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Report: Palace pull plug on Jenkinson deal

According to The Mirror, Crystal Palace have decided against signing Carl Jenkinson after failing to agree personal terms with the defender.

The 24-year-old appeared to be on the verge of sealing a switch to Selhurst Park earlier this week when Sam Allardyce confirmed that Arsenal had accepted an offer, thought to be in the region of £7 million.

Wenger had hinted earlier on Thursday morning that the ball was in Jenkinson’s court.

“Jenkinson is a possibility to go to Palace but it’s not finalised,” he told his pre-Burnley press conference.  “It’s basically down to him to find an agreement with them.”

With 12 days remaining of the January transfer window there’s still plenty of time for the player to find another club.

Championship side Aston Villa have been monitoring his situation, while the likes of Watford, Hull and West Ham – where he spent two spells on loan – have also been linked.

Arseblog News doesn’t want to admit that we may have jinxed Jenko’s deal…but we may have done. Sorry mate.

The jinxed drafts folder of doom and depression

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Wonder if it has anything to do with the prospect of relegation and what clauses that might have entailed.

Ankit Ranjan

It’s Sam Allardyce. They’re not getting relegated anytime soon.


Perhaps he didn’t want to play in an 11 man defense


I really wish we sign Porto loanee at Nice Ricardo Pereira. If you havent watched him hes a versatile Dani Alvez-esque left/right defender/midfielder. A very talnted young squad player.


indeed , a great player. I have watched him a couple of times , he is a great prospect and still cheap.


Yeah surely people whove disagreed have never watched him play. Hes way too consistently good (both defensivly and going forward) to be overlooked in any match.


I think for RB we need someone in the 28-30 bracket who can push bellerin but also not stifle their own development when they can’t displace him (the kids dynamite).


Debuchy? If he gets fit he is a good option.

Alan Pardew's Peaches and Plum Emporium

So you need a RB who is as good as Bellerin to make sure they push him but they also need to be not a good as Bellerin so they don’t stifle his match experience….. Okay then.


Not really what I meant.

Basically a debuchy type in terms of age/development/quality and Gibbs attitude if they were unable to displace bellerin.
ie; not a sook

Nothing to do with stifling bellerin development I meant the older player.

Basically I don’t think another cohen bramall type signing at rb is the way to go. Someone of that ilk will need games themselves to develop (that they may not get due to how good bellerin is).

Heavenly Chapecoense

Sorry but whoever is the backup, if he proves better than Bellerin, he pushes Bellerin to the bench. There is no just good enough to keep Bellerin as first choice in football.

Cliff Bastin

To be fair, the jinxed folder isn’t too extensive.


You may have done us a favour with the Jamie Vardy one!

Edu's Braces

Fat Sam – ‘Are you willing to break frenchie blokes legs?’
Carl – ‘Is this banta?’
Fat Sam – ‘You gettin smart lad? Just sign these papers and he’ll be your new agent and we’ll see ‘ose ard enough on the training ground.’
Carl – ‘Aw mate, this is a propa wind up innit?’
Fat Sam – ‘Deals off, he isn’t one of us’.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Still cracks me up what Fat Sam would have said if asked about David Bowie.

“Rubbish! Couldn’t tackle for toffee and hung around with that Freddie Mercury far too much for my liking!”.

Whoever wrote that needs to be in comedy.


“No Carl we can’t put a clause in the contract saying you’re allowed to wear an Arsenal shirt under your Palace one on match days and we won’t pay for every hotel we stay in to make your bed with Arsenal sheets!”


Maybe him staying is probably for the best?
He stays as understudy to Bellerin and we sell Debuchy.
Won’t have better second choice right back options then Carl.
Plus which good right back will sign to understudy Bellerin? Jenko is willing to run through brick walls for the club and if he’s happy playing second fiddle, then it’s a win win it think.

Holding Rob

I like the kid’s enthusiasm, but I don’t think he ever will be good enough for arsenal. Even as a backup. Wish him luck whatever happens

Mustrum Ridcully, Unseen Academicals

Sorry, if I were Carl, I would need a bloody huge wage to play for the Walrus. Let’s hope he stays and fights for his place. He has the capabilities but seems mentally fragile. Perhaps our sports psychologist could help him more?


He had a pretty bad injury tbf. Remember how long it took for Walcott to look even decent after his ACL injury


Jenko demanding 100k /week just for banter.

Jk hope he finds a club that suits him.

Rohith J

I wonder if given the choice between relegation with Palace and being on the Arsenal bench, Jenko chose the latter. There’s a part of me that wishes he will play a Gibbs-like role at least. But it’s probably not great for his career.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Gibbs is also much better than Jenkinson has been since returning.


I do hope Jenks can stay and fight for his place until the end of the season. We’re still fighting on three fronts, and may require a deep squad if we’re to go far.

Whatever it turns out to be, wishing Corporal Jenks all the best.


Same here. He is a fucking Gooner/Gunner.

Push on Jenko. Make it count.

Leave a Reply

It’s because he wouldn’t stop crying wasn’t it?


I prefer a fully fit Jenko running up and down the right flank over Ainsley Maitland-Niles. I hope he stays and proves himself. He is a fantastic squad player to have on and off the pitch.

Lord Bendnter

West Ham would be a great option


I’m happy if he doesn’t go. He isn’t Bellering, but he isn’t a bad player to have as second choice. As some fella said before me, if he is willing to stay with us (very likely) and play second fiddle when given the chance, then why leave him go? in him we have a player who loves the club and will do run until he cant breath anymore. I say, keep him


Really, who among us can truly say we are bellering?


Only Hector has the right to bellering


do do run run


Oh, Danny boyyyyyyu


Could you add a story to that jinx folder titled “Arsenal (Fail to) Win Treble After (Not) Signing Isco, Messi”

Toure Motors

Heard he failed a medical due to overly bright eyes and a chest xray showing an unusually lit heart

Cape Town Gooner



Well, That sucks. I think we can all agree there’s only one appropriate response:

Happy bathday sant cazor!


“can’t agree personal terms”… his priority should be kick starting his career again and not just more money


… you say without even having any idea of the negotiations and numbers involved


Something to consider: he could be on more money with us than they’re offering him.
Stay with the club you’ve supported since you were little and get paid to train? Or go play for some gum chewing marine mammal who has ethics complaints charges? Seems like an easy decision to make, especially if you can earn more money in the first option as well.


Not easy selling redundant players.

Look at how long it took for us to get rid of Chamakh and Bendtner.

Easy to say buy but if you are saddled with a non performing player, it can become an issue.

Salary is one reason. We tend to pay higher than most of the other clubs outside the top 4.

He will get sold but it may take a bit of time. Hopefully he gets sold to a decent PL side.

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