Friday, December 1, 2023

Arsenal await work permit for January signing

Reports this evening suggest that Arsenal’s first signing of the January transfer window, Mohamed Elneny from FC Basel, is done and dusted, but that the Gunners are awaiting a work permit before the deal can be announced.

The 23 year old has apparently passed a medical, but recent changes to the work permit system mean his move has become more complicated.

If a player had played more than 50% of his country’s internationals he was eligible, but this applied to the top 70 nations. It was recently changed to include only the top 50, which leaves the midfielder out of the loop.

But basically Phil Collins and John Terry are massive twats, so it should all be announced soon.

Happy new year!

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Looks like he’s going to be a fun player to watch!

David C

Welcome to Arsenal Elneny!

Dial square

I wish it would rain down, rain down on me….


Watch me whip, now watch Elneny.


Everything done by 1st of Jan – a welcome addition.

However it’s not Arsenal if there wasn’t a complication or two to get over!

I’ll go watch the video of his now!


Looks like he doesn’t shy away from a shot, we definetly need more of that! Pretty plays may not always work you know…


jeez he better not be at any of that shooting from outside the area lark, the boo boys will soon turn on him, look how the criticize Ramsey for doing it


This work permit stuff really baffles me.
Anyhow, here’s hoping he’ll adapt fast or that an eagerness to impress can lead to some coquelin type performances


You think they would be laughing while they stamp the Visa with all the tax they are going to pay over the contract.


I like how his shirt says Novartis. He’ll hopefully not be injury-prone


Don’t know what Novartis is but I assume it’s better than Dignitas.

Andy Mack

Novartis is a Pharmaceutical company.


Thanks, that’s dope


So is Dignitas. In a roundabout way.


I just watched a couple of his games and he looks like Ramsey running all around. He’s more Ramsey than coquelin

Rohith J

Totally. They were highlights though. Might have only shown his forays forward. But he’s definitely no Coquelin. He gets forward quite often.


He reminds me of Song/Diaby

Tarquin Farquar

I think you may find he is a direct replacement for Ramsey. He is a box to box player.


Basle fans tell me he could run all day like Ramsey. Apparently he is naturally more defensive but he’s asked to do more attacking work for the team because of his quality.

Luis Boa Muerte

I guess when a player steps up a harder level it’s a natural reaction to simplify their game. Just focus on the essentials of their job

It would be nice if he can bring the ball forward anyway, we’ve had to rely to much on Koscielny to get the ball to our forwards since Flamini has been there.


I really don’t know much about him, but the reviews seem to say he’s more box to box with accurate and good range of passing, 5 goals this season too…clearly being brought in to play in a Coylton MF positions, fine by me!


Should have said a couple of positions!


Maybe I’m insane but I don’t know why I keep receiving advert on this that says “Mourinho tells Mikel, he can leave Chelsea”.
Who ever told him he couldn’t. Or whatever….



Master Bates

Let’s see if he’s elneny good


john terry is certainly a cunt of the highest magnitute, but if alexis listens to phil collins while he walks his dogs…i just don’t know if i can hate him as much anymore.

sorry, blogs.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If you like music, you like Phil, lol. Hope Elneny will dance into the light.


Seems like a no risk signing, other than than if he turns out to be an absolute beast we’ll lose him for 5 weeks or so every couple of years to the African Cup of Nations and will need to fill in for him.

Looking forward to seeing his debut at home to Sunderland in the cup if his permit gets sorted out in time. If we can get one for the cone collector based on exceptional quality this should be simples.


Could be wrong but I don’t think Egypt have been qualifying for ACON lately


You’re right there but I should have mentioned the potential to lose him for for ACON.


Yup, hopefully one day they’ll sort their shit out and get those tournaments down to one every 4 years. Current situation is absurd.


It’ll go through in the end, but I wouldn’t put it past the FA to dick around on it for weeks before granting it.

Andy Mack

I think the work permit is a government thing rather than the useless FA, but they’re equally likely to ‘dick around’ as you say.


Welcome to Arsenal Elneny!! Good luck for the gunners next I hope is victor wanyama!! This guy if he come all kenyans will be Arsenal lol…his tough defending milfielder…then who’s next n who’s going


elneny who ? Henry ? who enuf said

Die Hard Gooner

eve if he isnt a pure defensive midfielder, two combative all action midfielders in ramsey and him can be great. If he is better than flamini which i am guessing he is, we are in a no lose situation. His passing range is also a nice asset.


Nobody is better than flamini mate. Nobody! A brace against the spuds, hit the Greek post and scared the shit out of aguero then do all those extra footballistic (is that a word?)activities actual in two months? He’s better than puyol and pique if you ask me. Only Gabriel can compare to him IMO

Kenyan Gooner

Wenger will make him worldclass.


I don’t think Sergio busquets is Coquelin either. Nor is xabi Alonso, modric, kroos, verrati, pirlo …

because football has just one coq and he’s ours


sergio busquets can afford to be “busquests” because he plays for barcelona (they don’t give a rat’s tits about defending and with good reason).

But what Arsenal needs right now is someone more defensive. Its no good him being better than flamini if he can’t do flamini’s job.

Having said all that, we are so depleted right now that any for ward addition should just be applauded.


I assure you if Barca put busquets up for sale, Wenger will be the first one to place a bid.
He’s def the most intelligent DM I have seen in YEARS.

Dom B.

And a big cheating cunt like most of them are at barca. No thanks.


only thumbed you up for “rat’s tit”


Mohammed, Mohammed elneny
He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

Rip Van's Winkel

It’s ironic, because John Collins is a delicious, Bourbon-based coctail,
and Phil Terry was a soulful singer in The Intruders. They are both great.


So we’ll be expecting him in 2018 after 3 loan spells then?

Welcome to arsenal Elneny!

Greek Gooner

DM has become the most important position in modern football. From the three names that we’ve been hearing for Arsenal Elneny, 23, is the cheap unknown but could become another Arsene masterstroke as I’m sure the prof has scouted the hell out of him. Sevilla’s Krychowiak, 25, a proven player in a top league with 20 international caps for Poland would certainly fit the bill but would cost 30-35 mil. However either of these players could face problems adapting to English football/life in order to have the immediate impact that we need. That only leaves one viable option. Victor Wanyama,… Read more »

King Kolo

“Bosses the midfield like Patrick.” Oh dear.


Did you just compare Victor Wanyama to Patrick Vieira? Sacrilege mate!

Greek Gooner

OK, no-one could ever boss the midfield like Patrick used to do, I’m just saying he’s that type of player that looks and is tough as nails, which is what we need right now.

Me So Hornsey

Wanyama isn’t good enough for Arsenal. He’s not even as good as Alex Song.

He’s big and strong, I’ll give you that, but not very technically gifted, a bit cumbersome, not a great passer, not that fast, fouls a lot and definately a downgrade on Coquelin.

Greek Gooner

I think you’re all missing my point, focusing on my (OK, unfortunate) comparison of Wanyama to Patrick (there will only be ONE Patrick Viera, agreed).
The point is that we need NOW a tough, combative DM that would provide IMMEDIATE impact. I can only think of Wanyama right now. Bringing someone new to the PL/England is too risky. We cannot afford to drop too many points from now on, the PL is there for the taking.


If strength if all we apparently need why not head down the gym and sign up any useless bugger? Free agents too, so cheap!

Wanayama is a blunderbuss, and we could have kept frimpong for that.


Well said mate. We’ve been crying for schnerderlin? Saying he will help us winning everything. Then he went to Manure! Then on the bench and they are right shit. Millions wasted. If wangnama was good for us, wenger would have snapped him from celtic before coming to Southampton in the first place


Happy New Transfer Window!

Ex-Priest Tobin

More bodies in midfield are welcome of course even if this guy does not look a worldbeater. I have a bad feeling the work permit won’t be approved though.

Dial square

Opinion seems split over this fella, either he is as good as Vieira (whoever thinks that can fuck right off) or he is a nobody and a complete waste of money.
Why don’t we just wait and see before passing judgment, because I for one am more than prepared to trust Arsene’s judgment, and unlike a lot of people on here I’m happy to admit Arsene knows more about football and spotting players than I ever will…..Arsene knows.

Naija Gunner

Blogs may I ask what the hell is between you and Phil Collins, is he anti Arsenal or what?
And hope the new guy( Elhni hope I got that right)becomes the Arsenal star player we all wanted.

Dom B.

It’s well known that blogs can’t stand him, and it’s pretty funny (maybe you can find some old blog posts about it). You’ve probably started to follow the blog more recently so you’re not awaee of it 🙂


He’s a spuds supporter.. You a need a better reason to hate him 😀


‘Now watch me whip. Now watch me Elneny.’

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