Saturday, July 2, 2022

Alexis back, Ozil on the bench: Arsenal v Bayern Munich team news

Arsenal have to try and overturn a 5-1 deficit tonight as they play the second leg of their Round of 16 tie against Bayern Munich at the Emirates.

The chances of that are very, very slim and I think most of us would, at this point, just love to see the team do itself some justice in a big game – even if it is too little, too late.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Welbeck, Walcott, Alexis

Subs: Cech, Gibbs, Gabriel, Coquelin, Ozil, Lucas, Giroud

Bayern Munich: Neuer, Hummels, Martinez, Rafinha, Alaba, Thiago, Ribery, Alonso, Vidal, Robben, Lewandowski

Subs: Ulreich, Costa, Bernat, Muller, Kimmich, Sanches

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3-0 and an obvious pen not given to us. Predictable!


1 goal and obvious pen down, just 2 goals to go. What is with this ref?!?

One Player Down

10-2 just do the right thing Wenger.


What a front-four.


Would be a far better one if Lucas could actually start a damn game


what the fuck has the poor sod got to do to get a start or how bad do we have to get. utter madness


Welbeck is out and still no Perez? What the fuck.

Corona X

Ours or theirs? :-/


Welbeck now injured so Giroud is taking his place in the starting line up.

Loving the coverage of the protest btw – the Board cant continue to ignore the feeling for change.


maybe last champions league game for awhile…..i’ll enjoy it and watch 90mins anyhow….and also sanchez or ozil may leave but perez should definately leave if he is treated in such insane way


I feel badly for Lucas there, again, on the bench, but if Arsenal give it all tonight from kickoff, we’re going to need some serious reinforcements to keep up the pressure for 90 minutes — having Ozil, Lucas, and Giroud for that sounds about right. The mission is impossible, but the journey can be one hell of a ride: COYG!!!

Tuan Nguyen

Walcott again!!!!!!!


Every time I see his name on the team sheet I feel like our chances of winning decrease by 10%


1-0, Walcott.


Man you look stupid now!

One Player Down

Yep, we are winning…Oh wait, that didn’t last long, now we are getting battered.



Hopefully Ramsey is in the 10 instead of the Ox. STILL no Lucas, even when chasing goals. Mad!


Are you kidding me. Watching the game now and Ramsey is god awful. At least he has nowhere to go but up.


No Lucas again. If that man doesn’t start against Lincoln I might actually cry a bit

Viva la Prof

I do like it but for the life of me I don’t see how Walcott is ahead of Lucas, I do look forward to a slice of humble pie and a shot of what the fuck do I know. Come on gunners win lose or draw just bring some fire and restore some pride !!


Lucas doesn’t start, Walcott and Ramsey do, Ox not in the middle where he has done well.
I having nothing to say…apart from good luck chaps. COYG.


Maybe he will be, i think we will play 4-3-3 with mid of 3 ox-xhaka-ramsey or ox and xhaka in mid with ramsey at no 10. I agree with lucas he needa to start instead of walcott.


I hope you are right, and on the plus side he dropped Coq and Iwobi and started Danny again!


Scrub the Danny bit as he got injured in the warm up. Why the fuck can’t Robben and Co get injured in the warm up?
I’m looking at you Shad….

Santi Cazorla's Nipple

That speed up top tho

My name is Jeff

Lucas clearly took Wenger’s parking spot when he first came to London Conley and Arsene has a long memory.

Lord Bendtner

At the moment I would not think twice to start Lucas
Lucas > Walcott


Theo won’t think twice either. He won’t think full stop.


Lucas over Walcott all day long for me

My pint is empty.

Oh dear!! Ox will go missing, Theo will be invisible and Ramsey’s left leg will fall off after 60 mins….Oh dear !!!

Tyler Briscoe

I’ve heard a lot of fans predict a win tonight, but not enough on aggregate to go through. I think we’re giving to much credit to the current set up of this team, I predict we will loose, haven’t been given a reason to believe otherwise. Hope I’m wrong.

Lord Bendtner

The problem with Coq is that he is not a Kante. And that technically is not a problem. Before, he was being used very effectively as a protector for our defense. Now Wenger has Coq going up a lot, leaving our defense exposed. Before I used to see Coq on the right and left side of the pitch too, making up for our wingers’ lapses in defense. Now, we don’t have that and so our RB and LB are exposed time and time again. Bellerin is fast, he goes up to get involved alot, which is awesome. But when u… Read more »


I like the intent. We can do it.

Maasai Gooner

who else is looking forward to that 0.000001% chance!

uncle D

Who is feeling in for Ozil?

Third Plebeian

I love when my car needs petrol because it means I get to head over to the feeling station. Mmmmm…ahhh..

uncle D

Oh my! Dr! Filling filling!


Strange that Ozil is on the bench after Wenger saying he wasn’t ready but could feature on the weekend.
In my ideal world he confronted Wenger and said “I want to play”!! And Wenger said “ok I will put you on the bench”.??

Giroud's Buldge

I am so bored of the

“No Lucas again”


He looks alright but he’s no panacea!


Walcott again! AND Ramsey! I fear the worse. Such insipid players. Wenger always trying to mollycoddle these guys. They never seem to have enough fight and guile. I would have put Alexis in the hole in a 4-4-1-1. ………………………..Giroud……………………….. ………………….Alexis………………………………. Welbeck………………………………………..Lucas ………………….Granit……………Ox……………. Monreal………Koscielny….Mustafi………Bellerin ……………………..Ospina………………………… Giroud because we need bloody goals and if we can’t take them on the break, at least there is a target to cross in to or hold the ball for the second line. Granit sits in front of the Cbacks as the apex of the triangle. This means we don’t have to be quite as narrow… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Oh well. There’s always FA cup.


You say that as if our CL hopes have been dashed by tonight’s formation. Friend, they were dashed two weeks ago.


Remember what happened to Barca last leg?

Sadly I don’t see us doing the same with this line up.




We would have a better offensive power with Lucas from beginning

Third Plebeian

I’m curious if there is anybody else here who shares this sentiment about Lucas. Anyone? Anyone at all?

My pint is empty.

And remembe !! don’t show robben on his left side ffs !!


Robben seems to have been around for ever….when is he going to get a bit old and loose his sparkle ffs!???


Welbeck injured in the warm up! Flippin heck!


And even then, still no Lucas. What the fuck is he thinking?


Must be a paper cut from one of the banners.


Welbz injured in warm up,Giroud is starting in his place

Ozilicious !

Gutted for him, he’s jinxed!!?? Wanted to see him go at the tonight! Think Sanchez was playing wide before the injury? If he wasn’t surely Perez would have been the swap?

Mustapha Kacka

We’ve got the better strip so it’s an obvious 4-0 for me !


There’s the spirit!


I hope Walcott scores all four goals.


This crazy world has me so confused… is this joke offensive?

Did you hear about the gay magician?

He disappeared with a POOF!

I personally think it’s a riot but have heard objections…

Oh yeah, COYG!


I have made the point recently that the midfield combinations have not been the best for either attack or defence. But I think AW has just about picked the worst tonight. Here is why: Xhaka needs to play more left of centre to be at his best. Ramsey, a\ some point will go forward and attack left of centre. Xhaka will then have to move right to cover his absence. Monreal will again be left exposed, especially if the ball is moved quickly from BM’s left. All of this may result in some of our supposed front four being drawn… Read more »


I fancy this.

Gunners to pull off a big surprise.


It would have to be massive.

We need 4 goals without reply.


I can see us best case winning by 2 goals.

More likely they will win by 2 goals.

But you never know. Depends if we have a good spell and gain some confidence.


I like your optimism David. 🙂


Come on Alexis….Kick your teammates up the arse.


Rafinho, no Lahm on Alexis flank.

Lets go Alexis!


The entire forward line could get terminal genital warts, be unable to walk, and if Lucas was the only one fit, arsene would still not give him a start. I just don’t get it.


Never heard the Emirates so hauntingly quiet


Welbeck already out. Now we get fucking giroud. Unbelievable. He’d be better at skippering a fucking tugboat. Why not Lucas for gods sake.


Is that Arsene’s contract shredded on the pitch? 🙂


Looks like Alexis, Ozil and Bellerin’s too.


Bayern fans are fantastic.

Our fans are cowering under their banners. Can’t be heard.

Ozilicious !

Going to have to be the first team ever to win by 4 goals with less than 20% possession


Leicester rarely have much possession last season.

We need to be on point with our breaks but we should also use Giroud.


Theo Podolski


Someone please tell me Lucas would have scored that goal lol. I like the player but Theo’s didn’t become our second highest goalscorer by being a crap player. Some respect, please


He’s finding a lot of joy on the right side.

Just 3 more goals Theo. Go on.


Looks like a few players got an attitude injection sInce the weekend

Toe killer

as bad as we were in the first leg, the llayers have done thier bit this half. can’t say the same for this cunt of a referee

Liam Bradys left peg

When the pressure and expectation is off then so it seems is the handbrake. #mentalfragility #wengeroutkroenkeout


Do they fucking goal line refs do anything right, ever!?! Utter bollocks

Norwegian gooner

Must say it actually feels frustrating to see Arsenal playing with such urgency now, when the game was already lost in the first game. Where is this urgency when it matters? Posers and push-overs.


Anybody have any idea what koscielny was supposed to have done? That killed it more than the penalty did.


The wanker had a name yknow by Anastasios Sidiropoulos, a Greek and a turd.

Andy Mack

That’s his official name. His family know him as Mikos Rileyos…

Ozilicious !

This is so much fun! Refs fucked it


I turned it off

One Player Down

I am beginning to think that anyone on here writing pro Wenger stuff might just be Theo himself.
I mean, he has the most to lose when Wenger goes.


Theo was great while we still had a chance

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