Friday, July 1, 2022

Report: Sutton 0-2 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Starting XI: Ospina, Gabriel, Mustafi, Holding, Monreal, Xhaka, Elneny, Jeff, Iwobi, Lucas, Walcott

Subs: Martinez, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Maitland-Niles, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis

Theo Walcott’s 100th goal for Arsenal helped the Gunners to a 2-0 win against a spirited Sutton United of the National League.

Lucas Perez opened the scoring in the first half at Gander Green Lane as Arsene Wenger’s men set up a quarter-final tie with fellow non-leaguers Lincoln City.

First half

Trying to get used to Sutton’s ‘wet’ 3G pitch Arsenal started conservatively. The men in red had plenty of possession, stroking the ball around the pitch, but without any real pace. Some of the interplay, particularly between Nacho Monreal and Alex Iwobi, was sloppy and that, combined with the fervent support gathered at Gander Green Lane, buoyed Sutton who grew into the game.

The home side, as you might expect, lumped a fair few long balls at Ospina’s penalty box and when the ball fell free in midfield they weren’t shy to stick their foot in. Ex-Gunner Roarie Deacon’s pace was eye-catching but aside from a chance gifted by David Ospina to Adam May just before the break they rarely looked like scoring. After his wayward pass to the edge of the area the Colombian copped an earful from the 750 Gooners behind his goal who’d been lucky enough to secure tickets.

Arsenal’s goal came on 26 minutes and was our first effort on target. Slick play by Alex Iwobi and Granit Xhaka freed Lucas on the right wing and the Spaniard cut inside to whip a dangerous ball with his left foot across the six-yard box. Theo Walcott’s darting run and attempted back-heel confused keeper Ross Worner and the ball rolled straight in. The celebrations were muted. (1-0)

Theo Walcott, captain for the evening, threatened a couple of minutes later with a shot just over the bar and Nacho Monreal might have done better when he was put through on goal. In fairness, though a second goal would have been harsh on the hosts.

Second half

Mohamed Elneny, who had required treatment on his calf in the first half, was withdrawn at the break and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came on in his place.

Ten minutes after the break Theo Walcott doubled our lead. Lucas, Iwobi and Monreal combined down the left and Walcott tucked home the left-back’s cross with a composed strike at the back post. The goal brought up the England international’s century in Arsenal colours. You’d have excused him a celebration with a little more gusto but he was satisfied by a couple of high-fives. (2-0)

105 places currently separate the two sides in English football’s ladder but Sutton gave as good as they got. Ospina made his first save of the night to stop a daisy-cutter, Monreal had to head over a dangerous cross just over the bar and Jamie Collins, the home side’s thick-bodied captain, should have headed in the resulting corner.

Arsenal rode the mini-onslaught but if they needed a reminder of the dangers posed by Paul Doswell’s side it came in the form of a rocket shot from Deacon that pinged off the bar on 65 minutes.

Oxlade-Chamberlain embarked on a swashbuckling run that should have resulted in a tap in for Walcott, however, he overcooked the pass much to the frustration of Wenger on the bench.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Alexis Sanchez replaced the Jeff and Iwobi for the final 17 minutes. You sensed the appearance of the Chilean was a tip of the cap to the local crowd who’ll forever be able to say they saw a two-time Copa America star strut his stuff on their home ‘turf’. “Give it to Sanchez” sang the travelling support.

The Gunners half-heartedly went in search of a third. Chamberlain forced a save from Warner and Sanchez dinked a chip just over. On the Sutton bench, ‘roly-poly’ reserve team keeper Wayne Shaw tucked into a pie (no really!) as he enjoyed the action. It later transpired it was probably a marketing stunt. True or not, it was an image that summed up a surreal night; one that seemed to be enjoyed by all.

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Iwobi could use a few games out. Thought he was awful tonight and hasn’t been effective for a while. Put Perez in instead who consistently produces despite barely been given a chance. He was our best player. As for Walcott, sad!

Tom Gun

That would be the Walcott who scored, whose run caused the first goal, and who would have had another goal if Ox’s ball across the middle was better. Ok mate


Everything you say is true, and yet he still was a bit crap! That is Walcott


Let’s not make him out to be special. How many multi million pound forwards take 11 years to score 100 goals?
At this rate he’ll beat Henrys record if he plays at the club until he’s about 42.


It’s to bad he can’t consistently do this against better competition. He gets neutered against better competition.


A win’s a win I guess. Now a nice long rest before Anfield!


I don’t think “resting” does it for us…? 🙁

Gary Baldy

Maybe a break in the sun for the whole team, that has to be a plan, doesn’t it or am I just projecting my own wish for a holiday somewhere nice ?

Bring Back Seaman

send the team to Chile and let Alexis give the grand tour!


Boy was that a dreadful game. Perhaps if Sutton had a bit of quality about them this would’ve been a lot closer. Players treated game like training exercise when they should’ve easily put five past Sutton. That the most interesting thing about the game was their middle age sub goalkeeper eating a pie on the sideline says it all!

uncle D

Enjoy it! It’s a win!



Smits Mckey

I found the pitch itself to be as equally interesting as the pie-eating.

But that’s just my two bits.

Bennis Dergkamp

people on twitter seem to be criticising the pie eating guy because it was a bet or something (!?)… i mean, come on, the guy’s only trying to earn a crust

Give what to Sanchez?

Yeah, I don’t think the FA Cup is your thing mate. ?


That’s one of the more mean-spirited comments I’ve ever seen on this blog, and that’s saying a lot. Seriously, do you pull the legs off of flies in your spare time?

Dial Square

We’re the greatest team the world has ever seen!


Wanted them to score

Bring Back Seaman

I don’t care if Arsenal play the 1st years at my local high school and Thierry Henry was leading the schools attack- I NEVER want the opposition to score!.



Just so impressed with Ox in his new position again!


Yet again lost the ball in a dangerous position which could’ve been costly against against an average side though. Needs to cut that out


Flabbergasted that people on here didn’t think Ox had a good game! See you later off to bed…

Seaman stains

See you in bed too SIR


Roger the Cabin Boy mate…goodnight.


Very good from a creative, attacking perspective but not so good defensively.


Not bad defensively to be fair. He had a few moments in this game.


how can you realistically make any kind of judgement about his effectiveness? No disrespect to Sutton.


Congratulations to Theo for getting his 100th goal for us but seriously, is there a worse dribbler in the Premier League than him? He never looks like he has the ball under control.

Lord Bendtner

If you are referring to this game, it is much more different to control the ball on this pitch than it is on grass. Not saying one is more difficult than the other. But when you are so used to one, you aren’t really used to another. Sure, if ur playing casually with friends it doesn’t matter, but when you’re playing to get in to the Quarterfinals of the FA Cup, it does matter then.
But yes, in general, he isn’t that good with the ball at his feet, but he isn’t that bad either.

Give what to Sanchez?

Dribbling on plastic turf is a nightmare. The ball retains so much speed sobeverytime you touch it, the thing seems to get faster.

It’s definitely more difficult, even when you’re used to it.


Sorry but Walnut is abysmal when he has to think what to do with the ball.


The ball kind of ‘sticks’ a bit more to the artificial pitches. I couldn’t tell how much they actually ‘watered’ it as rumored. It’s pretty easy for it to get stuck under your foot, or for spin to steer it off in a direction you’re not used to. Then once it gets away from your foot it really runs off.

I thought Iwobi had an uncharacteristically high number of balls getting away from his first touch tonight too.




Nope. Damn.

Andy Mack

On some plastic pitches it ‘sticks’ and some it ‘speeds up’ on. This looked like the later as every time someone dribbled and then looked for a pass, when they looked back at the ball to make the pass it was further away than they expected. So there weren’t many good ‘final balls’.


Didn’t notice any difference with his dribbling skills. He always plays like hus feet have had a row with the ball.

Andy Mack

None of our players handled dribbling very well on this plastic pitch but Theo didn’t adapt at all, whereas the others seemed to improve a little, but only a little…


He’s a good finisher and he has good movement


100 goals in 389 games #legend


Have you been watching him recently?


For 11 years.
And he started the season well but has reverted to Walcott 1.0. We all want to watch a star footballer but let’s not pretend he has talents which he patently doesn’t. Especially when his greatest talent is for hiding in plain sight,


He has a booming right foot. Thats it. He’s not very creative besides his right foot square on the ball. Along with his pace but most other attributes he is average to below average.


Spot on. Dribbles attempted:3(?) Completed 0. Against Sutton Utd. I note Blogger flatters the Walnut by saying he’s “bundled off it” in those situations. Very charitable indeed. A better description might be ‘got the ball and knew not the fuck what to do with the bastard’. Still he’s reached the century after just 389 appearances. Prolific.


Can’t think of a winger with a better scoring ratio than Theo.
Only googled a couple e.g. Ryan gigs 71 goals in over 750 games. Not comparing their talents.
Just giving theo credit.

Trixie Bird

How about calling him by his proper surname?


That will do.a very ugly win but thats all that mattered. We move on.

Lord Bendtner

I felt sad. I could have tried to push through to get something of a career out of football. I was a hardworker too, and football was my passion.
Thankyou Tobacco, Drugs, and Alcohol
Well, the mistakes have been mine alone. But at least, I am clean as a whistle since 2010. No smoking, no drug, no alcohol. Yay me!!!!!
(*has nothing to do with arsenal fc. just sharing my life with my arsenal family*)


Well done. Keep it up mate.

gooner of Oz

Man I was thinking the same as watching this game. I still drink and smoke, no more drugs though.


Enormous credit to you Lord. PLAYED!

Godfrey Twatschloch

But you are Lord Bendtner. The Greatest Lord Bendtner To Ever Live!


It was crashing your car naked that really finished you i think

Godfrey Twatschloch

I always envied the ability to get a Danish taxi up the duff. Very virile!


The guys with the ‘arsene out’ banner can fuck off. I’m Wenger out, and they are entitled to an opinion, but not the time or place for such a thing. TBH we all knew how this game would play out – this was about Sutton, who quite frankly warmed my heart with their performance tonight. Come on Arsenal.


With the FA cup almost secure we better focus on the league. I doubt we knock out Bayern although if we play like we just did that too can be possible.


Wtf are you talking about. We play like that against Munich and 10-1 to them would be the likely outcome.

We won a game, I get it that your excited, but please take off the rose tinted goggles. We did the absolute minimum required today, nothing more.


This guy is just like ty from arsenal fan tv, he says ridiculous stuff for attention don’t take him seriously


We did minimum and won 2 nill of course but could score many more if we really wanted. On our good day we can beat anyone and tonight was one of them if you missed the scoreline. 2-0



gooner of Oz

More like *if Bayer play like the just did


Are you fucking joking mate? We were atrocious against Bayern, are NEVER going to get five goals without reply against them (or anyone actually) and we were poor tonight. Just good enough.

Bob davis

I’m really happy for Perez. He always makes a difference when he plays. Hope he plays against Liverpool!



Agreed. He makes very clever runs near the box but was not found so many times by colleagues. He was frustrated with 15 mins left…


He’s a real competitor too, tenacious like Sanchez. I don’t think he and Walcott combined well which to me looked down to Walcott.


With his luck he’ll injure his ankle and be held out of the match. Then after the match everyone will conveniently forget he was injured and wonder why he wasn’t at least on the bench, lol Then in couple weeks look at the Liverpool match and point out that Wenger once again didn’t use him even though he looked good against Sutton lol Wenger must hate the guy smh


Very difficult to watch. So many poor passes and wasted possession. Monreal can’t seem to do anything but put himself under pressure and go backwards.


Wins a win baby!

I don’t want to wait so long for more Arsenal, but maybe it is good that there is a long gap between when we play at Anfield.


Kept it tidy.
No real panics.
Through to quarter finals.
Just hope Elneny has not come away with away with an injury.


Be proud lord’ many have been lost on that path.


Hats off to the Sutton players. They did their club proud.


An average performance for an average result against a below average team.

Nothing to see here…


The pitch made it tricky, but all in all we were comfortable. I think Lucas and Welbeck should start the next game. I do think Theo and Iwobi have dropped off a little.


Thoroughly enjoyable on all fronts. Finally a game where I don’t have to poo myself the whole time


I suspect that that is too much information! 🙂

Seaman stains

No no – poo news always welcome!


Well you can tell that confidence is pretty much at an all-time low.
A few weeks ago it would’ve been 5:0 (oh – it was in the round before).
But job done, and Theo’s got 100 🙂
One more win till we can sing “She wore a yellow ribbon again”!


I actually enjoyed that. There was a lot more of what football is about in this game than in most in the PL.


Comment: Commitment is the key factor in tonight’s win. congrats to skipper theo #100goals

gooner of Oz

I dont trust Xhaka for Liverpool Elneny us so underrated and reliable. 17 years ago when we were on a roll younger Wenger had enough balls to give likes of Jeff or Niles the opportunity to shine in much bigger games. Maybe as we were obviously stronger that wouldnt risk us as much as it would now. Still with the league out of grasp why wouldnt us do so?


Losing to Chelsea or Sp**s at Wembley is going to hurt so bad.
Prepare for the pain.
Gutless losers don’t win trophies.


Another Wengerout clown who doesnt know what to say when theyre proved wrong by the boss. Just go f yourself chelshit Arsenal hater.


Hey Sigh….
If you like getting thrashed by teams we should be competing with year on year…roll up and sign on again.
Arsenal PLC love soft touches like you. Coughing up their cash every season, not wanting to rock the boat, keeping things as they are indefinitely….so AFC top brass keep raking it in without investing with conviction. You are the quintessential blind and deluded cash cow fan. Piss off, sonny.

Bennis Dergkamp

go to bed dad


Hes your dad?? Sorry to break it to you… Youre son of a cunt LOL


Comment policy.. Name calling is a no no.


Dont tell me someone who calls Arsenal gutless losers is not a Cunt.


totally agree with the message, but our host may not with the method. that’s all.

but given the stonky post, yeah, i take your point.


Hey Sigh….
If you like getting thrashed by teams we should be competing with year on year…roll up and sign on again.
Arsenal PLC love soft touches like you. Coughing up their cash every season, not wanting to rock the boat, keeping things as they are indefinitely….so AFC top brass keep raking it in without investing with conviction. You are the quintessential blind and deluded cash cow fan. Get lost, sonny.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Shonky the wonky donkey!


Or Moneychester United. Oh wait, we can beat all three of those sides on our best day. Its a one-off. We love a big one-off. Look at today. We were uncomfortable on pitch, and in front of goal. That won’t happen at Wembley.

Dial Square

Naah, we have a very good chance against the “big” teams, like 8-100 or one in 10. About the ratio of wins we have against our peers
If we need to fight for a win we have Özil


Jeff, Iwobi and Walcott were all disappointing. The surface definitely contributed but still. Lucas managed to be pretty good despite these 3.


Walcott so poor yet again. He can’t beat a man, link up play or tackle back. Not good enough to play for Arsenal.


True news


Frankly I would have preferred we has sold him and bought Mahrez. But there was plenty of business conducted on our behalf that summer (including Mustafi, Granit, Perez and Holding) Maybe if the price comes down since Leicester have not been able to repeat the trick, Wenger might be able to find a good price for the Algerian. Walcott at 27yrs ++ cannot rely on pace anymore. He needs to add some subtlety to his game which he seems to fail to. Yes he nicked the second goal but he also needs to not wait for the ball to come… Read more »


I like Monreal but he seems to be consistently poor in the final third. He gets in to great positions, but his shooting and delivery is not up to scratch. Or is it just the modern game that doesn’t expect goals and assits to come from the wing anymore. Valentina has made a career at united and apart from one season his goals/assist are brutal.


Didn’t he provide the assist for the second goal?


Yes, but to be fair it came of someone elses leg and popped out for Theo. It’s not just tonight though I think that’s a 3rd assist this season and about the same last season. It just feels that for someone who spends that much time in an advance position he doesn’t seem seen to produce a lot from an attacking perspective. There seems to be a lot of overlapping for the sake of cutting it back and laying it off the Iwobi or Sanchez. I do not maybe I’m talking out my arse!


I think Nacho is pretty good at making crosses into the box. I just think we don’t have anyone there to finish them. I think tactically thats what AW wants from him right? Its frustrating we don’t have CF thats aggressive in front of the goal.


We shouldn’t rely on our full backs to create so much. That’s where they need a proper winger with them, to finish the move with a clinical cross or pass.


Why was the celebrations for both goals muted?? Even Theo reaching a century of Arsenal goals, something to celebrate, was so workman-like? Why??

Godfrey Twatschloch

I didn’t get a feeling of much joy during this game. I think with recent poor performances it was a case of knuckling down and ploughing through. We got the job done and that was it. Thanks to Sutton for pie eating and streaking to lighten the mood a bit.


You know if the players “over” celebrated, some fans will moan about it.


Spot on. They would be accused of being flat track bullies. Do the mute it and are accused of being joyless.
It’s almost like some fans have a pathological need to moan.


Holding is one cool customer. A little too cool at times, perhaps, that looping backpass was a bit heart-in-mouth until it turned out he’d judged it perfectly, but generally I thought he really kept a calm head in the centre of defence. He’ll need time, but hopeful.


I thought he was poor. Put us in a few sticky situations by dallying and against a better side we would have been badly punished


Dispossessed far too often just like Bayern, Chelsea and Watford, beaten in the air far too often and every time any of the younger lads come on ie naitland miles, Jeff etc, they just do not look hungry enough, far far too lazy looking and Ospina…. A good shot stopper like so many other crap keepers before him but a calamity waiting to happen and how the fuck we’re not able to recall wilshire is beyond me.


Well there were those moaning about Wenger playing Cech instead of Ospina.

The grass is always greener…

As I have mentioned before both keepers have their plus and minus.

Ospina is a good shot stopper but poor commanding the box.

Cech is more assured in the box but not as good with reflex saves.

Crash Fistfight

If only there was a keeper at Arsenal who was a mixture of the two.


We had some real problems with our automatisms tonight.

But a win, on to the next!


People are crazy negative on this thread, you’d have thought we lost this game. Tae fuck with the lot of you miserable c**ts!




Not at our most fluent. But the pitch did need some getting used to, it was also very narrow and Sutton to their credit were incredibly organised for a non league side. Lucas was bright albeit he did lose the ball a number of times. But he hunted it back and I like his use of space. Walcott is too predictable. Granted he scored the goal, felt he tends to wait for the ball to come to him and when he makes his runs, he lacks variation. Ox when he was brought on was a fresh breath of air. Elneny… Read more »


Agreed. I think Eastmond and Deacon should be playing at a higher level. Goes to show the thin line between making it and not. If you’d been watching that game as a neutral, who would have been the impressive, successful premier league forward – Deacon or Walcott?


So, Theo Walcott. Is he the perfect player? No, he has a few shortcomings. But then again, no one ever claimed he was or promised he would become one. And yet, the man scored his 100th goal for the club where he has played mostly as a winger. He hasn’t got a bad strike rate, and we should take into account his horrible injury history. Almost 10 seasons at the club too. And still he’s being raked over the coals in this space. After a win, even. Some fans just don’t deserve the world class players they expect everyone in… Read more »


Someone gives an opinion and others disagree. What is wrong with that? Yes its great that he got 100 goals but you just expect more from someone with that many games played. Watching him play he hasn’t grown as a player. He’s basically the same player he was 10 years ago with stronger better accuracy with his right foot. At his age I don’t think he’s going to change. Thats the way I feel I don’t want to speak for the others.

Dan D

This was a case of job done. Didn’t play particularly well, in fact plodded along first half and as soon as we injected any kind of pace into our play (twice, maybe four times top wack) the gulf in class showed. Ox came on and injected a bit more purpose 2nd half but he summed himself up for me in one passage of play. His raw athletism and talent took him away from 3 players with ease down the left flank but when it came to the crucial moment of control and picking the right pass, rather then compose hilmself,… Read more »


Jesus it’s hard to figure our best 11. Here’s my go for the moment:
Bellerin Holding Kos Monreal
Xhaka Ox
Perez Ozil Welbeck

Or is it Gibbs for Monreal. Or Mustafi for Holding? He’s been shite. Or Gabriel? Walcot’s alright I suppose, but damn it should be a lot clearer at this point. Ozils at a down point too. So’s Iwobi. Who in the hell do we start against Liverpool!? I really don’t know for half the team.


Well that’s a relief. Glad to get the win and get through but we made hard work of that. Players were slipping, ball was bouncing 2 yards in front of them when they received it so took a while to get used to the pitch. Thought Iwobi had a really poor game and The Jeff didn’t have the same impact as against Southampton. Thought the subs were spot on though Arsene could have made them 20 minutes earlier. Ox made a big difference when he came on, our passing and movement were markedly improved. Another good game by Lukas, only… Read more »

Big Dave

We’ll have to play better than that if we’re going to get past Lincoln City in the next round. 😉 😀

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