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Serge Protection : Gnabry recalled from West Brom loan

According to The Telegraph, Arsenal and West Bromwich Albion have agreed to prematurely end Serge Gnabry’s season-long loan.

Seemingly struggling to impress Tony Pulis, the Germany under-21 international has only made one start and three substitute appearances since moving to the Hawthorns in the summer.

Gnabry, who has 19 first team appearances to his name at Arsenal, is set to return to the Emirates in the coming days to discuss his options for the second half of the season. While the Gunners have injury problems it’s likely he’ll look for a new loan deal, possibly in the Championship.

At the end of October, Wenger denied suggestions he’d recall Gnabry just because he wasn’t playing regularly.

“Serge Gnabry is on loan for a season,” he said. “We cannot get him back, before the transfer period anyway.

“Loans between Premier League clubs are season-long loans. I have heard that Tony Pulis is not happy with him.

“He [Gnabry] has to change his opinion because I think Serge has the quality to play in the Premier League and it’s good that he faces this type of challenge, to change Tony Pulis round, and I hope he is putting the effort in.”

Given Pulis’ favoured 10-1 formation usually features at least seven centre halves in the starting XI, it was never likely to be a match made in heaven.

At 20-years-old Gnabry still has time on his side to resurrect his Arsenal career, however, since suffering a serious knee injury that sidelined him for the best part of a year he’s struggled to find the dynamic form that saw him burst onto the scene three years ago.

The recall is probably more to do with allowing Mathieu Debuchy to go on loan to West Brom, to comply with Premier League rules that say only one player from any club may be loaned to another.

The Frenchman, as we reported at the weekend, is expected to seal a deal to spend the rest of the season with Tony Pulis’ side.

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Damn that tracksuit wearing imp… never again. Never again I say!


Fuck that tracksuit wearing cunt.

Get Serge back off of those footballing morons. Pulis clearly has no idea how to bring through a young talented player.

Wilshere's Coke Straw

Arsene actually wore a tracksuit the other day against Newcastle, albeit without the cunty cap.


Perhaps a switch with the white flag waving debuchy has swayed the return…


I guess this confirms Debuchy rumors – the man in the cap can’t have 2 of our players at once.
What next for Gnabry? Stick around and rotate Joel Campbell or another (championship?) loan? Would be a big step to cover back into the side after so little football.


He might be taking up Iwobi’s or Jeff’s place in the match day squad initially.


He’s far more likely to be back into a new loan unless he can magically impress in a very short amount of time. In a season like this we’re far better off trying to get Ox back on form, especially once Alexis is back.


Pulis style reminds me of George graham boring boring arsenal. Look at Stoke. They are doing well with some attacking talents with that solid defence similar to wenger early days with arsenal.

Pulis may not win you the title like graham. But he will guarantee top flight safety which is still quite a remarkable achievement. Personally, I rate him higher than that current Everton manager and the most recent ex Liverpool manager.


Your remarks would carry more weight if Pulis wasn’t such a dreadful human being. This sort of ‘Pulis Likefest’ should be reserved for a Phil Collins or John Terry blog page.


I hate to ask what may seem so obvious but why do we dislike phil collins?


Bandwagon effect from Blogs not liking him?


Blogs does we don’t so much..;-)


I like Phil Collins.. Blog doesn’t.


If Bloggs doesn’t, i don’t either.

Naija Gunner

Me too, I’ve been wondering why blogs and many fans here dislike Phil Collins, may I know Why…amybody?


Listen, it’s Monday. We all say some silly stuff every now and again on a Monday, that being said will you please never mention Mr. Graham, Tony Pulis and the word ‘remind’ in the same breath again.


except GG was wining trophy left and right and Pubis never come close to win one ?

Giroud's abs

I hear Man Utd are in need of a pacey goal scorer

Jack Wheelchair

Fat lad.


at last

Big Mad Andy

*Reads headline and stands up in the office and applauds*

Mayor of Woolwich

So, that is Matthew Debuchy going the other way then?


Why give that neanderthal a genuinely talented footballer in the first place? He made rory delap a thing in the premier league ffs.

Rastus Arum

Serge Gnabry is a gunner,he was born and bread in the gunners football philosophy of good football.How do you expect a 20 year old who has learned nothing but good football to suddenly change and be a star in a team of rugby players? Big joke gooners!

Gunner by birth


I think it is to show them how life is like when you are not at a football club like Arsenal. That makes them appreciate the opportunity given here more because what is talent for Arsenal is garbage for people like pulis. Shows what it takes to succeed in this league. I believe serge can make it. If he really wants to I guess he can even make it to the euros. Not kidding.


Real shame his injury last season cut off his progress so severely, imo he’s 3 times more talented than Ox, Campbell and all our other wings, just really needs some playing time to get back to it.

Let’s see who gnabs him next.


when has he ever proved that? both players were at the world cup and have played cl football. Gnabry has done nothing to deserve the hype at the moment and in my book has more to prove than OX and is just in front of Iwobi. he still has loads to do.


He did it in a short 10-game or so stretch two seasons ago when he turned in great performances nearly every time and even scored and assisted a couple. And note I said ‘talented’, as in has great potential, not ‘already amazingly brilliant’. Ox and Campbell have done much more in their careers so far but neither has displayed the combination of impressive pace, strength, technical ability, vision and good decision making that Gnabry did in that stretch. Campbell has come closer but doesn’t have quite the same aptitude to get past defenders. Will he necessarily be better than them?… Read more »


I agree he looked good when he played for us in that brief spell but Ox has impressed more against CL league opponents and International opponents in terms of pure talent and Campbell shone at the World Cup and CL last yr and in Greece where i think he won a title. Thats a lot of experince at a much higher level than Gnabry has faced. I like the kid (and he might turn out to be better) but st this moment just dont believe he is 3 x better than Ox or Campbell, if that was the case the… Read more »


For the last time, three times MORE TALENTED, not better.

Also, you might recall Joachim Low was very much considering calling him up to the German national team for the World Cup, which they went on to win, before he got injured. Gnabry was 18 at the time. Do you think Campbell or Ox could’ve made the German squad at any point in their careers? Didn’t think so.


Absolutely agree. Two seasons ago is a long time. Presently Gnabry has not done enough. he has increase competition from his ranks in the Academy too. Akpom looks hungrier, Iwobi, The Jeff, Benacer are all younger hopefuls with potential. Ox and Campbell are way ahead mainly due to experience. The Ox has not fulfilled his massive potential YET but shows glimpses of it. Campbell is more responsible with the ball but on his day, the Ox’s close control/forward running skill causes mayhem. Trouble is it also causes mayhem when he elects to do it from our backline. Its a question… Read more »

Clock-End Mike

Two years ago, Serge Gnabry was a frequent member of the squad, if not a consistent starter. He scored the first goal at Swansea when we beat them 2-1 early in our long run at the top of the Premier League, and many of us thought then he was something rather special.

Nothing since then has happened to change my mind.


If Gnabry was from Costa Rica or any other South American team (except Bra & Arg) or even African country he would have surely made it in the national team. He is from on earth would he get in that team..He defends responsibly and attacks really well..he will surely be one great player..


I worry for Debuchy — it’s normal for him to want to play regularly and be selected for the Euros, but I’m not entirely sure he’ll be guaranteed a starting place at WBA.


That is a truly humorous article title


Good for gnabry. At least that guy wont turn him into a ocre



This guy

Gnabry’s long throws were shite. Mr Garrison was right to punt him


Will Debuchy become their new pacey winger, he ventures over the halfway line to much to be a Pulis defender

Gooner Smurf

get out while you can Serge!


Shall he bum nothing


Send debuchy to westham and recall Jenkinson.


Jenkinson is a very limited player more suited for West Ham. When Debuchy leaves (on loan or otherwise), Chambers is likely to revert to his natural position at RB. He has more potential than Jenkinson as a surrogate to Bellerin. Chambers is more intelligent with the ball, technical and plays with his head up. The move back to Rback may be better for him as his nomadic journey around our squad positions has frankly hindered his growth. Particularly with a new mid coming in, Chambers will again find opportunity scant in central areas as he now has with Gabriel able… Read more »


This kid will make it at arsenal. Wenger believes in him and I think is time he comes home and fight for a spot. He played forst team football as an 18 year old andBthe talent was there for all to see. Who was the last Arsenal loanee to shine at a championship club?


I don’t think since coming back (from injury) he has done enough.

He may find himself behind some other players coming through as the competition is stiff. Akpom, Iwobi, the Jeff are all vying for a wide berth in the first team.

In his favour (like the others) he is still young.


Wide areas is getting increasingly competitive. We have Alexis coming back, Ox and Campbell are to me about even maybe the Costa Rican slightly more responsible with the ball but the Ox can create mayhem on his day with his running. The fourth spot is really Walcott’s. He is deployed as a striker too but with Welbeck (when) he comes back, I think the hold up play is better with Giroud and Danny whilst Theo is a different type of option. Really he is a quasi-CF able to add something different through the middle but also should be able to… Read more »


@Santori I usually find myself agreeing with your comments but I’m going to half to disagree with you slightly about Joel and the ox. I don’t think they’re about even right now. Joel is far ahead of him in maturity and composer( not to mention end product and defensive capabilities/overall awareness). im a fan of the ox but I think you’re downplaying Joel’s capabilities. We’ve yet to see him really demonstrate his attacking prowess fully. I agree with the ox seeming more explosive, like serge, but ox seems significantly closer to raw than he does first team reliable. Not a… Read more »


I don’t think he has disregarded Joel’s talents at all. I think the problem is people don’t understand thy are so different players with different capabilities. Joel’s much more of a link player and likes to hold the ball up and bring his team mates in with his distribution (more creative) if anything I’m not surprised he plays CF for his national team. He also combines that with good defensive work. The OX on the other hand is very much more a dribbler who likes to run with the ala Sanchez and create mayhem for the opponents fullbacks.i agree Joel… Read more »


I see what you’re saying but I think there’s a large difference between bashing and criticism. When a comment about a player isn’t positive or someone holds a player responsible for a mistake, it’s somehow bashing. Honestly, the ox hasn’t received “bashing”, people are just slowly beginning to question whether or not he’s the player we all thought he was or has the potential to be. When you talk about bashing, Joel should be the name that comes to mind. He wasn’t good enough without anything close to a fair shot. Ox has had significantly more time on the pitch… Read more »


We need all the bodies we can get for this title running. Second half of the season will be much tougher than the first.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Gnarby was massively overweight when he came back after injury – really unprofessional. A lot of people have a blind spot when it comes to our players. I guess this means the Debuchy loan is happening which seems unnecessarily reckless from Wenger unless he has a replacement locked in already.

Santa Cazorla

We guys really got to stop bashing the Ox!!!! We might come to regret it when he is playing for Liverpool or something like that!!!!!


Speaking the truth is not bashing…

Cliff Bastin

Good thing Gnabry got out while he can.


Is Gnabry doing a le coq?


Such a waste of talent sending him to work under a rugby boss.. His style would have never suited to a ball playing championship side will make sense..or would thrive for Bournemouth if they want a quality winger..


Bournemouth, Swansea, Newcastle, Villa are all three sides who play something resembling actual football who are in need of a quality winger and attacking impetus. Could see him improving every one of those sides tbf, although not sure how much that’s saying!

Obviously that would be preferable to a Championship loan but it really does depend on how that knee injury has affected his confidence as I don’t think I’ve seen him play since he returned.


I think it might have a lot to do with getting BFG and Özil to help him through this bad spell and that he needs that support at this stage in his development. If he goes out on loan again, Dortmund please.

Le Prof

In case anyone’s forgotten the talent/potential this boy has…


Seriously think this guy is a blue chip talent. I’ve been wrong before, mind. Still, blue chip I tell ya!

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