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Wenger: Only what’s in front of us is important

Arsene Wenger insists that what has happened in Novembers gone by has no bearing on what we have to face this month, and says his team must keep their momentum going on a game by game basis.

After tonight’s Champions League tie with Ludogorets in Sofia, the Gunners face Sp*rs in a North London derby, followed by Manchester United at Old Trafford, then a probable Champions League group decider against PSG at the Emirates.

It’s a trip of challenging fixtures, and the Arsenal manager believes his players will have the right mindset for what lies ahead.

“We have some very important games in front of us,” he said, “so we need to continue to do what we’ve done until now by just focusing on the next game. We have to try to win tomorrow night and then we have Tottenham at home on Sunday.

“The best way to prepare for that is for us to continue our strong run. It’s important to keep a good balance between vigilance and confidence.”

And on this calendar month being something of a jinx, he continued, “We’ve had in difficult Novembers in previous seasons, but we’ve also had positive ones in our history too.

“The most important thing is to not live with the past, we have to live with the team we have at the moment.

“Our destiny lies in the minds of the players, how strong our focus is and how hungry we are. We need to be like that in every single game, starting [against Ludogorets].”

Arsenal’s record in November over the last 10 seasons

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Media again! Are we the only team with November being our worst month? Considering how many teams there are and every team has a worst month we don’t see this kind of article crop up every month do we? Never seen it personally. I didn’t even notice it either! I hope the squad sees this article I really do! I hope they get angry and take it out on everyone we play this month.


In fairness this site rarely run stories about other clubs.

Merte Xhaka

But this site quotes news items and interviews by other media outlets right? I don’t think he meant this site by “media”. But I could be wrong of course.


You are right Merte, i don’t mean Arseblog (obviously) i mean the scummy Media including their broadcasting channels. BBC MOTD, BT sport and to a lesser degree but with the usual boring Arsenal are just kids, they will bottle it Souness and their like on Sky. I also further mean the newspapers except the Evening standard that loves to give us a double page spread usually for the right reasons, usually.


Onwards and UPwards, COYG….

Cliff Bastin

That lot down the road are still unbeaten so a first minute Alexis thunderblast will put us nicely on the way to a 6-0 annihilation.


The mind tells me that I hope we beat the Sp*rs this Sunday. Another little part of me secretly wishes that Sp*rs will go the whole season unbeaten, only to have drawn too many games that they didn’t even finish in the top 4. Epic comedy stuff — quite sure they’re going to make a DVD out of it, maybe titled “The invisibles”

Danger Mouse

Whoever has Fatgooner can they please release him. I miss his daily dose of doom.


Did I do something wrong blogs? I’ve been commenting on this site since 2015 and now I’m being put on moderation? Feeling inadequate ?

Crash Fistfight

I’m having the same issue. All of a sudden my comments all go into moderation.


Same thing happened to me and all I do was to change an email address. *Coughs


Once in a while I have a comment go into moderation, and it’s always one that seems innocuous with no foul language and not derogatory at all. And yet I can post a hate-filled diatribe of four-letter words about that shit club up the road from us and it gets posted right away.

Actually, now that I think about it, that’s not an issue at all. Forget I mentioned it.


And in a stunning bit of irony, that comment is now in moderation!


Last year November felt particularly bad, awful loss to WestBrom and we had big injuries to Alexis, Cazorla and Coquelin, those injuries were absolutely the reason we didn’t win the league, it killed us. Midfield was so unfunctional for that period. This season we should cope with any losses, let’s hope there are none though for any significant time in particular!

Stewart Robson's therapist

If these thicko journos were actually capable of analysing real football, they would. Since such a thing is far beyond them, they resort to banging on about anomalous statistical guff like this. To think they actually get remunerated for this shit.

Stewart Robson's therapist

To clarify, this is the mainstream morons I’m slamming. Not you, Blogs. You’re a rare island of sanity in the ocean of football waffle.


It would appear that arsenal seem to suffer from a seasonal dose of the SADS. Maybe those not involved in the inter-lull could use some warm weather training as an antidote to our November blues.


Arseblog so you’ve got a hit list huh! Nice! That explains much! Wonder what I’ve done to deserve being on that list seeing that I’m always on moderation on every comment I make.

gunnerfan ov palace

Mr Wenger is right all teams arsenal fc face is an important game all i and other arsenal fc supporters see this season is arsenal fc being at top and joint top this of course is a nice start to the season and a big good luck team v ludgrets tonight.

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