Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Arsenal 1-0 Newcastle – player ratings

Not the most scintillating performance of the season, but still a very valuable and welcome three points as Newcastle went down to that Laurent Koscielny goal.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Greg Bush

2 points clear, fashion of the win may not please all but I’m content… Now for Watford to hold their lead please!


Watford have been the better side since the kick-off. They continue to be.

I wouldn’t want to damn them to a single-goal lead.



You guys jinxed it !

sixteen swans over ainola

Yeah, that’s what did it alrighty.

Why, oh, why did we get involved. Will we never learn?


Ya heard to open ya gob.

Greg Bush

UPDATE: fuck.


The Nyom guy is horrendous ffs.

Dan Hunter

Win the league. Bring in Pep next season.


Huge 3 points!! Cech was fantastic, cannot wait for our injured players to be back! Need somthing extra to come off the bench at games like this.


Cech = Phenomenal

La Défense

Nacho Monreal reminds me of Nigel Winterburn. Steady ship.


Bonus bonus rating: dickhead/10 for the referee


Additional bonus rating: infinity/10 to Lady Luck, ensuring that nearly all of that shit referee’s mistakes ended up in our favour.


Many wanted Ramsey to put his ego aside and square it to Campbell but I think after all he had done he was entitled a shot on goal. Only problem is he should have gone for near post and not the far post -( which would have been far spectacular in this case than the near post) so yeah you all have a point, any way you look at it Rambo has an ego that needs serious checking.

Goone's Farm

Somehow, I struggle to see how having a pop at goal with only the keeper to beat after taking on two players in the box is unreasonably selfish and symptomatic of some ego issue, as seems to be the consensus. I’m quite sure on the other hand that had he gone for the pass and it didn’t come off people would be perpetuating the “The problem with Arsenal is they always try to walk it in” cliché.
He really needs to rediscover his finishing though!


ah the “Ramsey Ego”, soundbite, what utter nonsense, the man runs himself to a standstill for the team, he plays wide right for the team when asked, he gives his all for the team, but he is a target for the brainless boo boys and no matter what he does they will find fault. If he passes he should shoot, if he shoots he should pass, the lad can’t win with them, thankfully our manager knows a lot more than the boo boys. the only thing Ramsey done wrong on that late effort was actually not score, he was in… Read more »


Well, going back to the Ozil goal against Bournemouth, suppose Ramsey got the ball back from Giroud’s flick instead.. do you think he would have scored? No – I can almost see him fucking it up not able to decide whether to score, pass or let down by a poor first touch. Ramsey is amazingly over-rated by certain fans – there is no denying his individual skill or quality which he shows in glimpses but there is no denying his glory-hunting and move-killing apart from a general lack of common sense and positioning in his play under pressure. He hasn’t… Read more »


The Ramsey shot inside the box was promptly palmed away by Elliot. But if you look at carefully Ozil (centrally placed) was destined to score had he rolled it to his path. These are 2 instances in one match that expose Rambos glory hunting.

Even Rambos goal celebrations are reminiscent of a man who lives for the limelight.


To borrow a quote from the Professor, it’s “weak and naive” to accuse Ramsey of ‘glory hunting’ and ‘living for the limelight’.

Footballers trying to play football doesn’t make them all Cristiano Ronaldo ffs!


I have no issue with Ramsey not passing there, but if you take a shot from there you have to put it on target. He wastes these chances so often.


Did Ramsey loose his scoring streak when he shaved of his beard? The dribbles were great, but then…

Apart from that, Cech was really, really good.

David C

It’s a great sign that we’re winning even when we don’t play well; that’s how ManURE did it under Sir Alex for years.

I think we need to stop moaning so much at the ref as a team; let the coaches do that and get on with it.

Hope we have Sanchez back for the next one.


It is pretty concerning how we are losing possession too easily, not creating as many scoring chances and giving up tons of great chances to mid to lower tier teams (even at home) lately. Yes we won which is great and shows great fight and fortitude, but with the run we’ve got coming up at Liverpool, at Stoke (which is a tough, tough match) and home to Chelsea (which is never easy for us no matter how poorly they are playing) we will get punished severely unless our performances pick up. Luckily we have two weeks before the next PL… Read more »


we don’t have two weeks till next league game, we play LFC on Wednesday 13th after the FA Cup game v Sunderland on Saturday 9th


Nothing much will really change on that front with our current MF combo – the injury to Santi is a killer blow and we are struggling game after game to have even a small spell of possession and control of the match. And of course, trust Wenger to make it worse by starting Ox. Some one like Ramsey needs to understand that Ozil is the one with the free role in attack – he is the one with license to drift and charge anywhere up the field – not him playing as a CM and certainly not every time with… Read more »

Dr Duh

Underweighting Giroud’s contribution to our goal. His tenacity, fighting for that second header laid the ball at Koz’s feet.


Ramsey is selfish.


Was selfish!


why is that a problem?


he made more passes than any other AFC player today. As for his shot, from that position he was fully entitled to have a shot


Top of the league with 2 extra points! Won while not quite in free flowing form. What’s not to like?


…And Watford lead City. We are gonna be at the top for a long time…wait, what? We are gonna win the league! COYG!!!


Cannot believe Elliott didn’t get a yellow for his blatant time-wasting from the 15th minute today. This game had a touch of the Cardiff home game from NYD two years ago. Incessant rain, poor home performance, horrific time-wasting from the opposition keeper (Marshall for Cardiff) and a late goal (not AS late as Cardiff) to get the three points and say a big F-You to time-wasting small minded opposition.

Which is a shame as Newcastles attacking players actually played very well however their misses today were karma for the antics of Elliott and Janmaat.

Up the Arsenal.

Dr Duh

Ox is concerning. Dribbling slightly away from goal rather than towards the center to open up his angle when he is 1v1 vs keeper. Shutting off and not picking up his man making a run into the box for a clear shot on goal. Petulant and unsubtle retaliatory foul by sticking out his leg after he was pushed (fouled?) off the ball.

Wenger in and out

Oxblade was not as bad as what people are saying.
yes, he is struggling with form and also the fear factor of getting injured again.
I believe Wenger probably might have told him to take it easy and stay fit until he is back in form.
I see a great future for him if he stays fit

Egyptian Gunner

It’s the 75th minute and Watford are still ahead !! What an epic day !

Tarquin Farquar

It seems the Welsh Jesus nonsense is hopefully being put in perspective. A decent player but unable to stamp authority in the middle and boss a game the way santi can. Still good back up I guess


He could do with passing the ball every now and then though. Or if he absolutely much go for glory at every opportunity then at least score instead of hoofing it wide.


Most passes by an Arsenal player today, apparently. Not that the facts will deter the Ramsey bashers. Seems he can’t do any good in some people’s eyes…


spot on redcurrant, some will never give Ramsey the credit he deserves, he is their latest scapegoat, they always have to have a target. Ramsey is the one midfielder we have to gets in the box on a regular basis, when he aint there we are all tippy tappy over and back, with no one willing to have a shot, and everyone complains that we won’t shoot, Ramsey comes into the team, has a shot and its all why did he not pass it. Since he has come back from his injury we have won I think six from seven,… Read more »


There’s one guy who sits behind me at The Emirates who shouts abuse at Rambo whenever he slips up. But he’s strangely quiet when Rambo finds that killer pass, makes a vital tackle, or runs himself into the ground to get into the box to support a team-mate.

You’re right – for some, he’s a scapegoat. As Blogs keeps pointing out, Rambo never hides. Perhaps that’s what makes him the obvious target when things don’t go well?


Fine. And I’m not a Ramsey basher. I don’t bash on any of our players. Not even the in vogue whipping boy Debuchy.


Exactly what I thought. He’s now 25, needs to start being more efficient. That midfield was a shambles today. Not sure why you got the thumbs down for a bit of honest constructive criticism.


“If you must go for goal then at least score” is now constructive criticism of Ramsey? Some of you guys have been listening to Savage and Owen commentate for too long. He’s our main distributor of the ball in Cazorla’s absence (how selfish of him!). There is no-one else in the squad to shoulder that burden. But he’s doing it. Plus he’s breaking into the box WHEN our other attacking players, bar Ozil, can’t find a way through. For all his insane technique, Cazorla doesn’t give our attacking game the thrust Ramsey does. Here’s a revolutionary idea – maybe some… Read more »

Tarquin Farquar

Thanks gunman, I thought so too but Eduardo has informed me I’m an idiot. I should have checked the stats. Mind you I do remember many a game where Denilson made more passes than anyone.


Newcastle are very time wastey.

I hate Graeme souness and he was his typical cunt self during the game, but in the end fair play said: ‘arsenal weren’t at their best but stuck in there and won it. Exactly what title winners do’

Couldn’t have put it better myself. Well…..probably could have said it in less of a cunt voice but I’ll not nit pick

Yorkshire Gunner

Irony is that at the end they got all the benefit of any time the ref added for their time wasting to try and get a equaliser.


Just on way back from the game. Unsure why Giroud scores so high; he was barely moving, would rather’ve seen Theo down the middle with Ox on the pitch and Joel coming on when he did; Giroud lacks spark and tenacity. Frustrating to see so little from him again. Kos was top class, put in a shift at the back and did a great crunching tackle towards the end when a break down the left looked on. Cech is the big difference though. Not just the obvious saves, but the confidence his defence have in him, using him as sweeper… Read more »


I also thought Giroud was crap, but he pulled a Walcott by contributing to a goal while playing like crap.
That said, Walcott was crap too, as was Ox aside from the occasional good run. Cambell looked the best forward when he came on.

Too many times our players just stand around and nobody makes runs.


Second the Cech comment. Thanks Roman indeed. Thanks you thieving rich oppressor oil oligarch Chelsea cunt!


Sorry Arseblog, but I think your ratings are usually bad. I mean the most players rating are correct, but the general note depands too much on “if we win or lose”. If we lost 0:1 ratings for Theo and Ox would be 4, 5 at max I bet that, but beacuse we won you gave them 6. What is even more annoying you give the good players weak ratings if we loose. Sometimes Alexis gets like 6,5 when we lose, but he is like the best player then, but he tries too much. 6 in a lost game is not… Read more »


I agree that Theo and Ox were both poor today.


Ha? Is this guy Pawel for real? I really don’t think you’re supposed to take it so seriously mate… It’s just a bit of fun and it creates conversation amongst us. If you don’t like it go and read the player ratings in The Sun! They’re far more accurate 😉

Gunner Abroad

Ramsey is so selfish. Every game he has a chance to pass the ball to a teamate for a tap in but always decides to take the shoot and rarely scores. He needs to take a lesson or two from Ozil. If he would pass more in those situations the team would be in a much better position through out the match. He needs to pass the ball a little more in the final third specially inside the 18 instead of trying to take all the glory himself and it would make his overall game look better.

Indian Gooner

Rightly said.
Koscielny has scored some important goals against New Castle.
This might just turn out to be the most important of them all.


To give Ozil a 6.5 (same as Giroud and close to Walcott and Chamberlin who did nothing) is really harsh. Ozil worked his butt of all day and was our only bright player on offense by a long shot. Each time he got that ball there seemed to be such limited movement from his teammates. More than anyone he is missing Sanchez’s work rate and runs. Ozil worked his socks off defensively (a huge improvement from him that often goes unnoticed by most). This match (and the previous few) showed how much we miss Carzola’s ability to be a link… Read more »


Agreed! How many excellent passes, crosses and corners did Ozil supply only to see them fluffed by Ox, Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey and everyone else? Credit to Newcastle for defending well but we also wasted many opportunities today.


Truly ridiculous giving him basically the same rating as Ox and Theo who did nothing all game…Joel came on as was average yet still did more in 15mins then the pair of them..Buck up boys the chance is there for them while Sanchez is out.


I suppose the rating for Ozil is so low because slowly his class starts to become to obvious for us, and when we does something awesome it’s like you not bother anymore, because it’s Ozil. You expect that.

For me 7 for him is a minimum, and as I wrote earlier max 5 for both Theo and Alex.


I do not agree with Ozil playing as a striker since he is more of a player who looks up and feeds the players rather than hold up the ball and get others involved. Secondly he has good pace but still he is not great in terms of acceleration/strength which is required as is demonstrated by Walcott/Giroud (Sanchez). But we definitely need to rest Giroud and may be play both Campbell and Oxlade Chamberlin on the wings. It will be good because it will force Campbell to run at the defenders and I am pretty sure even in such a… Read more »


Ox tried.

Ramsey was selfish for that chance.

The team is fatigued. Too much rotation and Sunderland will punish us. There isn’t a win-win situation. Wenger is paid for the choices. I’m a supporter and I’ll do just that.

Enjoyed the win


We starting to “need” Alexis….and that’s okay.


We can chalk up another 3 points on the John Terry 12point ‘Cechometer’. No question we lose that game without him. Where can I get one of those crash helmets ????


Cech was great…You can see some players getting a little lazing blocking shots and crosses because they know he will be there. Merts and Kos were decent…Had a physical battle with Mitrovic and for the most part kept him quiet.. Monreal was decent..Probably his hardest game for a while stuggled with Sissoko’s pace and power a bit but received no help from whoever was on his side. Bellerin as usual with great energy and overlapping play…However considering how many times he finds himself with space he really needs to improve his decision making and crossing..When to clip the ball in,… Read more »


‘If he had finished his lovely bit of skill at the end we all would be sitting here in awe..’

Like when he won us the FA Cup in 2014? Perhaps he should have laid off the ball rather than smash it into the net.

Not that simple is it..?


Ridiculous comparison…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn1rhiyYgt0

That goal was a great team goal wonderfully finished by Ramsey. He had no other choice but shoot.

He earned the right to shoot and If Ramsey scores he is Welsh Jesus but he missed when others where in good positions.

Timothy Lumsden

Got to agree with the Walcott assesment like him a lot but he’s gotta step up in these games specially with Alexis out.


“That was one incident but this type of thing has been going on for about 18 months with Ramsey” – This is the point many are missing. We are seeing the same mistakes game after game – poor decision making, move-killing, lack of positioning & blatant pig-headedness and Ramsey is showing no inclination to correct it (which leads many to question his genuine lack of quality). Had Ramsey squared the ball to Joel (or even SEEN him and tried to), I’d have stood up and applauded because that is the vital next step for him – he is a MF,… Read more »

Stewart Robson's therapist

Breaks my heart every time Ramsey’s character gets assassinated by Arsenal fans. For some reason they home in on his mistakes far more than anybody’s else. He wasn’t any worse than the rest of the team today. No other Arsenal player is treated so unfairly and harshly.


Ramsey is consistently selfish and often careless. He runs around a lot, but his decision making is often very poor. He had one purple patch, got himself a modelling contract and has been pretty rubbish ever since. He needs to get back to basics, keep it simple and look where his team mates are. I don’t want to dislike him but he’s really frustrating at the moment.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Rubbish. Never forget, you have the benefit of hindsight and a birds’ eye view of the pitch. Ramsey can only see what’s in front of him, and has a split-second to make a decision. Are you honestly telling me that a player who is five yards out from goal and is one on one with the keeper is not entitled to shoot? This is completely revisionist. You would have praised him to high heaven had it gone in. In any case, I find it disgraceful that after years of complaining that Arsenal try to “walk it in” too much, the… Read more »

John C



We’re a better side with Campbell in the starting lineup over the Ox.


Ox does 3/4 well.. He dribbles..as if the opponent doesn’t even exist..and then makes the wrong call. I think it will be sorted out with a few more outings. Honestly guys..when was the last time we had a guy who could easily dribble past 3-4 opponents with that kind of ease..

Support him… He will come good.. Incredible talent..

Don’t let them say that ‘you kicked me when I was down’ …


If I have to listen to Tony Gale ever again, it’ll be too soon.

3 points.


Him and Stuart Robson, man. They even have that same condescending horrible voice.


What stood out for me today was how Giroud and Ozil were pressing high up the pitch but nobody followed them. Everytime, Ozil would turn around and blow up at everybody else but nothing changed until Wenger made the late subs and changed tactics. Once and a while you would see Flamini come sprinting high up the pitch but that was it. I assume the team were told to press high. I just couldnt believe how unorganised we were in this sense. It was odd. Maybe our midfield were worried they and our central defence would be exposed. I have… Read more »


I’m sorry but Chamberlain was shockingly poor. He made a few good runs and one decent pass (to set up a Giroud chance) but in general his final ball was terrible and his decision-making was horrendous. I find it strange you gave Campbell the same rating as Chambo – we looked a lot better when Joel came on. At the moment Chambo is a glorified runner. He really, really needs to step up to justify the faith Wenger has in him. Campbell is and should be above him in the pecking order.


The fans at the Emirates agree with you. I could clearly hear the reaction to Campbell’s play from the crowd, which was very positive every time he passed the ball or run back to win a tackle. The team immediately looked much better and composed when he came in. He might not be yet a huge scoring threat, but his decision making and play is very positive. In contrast, Chambo flatters to deceive most of the time. His runs look promising and exciting, but the end result is a lost ball, a misplaced pass, a heavy touch or a bad… Read more »


Our reaction to The Ox’s runs was also positive, I assure you…


Ox’s biggest problem and ppl. have been saying it a long time – lack of quality, assured passing which is a lot difficult than it sounds 🙂

But seriously, he needs to really talk and engage with players like Giroud, Sanchez and Ozil (not just the Britcore) – I mean, for an attacking player, cohesion and chemistry are vital.. at some level, he needs to instinctively know their movements, tendencies and positions and vice versa – whether he will be able to find them on the pitch consistently will decide his future at Arsenal.

Merty BFG

Absolutely loving how we are actually a threat from set pieces this season! Anyone know how many we’ve scored from them? Cheers to Özil for the amazing deliveries of course but finally we have learnt how to win “ugly.” 2 points top #COYG


Flamini has played well and it was a difficult game for the midfielders because they put a lot of pressure on us and we didn’t find our combinations. You never know when you play in midfield if you move away from the ball and get into areas where you can get the ball or if you sit. He is intelligent and has experience. – Wenger Those who thought Chambers would be playing ahead of Flamini are sooooo far off the mark. Really reflects their bias because Chambers is still inexperience and was covered by Ramsey (who did not get much… Read more »

Clock-End Mike

Flamini maintains his remarkable record. 11/10?

Shwoooooz Caproooz

I am sometimes a bit annoyed by the Arsenal faithful,especially about players like Ramsey. On his day he is absolutely magnificent and I will give him full credit for that. But aren’t we supposed to criticise him, when he does mistakes, like today. Since when did completing more passes than anyone else on the pitch, become the criteria for a player to have a good game. The same fans that play the passing stats card to support Ramsey, are the same ones that would criticise Arsenal if we had lost the game, despite having 60% of the ball, which would… Read more »


You can’t blame someone for having a shot when he’s got only the keeper to beat. That’s just stupid. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Ramsey or Ozil or whoever else.


you miss the point about the passes, its in reference to those that say he is selfish and only plays for himself, the amount of passes shows he is fully into the team game. also on the shot he is getting the flack for, he was one on one with the keeper, if he passed it to joel, then JC would probably have been one on one with the keeper, but a toon defender was between Ramsey and JC, so would have had a chance of making a challenge, at the very least he would have narrowed the target area… Read more »


Ramsey completed 67 of 76 attempted passes, making 7 recoveries, winning 3 tackles. 2 chances created


The Kos and Cech co-MOTM, and 10/10 for Lady Luck.


Vital three points but an underwhelming performance. I’m a bit concerned about Per, he looked positively ponderous today. The Ramsey/Flamini partnership isn’t a particularly convincing one. I hope Wenger is able to bring in reinforcements soon. Not too sure what make of the Ox. He’s well off his game to put it mildly. Really hope we can put together a decent run, this is the season we could do it!


With Cazorla injured, I’ll love to see Cech wear the armband whenever Per is rested.

Giroud's 6Pack

Gabriel Paulista is the standout el capitan for me. He really is inspirational and I just refuse to sell him to PSG on FM16.

MB The Ferret

I thought Chambers made a nice tackle late to take possession. Overall it wasn’t long enough but it was positive where I’ve previously called him equal parts intriguing potential and terrifying


Think you’re consistently very generous with Flamini. 90% of the reason we weren’t able to control the game in midfield was because the game completely passed him by. Not even well positioned most of the time. Genuinely don’t think he’s good enough for any PL team.


McClaren’s face after conceding tho ???

Lord Bendtner

I think this game was all about Cech. There were times when the defense, just left it all open for Newcastle. I think this is the game Cech gets a perfect 10/10

Timothy Lumsden

Totally. We were drifting before that super save


Coq alongside Ram and we will b champion!!!

sixteen swans over ainola

Where the fuck did this ‘Ramsey’s ego’ thing come from? Was it an actual thing before the match? Was it only confirmed when his shot went wide and Campbell got frustrated? Has it now become so serious an issue winning the title is in existential jeopardy? Because for me Ramsey is (a) one of the last of our players who I’d put down as being selfish and (b) I’d even go as far as saying I’d want him to get further forward more often and have more (not less) pots at goal. And (c) it’s not like Campbell hasn’t a… Read more »


You obviously didn’t watch the full match..

sixteen swans over ainola

(a) Yes, I did and have the ulcer to prove it. (b) Besides, how the holy fuck can watching one match be indicative of anything? (c) Haven’t we been through the Ramsey’s-amazing-Ramsey’s-crap-Ramsey’s-amazing thing already? Which makes me think when AR was at his zenith and doing things mortal players can only dream of, did anyone question his attitude or moan that he was being ‘selfish’? So why the fuck is there this sudden (and it is sudden) outburst when he only just doesn’t score an insurance goal during a match we won anyway? There are always goal opportunities missed and… Read more »


People saying he should pass more instead of fluffing goal opportunities hardly constitutes a backlash, does it?


You’ve hit the nail on the head Sixteen Swans – I really thought we’d been through all this before with Ramsey. Like you, I have no problem with constructive criticism of him. Saying ‘he needs to improve his decision-making’ is a valid criticism. But the “selfish glory-hunting ego issues” thing is absurd. Ox, Walcott, Giroud… none of these guys are creating much off the dribble, or making lung-bursting surges with the ball late in games. We need to worry more about that with the forthcoming run of games and then Barcelona on the horizon. The idea of a ‘selfish’ Ramsey… Read more »

Romford Pele

Seeing as he *still* doesn’t have his own song…. time to dust of Freddie’s old number?

We love Koscielny..
Just like we love big Per,
We love Koscielny,
Because he’s everywhere,
We love Koscielny,
Cos you’re Arsenal through and through…

Stewart Robson's therapist

Good effort on the lyrics! But he has actually got his own song now, Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan. Arsenal have gone disco.


Sickening to read all that criticism towards Ramsey. The guy works his socks off in every match for the team. Sometimes things come off sometimes they don’t, that’s football (and life). The team has been getting the results since he returned to the CM role so there shouldn’t be too much complaining. Just needs a good DM to play with

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