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Walcott and Giroud eye FA Cup history

After scoring two goals each to secure a fine 4-0 FA Cup win at Hull, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud faced the BT Sport cameras. Here’s what they had to say.

On playing this evening, just 24 hours after his wife gave birth to a son…

OG: “It’s true that my wife had a delivery yesterday night. I wanted to play this game and I’m very happy for the team because we’ve made it through, played a great game and done a clean sheet; it’s been a long time since we did that. And we scored four goals, so we’re very pleased.

On breaking their goal droughts…

OG: “Today I’m very pleased to be back on the scoresheet and even more because it has been a long time I didn’t score. I feel well on the pitch and we had good team cohesion. It’s very nice.”

TW: “Yeah, of course…with goals comes confidence but the most important thing is that the team wins. We’re all dwelling on personal gains but it’s all about the team tonight. We got a clean sheet, like Ollie said, and that’s the first job on everyone’s list. We know that we can score goals and thankfully it all went well for us tonight. The only disappointing thing is the injuries we’ve picked up, hopefully they won’t [keep them] out too long.

On becoming a better all-round footballer…

TW: “I’ve been playing out on the left quite a lot. I’ve probably missed playing out on the wing to be honest…it’s a different type of attacking threat for me. Look, the manager has great options. I’ve always said I can play in any of the front three [positions]. Hopefully I’ve shown the manager what I can do. It’s not about personal goals tonight, it’s about getting through. We’ve got a good draw next.

On playing Watford…

TW: “At home, it’s important to have the fans support and for them to get behind us. We want to keep hold of this competition and to be the first to ever do this [win it three times in a row]. It’s a massive thing for me personally, being English, as well. There’s a sense in the dressing room that we want to do it again this year. From that performance, why not?

On understanding the tradition and importance of winning the FA Cup…

OG: “Yeah, we want to win this third one in a row. It’s never been done so we can write these stories and play football for the fans and for my family and make them proud. We still have Watford to play at home, so it’s step by step. Afterwards hopefully we’ll go back to Wembley, our favourite stadium…after the Emirates!

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If you combined the two of them you would have a very good player.

On the other hand you could get a short ugly bloke with a leaden first touch most comfortable with the ball on neither side of his body.

Best left alone then…


If Doctor Frankenstein made footballers 😉


Reminds me of this quote from Ricky Gervais…
‘Being half-English, half-French, I get the best of both worlds, which means I am crap in bed but at least I’ve got bad breath.’


I think Welbz is a good combination of their qualities.

Perry S.

except he struggles just as much as Walcott for goals.


He’s a little untested though – Would be interesting if he stayed fit and got a run on 10-15 games to see if this would stand true.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Quite funny, let’s try other combinations: Alexis and Carzola, Ramsey and Ox, Bellerin and Nacho, Coquelin and Wilshere, Ozil and Ramsey, what’s your pick ?


Great to see both of them break their droughts, and in such good style too. Here’s hoping they both finish the season well.


Don’t you just love Olivier Giroud! and Theo Walcott!


Always love for Oli, but Theos like that Ex who for 15 minutes when you really are in need, they’re nice to have around, but most of the time they just infuriate you.


We tend to forget easily. Apart from the goals Walcott scored yesterday, he was actually poor with his touches and crosses last night. He could not even take any Hull player on without loosing the ball.


Happy that Theo and Olivier are scoring again as it’s good for their confidence. Btw Theo giving away his jersey to the ball boy post-match was a class touch.

Same scoreline against Watford will do very nicely.


Wouldn’t mind that score line against Barcelona either!


I hate to be a pedant, but the FA Cup has been won 3 time in a row before – Wanders in 1876,77,78 and Blackburn Rovers in 1884, 85 and 86.

Ion Cannon

The first time since Arsenal was founded, then?


And the third time was … ?

(From a proper pedant.)


Argh! Blogs! Delete that comment! Oh, smeg, I’m an idiot! Can’t even fucking read! Im going to have to change my user name. Arsmeghead perhaps.


What are you on about man, there was no such thing as football before the Premier League.


I thought they seemed to be getting a bit ahead of themselves when I watched this interview – a bit dismissive of their quarter final opposition in talking up “Wembley again”. I trust that’s not actually the case and that they are all fully focused on the matter in hand on Sunday.


Was that Bolton Wanders?


No, it was a Fish called Wanders.


Golden Wanders cheese & onion.


“I’ve probably missed playing out on the wing to be honest”. Make up your bloody mind..


I see this as a good realization.


To be fair in the last 3 matches it wasn’t the finishing the problem, it was the abysmal defense.


Im also glad we “done a clean sheet”

Dat Guy Welbz

Walcott is media trained o within an inch of his life. Imagine the conversation at home: Walcotts Mrs “feo love, you wanting steak or lobster for dinner?” Theo “Well look, obviously steak is a lovely meal and lobster is too but the main thing is that we push on as a family and have dinner together. We have great belief as a family unit and there’s a great sence of belief around the household. Look, a lot has been said about where I sit at the dinner table, but i feel I can be comfortable up top or around the… Read more »


Hahahahaha!! This was brilliant! Laughed like crazy at the office :)))


Two goals for your new son, you should be doubly proud!

Lurd Ishanovic

Up the arsenal!

Richie Growling

didn’t he get caught doing something dodgy a year ago with someone or other, it seems to ring a bell,

Gooner for life

I like Theo but sometimes I wonder that is he really that good a football player. He can’t dribble, run with the ball at his feet or defend consistently in every game. Like the wages he’s on shouldn’t he be more of a leader than an impact player who burst into life for just 10 min in each and every game.


Let the truth be told, Theo Walcott will never take us anywhere. He shines when every player is at his best but hides when we are looking for a leader, saviour or an impact player in a difficult game. Theo can only run and i believe he will make a good 100meter runner. He should quit now and concentrate on that instead of wasting his time in football. Theo will never become what we want him to be. 10 years is enough for him to become the great player we wanted but never realised… so unfortunate!



Crystal Balls

For Olie, it was a hat trick. 2 goals and a son.

Mach iii

I cringe reading Walcott’s comments … Ghghghghhhhhhh…


A slight concern for me on Mr Feo. People have understandably been touting the idea of selling him on due to his performances and I’m in a mind to agree. The issue is, who would take him off our hands… Due to circumstance, rather than merit, he’s on huge wages and he doesn’t really strike me as a man that will take a reduced wage for professional gain. Our previous transfer “sagas” with him show his character in that regard.

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