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Alexis up front, Coq-Ox midfield: Chelsea v Arsenal teams

It’s make or break, do or die, today for Arsenal as we face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

We’re looking for our first win there since 2011, and to bounce back from Tuesday night’s dismal 2-1 defeat to Watford.

Here’s the team that Arsene Wenger has picked.

Chelsea: Courtois; Azpilicueta, David Luiz, Cahill (c); Moses, Kante, Matic, Alonso; Pedro, Diego Costa, Hazard

Subs: Begovic, Terry, Zouma, Chalobah, Fabregas, Willian, Batshuayi.

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Iwobi, Walcott, Alexis

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Gabriel, Maitland-Niles, The Jeff, Welbeck, Giroud

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Winterburn Wanderers

No Perez?

Winterburn Wanderers

Nearly the team we wanted all the same.

Mustapha Kacka

Apart from perez ? What does he have to do ???


Beat six men to reach the goal line, then crafty backheel out to the wing.

Finishing is for suckers.



Clock-End Mike

Welbeck rather than Lucas Perez? Well, I think I agree, though I suspect Lucas is an unfortunate casualty of the need for a balanced bench. Unless there’s something we don’t know…


Is Perez injured or something?
As much as I think miles and The Jeff have full potential, but selecting these two future prospects ahead of Perez makes one wonder???


More worrying though is our soft midfield. Everybody been talking about pace pace pace but with Kante and Matic it is going to be tough in the center winning balls back (only the Coq is known for his defensive abilities). And out wide Walcott Iwobi and even Ozil will have their defensive work cut out for them. So they better get out their head is only attack. Come on guys make us proud to be gooners (gunners)!!!


No matter the result, just want to be proud of this team at the end of the game. COYG !!


Poor Lucas, every time he plays he looks dangerous and he’s not even on the bench today. He must be wondering what else he has to do to convince the manager.

Granit(e) hard!

while I agree with your sentiments, i will be a bit more open minded about why he was dropped for today. This is because usually, he at least makes the bench, if he is fit, plus he is ahead of jeff and maitland in pecking order. So, for him not to make the bench and they do?….I am thinking maybe a knock in training, or some sort of (family?)emergency?. We won’t have long to wait to find out any way because i bet Arsene will no doubt be asked in the post match press conference, regardless which way this match… Read more »

Le Jim

Surely has to be an injury – he would definitely be ahead of the Jeff.


Looking good COYG!


No Lucas?


Coyg. Give us all you got, show us your quality right from the start. Fight for every thing, make us proud of what you do today.

Mustapha Kacka

And start quickly please !


I can’t believe the Lucas decision, he must of picked up a sickness bug or a knock in training.If it’s a decision made by Wenger that is just simply ridiculous.

Joel Carter

Already two strikers on the bench and there needs to be a balance in case a midfielder or defender gets injured.


I hope Perez is injured or something… Putting Jeff on the bench instead of Perez is truly not logical and Wenger is a logical man.
But anyway if we draw or lose, it’ll be Mesut’s fault. 😀


Need midfield cover on bench especially if ox may be carrying a knock. Giroud will offer something different later on but Like you I’m disappointed for Lucas


Why Walcott starts and Perez doesn’t even make the bench is beyond me.

Clock-End Mike

Probably because Walcott has scored 8 goals and assisted 2 more in the league this season, and Lucas has scored 1 and assisted 0. His time will come, I have no doubt.


I wish this starting 11 was put out in a 4-3-3 formation. Ozil can play from the left he does it plenty for Germany, Iwobi can cover some of his defensive runs, that little pocket behind Chelsea wing back is where Ozil can use his magic today

Billy no mates

Let’s hope they don’t fracture our coccyx…………….hmm


chippy's chip

Please turn up lads, smash the chavski cunts and give us all a glimmer of hope for a little bit longer.

Thierry Bergkamp

If Perez isn’t ill or injured, that decision is crazy


30 years supporting arsenal and I can’t bring myself to watch this match I just can’t handle the anxiety followed by the overwhelming despair anymore! COYG

Edu's Bracks

Accept that they won’t win the league this year but will eventually and relax. Breathe. Imagine supporting a team that doesn’t win and plays shit football. Breathe. Think of the fact that John Terry was once respected and is now universally recognised as scum. Realise that Mourinho may in fact be losing his mind. Remember Parlour stitching the ball in 02. It’s all good (except it obviously isn’t but yeh know, could be a lot worse).

DB10's Air Miles

Ah, the voice of reason…. I like you.

Granit(e) hard!

Funny you mentioned that because i feel exactly the same way….but then i changed my mind because it feels like i am chickening out, and if we all do, who is going to cheer the lads on? so, I am going to fortify myself with some beer to dull the anxiety a bit, hold on to the edge of my chair and hope for the best. Either way, i know will get plastered today. what i don’t know yet is whether its in celebration or in commiseration…..nah, celebration!

Gunner in Canada

Perez must have a knock, or a minor injury. There is no way that AW would have left him off the team today in favor of Jeff or Maitland-Niles. Think about it.

Stringer Bell

Glad Ramsey is not playing. Thought blogs defence of him last week was very funny. Dreadful infield throw in. The throw was ok, Ramsey had switched off and his lack of awareness of who was around him meant he turned round to see and time he turned back it was to late to control a ball a yard in front of him. He plays with a constant lack of awareness, some of you cats won’t see it watching on tv.


Mate I played rb at college and got dropped for a game for throwing infield and square. Not saying Ramsey couldn’t do better. They were both at fault.


Hoping to see Lucas in the starting line up and then he’s not even on the bench.


Since Perez is not on the bench then obviously he must not be fit for the match. Wenger is a lot of things but not having your deadly and experienced players for such a big match he definitely ain’t about. So we can stop commenting on that front.


I read the blog today, and i dont get this whole desire to stick an extra body in midfield for caution. A draw is no good, and we are not very good at being cautious. Lets just attack the fuck out of them and score goals. Hit them with everything. Smash them with fire. Shit…we have nothing to lose really.

Salim Salusay

Real.Walcott is rather than Lucas according to their record

Salim Salusay

Tough game


If you would watch the game against Southampton again – you would notice that Perez is not the greatest admirer of tracking back and help out. Didn´t matter then – but sure as hell will be important today


Terry on the bench and nobody has pointed out that he’s a cunt yet? For shame, commentators of arseblog news!

Richie galloway

Welbeck to start up from with him on left, Sanchez centre and Walcott right

Lord Bendnter

Don’t know about anyone else, but im feeling super nervous and legitimately terrified. I haven’t felt like this before any of the previous games this season. I hope the players are alright and we see real leaders on the pitch stand up today.


Imagine having Gary F*ckin Cahill as your captain. Poor fuckers. Lets smash em.


Totally up to the players to RISE to the occasion. Only player truly missing today is Cazola…Ox needs a monster game today.


Fuck the injuries, our poor form, makeshift midfield and even the title race. Today, let’s just beat these racist scumbags. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Chance to step up and show some strength and give something back to the fans and we get this utter crap.

Wenger must go now.


A team that is well organised, has players with that winning mentality a manager that is driven and determined with an owner that never settles for mediocrity. And then there is US, that lack all them ingredients and have done for several years now! Bring on the red thumbs.

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