Giroud, Coquelin, Koscielny in: Stoke v Arsenal teams

Arsenal team news 2016

It’s Premier League action this evening as we look for our third win in a week. It’s never been an easy ground to go to, but let’s hope we can take three points against Stoke this evening.

Here are the official line-ups.

Stoke:  Butland; Johnson, Shawcross, Martins Indi, Pieters; Whelan, Cameron, Allen; Arnautovic, Diouf, Shaqiri

Subs: Grant; Muniesa, Berahino, Adam, Walters, Crouch, Ramadan

Arsenal: Cech, Mustafi, Koscielny, Holding, Bellerin, Coquelin, Xhaka, Monreal, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

Subs:  Ospina, Gabriel, Ramsey, Walcott, Iwobi, Welbeck, Elneny.

Follow the game with up to the second text commentary on the Arseblog live blog

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Giroud and coquelin…great.


Not happy with this at all. Just as Ramsey was coming into form he’s back on the bench.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Probably a precaution given the opponent.


Mr Wenger is a funny old fish ain’t he. He persists with Ramsay match in match out when he can’t seem t get it right and then drops him the moment he finds some form!
Maybe he knows something we dont, were all well aware or how injury prone he can be. Maybe still some psychological issues too?

Also odd having given Gibbs a bunch of starts he’s not even on the bench.
Perez still can’t make the bench either…

naija gunner

Are more concerned Ramsey getting to form than arsenal bagging 3points?

Santi\'s Smile

Ramsey’s hamstrings could probably benefit from a rest. Though it is unfortunate that Coq is the replacement, as he certainly doesn’t offer as much going forward, hard to argue against leaving out the Welsh Jesus from the start after he’s completed 90 twice already in the past 6 days.


Perhaps not wanting the focus on the Shawcross issue and getting their fans excited about it?


It’s going to be a more physical game- selecting our best header of the ball, and our most combative midfielder hardly seems like something to be complaining about.


Can’t hear you over the cheers from the crowd.

canon fodder

Coq was heavily involved in Giroud’s goal! I hope that you are smiling or eating humble pie now…I hope my words don’t come back to haunt me!




Personally I am looking forward to seeing Kos, Mustafi and Holding together.
I guess Giroud is in for Welbeck to help with aerial threats, so while I would prefer Welbeck I understand.
Only thing I am unsure of is to why Ramsey, who looked like he was starting to find form against Southampton, was dropped for Coq.

Ozil\'s left foot

Defensive solidity on paper, fatigue would play a part I imagine.

Gudang Bedil

Feel very secure at the back! COYG!


Sorry im just hanging…and this line up just gave me a vision of the game. Sideways and back. No shots first half. Hope im wrong, COYG


Yea good luck keeping Perez next summer if he wont even make the bench.


he was injured for weeks and is just back in training for a few days. Is there a chance that people think about what they’re posting before they complain about shit that is really not worth complaining about?

canon fodder

…just back from injury but yet you want Arsenal to play him against a team that broke Ramsay’s leg! Think before posting a comment!

Arsenal Pakistan!

Don’t agree with giroud for welbeck but I guess it’s probably so that welbeck doesn’t do his hamstring like the ox but why couldn’t we have replaced him with Lucas as he had apparently returned to training more than a week ago? Nonetheless COYG let’s pile heaps of pressure on the mugsmashers


Given how long Perez was out for, he is unlikely to be match fit.

Giroud is a known quantity and shouldn’t just be dismissed for not being as dynamic a player as Alexis.

Arsenal Pakistan!

I’m not dismissing Giroud, I like him but I feel we as a team perform better with a more mobile striker and I remember Lucas being in training before the United game so could have lasted 50 mins before being subbed and he isn’t even fit enough to be on the bench? In this formation he would be a match better option from the bench rather than someone like Theo who doesn’t really fit this formation


So what your saying is that in Perez, who is largely an unknown quantity, who hasn’t played for some time and who is also returning from injury, is a better option than the more physical Giroud, who for games to goals ratio this season is rather impressive.

Based on what exactly?

Also if the game calls for Theo, there is no reason we cannot move Alexis up top with Theo out wide. The suggestion that Theo who has been much improved in all areas can’t play in this formation is laughable.


Oh and look who opened the scoring.

Step forward Olivier!

Get in!

Arsenal Pakistan!

Based on watching Lucas play for us this season and I guess I must have dreamed the watch against Leicester a few weeks back when giroud and theos performance was so underwhelming. Girouds performance away at spuds another reason not to start him.

Clock-End Mike

I think Giroud is on to counter the aerial threat. Not a bad idea if it works.


Giroud is more physical, he scores more and brings others into play. Your favorite Welbeck just marvels at how good crosses are and gives thumbs ups. I can do that alright while sitting on my couch reading comfortably.


Excellently put! It shocks me how many prefer Welbeck, who runs around a lot but cannot finish better than Monreal to Giroud, who doesn’t run half as much but scores quite regularly, brings others to play, assists better and is a more useful weapon in our defence aerially, where we are known to be somewhat vulnerable. I want a striker who can score goals, not just one who can run around and harass opponents. I’m more impressed with actually doing something, even with lesser fuss, than exerting so much energy to try to obliterate obvious incompetences. They both will find… Read more »

canon fodder

The same Giroud who scored against Southampton by the way!


What was that? What is it with plastics moaning before every match?

Arsenal Pakistan!

Think you need to understand the meaning of plastic and moaning first mate. I’ve already said I like giroud and that we perform better as a team with a more mobile striker. Please do point out the moaning and plastic part


Quite the conservative line up. Only 3 attackers in the starting line up against Stoke. This looks to be a dull affair.


On the bright side the bench looks good

Indian Gooner

Nice time of the season to be giving out birthday presents to the Coq aye?
Would have loved to see Ramsey start! Whatever..I just wish we win it.


He’ll come on in the 2nd half and smash the winner after nutmegging Shawcross

Q Mantis

leaving players on the bench who should be starting. If their on the bench then they’re fit enough to start, no?
Anyhow it’s another bogey team we need to beat, 3 points is all that matters. Coyg


Wenger is so obssessed to make the Coquelin-Xhaka combination work. It wont work because they are both similar


Very curious decision to start Coq in a game we’re not really expecting to be under pressure and will most likely struggle to pierce through a parked bus.

Lord Bendtner

To be honest, I’m happy with Giroud up front. I think he’s a more physical presence, the last thing I want is Welbeck walking off due to a physical challenge by their defense. Not so sure about starting Coq, but I’m quite expecting a half time change bringing in Ramsey. At least it’s not possible for a Ramsey injury in the first half. Hoping that ALL our players come out of this with a win and without an injury 🙂 *oh boy, Walcott not starting again; everything is pointing to his departure at then end of this season and I… Read more »


That is our strongest back 3 by a long shot. Defensively sound here…hopefully. Went for physicality it seems. I’d take a 1-0.

canon fodder

I think we’ll need to win by more than one goal to build upon our confidence so that we can peak in the FA Cup final…It’s a long time since we’ve given a team a real spanking in the league.

naija gunner

Great selection, I see 0-1 or 0-2 scoreline. Solid defence, balanced midfield.


For fucks sake. Mike fucking Dean


Watching Coq up in a more forward role. Quick feet, nice passes, excellent decisions… A very well balanced exhibition by. Le Coq. Giroud not too bad in front of goal just like usual

Wyn Mills

Sanchez’s talent is wasted at this club. He’s surrounded by lightweights. He’ll do better at a team like Bayern.

Wyn Mills

We really lack creativity in midfield. Thankfully Stoke are shite.