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Ozil: Individuals not important now, we have to focus on club

The future of Mesut Ozil, like Alexis Sanchez, has been the subject of much speculation over the course of the season.

The former Real Madrid man is heading into the last 12 months of his deal and as yet no new terms have been agreed.

With Arsenal struggling, however, Ozil wants to put that distraction to one side and focus on what the team need to do between now and the end of the season.

Speaking to Sky Sports ahead of Monday night’s clash with Boro, the German said of his contractual situation, “I think at the moment it would be wrong to really think about that, to go ahead and look at that.

“At the moment the team we’re having a more difficult spell and at this stage I’m not important and no other player is important. What’s important is the club.

“We’ve got aims that we want to meet this season. There’s still lots for us to play for. We want to qualify desperately for the Champions League for next season as well.”

As for when talks might take place, he continued, “We’ll talk in the summer and we’ll clear things then but for the moment, all that’s important is Arsenal and not me and not any other player – it’s just the club.

“What we need to do is fight, to do what we can.

“It’s not just about the boss or the fans – it’s about the whole club and playing for the whole club.”

Nice words, but let’s see them translated into actions when we visit the Riverside on Easter Monday.

Read about a potential record breaking offer to Sanchez here.

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They should try playing better, that would help

Stuck on repeat...

^^^ This ^^^

…oh & “wanting it more”


You have to wonder what is really going on here … it’s bizarre isn’t it.

Lula da Gilberto

Yep, exactly.


Never have I ever heard anything like this from an Arsenal player.



action speaks louder than words….. and unfortunately we did not hear a lot of noise recently ?


Why would we hear anything? The only people surprised that Ozil or Alexis (for the matter Wenger) are not discussing contracts till the summer are frankly the pundits. Does it make sense to discuss this now? No. The agents will want to weigh what offers come in. The players will want to see if we can at least finish in top 4. Until then, the focus RIGHTLY is on fixing our rubbish form. The blame game goes full circle. First blame the manager, then the Board, then the silent owner then the players… Not all of this can be blamed… Read more »


“We want to qualify desperately for the Champions League for next season as well…We’ll talk in the summer and we’ll clear things then”

Hedging his bets before angling for a move because he feels he “deserves” CL football? God, I’ve never felt more detached from this club since…well, since before I knew it existed.


Not directed against you, but it amazes me how we are reading soooo much in between the lines and make assumptions what we think people are thinking while they are actually saying things completely non-related to it.

But I guess this is the state we are in where we are just tired of hearing the same mumbo-jumbo week in week out. Difficult times.


I understand, but after all the stuff that’s been said in prior years (especially 2011), it’s hard not to read meaning into these statements.

I understand the thumbs-down too, but I honestly have trouble watching football in general when Arsenal is such a huge part of the reason I do in the first place, and we’re so unwatchable at the moment, on and off the pitch.


Can the “teacher’s pet” just, please, please, please shut the f*** up? Please!


I think the problem is that from a footballlistic viewpoint, its clear something is broken that needs fixing but from a business viewpoint (which must be the viewpoint Kroenke uses), its wobbling (loss of CL foorty next season) but still fundamentally sound. However that kind of blindness is why the rot has set in and if nothing changes it will be the downfall of the club


Absolutely right. All this clamour for Wenger to announce his intention is media stoked nonsense. IF Wenger said he was staying, you know the certain segment of noisy fans who will start hiring planes trains, automobiles, start poisoning the atmosphere further. IF Wenger said he was leaving, some players Ozila nd Alexis apart will also be looking toward the summer (and if not their agents will) Either distraction does not help the team. Wenger is in a bit of a pickle at the moment, it is uncertain if he can curb his more idealistic side and find pragmatic solution to… Read more »

Little Mozart

I so desperately want his words to be real. They have to be, right?




Ah, the English fans, expressing it all in one word. True heir of Shakespeare ( you know, the poet… no, not the coach… the Poet! Ok, let it be…)


I just don’t think you understand


At least someone from the club has said something.

Ulysses 32

I’d rather they just shut up than come out with the platitudes we’ve been hearing for years. Better stuff would be : “Yeah, I’m gonna sign a new contract, we are just sorting out the details”. Or “Nope, this team is fucking hopeless, so I’m off to China and will be earning £50K a week, so suck a dick, dumbshits”. Why obfuscate? “Oooh, let’s not answer questions : talk about focusing on the next game, then perform like we don’t give a flying fuck”. Do they think it’s clever? Do they think they are politicians, avoiding questions? I cant think… Read more »


So the Invisible Waiter has spoken, piss off to China Ozil, only they will pay a fee for the club to recoup what the OLD fool spent on you. I’m saying that as we cannot blame it on a Sporting Director or anyone else. Whilst The old fool says he wants to keep the British Dross he signed. It’s now or never for Gazidis & the old farts to grow some balls!

bon jonbovi

I saw Gazidis & The Old Farts play Glastonbury in ’76.


Go piss off and wank somewhere you ungrateful ass. Call yourself a fan. Be fair in your opinion. The british media has been hounding Ozil the moment he set foot in England…never ever acknowledge his ability and brilliance…coz they dont have none in the first place. Well Germany WON the WOLRD CUP and Ozil was and still an integral part of the team!!
Continue to hate your own clubplayer…might else you join the English pundits who cant and never will appreciate such talent.


I understand Alexis leaving because he couldn’t have given us more. Ozil is brilliant and when he’s on form the way he glides across the pitch really is a pleasure to watch. But he has done nothing to pay his big transfer fee back (I know it’s not his fault, we signed him from Madrid) and certainly done nothing to merit a contract worth more than 250k a week. If he leaves, it shows you how much fight and character he really has. Quite simply, he has NOT been good enough in our big games and has been nowhere near… Read more »

nimble foot

You jinxed him. Change that cats name ASAP

Ponsonby Gooner

“At the moment it would be wrong to think about that”
Mesut, I think you are a fantastic player and I hope you stay with us for next season, but what the hell are you talking about?


Can’t we all just get along…

Ex-Priest Tobin

Do we really need Ozil? He’s never impressed me much during his time at Arsenal. Seems to spend most games sauntering lazily about the pitch, and doesn’t have the dribbling or dynamism to open up most teams. Very overrated player, and we would be fools to give him a contract with improved terms. There are cheaper players out there who would do better than this cowardly pretender.


Arsenal need ozil n sanchez…. its would be better arsenal club if ozil u r saying the club is important….

Godfrey Twatsloch

I love Özil as a player and want to see him perform to his full potential with us. I love this fucking team and want to see them play as well as I know they can.

That is all!


An ozil hattrick would serve both club and individual well. Do it Mesut!!!

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