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Henry expresses surprise at Vardy delay

Thierry Henry has expressed his surprise that Jamie Vardy has left Arsenal waiting over a decision about his future.

The Gunners activated the striker’s release clause last week, but the Leicester man has not yet given Arsene Wenger an answer about whether or not he wants to join the club.

It’s left the club’s record goalscorer somewhat bewildered, given Vardy’s age and the fact he’s coming from a traditionally smaller club.

“He’s 29, right? You have Arsenal coming for you, and you’re telling them you’re going to think about it?” he said on BBC 5 Live last night.

“Either he has another proposition on the table, or Arsenal doesn’t seem attractive to you anymore. Listen. All I can say is if I was playing for Leicester and I had Arsenal coming, I would have gone.”

Henry also expressed some doubts about his suitability for Arsene Wenger’s team.

“He had an amazing season, don’t get me wrong, it will go down in history. But I have my question marks about can he play in the last third when teams are waiting for you.

“I’m just asking some questions along the way.”

Another question would be ‘Do ants have antlers?’, but it wouldn’t be relevant to this piece at all.

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I preferred it when we were trying and failing to persuade Benzema to join us.

There was dignity in that!


Exactly! This guy Vardy is nothing but a one season wonder. His never done anything special whilst playing at the top level until when his 29. Top players are identified when they are still young. Henry is right in regards to his style of play. He just wont fit in our free flow football. We should increase the budget to 40 mill and go after the high prolific strikers. Plus we dont need cunts (racists) in this very beautiful club of ours. Cyog

The Special C*nt

“Top players are identified when they are still young”

Spoken like a true scout.
Payet, Kanté and Drogba are three sub-top players then

chopra gooner

It would be quite foolish of Vardy not to join us. He’d be mad. Although I hope he signs and scores lots of goals for us.


We have to remember that he has the same agent as Walcott and we all know they love to play the waiting game.

I wouldn’t be surprised if hes been advised to wait until after Euro’s to see if another offer comes in that they can use as a bargaining chip.


Ants have two antennae (“feelers”) attached to their heads. They do not have antlers probably because they didn’t have enough doe.


Vardy is in a dimley lit casino after hours with a few Leicester colleagues, the only sound a faint hum of the light just above the table. He shuffles his cards and takes a quick look around for any pesky Asians minding their own business. He’s about to play his hand when a man in black walks in a passes him a note. He reads it with that smirk that says ‘yeah I’ve kicked a few cats, they were chatting shit’. The man with the note leaves and Vardy continues assessing his cards. Mahrez leans over and asks ‘well, what… Read more »


I feel there’s merit in the theory that something is hingeing on Walcott leaving/staying. I channelled Wenger last night after a beer and felt I’d purchase Vardy to fill those shoes, as an option against certain teams or all teams under certain circumstances. Similar to Walcott’s role in the team? I also feel that we another target up front. Can’t say I have a clue who, but an Aubameyang would really be worth every ridiculous cent surely? Surely we are capable of luring such players? If not, what has happened? Maybe Wenger will unearth another talent instead to usurp Giroud… Read more »

Vardy with whiskey, Szczesny with cigar

Wenger did try to unearth Sanogo. He needs to buy now. Club cannot wait the time of another experiment.


I don’t think Wenger himself can wait. With the protests and discontent with him last season he simply can’t waste this transfer window and have angry fans when the season starts


Surely he’s aware of this and feels compelled to strengthen the squad. Fingers crossed


I wasnt so enthrilled when i heard Vardy would be joining us,in my opinion Wenger should go for Mahrez & Kante,the two are more very good than Vardy who is already too old for us

Jensen James

I’m bewildered about how stupid you all are! He’s made a decision and he’s told Arsene Wenger and Arsenal said don’t reveal it until Arsenal are ready to go public. Wenger was given a yes before the euros. Any arsenal fan who thinks we are waiting on an answer from Vardy is surprisingly stupid. Blogs please touch on this. Tell them it’s done and to stop listening to the media about second thoughts. Seriously guys…seriously.


wow! arent you well informed…

Giroud's Buldge

I’d respect Vardy if he stayed.

I’d love it if Vardy came.

It’s not a saga, yet. You can’t have sagas in June.

dan hunter

I wouldn’t respect him…

Stewart Robson's therapist

My instinct is that he will still join us. If he was staying at Leicester, I can’t fathom why he wouldn’t have announced it by now, it would end the distracting speculation in the media and the abuse on Twitter. On the other hand, he probably doesn’t need the media closely scrutinising what he’s going to bring to Arsenal next season during these Euro games, so it makes more sense to keep quiet if he’s going to Arsenal. Maybe he genuinely is undecided, I don’t know, but my instinct is the deal will get done.


I reckon so too. Perhaps this is just some posturing from Vardy’s camp as a means to look as if he is ‘torn’ between leaving and staying at Leicester. After all if Alexis had left in the 1st week of June within a space of three days after the story broke, we would maybe think that a touch disrespectful right? Regardless of a clause or not or whether the team is bigger than us it would look like he couldn’t wait to leave and considering the level of worship from the fans that would not go down too well maybe.… Read more »

Arsene Wenger

But is it Vardy putting things on hold or Arsenal delaying the announcement?


I really do hope that I am not about to suffer a temporal-lobe seizure because I’m sure I’ve experienced this before….and before……and before ……..and before.


We can still to just plan A. Maybe we can consider Lukaku. He’s not just big and strong, but he’s technically good and have fast pace too


*We cannot just stick to plan A

Tasmanian Jesus

I’d much rather have Lukaku than Vardy, for sure.


… and he’s already said he’s going back to Chavski because he has “unfinished business”…


Technically good? His first touch is much worse than Giroud. He doesn’t link up play as well as Giroud does. Though he does use his strength and pace well. I honestly don’t get this obsession with Lukaku.


Look at his stats, he’s only 23 or something. If we leaned him out a half stone he would be even quicker!


Technically good?..for god sake, the guy doesn’t know how to make a shot while in motion, has the worst first touch, and more importantly he has no respect for our club

this is his tweet on Ozil transfer. ..”No disrespect to Arsenal who is also a big club but i don’t understand why ozil has left real madrid…. I guess will never know..”

Jamie Vardinho

Yes RM is a scumbag team but the signing caught everyone off guard.

Ozil went from a team with this prestige and European history

To this one with one CL final in its history.

Much as I love Arsenal this is the undeniable truth if oyr orestige and history.

We have the global fanbase and finances to match the likes of Real, Barca, Bayern and Juve but thats it

Jamie Vardinho

Sorry typos


Giroud is way superior in terms of technique. Don’t want Lukaku. Would rather get Batshuayi for 33m than spend 50 on Lukaku.
We need a REAL upgrade on Giroud but unfortunately we can’t get any of them as we screwed up with Higuain and Suarez.

Toure Motors

I think he’s used our bid to draw out other bidders or get an improved contract off Leicester. And if he has, then fair play to him. He’s not duty bound to sign for us. Anyway id share TH14s view: he might not be what we need


Henry’s arrogance is to be expected. More surprising is his failure to recognise that there is now much greater financial equality in the PL.


Ha Ha! Love it!

If there’s one man who knows what it is to be a gooner, it’s Thierry.


That was exactly my thinking, too. You have Arsenal coming for you and you’re saying no. Could be the biggest mistake of his career.


He’s a better than average player who had a very good season and everybody’s jizzing their pants over him. I’d have him over Sanogo leading the line but would prefer any of the other centre forward names floating about.

And if he wants to stay in Leicester rather than coming to pull on the famous red and white then he obviously hasn’t a clue and let’s find someone else.

Ox Sans Box

Frankly, I hope the deal goes through. We’ve had too many attractive attacking players at this club under Wenger’s reign. We deserve a strange, mildly dyspeptic looking bloke to make the rest of us feel represented. Like how when Jenks celebrated his first Arsenal goal it felt like I was doing it too, Vardy signing would mean the world to half-ogres like me.

Never Rooney though. I don’t think any of our fans are that hideous.

mr. pink

I hope he decides to stay at Leicester. Then Wenger can hopefully bring a trully world-class CF. Who will that be? I have no bloody idea. It all depends on how much is Wenger willing to spend on a striker. My wet dream is we buy Lewandowski. But that will never happen. So… Higuain?


Lewandowski, Benzema, Higuain, Cavani, Muller, Aubameyang, Suarez, Griezmann, that’s off the top of my head. World class and probably a bit of a stretch. Lacazette, Icardi, Vardy, Lukaku are a class below but all very realistic. So I probably wouldn’t worry too much, I’m sure the club has a list, whether they come to fruition though is another story.


Gah, and of course Morata. D’oh!

mr. pink

That’s a nice list. But if we break it down a bit there really aren’t that many choices on there. Benzema – will never leave RM, unless Perez decides he needs an upgrade just for the sake of it. Higuain – a realistic possibility if we are planning to splash some €50m on him. Cavani – on Giroud’s level, definitely not better. Personally I would never go for him and hope Wenger doesn’t either. Muller – again the same situation as Benzema, just can’t see him leaving Bayern, alltough would love to see him in an Arsenal shirt. Aubameyang –… Read more »

Vardy with whiskey, Szczesny with cigar

Suarez, Muller and Lewandosky will leave bigger clubs to come to Arsenal, right? Can Wenger pay a striker double the salary of Ozil or Alexis and still keep the team together or motivated? Benzema is possible if Real buys an even bigger striker. Now be has Zidane, a mentor as coach so I am not sure this will happen. Also, Benzema’s performance always depends on the team and set-up he is playing in. Used to see him suffer against San Marino and Feroe Island when he plays for France.


I will be very surprised if this doesn’t go through. Football is his career and this is a business decision.Our package is worth £4.5m more than Leicester’s over the next three years.Let’s not forget up until now he was earning £40k a week and he is already 29. Regarding legacies, Vardy’s at Leicester is secure. Gary Lineker is still a Leicester legend, even though he left them for Everton.And he didn’t win anything with the Foxes. Also, It is unlikely that both, if either, Mahrez and Kante will stay once their respective clauses are activated, so the probability of them… Read more »


There is alot of quality c/f available on the market now in the likes of Gonzalo Higuain,Cavan or better still rival wth Man United for the signature of Ibrahimovich who will fire us to the title straight up…We are a very good side but lacks maturity & commitment at some stage,,,,,


At this point all we can say is f*ck off Vardy, because he is kind of a diver c*nt if nothing else.


I would respect Vardy if he stays, but he would be a respectable idiot if he stays, even if rest of squad stays too.
Drinkwater will be off to Liverpool next season ( presumably because that’s where all average English mids go), Karte and Mahrez would be off too. But Vardy would be 30 next season and there will harden any takers for him. He will get relegated with Leicester in two seasons.


rather we sign jamie…, jamie oliver. alexis-ozil-mkhitaryn – cook wow!

Mikey Gooner

I agree with a lot of your post Anthony, however this Vardy issue says a lot about how we’re perceived right now….Brylcreem selfie boys with no bottle! Seen like that the man might not want to come; from a team with real character and real mental strength and very few selfies….

James Reihill

I think too much is made off vardy style of play I.e best on counterattack thus not suitable for arsenal. The difference in a good and a very good season is a few key games. Surely when we are away to the big premier league and champions league teams he is a transformative option for us. And a decent player otherwise during the season. There isn’t likely to be a bigger profile forward available and signing vardy doesn’t necessarily preclude this anyway in my opinion.

Me So Hornsey

Let’s look at the positives for us.

His agents are almost certainly thinking his profile and earning potential could rise during the Euros, hence stalling for more or higher bids.

However they are taking a risk. He could get seriously injured or have an absolute stinker at the tournament.

Guess who’s court the ball will be in then?

I’m very relaxed about this. Let’s all relax. It’s only June.


I’m sure he won’t play, thus reducing his value. Great for us.

Lord Bendtner

Of course it’s so obvious! I like this article because it’s a very well put way of asking that question. And unfortunately it’s something not many people have been asking lately. But the answer is so obvious it’s staring directly at us. I mean how did we even let it get to this stage! It’s somewhat unbelievable that it took us this long to be discussing this! Long story short, the simple and obvious answer is yes, of course ants have antlers!! How else would they be able to hold quill pens!?!


Some people say that Vardy wouldn’t be fitting in our side because we don’t go on the counter attack as often as other teams. Even though the latter part might be true, having an attacker that can aid in a counter increases the probability of us actually playing counter attacking football at times, and in a league that will have Guardiola, Klopp, Conte and Maureen, we’ll probably have some pressure on us in some matches, making a counter attack ideal.

Just my thoughts though.


Agree, I think during the first half of last season Wenger tried a similar style of play as the likes of Dortmund (and even barca) have played during the last few seasons, to both control the ball but also at times defend deep and hit with quick counter attacks/ or to win the ball high up and launch a quick attack. This worked in some matches with Walcott (probably the reason why he was tried as a striker) but after the injury to Cazorla and Walcott losing form and Giroud’s return, the team slowly went back to the more possession… Read more »


Take a look at this video compilation from the Invincibles season and see how many of the goals are from the counter. Wenger is looking to get back to a more balanced approach rather than strictly possession.


I love the fact everyone said he wouldn’t fit in our team at first, then when he looked like joining everyone said oh actually he will fit. Now that he might not sign he doesn’t fit our style again…


All this talk about Vardy, and our fans get excited.

I am 90% sure Vardy would be the biggest waste of money ever. He is not what we need at all! I rate Giroud better than him! We don’t need a backup to Giroud, we need someone better than Giroud! And vardy is NOT that someone. Fact!! Hope this one falls away, can’t believe we are I for that turd.

Scored A Goal, Pushed By Giroud

Off topic – Just tuned in to watch the Albania vs Switzerland. 2 mins in and our man Xhaka is letting his presence felt with a solid tackle. Lads, don’t sweat on Vardy joining us. His tenacity and work rate may not translate into his performances for Arsenal if his heart’s not in the move. We have Xhaka and I’m sure he will be joined by a few more players this Summer.

David C

once a Mahrez or Kante leaves, he will probably start thinking Leicester’s team will implode. Wait it out a bit longer, but please chase some other strikers!


Looks like Wenger was right about Vardy to the bench for the Euros.

There is a good reason he is so highly respected around the world.

Wenger out brigaders will one day see the grass is more shitty brown than lush green when he finally has had enough of you ignorant knuckle heads.


We should have an alternative plan for every eventuality. We haven’t had successful transfers since David Dein. Wenger has mentioned achievable targets we have missed out on, Varane is the main one which comes to mind, lots of free transfers of high caliber we were unable to convert but Dein would have wrapped it up in a box and delivered it to Wnger. Look at Bergkamp and Lehmann, manage to get them in when we weren’t that fashionable. Hopefully Gazidis reads this and gets his transfers team in order. We’ve missed out on so many targets and I’m pretty sure… Read more »


Clearly rubbish. We have landed Ozil. Before you say Panic buy, think the man who rather not spend last transfer window or pay a quid extra for Suarez, he’s gonna spend 42.3m on a ‘panic buy’. This isn’t Silvestre, Squillaci or Elneny. We had to wait to end of summer and forgo Higuain because of the unknowns facing the final price on Ozil and his availability because of the late Bale deal. Other fantastic signings in recent seasons following improved conditions vis-a-vis the stadium debt : Alexis. Santi. Cech for 10m quid. Campbell to say the least thank you Dick… Read more »


And just because you do not see it in the gossips does not mean there isn’t alternative targets involved right now.

You only see the tip of the iceberg, much of the stuff you hear isn’t even accurate.

Don’t take everything you hear in the media hook line and sinker. That would be too gullible and you’d set yourself up for exactly what the media wants to sow with Arsenal fans, dissapointment and discontent.


We should really have had a secondary target lined up just in case Vardy falls through. So we can tell our main target that we have someone ready if they don’t make up their minds and their agent starts playing the auction card. Just like Vardy’s agent has told him to do. Even at the expense of being in the right frame of mind to perform well at the euros.

I wouldn’t blame Vardy if we were paying average, but at his age 120k is about as much as he will get.


How do you know that there aren’t other targets?


You would hope that there are …


If rumours regarding Ibrahimovic, Aubemyang,Morata & Higuain speaking to Man U, Man City,Chelsea & Liverpool respectively are true it is unlikely either of those clubs would also be interested in Vardy. And in any case City are the only one team among them that are in the Champions League next season.

broken red army

I was watching his 24 goals yesterday and I couldnt hide the fact almost all those goals where counter attacks or penalties (won on counter-attacks), except 1 long shot and 2 rebounds. his style and qualities are not a perfect match for our game and more importantly our opposition’s game.


Think it would be good if we were better at counter-attacking. It’s something we’re not very good at right now. We’re good at controlling the game and pinning the opposition back, it would be nice if we could punish them on the counter when they try to attack us.

broken red army

the thing is a big team playing for title especialy PL naturally finds itself with losts of ball possession and no spaces in attacking 3rd. after all its about oppositions as well as Arsenes tactics. I mean we can do the counter attackings againts Man City one day but when Stoke Sunderland Southampton West Ham Swansea and alikes are sitting deep its not ours to choose those tactics. so yes Vardy and Arsenal with all their qualities are far from a perfect match.


True but quite a few times last season I remember us being attacked, we nick the ball and then we fail to capitalise because we take too long to pass it up the pitch, or if we do manage to get it up there we fail to score. It doesn’t just happen against the better teams, even the teams that pack the penalty area usually make some attempt to score.

broken red army

its not about “few times” the main striker isnt bought for the “few times”. Vardys qualities are those “few times”. I dont see what your argue is really


I suppose I was thinking about what we did here.

If we play more like this I think Vardy could fit. He has pace and he can finish. Also the workrate. Alexis is similar. The way we played for a lot of last season was too predictable and too easy to stop (and boring to watch!).


In general our play seems to be a bit one dimensional at the moment. We tend to end up passing it from side to side in front of a packed penalty area. Maybe somebody like Vardy can help with that. Xhaka too looks like he might add something with his passing.


“Can he play in the last third when teams are waiting for you” neatly sums up Henry’s scepticism about Vardy, and even his previous statements about Giroud. Funny that our other striking legend Wrighty identifies with Vardy and is actually keen on him coming.

Wrighty and Thierry should skype Vardy together, bollock him, tell him to sign da ting, then give him a pep talk and some striking tips about how to be an Arsenal No.9.

Tony Hall

I would rather have Harry Kane
that would really piss the spuds off *evil laugh*
Can we not kidnap him, brainwash him and rename him Barry
Plus he is twice the player Vardy is and a whole lot nice person to boot


If he plays for spurs he can’t be a nice person

Jamie Vardinho

Seems like a nice humble lad with bags of talent. In the highly unlikely scenario Spurs would sell a 50-60 mil transfer would be great long term value in todays market


It’s all an act.

David Hillier's luggage

‘Simple’ lad I think would be more accurate

Vardy with whiskey, Szczesny with cigar

None of our players who went there was nice: Adebayor and Gallas.

Jamie Vardinho

Old man cunt face Dele Alli and Fishlips Danny Rose look like cunts,

Kane doesn’t.

Tony Hall

Sol Campbell played for Spurs 🙂


Ok I’ll give you that one

Sam Crow

1) Don’t want Vardy. He’s a one season wonder in a team that’s set up to accentuate his skills.

2) Leicester are the champions so not sure why people think this is an easy decision. Especially as they’ve countered our offer.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

It’s interesting whether this is due to our usual ultra slow transfer dealing nature or Vardy’s ultra chavvy no brain self that’s making this deal fall through.

With silly money being thrown at glamour players from maureen at manure @ pep at citeh, a failed bid for Vardy is looking more and more sad.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Oh & why do we have more ex-players than anyone else who just love to slag us off?

Jamie Vardinho

Either Vardys agent is haggling or Vardy out of loyalty wants to stay.

Think the first is more likely but its highly hypocritical to say “To turn down Arsenal is ridiculous” but if its out of loyalty I really admire that.

Also to people thinking we can get Lewa or Aubameyang or Benzema (whobis a shady cunt that derided Arsenal) I want some of the acid you guys are on

Very delusional but its nice to dream


Vardy and agent are clearly fishing for a better deal form either end and are gambling he will have his profile further enhanced with the Euros….if he gets a look in.

Frank Worthington

Ramsey a liability for Wales tonight. Despite the bleached Barnet…. Poor mistake led to Slovakia goal… King has to play next game.


Cannt AW luk toward south america for a gud striker?


Who? Not many players are even as consistent as Giroud. The ones that may be arguably better have other suitors too. Juventus, Bayern, Real, Barca, Man City, Chelsea, PSG and United can all pay higher than us for players and a number of them are in market for similar players. Plus the clubs will have to be willing to sell in first place : Suarez will be hard to pry off Barca. Higuain can be got off Napoli but that is again assuming Napoli are want for money. I hear links to Cavanni but again dependent on PSG and who… Read more »

Tony Hall

I don’t see why we cannot sign these sort of players
Ivan the terrible said and I quote “we can afford to sign anyone except Messi and that orange prancing peacock at real”:-)


See above.

There are 7-8 clubs who can pay more than us.

Many of our targets are held by some of these clubs. Others will be in similar market.

This isn’t playstation.

There are plenty of moving parts besides tabling bids, the clubs which the players are contracted to will have to want to do business with us. Others may also be in the fray.

Not easy.


Too many Spuds


You think they bottled it?

Lasagne Gate, Mind the Gap, Negative Spiral etc?


Vardy may come to regret it. He isn’t even starting for England at the moment too. And (not that the source is entirely reliable) but latest gossip (which it is) is that we may go for Cavanni if he rejects an offer to go to China (which he should if we come in with a better one) Same age as Vardy, probably a more creative element for us up top which IMO the team would benefit from. PLenty of CL experience which Vardy does not have. Ambivalent about Vardy, decent striker but not one that will excite me entirely. I… Read more »


Still on the fence about Vardy and whether or not he’d add to the Arsenal attack in such a substantive way. Sure, he’d be a terror when the team plays a counter-attacking game. But I seriously doubt the manager intends to do that for a whole season. So if the scenario is for the usual possession game, but convert to a counterattacking mode when against tougher opponents, then the team already has speedy players who can play on the wing or in the centre, and can be utilised for counterattacks. If the search is for an upgrade to Giroud, for… Read more »

Lord Bendtner

I’ve been pleading for Cavani and ppl been hating saying that he’s too old an stuff. Well now look at Vardy.
I have always believed Cavani is our man. Despite his age Wenger can get the most out of him from a central position. I dare not compare him to Henry, but I think he’s one of those who given the right training can blossom in a central position. I think him Sanchez n Ozil with Xhaka behind them would be deadly

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