAS an amazing player especially during his peak at Everton and even in his first year with us playing in between Song and Rosicky – he could play between the lines, was very steady on the ball and technically almost impossible to steal the ball from. Ever since we moved him to the back of the midfield 3 in that deep lying role he has struggled – because he has been a creative player most of his career. Buying Cazorla, Wilshere coming back &… Read more »


“They are not ready to play at this level. None of them..”

Ouch ! Given this level is Championship mid table. It doesn’t say much for their prospects does it ?

Andy Mack

It just says that they’re (at best) a year away from a championship loan. They are all very young and our ‘higher level’ kids are all out on loan already.


That instantly caught my eye as well. I can’t really recall Wenger being so damning and forthright in the past. I like it. On the other hand, you know he’s really pissed about the injuries because he knows we’re in with a massive shout this season. Stay tuned I guess.


Wenger’s comment, as I see it, is his way of telling Jonkers or whoever is managing the academy to pull up their socks and coach youngsters properly. Our earlier academy players under Mr. Brady would put in much more against a Championship side. Yesterday, every single one was naive, completely out of depth and unintelligent. Beilik was the only fellow who looked cultured on the ball. His presence was good and should be groomed properly. He will have a good career. Not sure about any others on the pitch. Chambers, Debuchy, Flamini aren’t up to scratch. But BFG really let… Read more »


Most of our best youngsters are on loan(Maitland Niles, Crowley, Zelalem,Akpom, Toral etc). And the likes of Jeff and Willock are in the u17 cup.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

…and the ones that are still here are still here because they aren’t ready for the loan stage of their development yet. Some are developing more slowly, perhaps, but the majority of the ones still at the club right now aren’t ready because they are only 16-17 year olds and only a tiny percentage of 17 year olds are ready to play competitively against grown men.


Injury Denis. Go slow please. Am pretty sure two quick injuries was not there on the terms we discussed before the season began.
The deal was to hit City and United but most specificly Chelski. And there is no limit on how many to hit out there. You can hit on the stewards as well for all I give a damn!
Just leave us alone please. please


If you’re referring to Bergkamp, it’s Dennis not Denis. Have you not heard the story about how his parents wanted to name him after Denis Law but cocked up the spelling? Don’t piss off The Almighty by spelling his name wrong. If an injury crisis hits now its your fault.

gooner 44

bergkamp got 2 D,s b,cuz in dutch one D is a girls name.


So dutch girls have 1 D?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

No Double D’s ?


I think that is a funny comment.


Dont dig the kids out. Debuchy and Metersacker and Giroud were not ready to play end of. Move on. Swansea saturday big game. Shame we have’nt got the squad we thought though

Tamil Tiger

only one place to find solace tonight and that’s at the bottom of my Jack Daniels
Thanks and good night


So glad i spared myself the second half gory.

Academy really looks in the damps. When is the last time someone proper came through. Think we need to do a bench mark of Portos academy, see what we are missing.

Andy Mack

Our best academy players are all on loan.
These were U19s rather than the U21s we usually play in the TinPot Cup.


They are all very ordinary football players. Although i would say Wellington and Chuba make the grade.

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

So Isaac Hayden, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Serge Gnabry, Gedion Zelalem, you think Wellington is clearly tops above all of them?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

What were you world class at when you were 17?

Lord Nicki B

Bielik looked composed. Clean on the ball. The rest looked out of their depth.

The scary part was Debuchy and Chambers looking frail. Hopefully they get better, especially Chambers.

Andy Mack

Kamara wasn’t bad and Iwobi did the usual young winger thing of being good but disappearing for stretches.

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Kamara had an awful game I thought… Not all his own fault, but he looked panicky on the ball and clearly isn’t a creative player. Not to write him off, that would be unfair after one senior game, but Bielik was noticeablely on a different level when he came on I thought


We know Debuchy is good. With two long term injuries and a (for him) unfortunate spell on the bench due to Bellerin stepping up he’s obviously rusty. More time on the pitch should see him do alright by us.


Chambers has gotten worse, and worse, and worse

Ozil's eyes

I’m pretty sure Walcott injury is not as bad.He must be thinking I need to save myself for bigger games like Bayern and Tottenham. I’m told Ox’s substitution was precautionary hope it’s tru.

Cheer up gooners it’s Capital one cup a distraction from bigger accolades. Chelsea lost 4-2 to Bradford last year but won the league. This is a sacrifice worth taking.

Glaswegian Gooner

Stoke just knocked out Chelsea, so that’s made my mood slightly better 😀

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Why? It will have less effect on them than losing in the League, and they only lost one player to injury, not two like us. It also means they won’t have to worry with midweek games in the League Cup, just like we won’t. It doesn’t do us any good, because nobody sacks a manager over a League Cup defeat to a PL side, not even Abramovic, and they already know they’re having a shit season..


Why isn’t there an Interlull when you need one?


Debuchy and Campbell were BAD. No one wanted to do anything with ball. Just a bad night….that is all

Chris B

Ok, it’s a little embarrassing losing 3-0 to Sheffield Wednesday… and we’re all biting our nails about Ox and Walcott… but I’m actually really glad this tournament is out of the way. We have much, much bigger fish to fry this year!!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Exactly! That is why Chelsea goin out is a bad thing. They’ll get over this pretty quickly because they have a chance to get revenge very soon. If they lose that one though, well THEN this will prove to have been a good thing. I’m not counting any chickens until they’ve hatched.

New Haven Gooner

Can’t fault the youngsters really. Our best reserve players are on loan at the moment. If Welbeck, Rosicky, Arteta, and Wilshere were fit they would’ve started this game.

The play of Debuchy and Campbell was very worrisome. Neither of them look even close to their first team counterparts.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Maybe because their first team counterparts are playing regularly?


I’m never happy to lose, but happy not to be in this competition anymore. The injuries could have come in February… We beat sp*rs and isn’t that the most important thing? I’m playing it off, but the inquires are annoying.


Is anyone here annoyed by the result keeping in mind that some were waxing lyrical about how would be better to get out of CL to focus on PL because logic? I couldn’t care less, the tragic part are the injuries and that’s about it.

tanned arse

Alarmed by how poor debuchy is performing. That’s more than rustiness. Bellerin could easily have been used to cover the likely absence of the ox vs Swansea but I’d have no faith in playing debuchy against someone like montero now.


The youngsters had a difficult debut, that’s for sure, but Bielik impressed. Debuchy and Chambers are a worry, and Flamini was bloody awful, as are those hideous shirts that I never ever want to see again. Not too bothered about going out of the Capital One Cup, but the injury situation is a bit of a concern.

Siggi Jonsson

If Chambers and Chamberlain were not English, would they still be regarding as promising? I doubt it.


Ox is a great player. Just going thru an injury crisis and defensive funk. He’ll come good and could be world class. Chambers has an awful lot to prove though.


Thought campbell defensively worked hard made tackles and has genuinecstrength and pace. which is what ramsey brings to team supporting bellerins overlaps . He has scored against buffon and de gea in a calender year. Not many players can say that. !!He has power in his left foot. Just set the radar.


But, Ramsey passes to the guy overlapping him. Time and again, Debuchy overlapped and Campbell made the wrong decision. And Flamini wasnt good defensively but he was the only guy making some accurate forward passes in the first half.


I agree. Thought Campbell was harshly criticized. Shows great effort, has pace and a strong left foot. I’m not sure it will happen, but suspect if given a run in the first team, surrounded by first teamers, he’ll fit in ok. Maybe another Coq.

David C

wish we only started youngsters in the Mickey Mouse Cup. Debuchy needs to go away in January and we need to bring Jenkinson back just so we can weaken West bloody Ham!

Injury gods are mad at us again! Get well Ox and Theo.


I’m the only one upset? All the senior players should be fined of 1 week’s wages, no desire at all. They are out on the pitch representing the badge and they don’t seem to give a rats ass. The “leaders” mert and cech should have had the team by their necks pushing them on.

I rather have u-18 team out there giving it their all than senior players walking around. Not so much about the result that I’m frustrated about its the commitment, a game when the flamster doesn’t get a yellow says it all.

Arsenal Masochist

The L means nothing, COC is at the botton of this team’s aspirations but these injuries, i mean how?

This team has to be the softest in English football. I mean i get freak things happen, but they happen to this team all the time!!! This is unbelievable, two guys who haven’t really played all that much injured?


Capital one cup why were out senior players ever out there after all these matches and internationals. If it’s not important enough of a match to play our best players then why risk any starters.

Now we have no right winger for Saturday trip to Swansea where we normally struggle.



Jenko’s return from West Ham can not come fast enough. Debuchy has been atrocious on the field and a sour-puss off of it. Shameful effort by the team as a whole, but for someone who is playing for his national team career, I expect a lot more. C’mon weekend fixtures and C’mon you Gunners!!!


Frankly, Jenko isn’t good enough for Arsenal. He is all passion and no substance. Have watched him many times over the past 2 years and he has not developed a bit. We’ll definitely need a right back cover. Debuchy has lost a couple of yards after the injuries. Should move him on. His attitude sucks…


I’m pretending the arsenal game didn’t happen.

So instead let’s all LOL at Diego costa getting injured and at cesc’s lack of form.

Hands up who said they would prefer cesc to ozil, feeling a little bit silly now I imagine


This was always going to happen….. and now the repercussions for the lack of transfer activity last summer will come home to roost. The injuries have started to mount and last night demonstrated clearly that there is not enough depth of quality in the squad. Wenger never learns.

Mr Eko

Where’s our British core gone? Injured. That’s where.


These recurrent injuries can’t be bad luck like most of us like to think; the club should thouroughly investigate the fitness especialist they got a couple of seasons ago.


Am I the only one that thinks that the medical staff and/or physical preparation team are to blame? What the hell man.

Anonymous Physicist

It’s hard to judge anyone on the basis of this game really. The midfield was just too lightweight, and if your midfield cannot get into the game there’s no real way anyone else can look good. Seeing two players go off injured in the first 20 minutes can’t have helped morale either, and neither does starting a game when you know you’ll be dropped for the next one regardless of how you perform. All in all, you just have to conclude that when a league cup game falls in between two CL games and coincides with an injury crisis, you… Read more »


Who do you reckon will play against Swansea on the right? All the normal options there are injured (Welbeck, Ramsey, Ox, Walcott, Wilshere, Rosicky). We could move Hector up, but then Debuchy would have to play right back. Is there a better option?



Bielik It Good

Anyone think Bielik might have changed the game if we weren’t three nil down? Don’t like to see Arsenal youngsters failing to live up to potential either but that Camara was dreadful… Don’t think the result was in any way surprising

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