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Arsenal draw Bayern Munich in Champions League knock-out stage

Arsenal have been drawn against Bayern Munich in the first knock-out round of this season’s Champions League. AGAIN.

As group winners, the Gunners will play the first leg away from home, hosting Bayern at the Emirates in the second. So fun to mix up the order at least.

Full draw

Manchester City v Monaco
Real Madrid v Napoli
Benfica v Dortmund
Arsenal v Bayern Munich
Juventus vs Porto
Atletico Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen
Paris Saint Germain v Barcelona
Leicester v Sevilla

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Cliff Bastin




However, this is probably the most beatable Bayern has been in years.


I genuinely slammed my fist into my kitchen table in rage when that draw came in. Its such a fucking joke playing them again.

David C

agreed! We had an easy draw last year and look where that got us.

Pretty predictable outcome though.


Some of those balls seemed a bit toasty to me…

Arshavin's fake moustache

Was it the flames that gave it away? They should use less brandy next time.

Stringer Bell

I look forward to it. 2nd leg at home. Bring it on. Some of you could do with talking to Ceri ?


They are beatable. We came close last time and we are a better side now and they are worse. If we lose (which I don’t think we will) we can focus on the league and if we win it will be great for the team’s confidence. I think it is a good tie whatever the outcome.

dr Strange

Good! It’s time we give those bastards a good fucking spanking!

Macho Nonreal

I’m ‘on board’ with that!

Bergkamp's Spirit Animal

Hahahahahah heh hahaha… even if we came second in the group we’d have just got Barca. It was inevitable, seems that we’re gonna have’ta win one of our annual Euro derbies to make it to the QF. That being said, I’m not mad about it, we’ve faced them soooooooooooooooooo many times that I refuse to be the scared of them at this point. If we want to be seen as part of Europe’s elite then we can’t become frightened kids every time we’re paired against one of its members. We are a bloody big club, never forget that! Bayern is… Read more »


Bayern are not as strong anymore as they were under Pep. Plus, we have the home advantage in the second leg. We’ve won against them in the past so we know that we can do it. We know their strengths and weaknesses well. I’m not unhappy with the draw as such, though it IS a bit repetitive.

Let’s go Arsenal!



Arthritic Knee

Fuck off everyone.


PSG gets Barca.! 😀
We got the better deal in my opinion!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Bayern are beatable right now, they’re not the juggernaut they’ve been for the past few seasons. We can win this.

So much depends on form come February though.

Javelin Accident

Agree. They may not be as good so far this season.

But all the same players as previous seasons with a couple of additions. Can imagine them in top form again by Feb with Mueller scoring goals again.


Dat Guy Welbz and Santi (fingers crossed) will be back to give us a boost. Bring on Bayern!


It’s groundhog day.

Arshavin's fake moustache

And Bayern are Ned Ryerson




When Bayern was drawn I thought our chances of drawing them were huge, for fuck’s sake why was my sixth sense so accurate???

And Man City plays Napoli!


Sorry, Man City plays Monaco


Monaco are a good side this season, possibly better than PSG. The positive could be that city go through and get those extra midweek matches which could decide the PL title. Don’t think they can win CL with any draw with their defence

No Sub

i think City will be out of the PL Title race by then, might be fighting with Manu for the 5th place

Pin Finish

It was so inevitable! It’s time we beat this team. This is a good chance to show how strong this squad is. COYG


Atleast PSG got Barcelona.

Fuck Bayern Munich. Weve got this COYG!


Not funny.


No thanks

Stringer Bell

Bring it on. 2nd leg at home. I look forward to it. Some of you need to see ceri. Coyg


Yeah 2nd leg at home is a good change we have managed.

Also looking at the way Chelsea are going and us keeping up with them, while the other favourites are struggling, I would be happier to win the Premier League than the Champions League.

Winning both will be massively welcomed ofcourse.

Andres Santos

Anddd we’re out


No Santos. You are out.

Just Me

Alli you an Arsenal fan???

Ozil's Boggly Eyes

Probably Russian meddling. Everything else seems to be blamed on that.

Merlin's Panini

I blame Arshavin.


I blame Arshavin’s fake moustache

Crash Fistfight

Possibly because Vladimir Putin, being the ex head of the KGB, is quite familiar and happy with committing conspiracies to suit his own means?


I prefer Bayern to Messi.Was inevitable that we draw either Barca or Bayern.Thank you PSG.


How predictable


This draw is fucking fixed!
This has been proven time and time again.
Please someone influential speak out!

I rony

We drew hull city a few times in a row in the fa cup. Which is even less likely. Would you say thats fixed?


You know they have admitted fixing the draws right?
Using hot and cold balls.

Edu's Braces

Who is fixing it? Arsenal and Buyern are 2 of the most influential clubs in the world, i doubt they are pushing for it. We have played them the last 3 years or something so there will be little interest and so revenue, so can’t see Uefa doing it. Other clubs? Abramovic out of boredom? I love a good conspiracy theory, just need the whole motive aspect and I’m with you all the way.

Hamburg Gooner

At least one time we didn´t draw them – they were just the only team left …


Oh god, the moment the bayern ball came, and it showed arsenal were a 1 in 4 chance, you just knew what was gonna happen. Anyway, at optimistic as we’d all like to be, it’d have to take something real special to overcome them, but if there was ever gonna be a time to beat them, you’d hope it’d be this season.


I didn’t need to wait for Gulit to opened the ball I could read it on his forehead it was bayern.

The Wizard of Oz(il)

This is quite fucking unbelievable, but, we can beat them! And we will!! Fucking unbelievable…

Edu's Braces

i dont give a fuck about getting to the QF, just means more games which is bad for the league. and if they’re to win it then they need to beat good teams. cliché but true. fuck beating a leverkusen just to say you were in the next round. who gives a fuck, win it or forget it. Although my repeated use of fuck does suggest some level of annoyance 😉


Excatly my point, what is the point beating a leverkusen and getting knock out from bayern the next round playing more games getting injuries shot to the confidence, losing points in the PL etc. For me Arsenal need to knock team like bayern, barca and real early so to have any chance to wind the CL, because we didn’t knock a big team from the 2006, and that is the only thing will drive forward this team in CL knocking bayern now, and I thin this is our best chance since bayern looked really different with Ancelloti and they are… Read more »


The whole point is if you avoid a big team now not only can you build momentum and not destroy yourself in a big game physically but also a smaller team may knock them out at the same stage or the next stage meaning you never have to face someone with a stronger team until the latter stages at which point you have a better chance of winning the damn thing.


Damn right!
Go big or go home, eh?

Crash Fistfight

Look at it this way, if we’d come second we’d be playing Barcelona, so at least that’s something.


obviously it’s not and it’s salty to think so, but you can’t help but feel it’s slightly questionable. Year after year


10 years after the ’06 quarter-final I wanted Real Madrid again to be honest. Anyone apart from this lot.

The Stig

We’ll get them in the next round, dont worry 🙂


Boring Yawnich


Bayern Munich? So much for topping our group. But they’re not unbeatable by our current team. Fingers crossed.


Whatever, PSG got Barcelona, so it’s not like thats better, yes I know it’s randomised but whatever, it was one of those two because God hates Arsenal.

It’s all going to be down to form come Feburary, form and injuries.


No, No I don’t hate Arsenal


This God you speak of must be a Spurs fan.


Then he is no god.


The legendary guest pin pointed at arsenal ball when it was put in the bowl and concentrated it all the way like we sometimes catch a blade of rotating fan and fished out arsenal…. This is a f**king sham..


Fucking hell seriously.


We should be able to beat them no excuses


Ohh Well.. I am surprised!


Boring Munich AGAIN!!! Ugh!

Stewart Robson's therapist

Now come on chaps, we can do it.


The chances of drawing Bayern were 25% at the stage the draw was made. Felt more like 99%.


What are the odds…and by odds I don’t mean that we drew Bayern but the odds that Blogs had that headline drawn up and ready BEFORE the draw. Oh well, bring on the diving cunt!

Tasmanian Jesus

Oh are you serious? He still plays there??
He must be 45 years old, feels like he’s been diving against us since the 80’s!
Can’t he at least just piss off to China?


Bayern will be well rested from their winter break. However Arsenal will benefit from playing the second leg at home. Bring them on.


Finally a decent draw! It could be worse, we could have drawn Bayern Munich or Bayern Munich. Both sides look good this season.


My favourite comment haha! It is pretty unbelievable though isn’t it…or is it.


How can I upvote repeatedly, Mr Blogs?
Like the draw…


For once I would like to be knocked out by someone different, the CL has just become boring

Beezus Faffoon

Piece of piss!


And nothing else was expected lads! It’s a good time for us break down that wall, i can see the cracks in it already. Lets just say that Bayern have been somewhat questionable so far this season and that our chances are more than slim.


And nothing else was expected lads! It’s a good time for us to break down that wall, i can see the cracks in it already. Lets just say that Bayern have been somewhat questionable so far this season and that our chances are more than slim.


Even city have beaten barca in the group stage..if its time to kick on the grandest champ league prize,why not now against (yawn..) bayern? We’ve beaten them twice before (in the knockout and group stage), so finger crossed its gonna be our time this year..coyg

Tasmanian Jesus

Yep, finger crossed to that.


Inevitable – Group A: win it we get Bayern; come second we get Barcelona. At least the order of play is changed!


So.. this means Sevilla in the following round, right?

Because SURELY it won’t be those horrendous catalan tax-evading above-the-law c*nts…

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Christ alive how boring


I think we will beat them!


Its fixed like the golden boot its for the big three. They never met before the semis. More important to have a real go at the title tbh.


Will be a great title when Arsenal beat Bayern, then Barca, then Real and finally Leicester in the final.


What, you really think UEFA would let 2 English teams into the Final? Draws would be rigged even earlier to avoid that happening again.

Blitz Bailey

On the bright side Bayern have not been as bad as they are right now in a long long time while we Arsenal have not been as good as we are right now in a long long time.

So things looks to have been evened out and even over 2 legs it will probably be close to 50/50 on who goes through as opposed to the usual 90/10 in favour of Bayern.


Love the fact that even if we finished second from our group would have got Barca anyway, cheers UEFA haha


If you’re going to win this thing you’ve got to beat the top teams. Even a Monaco-type draw guarantees you nothing. It’s time we see how much this team AW has assembled has grown. coyg


Not funny at all

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