Sunday, November 28, 2021

Liverpool 3-3 Arsenal – Player ratings

For the second season in a row a late, late goal denied us three points at Anfield. Not our best performance, but a game we ought to have won given the position we got ourselves into.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Ox has been in the first team since 2011 yet contributed nothing. Compare his progress and impact to Bellerin, Coquelin and Campbell. We have Gnabry (deserves his chance imo) waiting. Both parties need to move on now. He is a braindead winger, time to leave. Atleast Gervinho scored every now and then…


He needs to go on loan.. Maybe to Valencia next season. He has no work ethic both offensively and defensively I dont know why that is.. for his age he’s seriously lacking in development and still plays like a championship player with not enough composure and tactical awareness. He looks like he just wants to get the ball put his head down and sprint to nowhere which he often ends up running into defenders because he’s not looking up, and because he’s not looking up he can’t see the players that are wide open. And then defensively he looks like… Read more »

J Bird

People said similar things about Ramsey a few years ago. Chill your beans. The Ox is still young and has bags of potential.

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Yes, let’s maybe let Wenger be the judge, afterall, he is the one who sees him in training every day of the week. Gervinho? Nonsense.


As they say, the British will never give up on one of their own however shit they are 🙂


People said the same about Coquelin and even Campbell – move him on. Look how they turned out. Give Chamberlain time. Arsene knows.


How can people forget that Ox has in fact contributed alot in some big matches (Chelsea this year, Manu last year, Bayern the year before that), aswell as been injured for big parts of almost every season he has been here for us. His dicision making is at times pretty shite, but some of you should really calm the fuck down, and stop condemning players’ abilities based on just a few matches, or in this case, minutes. He was brilliant in the weekend, but had some dificult minutes today at Anfield. Save your critisism for the end of the season.… Read more »


Did you read what you wrote.. all the contributions you write about were not this year lol and I think he’ll come good he just needs something i don’t know but a work ethic is very important the reason Ramsey ws able to bounce back is because of his work ethic even when he was mostly crap he still showed hunger and hard work and the OX doesnt show any of that… that whats concern me most. I like the OX and we know what he can produce on his day that why we should NOT sell him he still… Read more »


I didnt read through, but I know what I wrote, sure. I was simply responding to the statement that he never does anything. Also, his defensive contribution might not be the best, agreed. But I believe that it’s not for the lack of trying, he simply doesn’t seem like a good defender. Last, I rate Campell above both Theo and Ox for the time being. What he does at both ends of the pitch is bloody fabulous. But that doesn’t mean that Ox is shit. And last for real; my frustration lies with the people who judge a player as… Read more »


He’s played more games this season than Campbell and has ZERO goals ZERO assist and does nothing defensively. And then Campbell comes in and has at least 3goals if not more 3 assist if not more and his defensive contribution is Sanchez like so don’t you think right there’s something going with Chambo that needs to be addressed?? there’s something seriously wrong with that stat. The worst part is the way he’s playing he doesn’t look like he’s going to score or make a meaningful contribution. Its a worry not a Bashing


He actually hit the post our last match. But other than that, he does need to up his game, sure. I have no issues with people saying he should do just that, my issue is with the tsunami of wrath that rise whenever someone has a bad game, and the most tender of all sweet loves given whenever the same player does well.


lol no one’s hating the OX for hating sake.. I would love for him to do a Ramsey but I’ve been saying since he’s been at the Club he hasn’t had a breakthrough season like Ramsey Or Jack Wilshere first season or Coquelin last season and Bellerin last season.. mostly because he has been injured quite a lot but when he’s not injured which he hasn’t been of late he hasn’t produced. I hope he does a Ramsey next season because I thought he would have a breakthrough season this year and like you pointed out he’s actually contributed more… Read more »

Jimbo Jones

Let’s be frank: Ox is having an absolute stinker this season. I think as supporters we all have had to bear with players during spells of poor form, bloody hell some players we’ve got behind over the years were in poor form for their whole careers 😉 the thing i find particularly frustrating with the ox is the lack of effort, his attitude on the pitch is poor, he doesn’t take responsibility at the moment, and isn’t using his brain enough. I got the impression he thought (as did many fans!) that this was going to be his year. he… Read more »


Brendan, I was mocked here when I stated the same. My fellow gunners told me that how dare I say such thing about the OX. For a player that has been in the team for 5 years he ought do better. Take Campbell case on the other hand….can’t believe he has surpassed OX in the pecking order.


I totally agree


How is the first comment on here someone harping on about the Ox being a ‘braindead winger’?! I agree his progress has stagnated somewhat, but if you actually watch him in the matches he plays, everytime he comes on as a sub or starts, if he loses the ball, he looks down to the ground with disappointment and then tracks back/makes a tackle/attempts to make a tackle etc… Even a child could work out that this is what is hindering is progress. He seems to become too upset with himself that he has made a mistake, and so doesn’t react… Read more »


Sorry Anup, he often does not do exactly what you said he does, especially deep in our half – instead of running back, very often when he is near our own D, or on a set piece, you can see him drifting towards the attack before the phase of play has completed and we have secured the ball. In a recent game, look at him as he starts drifting towards the D and away from his man, who scores. Same with the needless dribbling run inside our own D to start the attack, and he has lost the ball often… Read more »


You are possibly right, but the games I have seen him in this season do not indicate so. I agree that he needs to improve but I do not agree with you on several points. 1. His technique is ‘poor’. – During the game before Liverpool, when we played Sunderland in the cup, he did not display poor technique, in fact it takes immense technique to do what he did when he hit the post. My feeling is that you have mistaken poor concentration for poor technique. I agree with you when you say that some of his passes are… Read more »


Agreed – Rambo should not be playing in a position where he is relied on to defend. Love that man but all he wants to do is score goals. The holes in the middle of the pitch last night in the liverpool half were gaping

Cazorla smile

I’m not against the OX. I love the guy. He has a big future. But he is not performing to the level he should be. His defensive awareness is poor. He puts his head down and runs, much like Sanchez, except he is not Sanchez and seldom produces moments of qualities that will win you the game. Sanchez is a mercurial player, but if you take out his end product, he could well be a liability because of the times he loses the ball. (probably gona get a lot of hate for this). You say the OX looks dejected. To… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Disagree that Ox looks cocky – you can see him constantly shaking his head and talking to himself when he does something wrong. I actually think this is part of the problem with his defensive work – he dwells on them too much. When you’re down you can have low energy, which I think is what happens with him – he seems to run back with a weight on his shoulders instead of trying to make up for his mistake defensively (like Sanchez and Campbell do). I also think the thinking “he just needs a goal” is exactly what he… Read more »

aussie gooner

Ramsey scored a crucial goal, but our midfield is a shambles with him in there. too keen to get forward all the time. left flamini in 2v1 or even 3v1 situations way too often.


Agree, Love ramsey’s positives – goal scoring threat timing of runs and energy etc, but bugger me in 40 yrs of watching Arsenal I have rarely seen a midfield player lose or give possession away so much his short passing game is non-existent, he constantly puts team mates under pressure that’s if his passes even make their direction. He dwells on the ball far too long on numerous occasions and is often chasing because wrong side of man. Stll nice finish though! Would be far better as we all know with caz or wil or even rosicky in that cm… Read more »

Jung Beans

Agreed, but what about his commitment to the cause? That whack he took on the head from Mignolet, after which he was up before he even fell, running back into defense. Say what you want about Ramsey, but he is not short on commitment. Even on disappointing days like this, and as frustrating as he can be, I must say, I am a big fan of Ramsey.


Feel like trying to accommodate three in midfield might be worth it at this point. Anyone think ozil may play just fine out on the left now that he’s fully used to the league? I suspect he may, he drifts out there most of the time anyway these days. In which case a front three of him Giroud and Campbell with Ramsey, flamini and elnenny (assuming it happens soon..) could be worth a shot. Our midfield is so easy to bypass at the moment, an extra body could really help while we wait for players to return. If we’ re… Read more »

Norwegian gunner

Isn’t that just as much from Flamini not being as good as Le Coq? If Elenny is as good as everyone thinks he is then maybe he can be enough to shore up that. Will take some time to learn the ropes of the league though


Not for me, sorry.
Moving our best CAM, arguably our best player, to the left (not the same as drifting to the left, as being stationed on the left requires more defensive work, which will stunt his influence) to compensate for the inadequacies of our wayword CM isn’t the solution. Either get a partner that suits Ramsey, move Ramsey or drop him altogether (I vote for option 1).

Also where does Sanchez fit into all of that? Please don’t say right, because that inhibits him from getting into central position where he is best.


With Elneny in I’d expect the team to be much the same as today but him in for the flam and Walcott put for Alexis.
That should be enough for Stoke.. On current form though, against a bigger team I’d be inclined to drop Rambo. Love the guy but he does lack a little discipline at times, and with Alexis back and Campbell playing well we shouldn’t miss his attacking. Of course that’s all providing this Elneny kid arrives ready and able.


Depending upon the form of Elneny when he comes in one option is to move Ramsey back to RM (where I think he played his best this season) and bring Elneny in to sit with Flamini. That would of course push Campbell out of the lineup (assuming Sanchez has returned) which is a tough one given his form now. However, I don’t think Wenger will make any changes with Ramsey being moved out of the middle as he seems to have full faith in him. More likely is Elneny will start off coming in late in games as Chambers and… Read more »

Santi's Smile

Not really sure a lineup that leaves in Flamini and takes out Campbell will lead to any kind of improvement in any aspect of Arsenal’s play.

Fireman Sam

Yeah taking Campbell out would make little sense right now – the guy is on fire


Oh hell no, I dream of the day Flamini is back on the bench. See now, he would have been good to come on at the end instead of Arteta. Over 90 minutes he’s a liability. Can’t pass, can’t dribble. He’s crippling our central midfield in possession. Love his effort, but he’s not good enough to be a starting CM for us, in ‘big’ games anyway, not even close. He might do better in alongside, say, Cazorla, but even then the difference between him and Coq or him and Arteta of yesteryear is painfully clear.


When Alexis comes back , its Walcott whos gonna get benched, excellent work by Campbell.


Certainly removed from the wing, but Olivier is gonna need a breather soon because he takes so much of a beating every game. I think rest will be needed for him sooner rather than later, Walcott may well take his chance at that point.


Walcott definitely is more effective now at striker (which is a problem as Giroud is doing well). Does almost nothing out wide left and his days at being effective aren’t the same as they were when Sagna was playing behind him as they are now with Bellerin who is far more capable in the attack as a dribbler and crosser than Sagna was.


Injury depending, we really need to get Alexis back in. Preferably for Theo considering Campbell’s purple patch.

Junco Partner

Watching the Ox go forward with the ball is thrilling. The speed! The agility! Oh… Wait… The the ball went into touch for a goal kick. Wait! He’s back! He’s going to score this time for sure! Oh, my mistake, he just had the ball nicked… Again. Sorry.


Walcott, so poor. One bad decision after the other. Can be brilliant, can be crap. Needs the consistency of a Giroud
Ox – not sure how much longer Arsenal can continue to believe in him. Campbell far superior.


Ox decision making. Pfffff. I really were were going to extend the lead. He had time and space to pick Ozil. But he chose to do what? I don’t know what he was trying to achieve there.

Otherwise contended with the draw and especially lifted by the emergence of Campbell. Still top of the table.

Angry first timer

He’s claimed Walcott’s “No footballing brain” badge.


Seems like he decided to base his game this year on andross Townsend.


Even though the game was incredibly entertaining, it is matches like these where I ultimately have to wonder which role it is the defensive midfielders are actually playing. Especially Flamini was neither a link between defense and offense (received the ball only 13 times, opposed to 43 for Ramsey) nor the one to calm the match down, considering he only managed to recover the ball two times (well into Liverpool‘s half).

Liverpool didn’t do any better in this aspect, though. Most of times the DMs were either far too aggressive for their own good.

Glasgow Gunner

Bit harsh. He did win us a trophy and started the season well enough. Blighted by niggling injuries most likely.


Poor Ox

Hope he stays away from social media
He’s getting some ( negativity social media booms)

We want him to be the saviour, but he’s just a child with insecurities ( self confidence )

In my opinion, he will come good ( wait and see)
He just needs to score a goal

How good was Giroud and Campbell tonight ( bravo )


I don’t think he’s insecure,really needs to calm down and be aware of what’s going on around him. I think


Presume Joel was pulled in favour of the Ox because of fatigue but the late-game substitutes didn’t get the job done tonight. Monreal was by far the best in a defense that was a little off tonight. Agree with Blogs on the Ramsey – Flamini partnership, it’s not working and we’re getting punished for it. Hopefully, El Neneny will offer some different possibilities …

Overall, a point was probably fair but can’t shake the feeling we got robbed!


Now there’s a bloke who knows f/a about football.
On a positive note…….other teams in the mix are not going to find Anfield an easy place to visit.
We got a point, now we move on……..

Steve from Oz

A little harsh on Per tonight he had no real fault nor could he have done anything about the goals and his passing deficit reflected the obvious press breaking tactic of long ball to Olllie. Put his body on the line won everything in the air plenty of tackles block and ball recoveries. The two sliding clearances that saved goals have to be the defensive equal of scoring goals no?

John C

Today we saw the ying and yang of Aaron Ramsey, scored a goal and got an assist but it doesn’t really make up for the fact he doesn’t do the basics of his position, like pass and control the ball consistently and defend.

Campbell was excellent and Giroud’s goals were fantastic


Ramsey does tend to get back into a defensive position then nothing. I lost count of the times Liverpool’s midfield drifted past him without much effort. I know he covers great ground but he’s got to get more dynamic in defensive.

John C

He always appears to be sprinting back


If Barca comes in for Ramsey with an offer anywhere near £50 mil as rumoured lately, sell him and spend the cash on Aubameyang.
Agree that Ramsey, his attacking prowess notwithstanding, harms the team with his eagerness to get forward. It won’t matter which dm partners him, Ramsey will ALWAYS leave his midfield partners hanging because he is too eager to get into the opponent’s box.
Never mind that this also crowds the box for our attackers …

John C

The very idea that Barcelona would buy Ramsey is laughable in my mind.

To play for Barcelona you need rock solid technique, exemplary control, excellent passing and discipline, none of those qualities you would associate with Aaron Ramsey.

He would be back on loan at Everton within 18 months if they were ever mad enough to buy him!


Spot on on Ramsey. Games like these show you can’t get away with it by just escaping your duties as a central MF by playing as a quasi-striker or no 9. Everything from positional discipline to quick thinking/passing was missing from him.

That MF was simply over-run – could neither keep possession nor retain it for even a short spell.


we simply lack the killer instinct to finish off game. At 2-3 we had the chances on the breaks but kept trying flicks.

Plus Joel Campbell 10/10. Nacho too

Alex Partridge

Joel CampBRILL.


Campbell I love you ! It’s the Coq all over again for me. Kept us in it and for me our best player tonight. Imagine him and Sanchez on either wing. Glorious.


For the first half hour I thought Özil was wearing a Joel Campbell costume

Arteta's hair

Nacho was a boss tonight. 9/10 from me.


This team has the spirit to win the title, but we really need cavalry – in the shape of Alexis, then Coq, Santi et al – to come soon.


Minutes from 3 points? Gutted!!!!!


Wenger confirmed the Elnenny signing, and hopes his clerance will have arrived in time for him to be included v Stoke, and also said that Alexis will have a fitness test on Saturday to decide if he will be in squad v Stoke


someone explain the arteta for ozil substitution to me? i get why ozil had to come off as he was exhausted, but what exactly does arteta bring to the side when we’re under that kind of onslaught? it’s not like liverpool was going to let arteta have time on the ball to see out the game. i’m not blaming him for the dropped points, but hard to see what good it did having him in the side at that point in the match.


Probably meant to calm everybody down and help in keeping our shape with Ramsey running wildly all over the pitch. Easy to be smart in hindsight but it just feels we would gain more from the huzzle and buzzle (and aerial presence) of Chambers in those last few minutes.


actally, maybe i can blame arteta. he lost his man allen in the buildup and wasn’t covering anyone on that goal. 5 points he’s cost us now.


This is a team that misses playing with its Coq.

Die Hard Gooner

Welcome El neny


Can’t wait to watch him whip, watch him neyney.
(sorry had this one in my head every time I hear his name)


Özil was poor today. His body language was so poor at times. Never a 6 if Theo gets a 4.
should get his head down and fight instead of moaning around. As Campbell did.
Really hope Elneny is happening soon. We need some balance in that midfield against better teams.

Crash Fistfight

He showed flashes of brilliance but agree he was poor by his (very high) recent standards – was overwhelmed at times in the first half and not always efficient in the 2nd (to be fair, the whole team was guilty of this at 3-2 – could’ve been running the ball into the corners instead of trying to score every time we retrieved it).


Monreal was outstanding tonight, Kos and Per not near their best, Bellerin had his good and bad moments. Flamini adds little, Ramsey a goal and an assist, Campbell works himself to a standstill, Theo is not in good form, Giroud was immense, Ozil picked up in the second half after a poor first half, Ox is way off form, playing with his head down so much. I think Wenger erred bringing on Arteta, with LFC pumping high ball to Benteke and Caulker it might have been better to bring on Gabriel or Chambers. So many of the team in recent… Read more »


Joel Campbell should be MOTM in my opinion. Other than those two goals I didn’t think Giroud did enough today actually for the past few weeks he’s looked out of it somewhat but the occassional assist and 2goals tonight would mask that…I just hope he keeps up the scoring and assist but also his overall play because it has not been satisfying. Also this brings the debate why Giroud will never be considered world class because he misses sitters my 6yr old nephew can score..but then goes on to score a cracker! it’s so frustration when you see a player… Read more »


Another brilliant performance by Giroud. I think he’s gonna need reminding again that he’s not supposed to be a World Class Striker (TM).


Ohhh he did get his reminder on MOTD by Shearer and I was thinking to myself SHUT UP Shearer. Joel my God we truly have a player on our hands. Giroud and Nacho brilliant too.


…as if Shearer could ever have done what Giroud did for his second goal.

Edu's Braces

10/10 – the boys on the pitch, because no one is talking about OUR injury crisis.

Little Mozart

Great game for the neutrals tonight. Giroud is having his best season for us, and it’s no coincidence that it’s come at a time when we’re looking so strong in the league. We desperately need players back though, especially the midfield CazCoq combination.


I really don’t understand Ramsey. He has complained during the whole fucking season that he wants to play centrally. And when the opportunity finally arrives the guy just runs all over the place. His positioning discipline is dreadful, leaving Flamini exposed all the time. I know it might sound as blasphemy but I’m secretly beginning to hate this guy. What will happen when Santi comes back? If Joel keeps playing like this I just don’t see him getting back into the starting eleven. Should we cash on him now?

Crash Fistfight


1. He brings something different to our game than Santi (see Saturday’s game and the goal he scored yesterday).
2. He’s young enough that he might actually learn when to go and when to stay.
3. Santi is 30 (or nearly 30 – not sure) so he’s not going to be around for too many more seasons himself, especially if he decides to play out his twilight years in Spain.

Crash Fistfight

*1…brings something that Santi doesn’t


I think more than even Coquelin’s absence we really miss Carzola in the middle, he did so well holding the middle and staying home (as well as being a great distributor from there). Of course he always had Coquelin with him and not Flamini as Ramsey does, but as many have mentioned there is something not working with the current partnership. What worked well with Ramsey out wide right was when he could come into the middle (leaving the width for Bellerin) and really help us beef up our possession (isn’t really Campbell’s game), but with Ramsey in the middle… Read more »


We missed Santi a fair bit tonight. He can run rings around those high presses (quite literally). He was amazing last season when we won at Man City, and I imagine he could’ve done something similar tonight. Anyways, still top, and let’s hope we have enough in the tank for Stoke on Sunday – the jammy feckers played an hour against ten men.

American Goon

The Midfield feels lite because Cazorla was great there. I think we’re missing his influence, and without our Coq, its just compounding the fact that while the Midfield is working, the partnerships between Coq, Cazorla and Ramsay was our best working lineup there. We’ll see what Rozza can do once he’s back; Cazorla Lite. Ad hang on. A good deal of key players are out, and we’re still getting positive results. No harm done in a point today, I say. Jurgen isn’t some dodse manager; that man knows his stuff lol

Dan Mazey

A lot said about the performance and result, so i’m just going to go a different way…
For anyone saying we need a ‘world class striker’ just take a look at Giroud’s second goal… If that’s not world class I don’t know what is! Give the guy some credit!


Did anyone else think Giroud’s second goal looked a lot like what Lewandowsky does? Wow! Go on with your bad self Ollie!


Bergkampesq <3

Girouds' Hair Wax

It’s not a major thing but the constant media action from players like the ox just really niggles me. If youre on top form then no problem, mess about on snapchat and what not. But when you are not inform and are consistently playing poorly then I feel players need to get their head down and work hard. Forget being cool online, their job is to play football and when they arent doing that I feel more professionalism is required


Do you expect them to stop being real people for all but the 90 mins they are on the pitch and few hours a day of training. As long as they arn’t snapchatting on the pitch or during training drills I have no problem with them being normal functioning humans. I think people often forget footballers have lives outside the 90 mins we watch them a week. I do think Ox is at a crucial stage of his career now, where he isn’t considered the golden boy young potential winger, but I do feel his game isn’t suited to some… Read more »


We were terrible defensively. They passed through the middle of the park with ease. But on a positive note, we showed character, coming from behind twice and that is something I havent seen for years. But hey, its the kop….one point is good.


Need to get Sanchez back asap..Been so disappointed with Theo and Ox recently. Ox looks like he is short of confidence and nothing is going right for him..Feel sorry for him right now to be honest but with him i think he has the actual ability to improve on the sloppy parts of his game. Theo however….. Cannot play anywhere but upfront…Nothing feels me with more pride when see a player develop and improve their game over time…Monreal, Campbell, people like Giroud and Koscielny..With Walcott we have all been sitting around for 10years waiting for him to develop into something… Read more »


careful what you say about arteta. last time i suggested he shouldn’t be allowed on the pitch i think my comment set a record for quickest time from post to being “hidden due to low comment rating” (current thumbs down count of 239). i doubt even fatgooner has been shut down as quick as i was.

but i agree 100% with you on arteta. he’s past it and a shame he’s on the bench because wenger will continue to pick him in these situations. it was the wrong substitution and that’s on wenger.


And you’re still being thumbed down despite saying nothing more than the post above you which has no thumbs down. Outstanding.

Crash Fistfight

Agree with all of that apart from the part about Ibe – I thought he looked equally dogshit (typical British-style head-down winger with no end product, but fast so seems dangerous – see Demarai Gray as well).

Cech's Hat

Come down everybody. This was a good point.

Jung Beans

At 1-2 down, yup, agreed – I thought a point would have been a great result. But at 2-3 up, with 2 minutes to go, I have to admit that it stings a little and feels like 2 dropped points. But these things happen. And as I see it, we’re still top of the league, Elnenney coming in, Alexis on his way back…things are pretty good.


Let’s be fair here lads ozil 6 tonight is a joke he contributed nothing to the game,wonderful as he has been all season tonight he looked like he was not interested and should have been substituted first as Campbell played a stormer and was wrongly subbed by Arsene ,I always feel we treat the English lads harder than others because Walcott was not a 3.5 ,we went to a anfield and drew 3-3 and were well on top till Arsene took Campbell and Walcott off

Cazorla smile

He got no service. The midfield duo does not function well against better teams. Ozil saw very little of the ball. We all know by now that he doesn’t run around. His play is more intricate. But he needs the ball. When Ramsey was bashed by everyone for missing that chance, I didn’t quite agree in that particular instance. But Ramsey really looks selfish. There were many times in this game (from what I saw) when he could’ve/should’ve passed to Ozil but didn’t. Tried to take his man on, or looked for the Hollywood pass and failed. Somebody needs to… Read more »


Why does Wenger continue putting arteta on? He loses Allen on the goal. I mean come on. What a waste. Put on Gabriel who is actually a defender. Needed the points because we have stoke next.


I didn’t understand that sub either. Sure, in a game where we are getting possession he can help see it out, but it was all hands to the deck and Arteta’s legs at the best of times aren’t cut out for that anymore. Odd.


There will be a lot of gnashing of teeth over a missed opportunity. We might even cry offside for the last goal. But in my view, we could have lost but show character and gumption to come back TWICE. Which tells us we have self belief which has been solely lacking and we don’t panick. We also learnt that players like Walcott and Ox might not be suitable in certain games. We noted that Ramsey might prove a liability unless he gets checked. But we also know that Giroud contrary to everyone else is WC. Campbell is a terrific player.… Read more »


Cech’s saved us several times this season, but it wasn’t his night at all last night.

He could have done better for the first goal, and definitely for the third. The second goal reminded me of Szczesny. I don’t know if his positioning/footwork was the best on that one.

The good thing is that he’s gotten a below-par performance out of the wayz and we’ve come away with a point at anfield. Not the worst thing in the world.

We really need to win at Stoke now.


I hope too but a draw in that dreadful atmosphere won’t disappoint me at all…


After watching the last night game, I feel that Walcott playing with Ozil isn’t working as it should. Walcott movement off the ball at times is very predictable and thus kills the unpredictability of Ozil’s passes. I think it explains why most Ozil’s assist are to the rest of the players while logic will point that Walcott with his speed could be easily picked by Ozil. I also hope we could settle the central mid problem. I would suggest to drop Walcott and start Arteta if Mohamed isn’t ready.


Damn, so close. A good game.

Aaaaand, I’m just gonna say it: as a footballer, Theo, is just not very smart. He’ll NEVER be a natural, instinctual player, so he needs to cut out the stupid crap. I’m not sure he can entirely, but if he keeps it simple he can be a useful, albeit exceedingly overrated, player on certain occasions.


He’s talented, fast, and something gets good runs, but THIS is agree, George. He isn’t very intelligent or visionary, and he needs to stop acting like he is.


Joel Campbell (y) Nacho Monreal (y) Olivier Giroud (y) (y) PS: That Giroud goal (2nd one) is what I dream of him doing every match day before the game. Swift move and shoot!


Joel you didn’t get out while you could! great t see him prove the doubters wrong. a marvelous little player what a game, the first half was just insane in terms of intensity , pool played like the dortmund of old. the regrets is we had the upper hand in the second half and did not kill the game and we sat back too deep. arsene’s subtitution were bad! klopp got him on that one! cech : thank god he is here , am sure with our ex goalies liverpool could have past one or two more… the back four… Read more »


We now need Alexis asap.

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