Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ramsey ‘most serious’ from injury trio

Arsene Wenger says that he’s most concerned about the injury picked up by Aaron Ramsey in the 4-0 win over Hull City this evening.

The Gunners lost Per Mertesacker, Gabriel and the Welshman as they progressed the quarter-finals of the FA Cup.

The BFG should be fine with what Wenger called a ‘little concussion’ after he clashed heads with Nick Powell in the first half. His swollen eye meant he had to leave the field.

In the second half, Gabriel had to come off with the manager saying he looks ‘all right’ but when Ramsey replaced him, he did so cold, without much, if any, warm up.

He has suffered a thigh injury, something of a recurring issue for him, and with Wenger saying it was the ‘most serious’ of the three we’ll have to wait and see how long he’s going to miss.

Chances are he won’t be be available for the trip to Barcelona, but let’s hope not much more than that.

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Ugh, phone’s on its way out. Should have read “Fuck!!!”


Yeah, vintage Arsenal. Got through the tie, but lose a couple of players in the process.

Hopefully it means that Campbell will get back in the team out on the right now, and we will be seeing a lot more of Elneny in the middle.

Just hope that Gabriel isn’t too bad either, as we are starting to look thin at centre back.
We need to learn the lessons of tonight and put Watford to bed early on the weekend.


To quote the great philosopher Cartman

Fuck, Fuck, Fuckety, Fuck-Fuck-Fuck


It wouldn’t really be Arsenal if we were allowed to enjoy this 4-0 win

Man Manny

If we fail to beat Barcelona next week, then it’s down to these injuries.


Agreed, expected us to go there and beat them at least 3- or 4-0 and qualify, but now with these injuries I wouldn’t even be surprised if they upset us by a couple of goals against all odds. Bloody fortunate Catalans, just shows you that in football luck is more important than talent.

easy tiger

Funny boy!!;)


I would put it down to the fact we are already down 2 goals (away goals at that) in the tie. Not sure how not having Ramsey for 1 game really impacts that


Been too long since Inanimate Carbon Rod got a game


Didn’t we hit him three times not so long ago? He was just standing there like a rod right on the goal line, what a knob.


He’s not world class and you know it.

Cape Town Gooner

But he has amazing mental strength and character!


Gee, I’d like to see Rod and Todd get a game.


For the length of time he was on, he could have quite easily done that in training during the week.

Probably in the red zone for quite some time.

Vladimir Petrovic.

Wouldn’t have happened if we’d done something like this in the original tie.


This no warm up and consequent injury scenario is pissing me off a bit to be honest. I mean, come on guys, your meant be professionals. Jeez


Yep – thought that when he was racing to get his shirt off

On a positive note, surely that means Joel will get a decent run at the right side and the same for Elneny in the middle

*loves Elneny*


WTF they supposed to do when replacing someone who is down?

Arseology - Reloaded

Being conservative and not giving it the full beans until muscles have warmed up.


I’m sure he was on the pitch for a while before he broke. He had time to nearly score an own goal at least


At least I will see less of him now between Campbell is just awesome

Like a BOSScielny

The ground was terrible. Not blaming the pitch but fuck! Hope Kos comes back fit for Barca then. Elneny could do a job for Ramsey, but we’ve no cover after that. Pray that Santi sticks to his word about coming back on Fools Day. We’re going to Wembley regardless! COYG!

Cape Town Gooner

Coqneny in the midfield and Campbell on the right. Doesn’t seem disastrous to me…


A “little concussion” can be very serious, it’s different for every person.

How can Ramsey not have warmed up? Shouldn’t all the subs be warming up as the 2nd half begins in case they are needed?

Thank goodness we have Elneny on board and he’s gotten some games under his belt. In my opinion he can step right in and fill Ramsey’s position and in some ways may play it better. The amount of energy he has is even more than Ramsey and seems much faster. Good decision maker and tidy with the ball too.


Elneny is a good mover of the ball and his decision making is sharp. His positioning is also good. So the ingredients for being a top midfielder is there. The only issue, as I see, is his upper body strength. Bounces off too many players. The club will have to build this aspect up during preseason.


-1 for using ‘gotten’

Mesut eyes

Arsenal plays better with a thin squad. When everyone is fit Wenger struggles to pick the right 11 and/or combinations

NB not that I like injuries to any arsenal player


I won’t regret Mister Me Me Me, but well… it’s not good anyway.


Not ideal, but giving Campbell some time on the right with Elneny-Coquelin centrally might not be the end of the world


Ramsey will have a scan tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I guess Walcott will play on the right from now on.


“Hello darkness my old friend”


Campbell ahead of Walcott any day.

Greh Greysh

Shame because I think him on the right is what works for him became he makes smart runs. Campbell deserves a run in the team anyhow. One game at a time now, trophies or not we need to finish strong.

Dan D

Bloody injuries, and one of the usual suspects too. Suppose that’s what happens when you have your leg shattered. You will always be prone to muscular problems. But a much needed win and 4 goals. Joel Campbell and Elneny the pick of the bunch for me and tonight will do Walcott and Giroud the world of good too. Shame on the pricks who turned up with that banner. On the one hand fair play for travelling to Hull but no need for the banner at this stage of the season. We could, as it stands do the double, looking unlikely… Read more »


well said


Surely Barcelona is a right off anyway. Yes, I know you can’t publicly say that but in reality it is. The main concern is not to pick up any more injuries over there.


Olympiakos was a write-off too, remember. #coyg


I agree.. score first and anything is possible. Conceed first, and I fear a flogging.


Campbell is too good to be on the bench right now, so if it takes the decision out of Wenger’s hands and lets him play Campbell on the right and Elneny in the middle…I dunno, maybe it’s not the worst injury we’ve ever got.

I am not saying Ramsey is shit or anything. But of the three if we had to pick one to be longer term it would have been him I think. We can make do without Ramsey; we can’t make do without all three of our CBs.


Ok ill say it Ramsey is shit.
The team will be far better balanced with him not in the team.


Yeah, if only only he hadn’t played against Sp*rs this weekend. We’d be far better balanced.


Campbell and Walcott have loads of potential. Wenger saw it (when he bought them) but just can’t capitalise on it. We need an attacker with both brains and balls to (break Wenger’s discipline, and) pull it together. Giroud’s a bit of a blockhead, Welbeck lacks the confidence. We have the money. Aaargh!

Big Chief from Antarctica

Couldn’t watch the game, got notified about the 4 goals, excitement in conjunction with the Arsenal is tantamount to sacrilege. Ashburton Grove was a fucking burial ground for the Druids who worshipped a mountain goat or whatever creature that goes up and down but often wonders why the fuck. Why the fuck, at all.

Apologies for the rant.


I like Ramsey but I do think we can cope without him for a couple of weeks. Campbell does a good job on the right and Elneny deserves his place in the middle.


DAT boy!!! He’s enough to give an asprin a headache.


The BFG will be fine plus Bosscielny will be back for Barca. As long as Elneny stays fit and we don’t have to rely on Flamini or any more Coq ups we’ll be ok in centre midfield.


I’d have fancied a midfield five of Coq, Elneny, Rambo, Chambers and Ozil in Spain. Alexis or Welbeck upfront. Just choke the middle of the park and take your chances when they come. Rambo out is a blow for me, well, depending on how much we rate our chances against Barcelona

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Seriously, who the hell has anywhere close to the ‘bad luck’ with injuries that we do?

Lula da Gilberto

I think Ramsey does a lot for the team but to be honest I’m not exactly bereaved by this. Elneny looks like a good player. Very tidy on the ball, full of energy, aggressive and a fair amount of skill. The only thing that concerns me is that when there are no options up front (happens all to often) he and others dither on the ball. Against Everton and Barcelona I suspect this might be a problem for us. Hopefully Ramsey can take this as an opportunity to have a rest physically and psychologically, and then come back and find… Read more »


Too bad for Rambo but I am quietly confident with Elneny in the middle and Campbell or Walcott on the right. Let’s just hope we have some centre backs to field!


Comment:no dig at elnany, but neither him nor la coq can do that incredibly wonder back heel of a goal Rambo did against the 5pur2

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