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Video: Granit Xhaka v Watford 2016

Here’s a nice video compilation of Granit Xhaka’s performance in the 3-1 win over Watford yesterday.

Arsene Wenger said afterwards, “Xhaka has a good touch on the game. He is calm, his passing is effective, he has a left foot as well so he can find as well the opposite side sometimes.

“He’s good on the ball and he wants the ball and he’s shown physical strength in his locker and he’s adapted very quickly.”

Here’s what he was talking about.

Granit Xhaka vs Watford | 2016/17 | HD from TeZ on Vimeo.

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Solid playa


I can’t put my finger on why exactly but I can watch clips like this of midfield generals/metronomes knitting passes and pumping long passes all day! Just so effortless on the ball, never looks phased. He has great balance and looks strong on the ball, couple of times the challenge was 60/40 in their favour but he gets his body in and shields them off it while turning and opening the counter up. Fuckin top stuff. Has to be one of the first names on the team sheet but we need to sort out his partner, I’m leaning towards Cazorla… Read more »


Given he is playing on a new team in a new league, his performance was really impressive. Imagine how much better he can be as he settles in and develops understandings with the rest. Also think how excited Lucas must be. Joining The Arsenal and with the prospect of a steady stream of through balls from Ozil, Santi and Xhaka. Not sure what to say except wow.


“Not sure what to say…”

Wagner aaht?


It’s difficult to stay calm and not get too excited. He looks like he could be worth quite a bit more than we got him for, and he wasn’t cheap.. Dammit, stay calm. One thing that I really like, but that also scares me to death, is how he throws himself into tackles. Let’s hope he is also really good at evading yellows and reds ?.


That’s the best part about him! He’s become a bit more of a smart tackler now since last season. He got those reds last season at ‘gladbach at the beginning of the season then changed his game. We got a great player boys!!!


Please, he has brains unlike Coq who can get a red anytime from 1′


I think you’re slide tackle-phobic my friend

Bob Davis

He looked so composed on the ball yesterday. He’s got to pay like throughout the season. Another quality signing from Wenger.


Just a thought. We’ve quite a number of left footers in the team now plus Perez……Hope it won’t be a worry!


Getting carried away now. He didn’t dominate barcas 08 midfield…its watford ffs, get a grip people!


I don’t think anyone is getting carried away here. Xhaka was outstanding in the Euros and looked great yesterday. Is that not exciting? As for the Hornets, didn’t they knock us out of the cup a few months ago? They are a legit team.


There is always that one fan..


Also, I recall a certain Wilshere dominating Barca.


No matter who the opposition are, his passing ability is excellent!

Stewart Robson's therapist

We’ve all speculated in the past about what kind of players Mesut Özil needs around him to be at his best. With Xhaka, I don’t think it will matter. He can just as easily place a long pass for Alexis/Walcott/Perez to run onto, as land it bang on Giroud’s forehead. A simply beautiful player to watch.


Not sure what i enjoyed most: all those through balls, or the awesome music that accompanied the video


Err… well, I think the through balls win it for me.

Evang. Femi

I can’t just stop admiring this guy ….. He played with full confidence and assurance that is rare in most LANS…. Xhaka can


I don’t think you know what LANS means


Lovable Amazing New Signing?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

But Xhaka IS Like A New Signing!!!

Gudang Pelor

In the match v watford, when we were defending a corner, saw him shouting and pointing at a teammate (l dont know who). I like it. Captqin material.

sixteen swans over ainola

He’s going to be the main reason Giroud gets 20+ goals this season.


Think he’ll create a lot for alexis and the new boy on the break with his long pass ability

ramsey's spirit

very highly impressed. His long passing range is superb, and he gets stuck in. Our midfield has to be the toughest place to make it as a first 11 player, in the P.L for certain. With his passing from deeper, cazorla, and ozil it’s going to take some serious quality to stem the flow of chances. Holding looked 3 or 4x his cost too.

Ramsey and Wilshere are essentially now a 70min sub for cazorla and ozil, that has got to terrify the opposition…

Stewart Robson's therapist

You mention having Ramsey as a sub; but would you consider making him a regular fixture on the wing again in place of Walcott?


Not if Walcott keeps working like that and starts putting a few of those chances away he made himself available for. Yes, I realize that’s a big if.


I have been pretty critical of Wenger and his transfer policy/ ability to bring in the right players but it seems like he made the perfect signing for our midfield in Xhaka. I know it’s early but the signs are very promising. COYG!!!!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

There’s part of the problem. Wenger got Xhaka early and we had a couple of months to get used to him being the only signing so far. I think we (i.e. the worriers and whingers) were so busy complaining that Wenger had “only” bought Xhaka that we (i.e. not me, mate) started thinking of him as “only” Xhaka. Getting him so soon in an otherwise disappointing window pretty much devalued him in our eyes (and I do mean “in your eyes” 🙂 ). Now we’re all “Bloody Hell. He’s pretty damn good” (and I do mean me too). It’s almost… Read more »


I dont think playing against watford was a good yardstick to measure his performance. Imagine playing against manchester city’s high pressure system, that will truely be a test of his quality. But overall his passing range was really good. Great signing. #wengerin


Great composure, lovely weight of pass and a big physical presence, we’re gonna love this Fella

Frank Bascombe

We’ve needed a player of this type for years. There was a pass played on 2.22, think it was to Sanchez, where he’s knocked it with the outside of his foot and got it to curl inwards. In terms of kicking a ball, it’s incredible. As for the opposition being Watford as opposed to Barca, get the sense that this fellow’s not too fussed who he’s playing against. He’s also a strong deterrent against those who fancy bullying Mesut too. Good news for Arsenal Football Club.


I like the music with that anyone know who it was?


I think it was The Over Shoulder Boulder Holders…a two piece band from the eighties?

Love Arsenal, Hate Kroenke

He’s better than Xabi Alonso at his prime, more physical and quite young. I don’t want to get carried away, but what a player.


Looks great.

Blogs why no live blogs these days?


He looks a great player and adds an extra attacking dimension to the team with those long raking passes. I wonder where this leaves Coquelin, who was purely a destroyer, especially as Xhaka can get stuck in too. Twelve months ago he was one of the first on the team sheet, but now Elneny seems to be ahead of him too.


I heard Coq was unwell otherwise would have started.


Hope that’s not the case, Santi and Elneny are much better options to play with Xhaka in the middle


Don’t underestimate Le Coq. He will get his games. As Ramsey, Wilshere and Elneny will. Season is long. Injuries will come. But having such a bench is really amazing. When Mertesacker and Gabriel are back and Mustafi and this Lucas Fella are fully integrated this is one hell of a squad.


Xhaka is a marvelous player , however i will say Francis is the most important DM in arsenal, the watford midfield did not press our midfield until the second half, many complain of the yellow and the red cards but it is a job that has to be done, he may not be a master in the position yet but he is getting their.
The importance of Coquelin is only seen when we are playing more competitive midfielders


As mentioned, Wenger brought in Granit for two reason : 1) Defensively to add as alternative to Coquelin (and vice versa). Coquelin was good next to Santi but struggled with Ramsey. We shipped plenty of goals when the pair played something like 14 in 8 games. With Granit, it looks like we can deploy Santi (or the link player further forward). There is also the ability to play both Coquelin and Granit to keep things more water tight. 2) Offensively his deep passing is superb. We missed this attribute when Santi went out and it somewhat cost us effectiveness transitioning… Read more »

Clive St Helmet

Whisper it quietly: Andrea Pirlo.

Perhaps less skillful than Pirlo but that same eye for a pass from deep.


I was just thinking that but maybe more Arteta but improved 2.0 version. Good enough for me.


And good that Wenger panic bought him early.:D

Elizabeth Coheen

Top class player. He Give arsenal some beauty.. this guy look like playboy or model


He almost acts as a third Cback at times when defending. Reminds me of Arteta but a younger version with more power, strength and height. Certainly gives us the same sort of playmaking vision from deep. Happy we have a solid frame player that doesn’t get pushed around. Same with Ox (Remember Simpson bouncing off of him in the Leicester game) And even Elneny looks like he’s hit the gym and bulked up. Looks more solid this season. What we need now is to be able to keep possession and kill the game off a bit. Its more difficult these… Read more »

Frank Bascombe

“Forward Xhaka… Forward!”


While watching the game I paid special attention to him and it was clear he was one of the best on the pitch.

Him + Santi/Elneny or perhaps Ramsey should be a great central midfield duo for the season. Can’t wait to see the full team with Giroud/Perez and Mustafi

Stringer Bell

Ramsey is square peg in round hole. He is a sub for us at best.


He’s actually more similar to Busquets. With him in the side it negates Coquelin and a technical partner as he has both in his locker. Thus we can play with an anchorman instead of two deep lying midfielders.

Looks like with Xhaka we can play like the Barca setup. Xhaka as Busquets, Santi as Xavi and Ozil as Iniesta.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

He does seem to have a knack for picking out running wingers with long balls.


Song is called ‘Patience in Play’ by Oddisee.

Elliot Ness

Love Oddisee!


He’s got the moves like Xhaka

Elliot Ness

That needs to be a chant.

Elliot Ness

HISTORICAL MOMENT! First time I see a football compilation with enjoyable music!!!
Oh and what a signing. Happy Swiss fan here!

Scott Weldon

Excellent first half performance from the whole team. Especially Xhaka who’s solid all round display is exactly what we need in a defensive Midfielder. Just wish we would beat the opposition into submission instead of sitting back and inviting pressure after taking a lead. The better teams in this league [And there are a lot] will see this as a weakness and never really feel like they are out of the game. KILLER INSTINCT NEEDED – COYG

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