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Iwobi starts again: Everton v Arsenal line-ups

A huge game at Goodison Park today as Arsenal desperately look to regain some form. It’s just one win from the last eight, so the pressure is well and truly on.

Here are the official line-ups.

Everton: Joel, Baines, Funes Mori, Jagielka (c), Coleman, McCarthy, Bešić, Cleverley, Lennon, Barkley, Lukaku

Subs: Howard, Stones, Kone, Niasse, Deulofeu, Osman, Galloway

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Elneny, Ozil, Iwobi, Alexis, Welbeck

Subs: Macey, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Chambers, Walcott, Campbell, Giroud

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Selection-wise, I’ve no problem with it. It’s all up to the players

Ex-Priest Tobin

Get out while you still can Joel.


Happy with the line-up but feel its a bit unfair on Joel Campbell. Iwobi is a great player either way so strong side still! Hopefully Theo doesnt get subbed on like last game though… Now that’s blasphemy!


Guys please make this saturday a good one for the gooners can’t remember the last time we gooners had a good saturday football wise. C’mon gooners! it’s a limp one but heartfelt

Arsene's handkerchief

Make or break lads, do us proud, COYG!


Here’s to hope!

I don’t really rate Joel in the Everton goal, so he’ll probably have the game of his life…


Nothing less than three points guys.


come on iwobi.. ur first goal today..

Jack Lewis

Iwobi!!! Welcome to regular premier league football!


Treatment of Joel Campbell by wenger, is a disgrace


All because Mr Wenger has no balls to bench struggling Alexis. Perhaps £30m tag is getting over him. Play Cambell and Iwobi both. If Iwobi deserve a chance based on one performance, it’s impossible to understand why Cambell don’t.


I dont understand it, dont get me wrong I rate Iwobi but if theres one thing we need at the moment its players with end product in the final third and Iwobi despite playing well hasn’t had that so far, Campbell is one of the few players in the whole squad who has, it’s a no brainer. Why does Wenger always have to make it hard for himself.


The reason is: Campbell is not french and is not injury prone

Andy Mack

And of course you guys know how he was training and that he’s not carrying a knock so AW is trying to not to risk a long terms injury. (I don’t know either way).

Pacific Gooner

I feel the team lacks width with Ozil, Sanchez & Iwobi, even though Campbell does like to come in he also does take the ball out wide

Pacific Gooner

Why no Campbell?


instead of?



Belfast Gooner

Come on you Gunners. We may not be happy with various things these last few weeks. But as a fanbase we need to get behind these players and shout until we are hoarse! Lets get 3 points today!

Getso gunner

I still can not understand why not to start with Campbel


I think Campbell isn’t starting simply because the fans want him to start & Wenger is trying to prove he knows better. It’s ridiculous.


Now this is the truth, the guy is unbelievably stubborn


What more does Campbell has to do to start?
Would have definitely picked him over Sanchez.

Bob Davis

I think this is our strongest side. Looking forward to seeing Iwobi and Elneny again after the Barcelona game. A must win game. COYG!


I’d prefer Chambers for Gabriel and Campbell in the side, but COYG we can win this


Cambell probably had lead to
Arsene Wengers divorce. There can’t be any other reason :/


Low blow, have some decency.


What a crass, puerile , moronic comment. Grow up.


Come down off your high horse, can’t people make jokes anymore?


Do let me know when you make one.


I just think Wenger rates Iowbi more than Campbell. No big drama for me.


and Iwobi as well!


apart from my spelling!


But based on current form i think Campbell probably should be in the starting line up ahead of a few ppl.


To be fair Campbell gave the ball away loads last time and Iwobi can only get better…


If Walcott gets on before Campbell then there’s seriously something under the surface between him and Wenger that we aren’t seeing


I agree with that!!


What’s this Campbell mania that gripping our fan base now a days. ..come on guys ease up a little and stop making mountain from molehill..

The guy is good..he brings good stability and dedication to the team ..but he is far from being a game changer.


Tell that to Swansea!!!


I don’t have a problem with Iwobi being on. But a rested Campbell would be better. And we’ve seen the story so many times, we know Walcott is going to come on instead of Campbell if/when we need a goal in the final 20 minutes.


There’s not many in the world who have a work rate as good as his, he puts his all for the shirt whenever he is given the chance to wear it and yet is treated like absolute shit.


Don’t know about you, but I think our game will change by good stability and dedication.


The same can be said about Iwobi.

Dial square

Today’s game will show us if the lads really really want it or not, no fucking about, no excuses, just turn up and do the business.
If Wenger can’t get the team up and motivated for a crunch match like this, we may as well all just fuck off home…COYG


Lets just win today and with this team I think we will COYG!!


Not raining is it?? 🙂


Campbell has nearly as many goals and assists as Ramsey in 1/3 of the appearances and he works his tail off on defense.

He deserves to play


So comparing a central midfielder with a winger. Brilliant.


You’re right. Ramsey hasn’t played on the wing at all this season


If it makes you feel better just buy some soup! 😉


Humble soup for the Campbell fans? I do like him but just think Wenger may have a better idea than us.


As much as I rate Iwobi, Campbell is one of the few players in the whole squad who is regularly producing an end product in the final third, something we desperately need at the moment, despite Iwobi’s good performances he hasn’t been doing this. Also the message it sends out that it doesnt matter how well you play, the bosses favourites will start is a bad one to send out to the squad. To me it makes no sense, why does Wenger have to make it hard for himself.


As long as i dont see Walcott in this game i am good.


I think if Campbell scores like 5-10 goals in a match, we will still see Wenger benching him without any explanation. It’s just so unfair that people like Theo,Ox and Ramsey have got a free pass with comments like ,’ the good game is just around the corner’ but Campbell who actually has never had a bad game unlike the aforementioned 3 , never ever gets a look in… And also BTW gets substituted the first every time!


This smells like “we were a bit jaded because of Barcelona.” Honestly I really don’t see how we can get anything better than a draw given the circumstances but I hope to be proved extremely wrong. Full support for the lads and manager though.


Wrong so far!


Another big game, another Iwobi start. Fair play to Arsene, none of our other wingers/forwards deserve a start. Ineffective rubbish. Nice one Arsene.


Please let’s win this game! I’ll be happy with whatever scoreline that’s in our favour and those important 3 points. COYG!


No we won’t!.. . . Get a red card or conceed a penalty or we collapse later in the game.. or all of the above.. it’s a movie, I’ve seen it countl times


WOW! 2-0 to us!!!


Campbell should have started!!! 😉


OK genuine question here. It’s that Iwobi playing or is that Okocha disguised as Iwobi? God the boy is good. Looks like he’s been playing in premiership all his life.


This is outstanding from the Gunners in all departments!


Great victory!


Noticed Elneny was tireless and ran all thru d match..he impressed me.


Dont understand why we can’t play like this against say watford!

Gabriel and Koscielny partnership was stronger today

As I mention, it’s a question of understanding

New partnerships cost us while they are forming balance

Hats off to Welbeck and Iwobi, we need goals

Girouds header should have counted too

We can only hope nowe Leicester sheds the points and Spurs. At very least we should aim to finish above the Spud ffs.


Elnany isninntje squad to stay. Hi an work rate and the fact he makes himself available for the pass is awesome.



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