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Report: Rob Holding fee agreed, medical done

According to the Bolton News, Arsenal have had a bid for Rob Holding accepted. The 20 year old, who was the Trotters player of the season last year, was the subject of an approach from the Gunners back in May which the then Championship side turned down.

However, the report says that Arsenal have returned with a bid, believed to be around £2.5m + bonuses, which has been enough for the cash strapped Wanders to accept.

They say that the player had a medical this evening (Monday), and personal terms will be discussed over the coming days.

Holding is a central defender of some promise, and England Under 21 international, and Arsenal do need to add something to the defensive ranks this summer. Whether a 20 year old of such limited experience is seen as an immediate addition to the first team squad remains to be seen.

Our interest in him is very real, so it looks as if something is going down here. Let’s see what the next couple of days brings.


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Mr Gooner

2 poos look promising. Now that we have signed a CB, I wonder what is Holding us back from tying a Striker deal?

Tom Gun

Friend of mine knows someone who works at Arsenal. Said to me last week that we were looking at Holding, left backs and Vary earlier. That is all. No other strikers. No goalscoring wide player. Sweet fa. Don’t be surprised if we bring a left back in, Gibbs goes and that is all.

I know. I was incredulous and annoyed too. Didn’t want to believe it and now it’s happening 🙁

Tom Gun

*Vardy not Vary!

Stewart Robson's therapist

Well, case closed, Your Honour. This source sounds exactly like the kind of person that Wenger would confide in about every detail of all his transfer plans.


His friend is the janitor. He cleaned a note off Wenger’s desk saying “I, Arsene Wengar, herebye swear not to sign nyone at all but Vary, Holding, and left backs.”

I heard he even posted a picture of the note on instagram, so it must be true.


Sounds like the same informant for Sky; the notorious “source close to the club”

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It is the same guy, but he’s actually a “source close to the pub”.


Not questioning the credibility of your source Tom – but hope like hell he’s wrong on this!

Tom Gun

Me too mate. Me too.

The Janitor

They’re all mocking you even though history is on your side. That’s the real joke.


Okay cool, another young lad signed up that we will probably end up selling on for profit.

I genuinely cannot fathom the levels of hate that will be thrown at Arsene and the club if we (when) we sign nobody and we have another poor start to the season.


No problems with this transfer. If he turns out to be a great player, then good for us. If he doesn’t, then we’ll get more than what we paid for him. Problem is that we’ve bought Gervinho (12M), Chambers (17M) and Chamberlain (15M) in periods when we were tight on cash. They are not bad, but not having money is no excuse when you gamble so much on young and unproven players. And we could’ve signed a striker two seasons ago had we offered 10M more for Suarez or even Higuain. Arsenal fans are hating because they are getting impatient,… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Two years is a long time in football. Yes, we could have signed either player two years ago, IF they’d wanted to come here, which they patently did NOT want to, but it’s two years on. They could easily have left by now for greener pastures, like all evil mercenary plyers do. We’d be right where we are now but with a greater sense of loss.

I’m bored with people bashing Wenger with imaginary sticks.

Andy Mack

Please stop repeating the myth that we could have bought Suarez.
He didn’t want to join us!
It was nothing to do with his ‘over 40m’ release clause which we met.
It was because he wanted to play for a big club in Spain where his Spanish wife wanted to live.


Great news! Clearly the defender arsenal need to improve on next season. I’m sure he’ll step into the first team and be a hot and with asano up front well be a real force to recon with next season. Its great that the big transfer for xhaka got done early before season ticket renewal and now arsene can focus on these couple of small signings to come in just before our new tour kicks off. Any decent signing will need a pre season under their belt. All this saved money can be kept in the bank especially with brexit coming.… Read more »


At least this lets us focus ALL of the attention on the forward line now


Can he play up front?

Third Plebeian

No, but he can play as a holding midfielder.


As the name would suggest

Third Plebeian

In fact, I was playing on this very double entendre (a pun, if you will). You see, “holding” and “Holding”–even though one is a noun/verb, and the other a personal surname–are synonyms. In this paronomasia, I saw rich potential in the fact that not only is the player named “Holding,” but also that “holding” appears occasionally in footballing parlance. I suspect there are further variations, and eagerly look forward to reading them. Beyond Holding, I am considering the potential of available puns for other Arsenal players, such as Coquelin, but have nothing so far, or, as one might say, I’m… Read more »


Holding your Granit Coq is not a bad idea at night

To infinity and anon

As long as we’re making corrections and pointing things out, (Rob) Holding and holding (midfielder) aren’t synonyms – they don’t mean the same thing.

They are, however, a type of homograph – a heteronym.

Or just a play on words




Not a heteronym as they are pronounced the same. Instead they are homonyms.


The defenders Holding the midfielders Coq…..


I say again, lol

Third Plebeian

Heteronym or homonym, it’s none of my business.

Gilroy Fundercutt-Wiseley

Jesus man, talk about being impervious to sarcasm…


aaannnd… BANJO!


Perhaps we are going to convert him

sheriff hood

The batsman’s holding, the bowler’s willey.


It has to be holding and coq surely


that headline just writes itself


The Arsenal defender’s holding the West Ham defender’s dicks, surely.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Ah, you young folks. Think you invented funny? We’ve been telling the “Holding/Willey” joke longer than Coquelin’s been alive.

Tomas Casus

The defender’s Holding, the midfielder’s Coq.


So a 5th centre back, or does this mean one of the others is on their way out? Really do hope Chambers gets a consistent run there at some point.

Giroud's Buldge

Rob Holding what?


Nacho de Montreal is tasty

ROB is Holding complete Arsenal.


has wenger already lost faith in calum chambers


– chambers had been rob,
– perhaps now he should focus on playing as RB, but the problem is he do not have the pace.

Third Plebeian

Rob is holding back Chambers.


Hope he develops into a Holding midfielder

Stewart Robson's therapist

All the other big clubs buy youngsters on the cheap all the time, and no one bats an eyelid. If they turn out good enough, you keep them. If not, you sell them on for a profit. Win-win situation and no legitimate excuse for the fury unleashed by the most unintelligent Arsenal fans on Twitter this evening. Wenger can sign all the youngsters he wants. The youngsters are not the problem, the lack of experienced signings is. Signing Holding is no indicator of what else is to come this summer. Wish this guy all the best if he arrives. Let… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Signing Holding is no indicator of what else is to come this summer.


Nothing much, by the looks of it. But hey, I’m not raising any pitchforks just yet. There’s several weeks to go before the transfer window closes. My worry however (cue sound of me sharpening the pitchfork) is that leaving it too long may mean we’re short going into the opening games of the season.

Stewart Robson's therapist

I share your concern about that, I merely wanted to make the point that the signing of Holding itself is no reason for outrage. Put it this way, no one will be complaining about this signing at the end of the window if, by then, we’ve also signed Gonzalo Higuain and Riyad Mahrez.

Third Plebeian

I agree with the spirit of your post. There’s no reason to be outraged. Besides, the idea that the club can only do one thing at a time (e.g., buying Holding means its kept us from looking at options for other positions!!!) is preposterous.


I guess we are holding out for a hero…sorry

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I will be outraged if we sign Higuain. He played us once for his own devices. He can get stuffed this time around.

Mahrez though? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in an Arsenal kit

Snake in the grARSE

How does one sharpen a pitchfork?

I’m holding onto those two shits for dear life…

Third Plebeian

You know, that’s an excellent question. I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I want to sharpen my pitchfork, I turn to my trusty metal files.



Can he play holding mid?


yes he can play any where at holding position

Jt wunubo

This is not the type of players we want at Arsenal club now. We need already made players at the moment. Pls striker is the first poblem.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

40 year old players are very well made players if age is your only measurement. We should buy more 40 year olds. Granted we’d have to buy an entire new squad every window, but that seems to work for Mourinho…

Third Plebeian

Wikipedia bears the unfortunate information that Holding is 2nd cousin to John Terry and grew up an avid Chelsea fan.

Is an exorcism part of an Arsenal medical? If not, it should be.


Not good … although if he’s anywhere near as good as Terry he’ll be a good buy.

Cliff Bastin

Describe John Terry’s career in three words :

Martin Keown : ‘Adams was better’



Looks like it’s been removed and I can’t find any other reference to it online.

Had to be thorough about such a scurrilous accusation, so I’ve learnt quite a bit from the 50 odd pages I’ve visited.

Basically, he’s rather good.

Parlour's pay packet

Off topic so sorry, but I just read an article on Le Grove and some comments. I rushed back here for some jovial comments.

Stewart Robson's therapist

If you read that shite you only have yourself to blame.


Takes a few swipes of the comments to get past people bragging they commented first, second, third etcetera. Awful!

Arseblog is enough for me.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Woohoo!!! 72nd Post!!!!! Yay!!!!

Snake in the grARSE

You’re forever tainted. Hate those drivelling scumbags!


Speaking of the need for an exorcism…

Art Vanderlay

Man, you got to swerve that. Mind you, it’s not as mad as that weirdo ‘Arsenal Truth’. He’s demented.


So that is the 2 signings sorted that wenger spoke about. Nice one… Roll on the new season.


I’m purely basing this on the one video of him on YouTube, but he reminds me of a John Stones, perhaps a little more confident with the ball at his feet.

I’m assuming Arsenal have a much more extensive scouting report 😀


He was their player of the season last year and has some decent first team experience. Sounds like he should give us a bit more cover if nothing else.

If we spend some proper cash on the attack plus this guy and Xhaka recon I’d be happy with that.

Easy as JVC

Being the clubs player of the season as a young centre half in a team that finished rock bottom of the championship says an awful lot about his ability. His mentality must be first class not to let his head drop and completely disappear in games when the teams getting battered week in, week out. I haven’t watched him play but sounds like a real gem.


From watching youtube vids he looks really tidy for a CB, great touch and quick feet. Saw a few smashing tackles, then watched an interview with him and he does indeed look a bargain for 2 mil, could be something special.


It is almost preseason Lacazette, Icardi or Mahrez are no where to be seen and Arsene only been able to rob Holding.


Clearly one for the future and low risk considering the price. I’d imagine another CB is on the cards if right deal is on. We’ve got to show more faith in Gabriel and Chambers too. With Per and Kos both over 30 we do need to think about the future.


This signing by itself would not really be noteworthy had it come in an otherwise active Summer for Wenger, but that fact that we have signed just one player that is going to contribute and two that are fringe at best (down the road at that) which gets us likely to the “three” players Wenger said he would buy this Summer is maddening. I pray he is still working on a striker signing and will forgive him for not signing an attacking wide player should that mean he’ll give Campbell a chance, but if this is it with his transfer… Read more »


It’s something.


What exactly is the point of signing this guy?? Is he more talented them chambers? We need an experienced CB, not another prospect. Chambers will def go on loan then, but I’d be extremely disappointed if he’s the only defensive signing we make.
Unless we’re getting a wide forward and a striker(which isn’t happening because ramsey/jack/iwobi are penciled down for RW) we def need another cb.

Godfrey Twattschlock

From Wikipedia:

“Rob is 2nd cousin to Chelsea player John Terry and was an avid Chelsea fan whilst growing up.”


Everyone’s allowed to be stupid when they’re a kid. Terry’s problem was he stayed stupid. Hopefullly Rob takes after the other side of the family.


I actually find the time it took to close this a bit worrying.

We obviously made a previous bid that got rejected 2 months or so back.

Did it really take us 2 months to renegotiate a new offer? F*ck me, are we really that slow? Is it just Dick Law and a graduate intern who conducts all our dealings?

That kind of speed fits well we’ve our previous for closing deals. Really doesn’t bode well for any other signings.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s a disgrace!! It’s almost as if Bolton had some say about what happened to their player!! Who the fuck do they think they are????

David kushner

I like this signing for the future. The future being the key word . Arsenal still need a first team CB to pair with koz. I fear we will also miss out once again on a top class striker that we are so desperate for.

Al Gilmore

Anger about this signing is being childish and naiive. Signings happen when they happen not in some order designed to make fans happy. The Xhaka signing shows that when all parties agree that signings can happen pretty quickly. But if we get into the likes of the really top players – those deals can take ages ages to complete and e know this. There isn’t a club more powerful in the transfer market than Madrid and they don’t always get their man early on and often it goes to the wire. As for Holding – I dunno if he will… Read more »


I’ve actually watched a fair amount of Holding over the last 6 months, after we first expressed interest in him. He has a lot of promise, and reminds me a great deal of Gary Cahill in playing style. If this happens, I’d be excited to see how he develops over the next 2 or 3 years.

Snake in the grARSE

There’s way too much Chelsea about this guy!

Easy as JVC

Is that what you said about Sol Campbell when we signed him? I believe there was a fair bit of Sp*rs in him and look how awful that turned out.


Not against this signing, but the problem is we need a dominant central defender who can come in to the team now. However, I think Wenger will neglect this again, and as each day progresses it looks like we won’t be signing a top striker. Wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger leaves it until the very last few hours of the transfer window before making a bid for a Benzema or Lacazette. Problem is like last season with Cavani it will be too late and again were be a few players short of seriously challenging for the league. But hey who… Read more »


I don’t think signing Holding would stop us from signing anyone else or will be our only signing. I also don’t think this necessarily means Chambers is on his way out.
A while ago, on this website I think, there was a piece linking Chambers to Everton and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens, especially if Everton do end up selling Stones to Man City (looks like it could happen).

Let the transfer merry go round begin (hopefully)!

Hank Scorpio

Meh…wake me up if we sign someone who enhances the current squad. If we don’t the disquiet witnessed last season will quickly pale in comparison. Surely Arsene can’t be that stupid/stubborn to ignore the blindingly obvious gaps in this squad.


If the rumours of Chambers being considered for a loan, I hope Holding isn’t our only defensive signing. I’m hoping that Holding will be deputising for both full back and centre back and we’re still looking for an experienced CB who’s ready to fill Per or Laurent’s boots whenever needed.



Vincent Kompany's Forehead/Jamie Vardinho

Gabriel’s been with us 18 months and is still struggling to cope with the league and, god knows why, the language.

What was, and is needed is an established CB who can slot straight in alongside Koscielny aka your Koulibalys or Murillos


Holding for the future, Subotic for now

Then Higuain and we’re good to go


Oh and a world class LB


Signed upon high praise by Wellington Silva.


The poo thickens.


Some fans sickened me. Me me me me. We need to spend on WC shite, WC this, WC that. Support the players you’ve got and just maybe, they will surprise. Pound to pound, the Arsenal got one of the strongest team in the league. I would rather see, our young players develop and get a chance to fulfill their potential. Walcot will come good. We are pack with midfielders and wide players in both the first team and youth teams. We are stuck in the defensive and goal keeping department in both teams. These so called WC only become WC… Read more »


“Walcott will come good”

I wonder how many years you’ve been saying this now.

You do know that he’s 27, right? Not some kid with untapped potential.


ANother prime example. You dont even believe in your players. As long as they were the colours, you support them and believe in them.
The Coq is one prime example, many of you will have quite happily signed a DM and Le Coq will never have been given a chance. Same goes for Hector B.
WE have promising young strikers, support them, believe in them, eleviate them.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You do realise that that means he’s probably only got 4 or maybe 5 years left at the top level before he’s over the hill, assuming his legs don’t go before that? Its not like he’s a defender who’ll go til he hits 35 is it?

Strangely this is the first time I’ve thought of him in these terms.

broken red army

wait! it isnt supposed to be sarcastic? Im scared 🙁


City, Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, even Spurs are getting quality players, and Weger brings WHO?? Let’s don’t get too bitter when we’re out of the title race by December…..


*Wenger* – oh hope this is his last season please….


Sorry meant to thumb you down your petulant comments but ended up doing the opposite…bloody fat fingers!


Bloody iPad!

broken red army

thumb him down why? you expect us to be in title race or win it? you people never learn every year you point your frustration towards realistic fans instead of unambitious managment and board.

broken red army

board? :))

broken red army

management then! yes nothing wrong with our royal management. :))

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Personally, I’d rather suffer from hopeless optimism than “Other team penis envy” thanks.

How far down the table do you have to finish to not have been in the title race?


They were signining players last year as well….

Vincent Kompany's Forehead/Jamie Vardinho

This deal doesn’t make sense to me? It’s nice to have ‘one for the future’, but the pressing need was an established CB who can be the first choice alongside Koscielny, because Mertesacker and Gabriel (at least not yet) don’t cut the mustard. But my feeling is, we’ll have Koscielny, Mertesacker and Gabriel, with Chambers on loan. Which means we’re back to the same ridiculous situation we had when we had just 3 central defenders before we signed Gabriel and we relied on Monreal as a backup, which left the Left Back position short 🙁 Seriously hope we get an… Read more »


I think that Gabriel will show us this season that he is the established CB some are crying out for. He is settling in and learning english and will be crucial for us this season, IMHO

John C

Gabriel’s problem is that he isn’t physically big or strong enough, i don’t know how learning english is going to help that.


Good Communication, especially for centre back pairings is vital.
Not big and strong? I would not pick a fight with him.


What ever happened to patience?
All this instant gratification nonsense – gi’ me, gi’ me, gi’ me NOW.


Be honest, we’ve been waiting more than a decade for a satisfying transfer window.

broken red army

having been linked with Koulibaly and Manolas as we expected we copped Holding.
still last time we persued Higuain and Suarez we ended up with Sanogo, good side to it we cant do any worth than that (even if we dont bring any striker)
so we’ll walk our way to the title like 0past years and good news is no one is still available better than what we got. apparently we’re the best 🙂

Gutbukket Deffrolla

1) Suarez and Higuain didn’t want to come to us. Rewriting history to suit yourself only works if everybody agrees with you.

2) Being linked with somebody is not the same thing as having them sign a contract to play for your team. It is just a story made up by men who write newspaper articles. These people are called “Lying Bastards”.

broken red army

Suarez and Gonzalo didnt want to come? Higuain didnt come because we didnt match his 35 millions valuation not that Napoli is the more interesting club. Suarez on the other hand said goodbye to teammates even had “missed” a training and after Liverpool refused our only offer had an obvious uninterested preseason friendly in which not only he didnt run much but also after coming out didnt shake hands and left stadium. and had couple of interviews how he’d want to play CL and Liverpool board were breaking promises. think twice before calling people bastards. and theres google you can… Read more »

Andy Mack

Liverpool refused our offer but it met the terms of his ‘over 40m’ release clause. If Suarez had wanted to come to us then it would have happened.
John Henry has bragged about how he lied about not having a release clause, on stage at a USA Sports Conference.
The bottom line was that Suarez wanted to play for a big team in spain where his Spanish wife wanted to live, and he was clearly given to believe that it would happen soon so he didn’t need a temporary move to us, especially as Liverpoo also increased his salary.


We are overwhelmed with so many quality signings by Wenger. Can’t see anything but 1st spot this time around……….


2nd last season, with all those you envy below us.


Matty upson comes to mind here, similar build, style and cost.


Cool, I hope he gets played at centre back rather than rb, dm etc like Chambers


@Al Gilmore why is it that all
Parties never agree when it comes to Arsenal but always seem I agree when it comes to other clubs? (Just asking; pls no abuse requested)


We’ve lost Hayden recently who was one fo the more promising Cback/holding mids in academy.

We do not have that many top prospects in the academy in terms of central defenders.

Makes sense to bring someone young in for the future considering BOTH Per and Koscielny are on the wrong side of 30.

Like Asano a comparative low price punt for the near future.


I think we’ll see Chambers step up and Holding take his position in the team. I think he did himself justice in the few games he played. Arsene has moved away from sticking 17/18 year old guys in the first team because of the injuries they inevitably get later on in life. He’s a human first.


Anyone know what is playing style is? Is he a ball attacker like Kos? Or more Mert? I thought Chambers was of the latter style, so who do you think he would complement most? Why are people complaining about his signing? Sweet Jesus. Arsenal sign promising young player, cheaply, and half of you shit the bed. Talk about the FIFA generation.. Remember all it takes is bad luck and an injury to an established player and you’d all be shitting the bed again, whinging about our lack of cover. I feel sorry for Arseblog having to read your shit every… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I’m rather bored with, to paraphrase, “We only finished second. We’re fucking shit and it’s all Wenger’s fault!!!!!!!!”


From what Ive seen of the limited videos on him….he looks like a fairly decent player….promising indeed!


Anglo heavy teams don’t win championships. If Arsenal MUST sign white ass people, sign white ass Germans or French.



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