Monday, November 28, 2022

Community Shield details revealed as Chelsea set to become very familiar

The date and time of the Community Shield has been revealed, and the Gunners will face Chelsea at Wembley on Sunday 6th August with a 2pm kick off.

The traditional season opener will see the champions take on the FA Cup winners who beat the champions to win the FA Cup, but it it’s going to be the second of three games against them in a relatively short period of time.

The two sides meet in pre-season as part of the esteemed and most prestigious International Champions Cup in China. The game takes place on July 22nd in Shanghai.

Then there’s the aforementioned Community Shield and, after the fixtures for next season were revealed yesterday, a Premier League game at Stamford Bridge scheduled for September 16th.

So, three fixtures against Chelsea in that short space of time. They say that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’, but that’s seems pretty redundant in this case.

The contempt is already there is what I’m saying. Diego Costa probably won’t be though after he got dumped by text message.

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Familiarity leads to goal-less draws.


Good chance to bag the quadruple.
FA cup
International champions cup
Emirates cup
Charity shield
Then an easy three away points on Sept 16th
Happy days

Heavenly Chapecoense

You are easy to please, way to go.


We are very familiar with them…


… so lots of contempt.

Though with no Terry or Costa it is very very slightly harder.


The stain of those two will linger on like a permanent skidmark. Forever hate.


haha Costa…


I hope Costa’s getting his loin cloths and dung and mammoth bone composite furniture boxed up ready for his big move into Roberto Holdini’s back pocket.

Rohith J

Roberto Holdini should be a chant!


Lose the first two, win the third. I’ll be happy with that.


Might as well start off on a Sunday and get used to it. Diego got dumped by text…Ha! Serves him right! Wasn’t he pushing for a transfer in January? I do respect Conte for being ruthless. Plus Diego is mad…just ask Cannavaro…oh wait I mean Holding.


I hate Costa. Maybe we should sign him.


Gonna thumb myself down for that

David C

Jose Mourinho said it’s a real trophy after winning it with ManURE!

Although Jose said it wasn’t a real trophy when he lost to us while coaching ChelSKI.

Which Jose is right?


Jose is never right. He is always a cunt.


All the two comments are pointing out is that he started out as a cunt and has become a bigger cunt as time passes.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Everyone has a job to do. Jose’s is being as cunt. It just so happens that he excels at the position.


I know it’s custom & practice etc. But why is cunt such a derogatory term? cunts are wonderful and so are women …without women and their cunts we’d all be learing at Roy Keane and we do not want that now do we? if I may say so cunts areally a damn sight nicer to look at than dicks. ..why don’t we just call Costa, Terry, Keane and their ilk dickheads?


why don’t we just call Costa, Terry, Keane and their ilk dickheads? Because they’re cunts!


If u have to qualify for it then it’s a trophy.


We are playing them in Beijing not Shanghai:D


arsenal is sure to win it , after all we are the masters of preseason tournaments

An Ox-sized Coq

Their top goalscorer got dumped by text…hysterical to me everytime.


I believe that you have to refer to this as the traditional season curtain raiser, not opener. It’s the law. Although quite who has curtains that raise rather than open is beyond me. Wouldn’t that be a blind?

Jimbo jones

Theatres pal…


It’s a good match to see how Mbappe will play with our system, Lol

Pablo Sanchez

Lets get Diego Costa

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