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Giroud hints at signing, has faith in squad

Olivier Giroud says Arsenal can win the Premier League with their current squad, refuting suggestions the Gunners must sign reinforcements in January if they are to stay the course in the title race.

Arsene Wenger has already admitted that he’ll be an active force during the transfer window with reports suggesting Egyptian midfielder, Mohamed Elneny, will sign in the coming week from Swiss side FC Basle.

Asked whether he wanted to see further additions, Giroud emphasised that with talented youngsters waiting in the wings, injured players soon to return and versatility amongst the attackers, Arsenal are well-equipped to maintain their position at the top of the table.

“Tell me where [we need players]. Just tell me where! I will explain the opposite judgement,” Giroud said.

“We have very good players as well on the bench, young players waiting to come in. They are very talented. I am not worried about it.

“I know that maybe we sign a player, an Egyptian one; Danny Welbeck will come back in a month and a half. Theo Walcott can play up front, Joel Campbell is doing well with his national team up front. If I am less good or get injured, we still have a solution.

“To be champions in a season – and I know that because I was a champion with Montpellier [in Ligue 1 in 2011-12] – you need talent, of course, but you need a bit of luck and sometimes you cannot play a fantastic game.

“We have experienced players like [Mathieu] Flamini, Per [Mertesacker], Petr [Cech] and even Lolo [Laurent Koscielny]. We have a good relationship between young players and experienced players. The older players need to bring confidence to the youngest and lead them.

“That is what I try to do sometimes. I always encourage them and show them, maybe, in a nice way, the best solution. All together, we are going to do it.

“We have a very good squad. We can play every competition and we will focus 100 per cent.”

We like the cut of Olivier’s handsome jib – it’s great he trusts his teammates – however, it’s possibly worth reminding him that half of the squad are made bone china rather than actual bone and as such a couple of new faces shouldn’t do us any harm.

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Giroud is a key player for us this season. Wish he didn’t he just ignores the critics and focus on pushing for the league and proving them wrong in May


I read that headline as “Giroud hints at Singing” then. I’m a tad disappointed, no dulcet Gallic tones for me.


“Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like moi?”

Gooner Smurf

don’t cha!

Gudag Bedil

lol i cracked


He could bee the Charles Aznavour of football.




This is a great chance we cant afford not to take….. new faces will definitely do us no harm provided is not a Silvestre.


It’s been a while since giroud scored a towering header.

It’s been a while since someone hit a rocket past a keeper.

Its been a while since el neny got confirmed. Hope to see him at Sunderland


Fuck. I’m really starting to believe now.


Just score another 10 Oliver and stay fit that’s all I give a fuck about right now.


In addition to needing quality cover for all positions I think the biggest key to getting us to the title is to have valid competition for all spots, especially up front. Wenger has great faith in his players (sometimes to a fault), but having to compete for your spot and playing time can only bring out the best in these players. Nobody has an attitude when they don’t play as you see with some squads (like Costa with Chelsea), but rather they’ve all proven that if they aren’t selected they will work harder to get back into the squad. You’ve… Read more »


I’d like to see Joel Campbell given a run out at centre forward for us at some point, as & when Giroud & Walcott are either rested, or used as wide forwards respectively.

Campbell’s hold up & link up play is very good, and he knows where the goal is too. He’s also got plenty of experience playing in that position for his country, including at a world cup where he shone, so let’s see what he can do in that position in the league.

We might be pleasantly surprised.


Someone else that believes.


Hi magneto – I was as well thinking about how good Joel Campbell could be – I believe he could develop into a top top player. He’s done well so far and the reason I believe he wasn’t playing the other night was because he was being rested for Saturday and to give the ox a chance
Arsenal spokesman


He definitely has the potential to play there, I just think it will be a risk “trying” it unless we really have to.

Walcott has taken a fair amount of time to develop into a CF option. Campbell on the other hand has the advantage of playing there for country… so you never know what will unfold in the coming months.


Wow. Somebody is very optimistic about poor Danny. 1,5 months? Like he’s never heard of the Setback brothers. Wish he’s right and everything goes smoothly.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

Danny Setbeck


Dat Setbeck!


Of course he’s not going to tell you we need cover. Without at least a cm/dm signing, this team will implode by march. The signs are there. We are barely getting by with Ramsey and Flamini in midfield.
We have 2 high pressing teams in spuds and Liverpool to play away and I’m really worried about how we’ll cope against them.
So yes, we DEFINITELY need a signing.


I’m loving the team spirit. The signs are brilliant. I remember in the last game when Ramsey tried a flick and almost hurt himself, Giroud ran back into midfield and was pushing everyone in shape. It’s great to see a forward that’s willing to do the dirty work. It really does feel like our year. The players are playing for each other. Have faith you gooners!

The Only Olivier is Giroud

“Sometimes I try to show them, in a nice way, the best solution”. I can’t help but picturing him teaching the young strikers in the academy how to make those near post runs like “GOD DAMN! I SAID YOU FLICK IT WITH THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR LEFT BOOT! FUCKSAKES!”


I actually think we should try Ramsey as a false nine. He is too selfish to be a central midfielder.But with his excellent runs and a bit of sharpness in his finishing, he might just do a muller at front.


Switch off your Playstation now.


Good one mate. But seriously, just think about it for a moment. He really enjoys scoring goals,he is calm in front of the goal(maybe too calm), he is happy to run the pitch all day, and his runs are just sublime. On the other hand,despite what he says, he is not that good on linking the defense to the attack. The last two games, for example, he was waiting for the ball at top rather than starting the moves for the most part. Ozil was forced to drop deep to start the moves. Flamini may not be the world greatest… Read more »


I laughed way to much at this haahaha


He is an excellent central midfielder who is too selfish when he gets near the box. All you need is to deal with that selfishness, not wasting his midfield talents.


That isn’t a bid idea actually…. Well, IF WE HAD SOME OTHER CM OPTIONS!!!


This reads like Giroud’s reaction to the rumours in German media that Wenger offered Borussia Dortmund Ł42 million for Aubameyang (who eclipsed Lewandowski as the best scorer in the Bundesliga as well as in all of the top five European leagues with 18 goals). I don’t know whether to trust those reports (or, if true, how serious Wenger was). Giroud indicated earlier that he upped his game this season also in reaction to Henry saying a few months ago that Arsenal needs a better finisher. He did improve significantly (and the focus player evolution is an Arsenal speciality I cherish),… Read more »


The danger we are clearly facing is to win the premiership without signing. If that happens then Wenger will be right against all the so called football experts and the majority of the fans. At least signing even one player, even if he doesn’t play will save our faces then we can say ‘yes we had to sign in order to win this’ Citeh is the only opponent now and we beat them with half of our regular team. Vardy is failing to proceed for a forceeable future (sorry for the posh English, couldn’t resist) so the title is ours… Read more »

sixteen swans over ainola

If the current return dates are anything like correct, I can understand Giroud’s faith. Arteta: Any day now. Alexis: Sunderland/Liverpool. (Perhaps our most important returnee). Coquelin: Back on his hind legs and running things off. Cazorla: Mid-February. Rosicky: Back in training later this month. Welbeck: Sometime next month. Wilshere: Bit of an unknown. What would be extra nice is that we could have Ozil, Alexis, Cazorla and Coquelin ready to face Barcelona on the 23rd of February. There’ll be setbacks, obviously. And probably some new injuries. Loanees will return. Debuchy might go out on loan. And there’ll always be the… Read more »

A Xerioz Gunner

In my tribe (Igbo) of Nigeria, Lolo is the title given to the wife of a chief. If The Boss is Lolo, is that an assertion on Per being a Chief (or captain in this case)…. Sorry, I digress. Just another happy Gunner. Onwards, Upwards and Forward yea Gunners


Press still harping on about us needing players in four positions. 1)”World Class Striker”. We have 3 who play the position. One out injured, two available and scoring. Meanwhile Liverpool signed Benteke and Firmino for close to 60m combine and the press were wanking off to it. Liverpool are struggling to score. United have only Marttial (at 36m) after Rooney. Costa hasn’t been scoring till recently, Loic Remy we were told wasd better than Giroud (Falcao anyone, he’s ‘World Class’). City have Aguero in and out (rushing him back has hampered his form) and next to him Bony. 2) Cback.… Read more »


As always a good analysis and a well worth read, Santori.

Sparky Rowe

“Tell me where [we need players]. Just tell me where! I will explain the opposite judgement,” Giroud said.

Love it!


They should give that Gabriel lad a run upfront. Impressed with his link up play with Özil against Bournemouth. Could be a brilliant move. =P

Dial square

I’m all for pulling together and getting the injured players back, but Aubameyang would be a fucking great signing…can’t see it happening in January though.


He’s recently signed a deal to stay with Dortmund till 2020.

Very expensive to prise away now, I’m afraid.


Signing Aubameyang means guaranteed tactical edge. Any team should be scared of forwards like giroud,theo,Alexis,chambo,Campbell and aubameyang.
I think we can really compete with Madrid,Barcelona,bayern if we manage to get aubameyang. Plus he seems like a nice lad and I love his celebrations.


Blimey. I missed out welbz. I think welbz is better than aubameyang. So we probably won’t sign aubameyang.

Santa Cazorla

Giroud is great, but we really need some rotation in the CF position. Would like to see Walcott back up front once Sanchez is back.


I don’t know yet what that ‘Six fingers’ celebration mean. Koscielny did it too.

Martin Finley

Considering we are scoring less this season, conceeding the same, and the win, loss, draw ratio being allmost identical compared to last season aswell as the usual humiliating knock out from capital one cup and barely scraping through the group stages of the Champions League by the shortest straw yet, then I would say improvements to the squad is most welcome. Our team still got plenty of room for improvement, and I for one think it would be nice to push on towards a level of quality where we are able to challenge for the Champions League like we did… Read more »


Explain your thinking, please.


About Giroud being selfish and worried.


I’m glad it is starting to mention he was a champion with Montpellier, in a league PSG and Monaco at the time ruled.

Yet still people say you can’t with the league with Giroud up top.


I like this quote…

“All together, we are going to do it.”

We seem to have the greatest team ethic of all the top teams challenging. It puts us in pole position for our first league title since the Invincibles.



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