Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Arsenal v PSG line-ups

It’s Champions League action tonight, and Arsenal and PSG both have a chance to win the group. A victory for either side will do that.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Ospina, Gibbs, Koscielny, Sanchez, Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud, Iwobi, Mustafi, Jenkinson, Coquelin

Subs: Cech, Gabriel, Walcott, Monreal, Xhaxa, Elneny

PSG: Areola, Silva, Krychowiak, Marquinhos, Varratti, Lucas, Motta, Cavani, Meunier, Matuidi, Maxwell

Subs: Trapp, Kimpembe, Ben Arfa, Jese, Nkunku, Augsustin, Ikone

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Giovani Rampeloti

It’s a strong XI, we have enough firepower to win this one comfortably

David C

would formation look like this?
Jenks Must Kos Gibbs
Coq Ramsey
Sanchez Ozil Iwobi


We have the fire power, it’s just getting the ball to them with that midfield I’m worried about


It’s clear Wenger thinks Ramsey is better than Xhaka.

Tasmanian Jesus

Two completely different players.
Its time Ramsey got a try in the center, where he excelled in the summer.
Like I said, different players, but if I was picking the team, Xhaka would start nostly everything. Maybe next to Ramsey.

That aside. Areola, hah!


He has a blind spot for him


Psg formation?

Giovani Rampeloti

its a 4 – 3 – 3


Let’s do this!


Not showing much faith in Xhaka there

Giovani Rampeloti

Yes thats sad


Oh well, as long as Ramsey gets a game…:-(


Of course. There was no other way, even remotely. They toyed with us when they wanted, how they wanted, and for how long they wanted. Our pressing from front has been a real disgrace by its absence. Ozil is quality when not invisible, which is too rarely now. Sanchez is tired. Iwobi’s callowness now visible. Ramsey dulling. Wenger not gingering. I tire


Kindly ignore my halftime rant

aussie gooner

does ramsey have a clause in his contract saying he must play if he’s fit?
this is ridiculous

Giovani Rampeloti

I agree, why the hell he doesnt put Xhaka to play?

Giroud's Wizard Beard

Hoped to see Xhaka tonight over Ramsey, but otherwise this team should definitely have enough about them to take all three points


Sanchielny sounds quite nice. Mustafi should do a decent job on the wing. Ramsey in the middle looks quite appetising too. No but seriously, why is Ramsey starting? Even blogs can’t top Wenger’s trolling here lol


I’m sorry, is this Sanchez and Koscielny? I don’t get it…


Arsene will shoe horn Ramsey into the side no matter what, to the detriment of Ramsey himself and the team, one of the reasons will win sweet fa again this year. Arsene is blinkered in certain areas and nothing will change that


Any thoughts on how Alexis and Iwobi will be positioned?


It’s going to be fucking toxic if Ramsey has a bad game again… love the internet me

Giovani Rampeloti

Let’s hope that he has a good game for us, now that he’s playing in a position that suits him better 🙂

yaya sanogo's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube legs

Who would have thought Wenger would treat his second most expensive signing ever in this way. I’d feel way better with Xhaka over Ramsey

True That!

He’s in love with a tenacious coq.


We’ll not have ball controll in centre of park with Ramsey and Le Coq,that’s sure.


didn’t we already try Ram-Coq last season?

Giovani Rampeloti

i think we did, but if im not wrong, it was Flamini-Ramsey that played the most
Jesus, i miss Cazorla :/


I did last night…:-)

Rectum Spectrum

When I read that Giroud AND Iwobi were starting I thought great – a rest for Alexis. PFF. Ah well.

Big game for Ramsey, Jenks and Gibbs. Least concerned about Gibbs. Most concerned about Ramsey actually. Zero defensive discipline. If that’s the case tonight they’ll maul us.

But! Feeling good, hopeful of a good performance. Cavani missing 17 chances as usual and Giroud to do something special.


So now we’re going with midfield pairings that have actually been proven not to work over selecting Xhaka?! Completely uninspiring stuff from Wenger again with the midfield selection, and it’s becoming a worrying trend as the season’s gone on.


Calm your tits. The game hasn’t even started.


Well xhaka’s the new campbell…


…and Elneny also, or is this strength in depth?

DB's first touch

I hope I’m proven wrong but from what I’ve seen so far the Coq-Ramsey partnership hasn’t been great…not enough range and penetration in the passing. Also this season Coq has played more as a box to box midfielder and against PSG playing two box to box players is going to leave too many gaps in the centre of the park.


Probably doesnt want to see Xhaka get sent off ! I dont think he trusts him after his daft tackle against Swansea


So is Wenger waiting round for a less high risk/important game (ie Bournemouth at home this weekend) to try out Xhaka-Ramsey or…?
I rate Coq but dropping Xhaka for 2 games when he was our best player in the NLD is pretty weird.


Can someone please explain to me

What does Ramsey has on wenger?

Uba Ngenegbo

It boggles the mind mate!
Rambo has been poor over a long period yet is never dropped.
Really feel for Xhaka!


They now have the same colour hair…just saying! 😉

Jungu Beans

All the negativety around Ramsey. He’s a quality player in a bit of a slump being played out of position. But even then, he does good things for the team, which most gunner fans seem unable to recognize. Looking forward to this one – time for Ramsey to break out of his slump.

Uba Ngenegbo

Exactly what does he do.
Anybody can run around the pitch aimlessly misplacing five yard passes.


its a loooong slump he is in


Guardian saying Ox is on the bench too

Campbell's forehead

Ramsey didn’t work well with Cazorla last season. Can’t understand why he is reluctant to start Xhaka.

Campbell's forehead

Apologies – that should be Coquelin rather than Cazorla. I think I’m missing the little guy.


On a lighter note, good job by our PR team to get the visa for Aurier cancelled. He caused us a lot of problems!


But I love Rambo… Why does he get so much stick, blogs, why?

Mustapha Kacka

It’s an Arsenal team…. I like it !!!

Down with this sort of thing.

Ramsey bashing is the new Theo bashing.?

Mustapha Kacka

Yma Yma…Dod ar chi saethwyr ….or summat like that


Is that an anagram?


Let’s see what giroud can do with Sanchez playing off him!!!


everybody just chill , before bashing ramsey. i think he deserves a chance in midfield to show us what he can do there . remember he was our best player in one season when playing there. whenever he starts he was playing in wings and even when he got a chance in midfield last season he coquelin was injured and he was playing alongside flaminy. so ramsey got the blame for not being there to protect the midfield just becasue flaminy was not doing his job. he deserves to start with coquelin in midfield once besides starting xhaka with coquelin… Read more »


I’ve pre-emptively blamed Ramsey’s lack of positional discipline, touch, and passing accuracy for a 1-0 loss


Where’s the Ox?

Mustrum Ridcully

Why have Giroud starting? This means Arsenal have to play with a slow build up and there is no pressing because Giroud cannot press. If we lose this, it will be because we have no ability to press.

That is why Alexia is a better CF. Giroud slows our attacking play because he has no movement. If PSG are scared of a fast CF, they will be less able to press. Tactically, we are shire at the mo.

Mustrum Ridcully

Perhaps Arsène thought we would dominate possession and they would play defensive ly. I fear having Giroud and Coquelin in the team is just being too cautious. Would prefer Alexis as CF and Xhaka instead of Coquelin. Then we could press their defenders and take control of midfield.

Mustrum Ridcully

Get Coquelin off now and get Xhaka on!


Giroud to Cavani

“Next time you do this to my team mate I w’ll kill you”.

Mustrum Ridcully

I like Verratti!

Rectum Spectrum

Veratti is awesome, isn’t he? Cazorla replacement.


come on Gunners, we can do this, almost there

Mustrum Ridcully

How well is Ramsey playing, eh?

Mustrum Ridcully

What the fuck? Why are we standing off them?

Mustrum Ridcully

So, all those who called for a Cavanni signing. I think we saved a load of money. He looks good but can’t score for toffee.

Mustrum Ridcully

We don’t deserve to win this. Tactically, we were too cautious. Can’t play a pressing game with Giroud up top. So, let’s keep the handsome guy for plan B against big teams. He can start when we bulky lesser opposition.


Giroud’s not the problem. Iwobi’s the problem. He was just lost out there.

Easy tiger



Up the Arse but I absolutely unequivocally love Paris.


Now we are going to cheer dortmund for the last game to get a draw as then only barca will be the 1st from the best but kbowing arsenal we could easily draw them always


Atéltico, Monaco, and Juventus are hardcore. Dortmund would be hard too and it’s only because the alternative is Real Madrid that we hope they finish first.


Ramsey was so good tonight playing in the middle of the park. That’s his natural position! Iwobi was the weak link tonight in my opinion. Can’t wait for player rating!

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