Saturday, December 10, 2022

Boost ahead of derby as trio are fit to play

The threadbare nature of our squad is such that the return of any of our injured players is cause for celebration.

The Telegraph report this evening that Laurent Koscielny is fit to play on Sunday. Indeed, the Frenchman could even have been used against Bayern in midweek but Arsene Wenger was reluctant to risk aggravating what was a small hip problem.

David Ospina is back in full training, and should take his place on the bench, while Mikel Arteta is apparently available and could provide a midfield option if the manager so desires.

There’s also good news for Tomas Rosicky who has been given the green light to return to training after undergoing knee surgery in August. After the Interlull we should have Ramsey, Bellerin and Oxlade-Chamberlain back, meaning the squad is rounded out a bit.

Theo Walcott’s calf injury means he’ll be out until December, while Jack Wilshere and Danny Welbeck remain sidelined until the new year.

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Koscielny being back is a massive boost!

Another positive is that Sp*rs played their strongest team tonight, shame they won though.

Gervinho's forehead

Wowza. Is Walcott actually out till December?!? or is it a bit of arseblog sarcasm?



Mr. White

These injuried players comin back couldn’t happen at a better time with Christmas fixtures comin up. Welbeck and Wilshere also comin back in new year will add even more competition and hunger in the team since they’ve missed so much football and with the euros in the summer. Don’t care about the champions league cos we have a few years to go til we can properly compete at that level but the league is ours! COYG


few years? i think it should probably be sooner… i mean looking at the squad; cech, monreal, koscielny, ozil, alexis, ramsey, cazorla, (injury-free)-wilshere are world class players!…. bellerin, walcott, coquelin, giroud, mertesacker, etc. are very close too! looking across the squad, there are only two-three positions max. where we need improvement to win the champions league! next season, we’ll certainly go very far!


I am a huge fan of your optimism – but we are no-where near winning that competition. You saw the pasting we received Wednesday evening, they totally played us off the park, we felt the full force of the best team in the World and their near on full first 11. Whereas we went there with a half banjaxed team with 19 year olds on the bench waiting for their UCL debut’s. That’s the difference. They had Vidal on the bench, we had Iwobi – now I am not knocking the lad, but the gulf in class is evident Foreign… Read more »


Terrific news, none more uplifting than the fact that TR7 should be back shortly.

occam's hatchet

TR7 back in training brings a great big smile to my face.


Yeah, it made me so happy I actually punched the air in delight and invited suspicious glaces from my team members at work.

good ol' 1 nil to Woolwich

This just makes me want to sing the hallelujah song!

Gudang Pelor

“It’s raining men” song?


I miss Bellerin already

Phil Collins' first touch

Rosicky back just in time to score his yearly wonder goal against the spuds!


Huge to have Koscienly back, I’d go Kos and Gabriel at the weekend, Mert has looked unsure last 2-3 games, not writing him off at all, perhaps a short break will do him the world of good.

I really don’t think Wednesday will have a major impact, players will want to put it right and it feels like all our focus on the league, we’ll be too strong and have the quality to beat that lot on Sunday

ozil lovely eyes

Tomas Rosicky??? Really? I really miss the guy….I hope to see him on the bench. Good to have our players back. We really need all of them before the hectic december fixtures


Is Wilshere the new Rosicky?


He’s the new Diaby. And not the one who played.


You should change your name



He's got no hair but we don't care...

Kos is the only proper boost in this story…well, that and the little Mozart who would be a massive addition.


I hope we don’t see what is a fantastic chance to win the title this year derailed by injuries.

Judging on this piece tho we Shad be fine for the immediate future


have two of my best upvotes. please take em.


Seriously, I’m missing my bell on the right…..
Can’t do anything about it. Right. ….


Rosicky, you’ve been missed.

Me So Hornsey

Fuck! I thought Bellerin being out on Wednesday was precautionary.


Arise arise players of Arsenal!

Easy as JVC

Can we register any of the women’s squad for the first team? It’s only the spuds, the girls will smash em.

Lapo Gooners

Theo Walcott’s calf injury means he’ll be out until December?

rely on girude only?

wow, what an old le fool.


Giroud Only? Have you been paying attention?

Scored in both matches v Bayern, one a beauty at that, and is hitting at a rate of one per match right now, a few of those not even starts. I’ll be quite happy if he keeps that up for 3 weeks. He was also well rested coming into this run.

Lapo Gooners

have you been paying attention of what was written kid?

2 striker injured, and we have to deal with just 1 real out and out striker?

how do you say to that? please tell me whose fault is that to refuse to buy an outfield player in the summer window? Please defend your aw.

Anonymous Physicist

The idea that any team should have more than three senior players for a single position is simply preposterous. No team has that, and no team should be expected to have that.

not deluded

Why oh why didn’t we just break the bank for Benzema!


Because he doesn’t have a better scoring rate to Giroud

An Ox-sized Coq

Hmmmm…..seeing as Benzema has officially been charged in the Valbuena sex tape case, and is now in a huge dilemma legally, I think it seems quite OK we didn’t get him.

True Red

You should chance your name. Benzema said he didn’t want to leave in the summer. Now, however, may be a different story with Benitez choosing to play the oily Portuguese one up front on his own


And because he’s just about to go to jail for 5 years for attempting to blackmail a teammate. Not only unavailable, but would YOU want to poison the dressing room like this?


You’ve been on this site for about a week and every comment you’ve made has been the same. Arsenal are shit. Giroud is shit. Arsene is shit. Everything is shit.

In case you hadn’t noticed, our league form is played five, won five, scored sixteen, allowed three. Giroud has scored in four of those five matches. Actually, the only thing that’s shit is your attitude. And your spelling.

Lapo Gooners

kroenke’s intern huh kid?


It can’t still be half term, can it?


Does your Daddy know you’re using his computer?


Girude? Haha, gimp be gimping.


At least spell his name correctly.

Lapo Gooners

It’s amazing how many plastic fan kids these days that not even from George Graham era can be so perverted brain damage to this wenger’s idolize thing.

Every time someone insulted wenger for his failures, how fast they react to defend him.
No wonder so many kroenke’s interns paid off spread to many internet opinion sites to counter the negativity to discredit their comfy being. WOW.


Dammit! If only my mum let me stay up til 4 am to watch the games when I was 6 years old. I would have pleased you, Lapo.

Lapo Gooners

yeah , I am a 6 year old kid, and 25 years been a gooner.

you genius?


You’re a pretty angry person, aren’t you, Lapo? Jeeez, save it for when we go on a bad run of form!

Lapo Gooners

Sorry Kevin.

I am only mad to wenger, gazidiz and kroenke, and mostly to the pro wenger.

Yeah, I am anti wenger, and I never hide my stance

I never insulted my beloved Arsenal. Been a gooner for a quarter century.

I am only mad when Arsenal lost (bayern now huh), when we run of form lately, I never posts insulting them for the last few weeks. Check the old posts if any!

Remember man, it’s Arsenal FC, not arsene fc.


25 years a Gooner and 19 of them angry. Man and boy!


You seem to think 25 years is a long time.
It isn’t. Get to the back of the queue, new boy.


Wow,well angry! Grrrrrrr

Someone Orother

Is inanimate carbon rod back yet?

Rip Van's Winkel

That’s Swansea’s problem, surely.


The truth is we are quite good with our best 11 fit, but there’s no depth in the squad to play for CL and PL together. Knowing our history of injuries and injury-prone players, Wenger should’ve got somebody else besides Cech, who was a brilliant addition of course. Hope we don’t play that europa league horror cup and can concentrate only on winning the PL.

Rip Van's Winkel

We all know what the problems are, but to endlessly carp on about them is
tedious and immature. Criticism is only helpful when it’s constructive.
Whinging is not entertaining or original, so go and bore some other site, please.

Rip Van's Winkel

That’s to Lapo.


spot on Rip!

Petits Handbag

Ah Fuck, HB is in my fantasy team! He’ll probably be replaced by some lad from Norwich now.

bah wah

I need my ox, ramsey and walcott back. They inspire me much better. my winning team players.


Given our standings in the champions league this season the europa cup doesn’t seem so bad as it would give our fringe players valuable game time and let the first team concentrate on the league.


Interesting point. Is the Europa league the new Capital One Cup as an opportunity for the young players?! Still, it’s not mathematically impossible to qualify for the CL group stages.


Bellerin…. *longingly*


Lapo is so negative it is unreal, certainly wouldn’t want him in the Arsenal dressing room giving a ‘pep’ talk! I guess his name is shorthand for: livid, angry, pessimistic, over-the-top!!!


He’s unreal, isn’t he? At least Fatgooner is polite in his negativity, tries to back up his arguments with reasonable facts, and is quite entertaining at times. This Lapo character is just a chore to endure.


Speedy recovery, Tony Adams – hero.

Gunter v Everson

I also heard that Phil Collins is back!

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