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Kroenke: Arsenal shares not for sale

Stan Kroenke has issued a statement reiterating his long-term commitment to owning Arsenal after speculation circled this morning that he could be tempted to sell to Alisher Usmanov.

Journalist Matt Scott claimed that pressure was being exerted on the American billionaire to sell his majority stake in the Gunners by both his son, Josh, and two board members at the Emirates.

Within an hour, a statement from KSE was released via the Associated Press.

It reads: “KSE UK, Inc notes the recent media speculation concerning its shareholding in Arsenal Holdings PLC and confirms that its shares are not, and have never been, for sale. KSE is a committed, long-term investor in Arsenal and will remain so.”

On Friday the Financial Times reported that Usmanov, who owns just over 30% of the club, had tabled a bid for Kroenke’s 41,721 shares (67.05%) worth $1.3bn.

Is there more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye? Quite possibly. Either way, this is all getting a bit messy. And there’s no end in sight.

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It talks.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Good riddance! Anyone know some LA Gooners? Itd be great to find a way to delay his stadium further.


Fuck Stan Kroenke.


Imma turn myself gay and then fuck him so good so when he falls in love with me I’ll break up with him and leave him on read.


It sounds like you follow the Mike Tyson beliefs of “I’ll fuk you ’til you love me, phaggot!” Personally I find this really really weird.


gonna be a loooooooooooooooong summer


I was saying Boourns

Arsenal fan

If I had a business that ran itself and just kept giving. Why would I sell.
Then again… his probably just milking usmanov?


Whether the fans agree on Wenger or not, they are unanimous on Kroenke. There is a lot wrong with our club but Wenger should be at the bottom of that list whereas people like Kroenke, Dick Law, Gazidis, Sir Chips etc should be right at top. The fans anger is misplaced.

I can say without an iota of doubt that Wenger genuinely loves Arsenal. Can the same be said about Kroenke though?
And lastly this


Why not boycott and affect all finance/marketing related initiatives fronted by Arsenal FC and ergo Kroenke’s company? Let Emirates, Puma and others realise that Arsenal fans hate the owner and by association will avoid their brands too.


Also read the first comment saying how Wenger shouldn’t respond to Tony Adam’s bitchtalk… Arsenal fans who have no sense of dignity left demand even more restraint from their beleaguered manager.


If Kroenke really has absolutely no ambition and is just in it for the money why do he agreed on the Mustafi, Xhaka, Özil and Alexis transfers? And also on the dramatically improved wage package for Alexis? I never heard anything about him holding back money that Wenger or Gazidis would have liked to spend. Don’t get me wrong. I think he’s a massively unlikeable person but so – if not even more – is Usmanov. And I still rather have an owner who stays out of everything than someone who thinks he’s the most important person and pumps money… Read more »

Red beard

Games changed pal, Arsenal haven’t.


So you would like to see us getting back on top the way Chelsea or City or United try it? By spending billions on players and if it doesn’t work sell them for a fraction? Instead of trying it like Leicester did it or even Spurs are doing it. By building a great team, first and foremost by a great team spirit and a willingness to just work harder than the opponent?

donald\'s trump

We need a good manager to do that.


And fewer shit-stirring fans

Fergal (captain optimistico)

We have one of the best managers in the history of the game. The next invincibles are just around the corner!


So many thumb-downs. So many dumb, self-entitled ‘fans’. Maybe this season will remind them not to take everything for granted. Something my Evertonian supporting brother reminds me of daily.


Almost all titles won at this point are bought. There’s no other way around it. That’s how the game is now.


Nope, it’s just not true. Bayern only spent what they earn. Champions. Monaco the same. Champions. Juventus don’t have a sugar daddy. Champions. Leicester last year. Champions. Atlético a few years ago. Champions. It can be done in a different way. It’s obviously harder but also way more satisfying if you do it like this.


Apart from Leicester, all other teams spend massively (doesn’t matter where it comes from) and are backed by filthy rich people. Titles aren’t bought but not spending like crazy gives you a solid disadvantage.


It does matter where it comes from. That’s my point. If you have earned the money you can spend whatever you want but spending money you haven’t earned is against everything I like about this sport.


Fair point. I can see this your way. Have a thumbs up.


Do you even know who owns these clubs? Juventus? Monaco? and BM has a monopoly in Germany.


I don’t care who owns these clubs. That’s not the topic. The topic was if it’s possible to be successful without someone who pumps money into the club. And I said, yes it is and have given some examples. You can add Dortmund to that too, who dominated Bayern for 3 years with very restricted financial resources and even made it to the CL final in that time. Of course it’s easier when you have unlimited resources to buy players. But that will always contain the possibility to be bankrupt as soon as sugar daddy goes. We were all a… Read more »


All the money we have spent since he bought shares of our great club was out money. He hasn’t put in a penny. Thus why he allowed said transfers.


But our money is his money. You get that he’s the owner, right? So if we wouldn’t have spent this money the turnover would have been bigger and therefore he would have earned more money. But it seems that buying these players was more important for him than earning money.


And once again. I don’t want him to put in a penny. He’s the owner, not our sugar daddy.

gooner of Oz

Out of almost €400 millions of net income in those seasons that you think Arsenal have spent we actually had a net spend of only €130 millions.
Just to let you know the huge profit of Highbury apartmant sales wasnt taken into account as ‘net income’ which over the last 7 years have had a yearly profit of €50 millions. No Kroenke havent put a penny of course. But where is exactly our own pennies going?


lol, let me guess: Your job has nothing to do with finances, right?
You think the only costs a club has are the transfer fees?
That explains a lot.


Net spent is about transfers only
net encome however includes rest of financial in and outs as tickets wages sales sponsors…i guess you are the one who didnt understand it right.


about which period we are talking? Because the 120 millions net spent just covers the transfers of last summer while I’m sure we haven’t had a plus of 400 millions in that period after paying wages and all the other stuff. This calculation is just laughable.


To all the guys down voting me: check this and tell me where he got his numbers from. I’m really interested actually


Berlingoon – I thumbed you down because you claimed (in your response to Carll) that if we hadn’t spent money on transfers then our turnover would be higher.
Turnover means income (not profit).
How would our income have been higher by not buying players?


Maybe you could take a look at my name, realize I’m not a native English speaker and inferred that I’m talking about the profit because the context of the comment made it pretty clear.


So you’re admitting that you made a mistake but the reason is because English is not your first language?

The ironic thing about it is that you make errors in explaining your financial argument then you say to other commenters “lol, let me guess: Your job has nothing to do with finances, right?”


I think it’s a difference if I mistakenly use turnover instead of profit or if I’m claiming Arsenal has made a profit of 400 millions in the last year. Don’t you think?


Dellusional… ?

gooner of Oz

Bought titles??? Chelsea just won another league and if you can fool yourself and ignore the magnificent job done by Conte- well man what can I say, ignorance is bliss. While at it you can support other Stan business clubs as well. He loves them as much as his Arsenal brand. He is an ambitious passionate Arsenal Hero, Kroenke.


Chelsea still benefits from a team that was buil with big financial losses for a decade. Without Abramovic pumping money in, there would be no Conte or no Hazard or no Costa there to do that magnificent job, you’re talking about.

gooner of Oz

If you are not Stan’s best friend or something Im really afraid for your level of awairness and intelligence.


Yeah, I’m not agreeing with you so I must be stupid. People like you are the problem with this club. The Wenger out or Kroenke out guys are our very own Trump supporters. They know everything and everybody who thinks different is stupid. Maybe you should use the “MAGA” slogan, too. You have a lot in common.


It is simply bad form to say that someone is less intelligent because he has a contrary opinion. Some of what Berlingoon says isn’t wrong. We don’t like Kroenke and he is no fucking use to us fans but what Berlingoon is talking about isn’t in his support either.


Touch of sarcasm there


As far as comments like this is upvoted there is no hope for this club. The man once actually said Arsenal is a “successfull business brand” and has many other franchises going our kind of downfall sportvise while being financially profitable.
Still… Stan Kreonke have fans which happen to support Arsenal “Football Club”. Sad days to be a fan.


I’m sure Kreonke doesn’t have fans here. We’d all be glad to be rid of him.


Have a look at his other franchises- particularly the denver nuggets- if you want a reason why Kroenke is a problem.
The Nuggets are a statewide joke here in colorado, and most people don’t know who the Rapids a leven are.

Bloody Hair Ljungberg

Well said. Arsenal have always be in CL for like forever even more than Real Madrid or Barcelona. Stan has built Emirates for us and gathered bests in the world here. We are always competing for biggest and will do it again next season with Wenger. We are kings of london and will be forever.


You are unlucky your sarcasm got you downvoted. 🙁


You need to enclose it in and


Ew my little sarcasm tags got stripped out


Who are you Berlingoon? I am also in Berlin (and naturally a gooner). Would be good to know someone to watch games with here. Also, I completely agree with your comment.

Liam Bradys left peg

If you cant beat them, join them. The goalposts have been moved and its the reason we moved to the cashcow, remember? Now we can compete at europes top table, or so they said. Wenger out. He has had the money and spent some. Wages £90m more than spuds. Who buys players, coaches them (or not), tells them what to eat, time to bed, picks team, tactics (or not), motivates (not). Wenger out. Kroenke out.




Please fuck off Kroenke and take that useless cunny Gazidis with you.


this cunt need to fuck right off


it says a lot that he doesn’t come out publicly and say this himself….backs to the wall?


He can’t come out publicly and say this himself because his tongue is somewhere up Donald Trump’s ass.


The cold comfort for me this season has been that the focus has shifted a bit from Wenger to Kroenke, who is the real problem. Wenger is a symptom of the larger problem – the mediocre standards set by the owner which filters through to every aspect of the club.


That’s a great way to put it. People who don’t understand why Kroenke is a target now forget that he only had 30% of the shares when he first bought into the club in 2007. He gained a majority when he bought Danny Fiszman and Nina Bracewell-Smith’s shares in 2011. Fiszman was terminally ill, and might not have sold his shares otherwise. Kroenke’s mainly a basketball man who buys into other franchises for the value of their real-estate, and has no track record of doing whatever it takes to make those teams successful. Notice how the statement from KSE refers… Read more »


“We’re screwed.”

Especially if the only escape route is Usmanov. ArsenalFanTV could do some good here for a change and drive up fan involvement that targets fan ownership in the long term.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Whilst it’s all good and well to hope Silent Stan gets wrecked, I’m not so sure about people lining up to suck Usmanov’s dick, either. Hopefully some mega company sees an “unstable” Arsenal as a good long term investment; something to actually pump money into without the dodge as fuck shady background. I don’t even know how half of these things work (nor do I care much for billionaire cunts who buy clubs with an impunity I can’t even buy a second-hand car with) but I DO know I don’t want my club to be a toy to some mega… Read more »

Liam Bradys left peg

Abramovich? Who turned the small club in fulham into domestic and european champions? Hmmm yes please! As i said the goalposts have been moved. Kroenke out. Wenger out.


Kroenke reiterates his desire to do absolutely fuck all other than watch his investment double in value and continue to swell. How about do something really radical and release £300m for squad investment?


We’d get three Pogbas for that…

Agenda isn’t money but leadership and responsibility.


I am worried if Kroenke doesn’t sell then Usmanov might be tempted to sell his own shares and buy Everton instead.


huh, i thought Everton already have their own sugar daddy in Moshiri IIRC? I don’t get why he’d sell.


Moshri Usmanov same pig different name.


Stan Kroenke’s sporting franchises
Arsenal  Football – Fifth in league,
Colorado  Football – Bottom of Western Conference
Colorado Avalanche  Hockey – Bottom of Western Conference
Denver Nuggets  Basketball – Ninth in Western Conference
Los Angeles Rams American Football – Third in NFC West

The silent king of all sports. We’re in good hands. 🙂


We are not a franchise. We are a football club.


Or at least we should be, but we’ve definitely been turning into a franchise. Just look at all the marketing PR crap that we churn out on a daily basis. This club has become more about appearances and less about performances.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

You mean soccer club. He already has a football team in Los Angeles. #FuckOffKroenke


Wanker fuck off and leave my club alone you fucking yank

Fox in the Director\'s Box

The worst news possible for AFC which further underlines the fact that Wenger has already signed a contract for a further 2 years and for tactical reasons, is waiting until after the Cup Final, win or lose, to announce it. Pity that his tactics on the field of play aren’t as crafty.


I know I’m in dream land, but I’m guessing there are at least 10 million Arsenal fans around the world. $130 from each of us and we can establish a holdings company and buy out Stan. Then all arsenal fans can vote for a president of Arsenal every x number of years. The fans could control the footballing direction of the club in some form. Doesn’t Barcelona have that model or something like it?


It is easier to ask money for Banners on Plane. You think the average moaning idiot masquerading as an Arsenal fan had what it takes to do anything constructive? We used to be club with a proud identity. We have become a circus now. Kroenke takes share of the blame, the team and the manager a portion. But the biggest slice of that shitpie belongs to us for not being clear, powerful and united.

Glory hunter

Just our luck that we we have the only unambitious billionaire owner/majority shareholder in the history of the world


He is undoubtedly ambitious financially and if he accepted the Usmanov offer he would have done very well.

But I agree, no evidence of sporting ambition.


Why would Kroenke sell when he’s getting so much return on little (or no) investment?
We’re fucked


If it was true that he had no intention to sell it would be worrying but I have a feeling that this is just a ploy to up the offer. Let’s hope!


Sell sell sell sell


Stan Kroenke issues statement about how much he loves his money.


You know you could all help to getting him out by not spending any money on the club, right?


People don’t have to stop going to games, but if they stopped buying the ridiculously overprices food and drink in the stadium then that would hurt his pocket immensely.

Much more effective than a banner…


A consolidated digital campaign would help force the sponsor and advertiser’s hand too…

David Marks

Everything has its price

Aleksander Włodarz

Let’s be reasonable …football clubs seem now more like a business enterprises … some -like Real M., Barca , Juve , Bayern Munich seem to have real structures to them – the board and executives and also different ownership… Chelsea’s owner does buy credibility and respect for himself and Russia through that huge investments in the club ( fullfilling the romantic image of the exiler in the modern times at the same time ) but he’s unique and surely must have Putin’s agreement on that ? Arsenal are at the crossroads – they must decide whether they’re really a big… Read more »


There is obviously a massive split between the supporters of AFC. Is this a plan by owner and board? Divide & Conquer = “More of the Same”


I don’t think they are that smart. They have underestimated the Wengerouters for sure. But if they think they will back the winning side in this battle for Wenger’s future, they are mistaken. Something is so horribly broken now that no charming new manager or even Wenger winning a treble will repair it. I’m sure Kroenke knows he is fucked and there’s more pain coming his way.


Am i looking forward to seeing Wenger in charge next season? No. Am i looking forward to see someone else in charge? Not necessarily. Am i excited by Kroenke continuing as owner? No. Am i excited by Usmanov? Not necessarily. #trulyfucked


Arsenal fans, let us unite to get this man out of our club, please, whatever we can do, he is stalling our club when everyone else is taking huge leaps forward


Well, it looks like our hope is only to change manager next season.


Kroenke is not the problem ,Wenger is, Simple. He doesnt allow the flexibility always rigid .its only recently that he changed team structure that we are being to show best play,the mid is not underpressure as before. Some of the embarrassing defeat we suffered this season and before esp the midweek ties are because the team just put out there and pray that we win. The problem is that it happened thrice and team management didnt do nothing. Flexibility allows players to play to their strengths I mean look at chamberlain, ramsey and xhaka ,they have been superb because structure… Read more »

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