Thursday, May 30, 2024

Arsenal 3-0 Chelsea haha Costa – Player ratings

Well wasn’t that fun? A 3-0 win over Chelsea and Diego Costa was furious which makes it even better.

Here are the player ratings from a bar in New York!

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Can’t score


You big eejit.

I’d say head over to the PSG blog but if it’s anything like Cavani, each paragraph will build up to something special and then fizzle out at the last moment like a back pass from Gary Cahill.


Brilliant win lads! Even better to have that scum Costa not win penalties and actually get cautioned.
But most of all, well done to the manager for a tactical victory over Conte.

Public Elneny Number One

Costa’s shit when he can’t cheat


What kind of Mourinho dick-sucking cunt would thumb you down? COYG

David M

That was the most enjoyable Arsenal game in Maybe 2 years or more…I feel absolutely happy…absolutely happy!!

Remember how we used to tear teams apart…we did it. I have been critical of Monsieur Wenger using Alexis up top and Le coq over Xhaka, but I tip my hat. Today that was the best tactics and execution and getting to team ready from the start we have seen in many a moon. There was not a poor performance out there from Arsenal. 10/10. TOTAL FOOTBALL!!


It was fun when we destroyed man u last year

Mein Bergkampf

Diego Costa Concordia today. Sunk without a trace. Couldn’t have happened to a more pug faced cuntbag.


Gibbs coming on was brilliant!!! best sub is 15 years IMO


Surely it was Ox who came on.


Diego Costa is a cunt.

That’s it, basically.


More of the same please, Theo.


Some days can’t get much better… Today is that day!
Fantastic performance!

Alex L

Loved our fans screaming shoot every time Granit got the ball, and the wild applause for his awful attempt when he finally did.

That and Kosc shoving costa, what an awesome game.

I just wish Jose had been around to see it…

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

José and Shrek will be around and get their spanking soon.


10/10 – Referee for booking Costa for not knowing his place


Agreed… There are literally two things that could made today just that bit better – Jose in charge and Terry playing. Seeing their faces turn more sour by the minute would have left me with a permanent smile.


Oh that was for Alex L, sorry lol few pints worse off here!


The Bellerin tackle might just be my favourite football moment of all time.


I feel the same today, but I know tomorrow I will go back to his burst forward to set up Mesut v Bayern in the last minute will reclaim first place!


I liked it when Kos gave Costa a cheeky push.


Theo put in a shift like I have never seen. Iwobi and Ozil play one-twos for fun. Alexis is not doing too badly as a striker, not bad at all.

I thought Cazorla was our only player who was good not great. And no Ox means no worries!


Theo was everywhere!

buzzy gurkha

Iwobis Pass for that set up the Bellerin assist!
Ozil’s turn off Kante!
Xhaka Mustafi and Kos bullying Costa!
Small things that made me happy 🙂


Loved Koscielny not giving a fuck after DEMOLISHING Costa!

Clock End Mike

Theo hasn’t played better for a long time (but I always knew he could). He seems at last to have got over his serious lack of confidence that’s been there ever since he came back from that long injury — and with three good goals in 6 appearances, who wouldn’t? Not quite back to his best yet, but I think he’s going to be very important for us this season. Deserved his 9/10 rating. But for me, MOTM was Mesut Özil…


Love your comment but I honestly don’t think Ozil was the MOTM. Iwobi deserves it!


Sorry, but for his absolute total domination of the cheating cunt Costa, It just has to be Kosc The Boss.


Amazing game!! Brilliant team performance … difficult to pick a man of the match.


Everyone was superb to a man. Unbelievable quality and although Iwobi got man of the match (and rightly so) I want to single out Walcott for praise. To come through the abysmal performances from the end of last season, the abuse he has gotten from the stands and online (here!) and in the media, and perform like he has this season is just fantastic. Incredible work rate and energy and you could see how knackered he was at the end of the game. Not everything he does comes off but you can see why Alaba thinks he’s one of his… Read more »


Wenger clearly panic buys and doesn’t know how to build a team. 1) Cech – We paid 11m to take him from some small team. Good stop to beat the overrated Bashuayi. 2) Monreal – Unreal. Fantastic today covering but also going forward. Again Wenger the cheap skate. Should have bought a more expensive player. 3) Bellerin – Should listen to those people who wanted the limited Jenkinson because he’s British. Instead Wenger promoted some young punk from Spain. He’s quick grant you that, quicker than Pedro. Brilliant back tracking but we should have spent MONEY. 4) Koscielny – Where… Read more »


Sarcastic much?

Clock End Mike

More seriously, I hope Francis Coquelin’s OK. All the same, it’s so good to know we now have an almost like-for-like alternative in Grant Xhaka, who did pretty well (I blame the fans for that dreadful attempt at a shot!).


Agreed, it was almost as if every time he was lining one up, the calls of ‘shoot’ actually put him off!


He walked out to sit in the dugout for the second half, looked fine!!

Don Cazorleone

One of the commentators said that our midfielders don’t want to get injured because there is so much competition to play there. I think they’ve got it backwards and it’s a good thing that our players can take more precautionary measures with injuries, rather than be forced to stay on and make it worse.

What an excellent choice of midfielders to have at the moment.

Getso gunner

I will give every Arsenal player 10 for making me happy and making costa look like an idiot

Godfrey Twatschloch

Any player for any team can do that. In fact he manages it just fine by himself. The ugly fat twatknacker!


I normally age 2 years each time I watch the Chelsea games, but today I feel 5 years younger!

The guys were brilliant to a man, and Arsene absolutely nailed the tactics!!

Good day for the greatest team the world has ever seen!


I also felt much younger after that one. Made the mistake of acting on it and going to a trampoline park. Now I can’t turn my neck without some serious pain…totally worth it!

die hard gooner

Walcott needs to do this every game. Mustafi passed his first test with flying colors. Still not sold on alexis as a striker but had a great game. I applaud todays performance.


Really could not care less what you or any other fan are sold on. We are just fans and our “opinion” on team selections and player positions are irrelevant. We are in no position to say who should play, or where they should play. I am sick of the demands and moans before every game. Enjoy supporting the club and back whoever is starting people!

Coquelin deserves a starting spot. Alexis is a striker. End of those 2 debates.


Papering over cracks.

Clearly disgraceful.

Clueless tactics. Alexis up front?

No Granit starting.

and 3 nil to what the media tip to be one of 3 teams who can win the league this season?

Where’s the ambition?

Petit's Handbag

Honestly, who saw this coming from Theo. What a performance

Smudger's Forehead

Theo has been great so far this season, Arsene made a point early on that he thought he would have a great season. In order to see this coming you just needed to open your eyes before todays game, been quite clear another solid performance was coming from the TW14. Iwobi, Mustafi and Sanchez were my standouts, just. Great to see us bully them, Xhaka and Mustafi are just what we needed and more…


Arsenal Wenger


Everybody gets a 10 tonight! What an incredible team performance!! It truly is a thing of magic when 11 players are all on the same wavelength, put in a committed effort and then toy with the likes of Hazard, Costa, Fabregas, Willian, Matic and co. just coz they can!!! What I loved about today more than anything was even when we were trying flicks and nutmegs and chips we still won the ball back right away – i just wish John cunt-faced Terry was on the pitch when it happened and I’m pretty sure Jose wanted to punch his own… Read more »


Sanchezesque Sanchez >>> Sidepasser Hazard


Incredible!!! Words are not enough to express the performance today. It was unbelievable. They guys made us proud. I don’t think I could remember when played such perfect and total football. The guys all knew what was at stake. I am one of Theo Wallcot strong critics in recent years but he showed why we all wanted him in Arsenal ten years ago. He will be a start if he continues to play that way. Bravo guys!!!


glad you gave Theo his due, great performance all round from him that stood out amongst a team that was outstanding as a whole the thing with Iwobi as well, as far as I could tell, he didn’t do a single thing wrong? every decision he made and execution of it was correct and that is sort of becoming his hallmark. that’s the sort of performance you come to expect from Cazorla – a veteran international and all round excellent footballer – on his best days, but from a 20 year old playing in a team with a lot of… Read more »


What do you have to do to get a 10?

Kos was obscene today. Totally deserved one.

Crash Fistfight

He made one mistake in the second half when he got tangled up with Mustafi, which led to the Bellerin sprint-back and tackle. I took half a point off for that.

It might seem bizarre in a game where we scored three goals, but I thought Kos was MOTM today. Special mentions to Theo (please play like that every game Theo) and Sanchez (maybe he can play as the striker after all 😀 ). Oh, and also Mustafi and Iwobi.

Ah, stuff it, the whole team was great!


Getting Costa sent off would probably do it


Koscielny: Tackles Costa and shoves him away, starts walking off like a Boss. Costa starts running the Ref screaming, he realizes his error and starts after Koscielny, who turns at Both the Ref and Costa and Shouts with a straight face ” WHAT!?” “WHAT!?” And the the Ref brandishes a yellow card for a thoroughly appalled Costa. Koscielny says “yeah I thought so” and continues walking away like a Boss!!

Absolute Masterclass that!!


Walcott getting back to his best, Ozil, Alexis just perfect together, koscieny, mustafi growing to be our best defensive duo in a while and Iwobi, what a player he’s becoming. Just a perfect all round performance by the lads today.


Good game from the referee, he didn’t try to make himself the star and when the oldest looking 27 year old in history tried to tell him how to do his job, he booked him for it.


That reminds me, I saw today that tyson fury is 27.. what the fuck!

Timorous Me

How is Michael Oliver older than Costa? Just glad he didn’t let himself be intimidated–instead he controlled the game without trying to make himself the star, as you said. I think he may have grown into the top referee in the league, based on the games I’ve seen him call over the past year (though obviously this is a potentially quickly sliding scale).

Don Cazorleone

While refs are still gonna make mistakes, they seemed to have turned a corner this season. About time too.

yaya sanogo's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube legs

Such a great fucking win. We were so up for it today. Really impressed with everybody but with Mustafi in particular, he was excellent. Shout out to Walcott too for proving us all wrong.


I’m gonna leave this emotional piece of film here of two Arsenal legends and i’m off. I just can’t stop smiling.

Have a cracking Saturday night all!


FrenchGooner – what a FANTASTIC edit! You’re a genius mate – keep it up.


Incredible!!! Words are not enough to express the performance today. It was unbelievable. They guys made us proud. I don’t think I could remember when we last played such perfect and total football. The guys all knew what was at stake. I am one of Theo Wallcot strong critics in recent years but he showed why we all wanted him in Arsenal ten years ago. He will be a start if he continues to play that way. Bravo guys!!!


I’m surprised that I’m saying this, I may not hate Chelski as much if we continue to beat them often like this… our 11 just schooled them across the pitch!!


I don’t hate chelsea half as much as when that dirty, cheating scumbag was mismanaging them!


Kostafi made Costa look like Sanogoals

Beezus Fuffoon

I, too, loved Mustafi’s sliding tackles! Can we have a chuckle at Gary Cahil, N’golo Kante (how much????) and of course that prick Diego Costa! (What a prick he is)

silent g



What is most satisfying is the fact that we made them look like a bunch of farmers.


That moment when Kos the Boss wound up Costa was like a fourth goal.

Carl Jenkinson's Dad

Ok, I think Iwobi just might be the real deal. By the way, when was the last time we bullied the fuck out of a striker like Costa? I mean mustafi just kicked the shit out of him. I’d love to see someone put a compilation of mustafi just sliding in on Costa and watching him lose his shit every time. Fucking glorious.


Coq was exceptional today and Xhaka did very well to keep up his quality… Love our squad. Overall we absolutely humiliated them and made them look clueless, the way we keep the ball in the final third is in comparable to any other English team. When we do well, we’re the best, just gotta get consistency. Come on the rest of the season


3-0 and result didn’t flatter us.

Are you Tottenham in disguise?


Today performance is the best game so-far arsenal play to my test, i love em…


I love koscielny.


So I guess Sanchez can play the number 9.

Wenger out?

Antispuds returns

10 for everyone today. And BTW pundits are saying the chavs were shite. They weren’t. They were in a situation like when you get hold a gun point in a corner of Drayton Park on a Saturday evening. They were petrified couldn’t move and lethargic. Now we need to do the same manure and see the fave of that twat

Anthony S

Damn that front three looked mobile and dynamic. Starting to get the thinking now.


What a game, and what a great moment for the first goal. One of those goals that causes you to fall in love with the game all over again. The way Alexis goes clean through on goal, and he waits…and he waits…and he waits…and then, at the very last moment, impudently flicks the ball off the top of his right boot. And the ball goals sailing over the keeper’s head, and then the moment comes. The moment where all time and all movement stops, as sixty thousand people stand paralyzed, and the ball slowly, lazily travels up and then down… Read more »


Anyone else here hate Chelsea more than Spurs?


We nearly always beat spurs, they are a bit of a joke really 🙂

Chelsea are far more cuntish for me.


Yes, I hate Chel$ki more than Spurms. Spurms are sort of like the dog poo you accidentally step on in the park – they don’t choose to be dog poo, they just are dog poo. And you can always wash them off your shoes. But Chel$ki CHOOSE to be thundercunts. They’re owned by an oil cunt who hired the cuntiest possible manager not once but twice, they’re captained by a massive cunt, and their striker simultaneously occupies positions one through infinity on the all-time list of cunts. Nothing would make me happier than the Inland Revenue discovering massive tax fraud… Read more »


Theo always plays excellently against Chelsea. Suppose that’s what happens when you play a defence (Cahill/Ivanovic/Luiz/Racist Terry in years gone by) that was only decent back in the summer of ’69 against our pace and movement.

Lord Bendtner

It’s been a long time since I last saw such a performance against a top team. We controlled literally everything. Everyone was covering everyone, there were perfectly timed slide tackles flying, every loose ball was pounced on, Chelsea were chasing shadows. Granted this was a weak Chelsea team, but we performed so professionally, and that is how u outclass opponents like true gentlemen. I thought Sanchez as a central was going to be a bad decision and I totally overlooked Iwobi. And oh boy how how extremely wrong was I !! My fav moment was when Bellerin came outta nowhere… Read more »

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