Friday, June 9, 2023

No Koscielny: Bayern Munich v Arsenal teams

Can we make it two wins out of two against Bayern Munich tonight? It’s a tall order with so many injuries, but here are tonight’s official line-ups.

Laurent Koscielny misses out with a slight hip injury which must have happened late because he’s named on the bench.

Bayern Munich: Neuer​, Alaba​, Martinez, Boateng​, Lahm, Alonso​, Thiago, Müller​, Costa​, Coman, Lewandowski


Arsenal: Cech, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ozil, Campbell, Alexis, Giroud

Subs: Macey, Gibbs, Chambers, The Jeff, Iwobi, Flamini, Koscielny (unfit)

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Nervous as hell about Debuchy, but he looked top class in his brief spell before his injuries, he really looked like a great bit of business. Hopefully the stage brings out the best in him. No Koscielny sucks as a last-minute piece of news though, he’s been a rock lately.


I will not slate debuchy the guy barely played 2-3 games for us and he is lacing match fitness, douglas costa will be to much for him he is best inform bayern player even bellerin had difficulties against him in the first half, even the best RB now playing would have difficult against him as he is in form of his life. So hope debuchy plays well and gets cover every-time he needs.


Not a huge amount of pace in the side tonight.



Bellerin is a huge miss


Smeg, we’re right down to the bare bones, aren’t we? Time to dig deep and play your hearts out, lads! We can do this no matter what obstacles are placed in our way!

gooner bank

Bring the Jeff !!!!


Koscienly is probably tired I’m guessing, save him for Sp*rs. Gabriel can do the job. Worried about Debuchy and Per on the right though…

Wengers Army

My expectations are not high but lets stick that bus where it hurts them and take the chance when it arrives. Fingers crossed for no injuries as its the big one on Sunday. Cyg


I don’t get the Tots are seen as bigger than Bayern!

I get it, it’s the NLD! However the stature of the Tots is not worth making them bigger than Bayern. I mean El Clasico or the title fights with ManU are prestigious!

The Match with the Tots is more important than the Borehamwood opener mainly because of the 6 points in the two games against them.

Otherwise the Tots are a mid table team, with an Adebayor sized ego!


Not just that alone. We have a realistic chance at winning the Premier League. The UCL not so much. So the 3 points against the spurs is much more crucial.


We beat Bayern tonight, we would have a huge psychological advantage going into the derby.

However if we go in with our eyes on NLD we work implode and all our momentum, injuries, etc will weigh us down!

David C

Damn German league is so easy so these guys get to rest all of their best players.

COYG! Some solid defense and a sneaky counter-attacking goal to win 1-0 will do just fine 🙂


Wasn’t really easy this time, though. They played mostly a first eleven against Frankfurt in their last match, and Frankfurt held them to a 0:0 to their great frustration.


Let’s enjoy a great night of European football – it’s why we’re in the Champions League. The damage has been done and anything out of the game is a big bonus.

I’m saving my nail biting for Sunday.



Jeff comes on in the second half, will get a goal


FFS no Kos now! Looks like we need the midfield and attack to do the business! COYG!

F*** her right in Debuchy

Come on boys!

Sorry I had to bring this username back for this one!


How do you change user names? (Just trying to take my mind off the match).


Imagine the Jeff comes on late and makes a differnce to get us a result….


Fell deeds awake, now for wrath, now for ruin, come on you gooners!


we are really gonna miss Bellerin tonight. I’m a bit nervous

My name is Jeff

Got to have faith in Debuchy. It’s not like we are starting someone from a Sunday League game we found over the weekend. He doesn’t have to be spectacular, just need a solid performance.


Just avoid a hiding.


So much for that.

Ramsey's spirit

Were going to need a big effort from campbell if were goi g to score on the counter, really feeling the walcott injury now. Set pieces might be the way to go. Defensively im not too worried, tight game i think


We have got to get out of this with no more injuries. I do worry about Gabriel’s ability to play the ball under their high pressure as that is not his strong suit.

Anonymous Kumquat

Strongest bench we’ve had all season #ibelieveinthejeff

A kick in the Debuchy

I’m kind of surprised how anxious everyone seems about this game. It seems like doing the job against Bayern at home is less about the CL and 3 points, more about setting a real marker for the team. But how long ago had we written off our European hopes before extolling the benefits our exit would have on the league campaign? I guess I’m just not overly concerned with the result beyond the fact that I hope we fucking smash them, but that’s no more or less than any other game. Except for Sunday’s. COYG!


Who is Coman?

Luis Boa Muerte

Young French winger on loan from Juventus. Bayern fans seem to rate him judging by their messageboard


Why are the injury gods so angry with us?

At this rate Wenger and Bould would have to revive their playing careers!


A draw would be an amazing result. This line up surely has the mettle to restrict Bayern to very few chances and then, you never know.

Tim Sherwood



The excitement when I see that name “the jeff”!!


We should be ok as long as Costa doesn’t pass Debuchy on the left hand side too often….


This has the feeling of a complete shelling. Not sure I have the courage to watch.


So what happened to Kos? I’m sure he would’ve avoided that goal.


I have said this before the game and got down voted.UEFA are thundercunts. They don’t want wenger’s arsenal to win the CL

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Get ready to thumb me down to the point of hiding my postbut I think now is the time to start considering taking off 3 key players to keep them fresh for the game against the scum.


I agree.if we don’t get a goal by halftime we should be sending in flamini Jeff and gibbs.
Oh and The referee is a massive cunt.
I am proud of our display up until now.COYG.


No Kos, no Walcott, no Ramsey/Chamberlain, no Bellerin. That’s 4 first team players. I don’t expect us to beat the best team in Europe like this.

We're not the American army...

Frankly it’s shameful. £millions in the bank and this is the best Wenger can put out.
Bayern arent even celebrating their goals which tells you all you need to know.


And we celebrated a goal which was supposed to have been given.What does that tell you?
Wenger is a legend for putting up with such atrocious refereeing.


We had three chances to create a scoring opportunity in the first 6 minutes. sloppy passing and don’t get me started on the HFB’S shot….!!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Really hurt me to see us being destroyed like that.

Die Hard Gooner

we really needed pace and our right wing is getting schooled. Theo has been the biggest miss for me. Their centerbacks are playing mid half of the pitch. pace was the only thing that could have exposed them and we dont have that. I wouldnt mind 3 nil defeat as long as dynamo keep winning at olympiacos.

lone gooner

and debuchy caused the second goal


OK, we are at DEFCON 1.
LAUNCH JEFF (and take important players off if that doesn’t work within ten minutes..?)

We're not the American army...

4-0 and their fans aren’t even bothered

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

As soon as you think you have a bragging right as Arsenal fan, our players make you eat your words.

Canuck Gunner

Had to stop watching and get back to work after seeing Robben score. That just turned a poor game to complete crap

We're not the American army...

Out of the CL match day 4.
There really is only one Arsene Wenger.
Chew on that Gazidis


The words piss and poor spring to mind

Rip Van's Winkel

That was a schooling. Thank fuck we don’t have to face the likes of Lewandowski, Muller and Robben every week. We still could have scored three or four even though.
Even if we play that badly we are too strong for the shite.


Well, that was a disaster. Olympiacos won so we are out. Probably for the better. Let us get more rest and prepare better for the EPL. Sunday against the spuds can put us back on the right track. Don’t know for sure if Wenger purposely took Bellerin and Koscielny out of the game on the pretext they were injured, or he was trying to give them some rest before Sunday. Once again injuries are crippling us, even with a deeper squad. Just too many right now. Really want the EPL crown more than anything, so Sunday’s game is sooooo important.… Read more »


Two handicapped CBs. One too slow the other too green.
Gabriel-Koscielny partnership always yields better results. No wonder the defense was soo leaky.

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