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Wenger: My future is certain

Arsene Wenger has shrugged off questions about his future, saying that he’s sure his position is fixed until the end of June at least.

What happens with the Frenchman after that remains to be seen, and much will depend on how the rest of this season pans out.

However, he says that for now he knows what’s happening, and that his gut will tell him what’s going to happen next.

“My future has always been certain,” he said. “I focus 100% until the last day of my contract.

“That is the only way you can guarantee the future. It is not all quantifiable. It is linked with your gut feeling, as well. Thank you.”

Wenger has come in for intense criticism after the 2-1 defeat to Watford on Tuesday, but says coping with that is something all modern managers have to deal with.

“We live in a society that is like that and it is difficult for me to change that,”he said.

“I focus on what I can influence. I live with the response of society. You [the media] are more the captors of what is going on in society.

“Do we go the right way? Maybe. But if you look at society all over the world, we are not really sure.

“Is it worse than it was five or 10 years ago?

“Yes, of course, because everybody can express their frustrations in the fraction of a second, and there is no time to take any distance from what happened.”

Of course the best way to quiet that down is to win games, and if Arsenal can do that tomorrow, the title challenge remains alive.

Listen to more midfield chat, Wenger’s future & more on today’s Arsecast

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Bon chance professor keep ignoring the doubters.


Yeah, there’s no indication there’re any lessons learned from these losses since the same mistakes gets repeated all the time so why even bother. Fuck the doubters or anyone that has any criticism.

Cazorla's Both Feet

The same mistakes as in not winning every single game?


well i’m pretty sure we’d be fighting for a top 8 place after wenger leaves, at least for 4-5 years.


I’ll have it any day instead of this Groundhog Day bullshit of a season.


Thumbs up for wanting a new manager next season, down for keeping Wenger.

Thierry Bergkamp

Wenger isn’t going anywhere, no matter what happens this season. If anybody thinks he will leave without giving the board more than enough time to find a replacement, obviously doesn’t know the man he is and his love for the club.


So he lied when he was waiting on the hull cup final result

Mattias Larsson

Arsenal is at least talking to other managers IF Wenger were to leave, that’s quiet clear in my opinion. Ralph Hasenhüttl in Leipzig have gone public with the fact that Arsenal have held talks so the board are not sitting on their hands waiting on Wenger I would believe.

Shaka Zulu

If he loves the club as he says he’ll step down

gooner of Oz

Weve already missed out on Klopp and Guardiola (whom said in 20112 hed only come to EPL for Arsenal). Now we’ll probably miss Allegri and Simeone.

Alexis, Atom & Humber

Even if by a slim chance we win any trophy this season, I think Wenger should still step aside. The world his changing and we too must evolve as a football club. Arsene has been a tremendous servant of this great club and he has earned his place as our greatest manager so far. But there comes a time when the risk to remain in a tight bud is greater than the risk to blossom. It’s time for another person to take us through our next phase so Arsenal can blossom once again.


Be careful what you wish for. I have followed the Gunners since 1950, and I’ll tell you now he is by miles the best we have ever had.


Deep stuff from Arsene. The world all over seem(s) worse off than it was many years ago, and a lot of that is down to what the media feed the society.


He has been magnificent, he really has, but the club is crying out for new ideas & a different approach. I just don’t think a further contract would be healthy for either himself or the club.

With what said, the board & infrastructure has to change also so trophies are prioritised over profit..something which I don’t think is high on the agenda.

Everyone connected to the club is doing very well out of it….with the exception of the fans.


The fans are here to support. If they are not getting anything from supporting the club they are free to leave!


That makes absolutely no sense.

Fans are the lifeblood of any club. Fans should support the club through thick & thin but also question the clubs hierarchy and make them accountable.

I’m afraid that your comment reeks of naivety and a ‘carry on nothing to see here’ mentality which is holding us back and has become synonymous with the club over the last ten years.


Cometh the Spring, cometh the Wenger excuses.

Eftee 3:16

Just reading this alone has gotten me to choke back the tears. I just feel Arsène Wenger is in the last legs of his Arsenal reign, and will leave at the end of this contract in June. The feeling of loss and a sense of deprivation, of a man who has been the father of modern day Arsenal FC, will cause all kinds of reaction within the fan base. Wenger is the one reason fans care that much to challenge his authority. A case of a recalcitrant child and his stringent father. They hardly agree, but they love each other… Read more »

gunner smith

Agree with g1886. Same mistakes are repeated year after year. After Eduardo was deliberately targeted and injured to let the rf win the epl , Gallas was sitting on the pitch like aman possessed.
Lessons from that season were not learnt.
I say thanks for the memories.There is no guarantee a new guy will be a winner but better late than never.

Shaka Zulu

There’s no guarantee the new guy will be a winner but there’s nothing that shows he cannot win


Yeah if we win tomorrow title challenge remains alive. Except there’s still a 6 points gap, and we got to Spurs and Liverpool, which Chelsea have already played.


Indeed. It’s alive until we inevitably lose to a mid table club like Stoke or draw 3-3 against fucking Middlesborough


So is tomorrow’s weak ass balls dropping heart breaking away display.

Nick Thwaites

We cannot win major trophies with Wenger.
Football has moved on , it happens to all managers.
Wenger makes the same errors every year
1) Doesn’t buy players with the right attitude
2) Cannot set up a team with balance
3) Teams are awful without the ball
4) cannot adjust tactically against top opposition

Season ticket holder for many years and up until 5 years ago I forgave him as the stadium build depleted our chances but in recent years it’s become embarrassing.


There have been terrible performances throughout the last ten years. We can now just say how shit quicker

Bad us not sitting back and looking that they tried. Not that he feels any need to explain, he doesn’t have to. We should just accept wanker half arse performances that regularly occur when the expectation rises

Oh and some poor sap having to come out about lessons learnt….. just don’t


Yup. Every club has had some shit performances over the past 10 years.

If it wasn’t for the sugar-daddy owners we would have won the league at least a couple of times since the last title win. The stadium plan would have worked perfectly if it wasn’t for the new-style owners.

The Wenger years have been the best in AFC’s history. Enjoy the ride – it isn’t over.


Exactly. I understand fans wanting change, but I think they’re either naive, stupid or ignorant to think that changing the gaffer will mean winning the league.
It might do. It might not. You can roll the dice, but it could just as easily go tits up and we end up languishing down in 8th place, behind the scum. There’s a mentality issue with arsenal fans. The media constantly tell us we’re soft and not good enough. Arsenal tv and Adrian Durham et al. Some of us are smart enough to see through all that nonsense.



Monkey nuts

I hear what you say about sugar daddies at 2nd rate outfits like City and the Chavs but Kroenke policy of taking money out of Arsenal has also aided our ability to fail to win any titles.


He’s taken like 2 million a year or something crap. He’s hardly bankrupting it.


How about what he feeds us every season


Chelsea are top and their trying to buy Morata. United are trying to buy Griezmann. We’re trying to tie our two biggest stars down without much success, probably because they can see their not at a club that puts winning first. We don’t act like a big club. We act like a club who put profit before success. Again we started the season without our squad in place and lost 5 valuable points, which is unacceptable. Arsene does well, but it’s the clear lack of ambition and a win at all cost attitude that is clearly missing from inside the… Read more »

Clock-End Mike

Thank goodness we are not a club with a “win at all cost” attitude! It’s one of the reasons I’ve supported Arsenal for over 40 years, through bad times and good (and mostly, they’ve been good). I couldn’t support a club without a soul, like the Chavs. I couldn’t support a club who believed the only way to win when faced with superior opposition was to hack them to bits and cheat like crazy, like United when faced with the Invincibles. I’d be too ashamed. I cringe when I see an Arsenal player diving, it’s not our way. I don’t… Read more »

Harvey Keitel

It’s unfortunate how quickly public opinion swerves. When the team wins, there’s positivity to be had all around, but as soon as we lose then Arsene is an outdated old hack who will never learn from his mistakes and every Arsenal fan who bought a kit once seems to know how to manage the club better than the man who’s done it for 20 years.

You don’t have to agree with him, but have some respect at least. The man is a genuine class act and one of the winningest managers in Premier League history.


Well said. …

Clive St Helmet

Two words: social media.

Monkey nuts

Two more words. Fake news.

Granit(e) hard!

A classy comment…..well said


Couldn’t agree more. This whole campaign against Wenger as far as I’m concerned is media driven. Just like brexit would generate cash for the NHS. Media controlled sheeple.


Nothing will change. Even (if and a big if) we beat chelsea we will drop points needlessly.
Sadly We just dont have the big character winners in the team to sustain a title challenge.
We have a team of talented players who love to play in the sunshine and loves non contact football.
A new direction is needed.


Reading that article it could have been said any season. Same shit excuses time after time


Where’s the faith guys? It’s just like seeing arsenal TV. Get a grip gooners and believe!

Believe in the future with this club!


Yeah, like a supporter is supposed to do… Support your team. No wonder we can’t get that extra edge with all this negativity being poured into the club.

Moral high ground

It’s a myth that fans who think Arsene should go sit around dithering and with every good result change their mind. Many considered fans have reached the conclusion that fresh tactics, psychology and squad management are needed at the club. We are so stale with Arsene on these fronts. Many fans like me who really respect him want him to retire. He is so stale. And the argument that replacing him is risky is half baked. It really is. This is a massive club where people are paid to work with that risk. I fancy us to win 2-1 today… Read more »

cheesed off

” I focus on what I can influence” – is he admitting he can’t influence talented players to achieve and be winners? How many teams have beaten Watford, Bournemouth and Leicester this season? Exactly!!!


Arsene is 90% genius football manager, 10% can’t see the obvious. The reason fans freak out at a loss to Watford is that we get to this position nearly every season and then mess up against opposition we should beat. It is frustrating and an annual groundhog day. Fans have the right to be annoyed. Though a new manager will not guarantee good results.


the title dream*remains alive

Granit(e) hard!

Yes, i agree……but if we lose today, can we still realistically hope?


Just go for the love of God!

Mick AFC forever

Looking at or league history, we have had some fantastic periods. A great string of to positions in the 30’s and we’ve had a few more asking the way. But what I see also between these are some not so great positions. Many mid table and lower included. Then suddenly 1996, in comes Wenger and we haven’t since been out of the top 4, even coming second in Leicester amazing magical fairy tale win. And we want him to leave? Boggles the mind. The table is split between the top 4 or 5, the mid section and the dropouts or… Read more »

Mick AFC forever

(Yeah, I know, I forgot to proof read. Bring forth the grammar police and I’ll plead guilty)


Why are we singled out by scum referees, Sky TV pundits, etc etc, why are they so quick to dish out red cards and give pens against us, them assaults against Ramsey, Edwuardo,and Diabi, should have been dealt with in court, fact, we dont get pens, fact that prick Riley appoints crooked refs with an anti Arsenal bias, fact Arsene is a genius with no chance of winning the league as we are seen as French and with these scummy Northern Brexiteers it will only get worse. Heaven help us when the great man steps down.

Shaka Zulu

If we have become a small club that can not compete for titles (14 years and counting without) then it fine. But if we are still rated as one of the big boys of england then things must change.

gooner of Oz

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