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Usmanov statement on his Arsenal shareholding

Alisher Usmanov has today released a statement about his shareholding in Arsenal. It reads:

“Contrary to some speculative media reports, Red and White Holdings woule like to state that Mr Alisher Usmanov does not intend to sell his stake in Arsenal Holdings PLC (“Arsenal”).

Mr Usmanov continues to be committed to Arsenal and considers his stake in the Club [sic] as a long-term investment for his family and future generations.

Red and White Holdings Limited owns 30.04% of Arsenal Holdings Plc.”

This comes after our story yesterday which suggested he was considering selling his stake in the club to join partner Farhad Moshiri.

Obviously we’ll take him as a man of his word and if that’s what he says then that’s that, as it’s completely unknown for business people to say something then do something else further down the line.

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I’d totally get it if he were to buy Everton. Sadly enough.



It says it all in this statement—


When it should be he’s interest in —-



Honestly, a fabricated piece about ownership being published on this site stinks to high heaven. Very unlike this place.

You can’t help but think about the motivation behind this.


Jesus, take off your tin hat. Arseblog are probably the most impartial and unbiased Arsenal-related news site in the world. They don’t have an agenda, they just report what is interesting to Gooners (which this was).

If they didn’t post such a thing, then today posted this, we’d all be like “huh? What reports?”


They were the source of this story. There would have been no Usmanov statement to report, had that not been posted in the first place.

Pascal Cygan



Like username like guy.


Unfollow then

Ned Flanders Bible

Ananus, wrong it has been reported elsewhere. Andrew posted it here because it’s relevant to the club.


You sound like your name. Seriously.


Do you realise that this site has been the source of many reports in the past? It’s probably THE most credible source for anything Arsenal related and has time and time again proven so; by the way I really do hope that he doesn’t sell.

One day and I realise I’m probably dreaming, Wiggy will sell his share and we just might get an owner that gives a fuck about his investment other than to make himself a cool 3 mill every season.


Usmanov has confirmed that he played sax on ‘Holding out for a hero’ though.

New guy

I don’t know, blogs. Where is your ambition? It’s been months since this site won an award and even then it was only judges’ choice, and not even for best blog or best team blog. What about the fans? We pay good money for this and you haven’t even made new signings even though the arsenal gent seems to have gone. Why not bring in Brian Phillips now that Grantland has been shut down? Or Swiss Ramble? Are you just watching your bank account grow as if it is your own money? I might have to stop reading this blog… Read more »

The Ox, the Ram, Willy & Wally

Not trying to be difficult or anything, but where did your story come from?

I have to admit the language on your article was a bit different from usual – IIRC it said something like ‘Usmanov could sell up his Arsenal shares and join his friend at Everton’. ‘Could’ being the fluffy word in this situation (although I think you actually alluded to that in your article).

Was it speculation after that bloke bought Everton? Which is perfectly fine as it made for an interesting idea, but it did almost read as more concrete than speculation.

Gus Caesar

Sometimes in life you just have to read between the lines. Give Blogs his due here – he’s been as honest as he can be with the info he’s received, sometimes you have to protect your sources or they go away forever.

A Different George

Wait–you mean Carl Jenkinson’s dad is NOT Bonnie Tyler’s backup singer?

Olawale Olayemi

Usmanov is like a quiet Donald Trump and Kroenke is like an even more quiet Hillary. We’re truly fucked


Also that picture…… Jesus what a cheese ball with the whole hand on the chin thing, looks like an outdated Bond villain, according to sources he owns a swimming pool full of sharks …. With laser beams attached to their heads. MY GUT DOES NOT TRUST


Majority of gooners used to prefer Kroenke and how did that turn out? He is taking 3million each year from us which could have been used for signing players(those extra 3 millions is worth it when our transfers are considered). Usmanov can’t be worse than Kroenke.


We must have £300M to spend on players by now, and we struggle to buy one decent player and a couple of cheap kids, and you think the extra £3M would make all the difference?!

Let Kronke take his £3M and stick it up his arse


Aren’t they bargaining for less than some 5 million?


As trustworthy as Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger.

They’re all the same.


I understand him not selling his stake. He is somewhat of a sinister Uzbeki vampire, the stake is what’s in his heart (rather than the club) and should he remove said stake he would instantly perish into dust. Needs must etc.

Stewart Robson's therapist

I couldn’t care less if he sells up, I don’t trust the bloke in the slightest. But for the love of God, don’t sell to Kroenke. The idea of that walrus-faced cowboy having almost complete autonomy over our club doesn’t bear thinking about.


As much as I agree the smooth faced white haired old French guy that currently has absolute, never questioned, autonomy over the club isn’t doing that great.


We’re owned by an American investor who doesn’t care one bit.

I’d rather be owned by someone who does care, and is willing to plough a few billion into taking us above man Citeh and Chelsea, even if he is a Russian baron von greenback.

Bob Davis

I get a hard on looking at beutiful women. Looks like shareholders get a hard on for making money.

Stan wants to be the richest man in the graveyard and Wenger’s prepared to help him have his gold plated coffin.


Glad he’s staying. Wish he had more shares.

Judith Le'Strange

I wish that Usmanov would buy out Kroenke and then perhaps we could get a new more advanced thinking manager who wouldn’t treat the players as if they were his “little boys” and tell the Board that he wanted this player or that player and it will cost £xxxxm, and get rid of a lot of the dead wood players that we seem to have by the drove and clear up some extra cash by bringing in decent players, not weak little ones that Wenger thinks will cost half of what a decent healthy player will cost. But I hope… Read more »

Andy Mack

It seems you’re not aware that Usmanov wants to keep Arsene Wenger as manager.


Usmanov will never be given a chance to invest in Arsenal where it matters i.e in team strengthening – that is left to the owner who has no interest in winning trophies or being successful (except financially).
I would sell at the earliest opportunity – it’s dead money.
I hope Hill Wood, Edelman and Brightwell are happy and they are enjoying their money. Bastards.


It’s a great investment. Arsenal is probably one of the best clubs in the world to have a passive investment position in.

What it’s not a great chance to do is play Abramovich and buy your way to titles.


Of topic. But is anyone fed up of the stupid prices players are going for now? – it’s getting to the point where I’m kind of ok with not signing anybody. Spend 35 million on a Lacazete today, and we’ll be paying 90 million for the next half decent striker next summer when we realise the guy we bought in the first place wasn’t all that. It’s just retarded. Wenger is completely right when he says there’s a market for English clubs, and a market for everyone else. At this rate it won’t matter how much money we make of… Read more »


Okay we stand back with our principles in the knowledge we are taking the moral high ground whilst everyone around us invests the money they have generated.

We can look at ours in the bank


If investment equated success, United, Chelsea, and Liverpool would be running away with the league. Not struggling to qualify for the top 4. All they do is spend hundreds of millions of pounds on bang average players, call it an investment, assemble the most expensive (inflated) squads in Europe, and then wonder why they get trashed in the Champions league, or why teams like Leicester win the league and teams like Bradford and MK Dons knock them out of the cups. Honestly, it’s like people are more excited by how much we spend then what we get. If we had… Read more »


I think you are totally right and I feel like Arseblog – sadly – have become one of those voices on the internet that just call for new signings now, as that would be the only solution, the only way to go. And this with the awful argument that Wenger must “accept this is the new reality”, which, off course, actually don’t say a thing about what we should be doing on the market; that something is – in this case a totally inflated and fucked up football transfer market – dosen’t actually say that Wenger, the club or we… Read more »

Jack's little finger

The winning mentality at the club is sadly gone and it pains me to see the fans too settled in this self imposed culture. The above statement is rich coming from a club that has not won the league in 12 years (and in which the above named have won league titles and the Champions League), a club which thanks to that effect is now in the same financial tier with Chelsea who they were light years ahead of, on and off the pitch 12 years ago. I get that we cannot and should not pay obscene prices for players… Read more »


When did we last win the league or champions league? 2 of those have won both the other 1 in the mean time

Last season was a freak and he still fucked it up. When finances were thrown out the window and organisation and team spirit key we were a shadow


We constantly hear that Arsena has an Economics degree but he seems to have stopped reading before Milton Friedman famously said “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon”. By this he meant that more money in circulation drives prices up. There is no measure of “value” – the market does not care and it is neither moral or immoral, it just is. Prices are high because there is lots of money around and a very limited supply of good players, it is the most predictable thing in the world.
Any morality argument is irrelevant.


Totally agree. Paying sky high prices for players is completely justified simply because Arsenal are very profitable and have huge cash reserves.

The purchase of Pogba represents a smaller proportion of Manure’s current turnover than the purchase of Brian Robson did.

It’s inflation based on a successful product, nothing more, nothing less.

Simeone after Wenger’s contract runs out? He’s the only big cheese left and might fancy having a few quid to throw around for a change.


Funny how none of the silly money makes it into our pockets when we sell players though isn’t it? I mean how much would we get for Sanchez or Ozil? We’d probably sell them for £20M each, such is our inefficiency in the transfer market.


Ild like him to pursue buying stan out but that’s going to be at one hell of a price

I’m just amazed that men of principle at that club don’t step out and tell the truth. Sadly they are all too busy feathering their own nests to think about what is actually best for arsenal

And reporters grow some balls and ask the questions the fans want answering. If he doesn’t answer then ask again stop letting aw and ig get away with non answers

Glad we’re really prepared for this season

Merlin's Panini

The last thing we want is Usmanov going to Everton. If he has a chip on his shoulder with the Arsenal board he could go about buying all the players we want, and some of our own that we want to keep, just to spite us. The worrying thing would be that Kroenke would do nothing about it and carry on taking his £3 million a year. The timing of all this does seem rather cynical though. Knowing supporters feel uneasy it’s possible this may be a ploy from his people to further stir up the crowd who are tired… Read more »


What makes people think we’ve got untold millions to spend on players? Sure, we obviously have a transfer budget. But in all of my 39 years supporting the club they have never once revealed any details about transfer budgets – and nor should they. Fact is, we probably could pay over the odds for either Mustafa and Lacazette, but can we afford both? Maybe we could, maybe we couldn’t – we just do not know! One thing is for sure though, since David Dein left the club, and Kroenke buying us, there doesn’t seem to be anyone prepared to take… Read more »


I may be unpopular here, but I somehow like Usmanov more than Kroenke. But wonder if Usmanov ever became a majority share holder, would he behave differently? Most of us can’t really fathom what it would be like to manage someone who’s a legacy manager. Well, now that this is done and settled. Can we please sign Mustafi and that striker? Or wait, we’ll spin another story on the official website about how Mertesacker is making his recovery way ahead of his schedule and how Walcott is practicing various training ground moves to be the best striker in the league.… Read more »


Thank God for that. Because if he sold to Kronke a bad situation would become dire. And I mean really DiRE.

The Club would have marooned in a swamp of non achieving mediocrity for years to come.


Until Kronke picks up the stadium with a helicopter and shifts the whole club over to China, of course.


At 30% and no influence, it must be the expensive season tickets, ever! Hehe, he does have a seat, doesn’t he?


hahaha…its not like Usamov does very much for the club either.

Put your money where your mouth is mate.;)


Judging by his mouth he wouldn’t have any shares left…


It doesn’t make much sense for Usmanov to sell Arsenal shares with Kroenke in control of the club. He could just sit on his ass and watch the value of his investment increase y-o-y due to conservative management and our impressive record of top 4 finishes. And when Arsenal win the league again (it will happen sooner or later) he could consider cashing in for top money.

Venus Pinewood

My brother studied with Usmanov in Moscow MGIMO – apparently did his English homework for him. Bastard won’t give me his contact details – so anyone know how I can get in touch with him (Usmanov rather than my prat of a brother)? Want to put in some prime begging.

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