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Reports: Arsenal ‘confident’ over Mbappe deal

Various reports this evening say that Arsenal are increasingly confident they can pull off a deal for Kylian Mbappe.

The Monaco striker is hot property this summer with Real Madrid eager to bring him to the Spanish capital (which does not have the sea).

From what we can gather, this began with a story from Jeremy Wilson in the Telegraph which said that the 18 year old saw the Gunners as a ‘viable solution’ as interest in him hots up.

That was then picked up by Football London who ‘understood’ Arsenal were feeling more confident over developments in the last 48 hours – a story which has been republished in the Mirror (who own the aforementioned site).

It will, seemingly, take a world record bid from Arsenal to give us any chance, and if it comes down to a straight fight financially between us and Madrid then we have no chance.

Much will depend on what the player wants to do, and there’s no doubt that Mbappe is a player that Wenger badly wants to bring in.

It still seems a very unlikely occurrence though, so we’re keeping a relatively high poo rating going.

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I couldn’t poop from my iPhone, but I’d give this 10 poops. Hope I’m wrong tho.

Third Plebeian

I couldn’t either, so I tried pooping ON my iPhone. This seems to have done the trick, as I can definitely see my poop on the screen.


I don’t believe you. 10/10 poop

Hank Wankford

my favourite comment thus far


I think you broke the internet with your comment mate. ???

Original Paul

Does the thing you poop on need to electronic/digital for the poop to get into the Interweb? I needed a new sofa anyway..

Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour

10 poops from me too. The past tells me that we’ll lose out on him & then be too late on an alternative so will by Turan or Mahrez & further pack up the deeper attacking positions. Imagine the good vibes if we got him though…. Come on Arsenal!!!


Oh the joy of the transfer window

Arsenal Pakistan!

Can’t help getting excited now. P.s blogs still can’t use THE odometer. Using chrome on my phone if that’s helpful in some way

Arsenal Pakistan!

THE poometer* stupid phone ?

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Is the odometer actually an odor-meter? Scary what rechnology can do!


Can we sell Alexis fir €100m ? I mean if he is so determined to leave, just sell him high. Can we?


Hah, with our crack squad of negotiators we’re likely to sell him for a bag of crisps.

Damo Dinkum

As long as they’re Jamon Ruffles

uncle D

Don’t know how I feel about the signing anymore! With all the money on the table, will he grow to love Arsenal and be loyal?!! At the moment, I think we should invest that money and get a more solid squad, overhaul the average members of the current squad. Just imagine him getting injured in December! That would really be a nightmare!


Do you still seriously expect loyalty from players these days?


You’ll be grand, this will never materialize and we’ll spend 30 mil tops on quaility players.


Not sure I agree with you on this one. Why are you proposing the overhaul in the first place? We did a similar thing with higuain, thinking we were saving money and how did it turned out? Napoli took the bull by the horn and bought him, got a lot of goals from him and sold him for more than twice the price they bought him (that’s of course when he became an a**). If we had been bold enough to buy dybala some few seasons ago, we might have been thinking about selling him twice the price now if… Read more »

Andy Mack

We had other positions we needed to fill more urgently, so we didn’t have the extra money available to buy Higuaín when RM upped the price.
It wasn’t about saving money, it was about us not having the money to buy him…


I believe we could get him but it will almost guarantee the sanchez move to city. This club is cynical beyong belief and they know that this signing would offset the sanchez deal in many fans eyes.
The truth is we need sanchez badly and a quality striker in addition to him not as a replacement.
But many arsenal fans will wet thier pants and will accept sanchez to city and the club know it.


First of all it is only malicious paper talk that Alexis wants to join Man City and even if he left I cannot see him being allowed to join another Premier team. Secondly if we signed Mbappe most supporters would like to believe it would be an incentive for him to stay as it would show ambition. You are right that we need a quality striker in addition to Alexis.


I actually feel like Sanchez is stalling to see if Arsenal have any desires to challenge. And this could potentially see Arsenal in a weirdly wonderful place….bidding and buying top top top talent.


Agree 100% in the sentiment and would love to believe that you are right. We will see been burnt so many times by this cynical management structure.


Martin, have you seen how Alexis and Pep acted after our match with city, close to the end of the season? There was some bromance in the air. I haven’t seen him act that way with our manager for quite some time. It was not usual stuff (player greeting his ex manager), it felt like there is more, at least to me.

At that moment I thought that Alexis to city is a done deal. It hurt a lot but that it one of the things Arsene did, alienate our best player due to his incompetence.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Detective Domi, you may be right.


Thank you, HC, detective thing made me laugh 🙂

Heavenly Chapecoense

Alexis wants big big money not Mbappe. Bayern stopped their interest in him because of his wage demand.


I agree I would do everything to keep Sanchez and then bolster the attack with lacazett.

Dutch Gooner

Part of me wants to believe that this is why wenger was given an extension


For what? To drop stories about the biggest players in the market during season renewals time and then up with rushed cheap last minute signings?

Nasri\'s missing chinbone

Ha Bromleygooner. Embarrassing comment. We wouldn’t even have Sanchez at the club if it wasn’t for wenger.

Lack of Perspective

Or ozil. He said it himself


This poop goes to a runny 11. Though, the optimist in me can’t help but drop a solid 5 into the transfer toilet.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Is 11 runny? I had it more towards a fine mist.

Yankee Gooner

Consult the Bristol Stool Chart.

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Bristol Stool Chart goes 1 to 7. I have a tentative stool chart from 0 to 11: 0: Constipation thus no poop 1: Single hard poop; may be used as a boomerang 2: Two or three hard a bit smaller poops 3: Four to five hard-ish smaller poops 4: Six to seven friable poops that tend to sink 5: Six to seven friable poops that neither sink nor float 7: Six to seven friable poops that tend to float 8: Numerous poops without watery material 9: Numerous poops with some watery material 10: Numerous poops with mostly watery material 11:… Read more »

Big Mad Andy

Bollocks, right?


I feel this has a touch of the Higuain/Suarez fiasco about it. We will dick around on a lost cause (personal opinion) and then suddenly lacazette or aubameyang will move in the space of 48 hours and we’ll have our dicks in our hands. Granted mine isn’t usually too far from there anyway..


How many times have we gone through this. The war chest stories and big transfer news. Mbappe is the flavour of the year, last season it was greizman , the season before benzema and before that Suarez , lewadowsky aubam so on so forth . each year new cast, but the story remains the same. Wenger always targets the highest branch as possible but when the transfer season ends someone must have paid more money for them , or they signed new lucrative deal leaving wenger striker less. And at the last minute to avoid fan backlash he will sign… Read more »

Jon the Pom

I’m pooping right now!

A Kick in the Debuchy

Real who?
I’ve never heard of them…
If we’re really interested? And prepared to put up the cash?
It’s what you’d call a no brainer.
Welcome to Arsenal Kylian ?

Third Plebeian

Those elbows! Looks like they’re designed perfectly for John Terry’s face.

Original Paul

John Terry won’t be around. This is not a death threat btw! 🙂

Big sheezy

Knowing that this transfer rumor is just a runny pile of shit, have you sunk to pandering for clickbait? For shame, for shame.


Hi Bloggs I don’t know how to contact you officially so I’ll post it here I am from France and one of my colleagues is a very close friend of Jires Kembo, the brother in law of Kylian Mbappé My colleague and Jires grew up together and are still regurlalry in touch today He just told me that, at the moment, Jires and Kylian are enjoying their holidays in Majorca They met with Wenger a few days ago and Kylian clearly told him that he did not want to go to Arsenal The deal is definitely off If he moves,… Read more »


As highly poop’d as this story seems. I still think it is a lot less poopy than stories that we will actually get him


I know it can sound a bit poopy but those are only facts and I am sure of my source.
Time will tell I guess

Andy Mack

If he won’t wear red and white next season, what happens if he stays at Monaco?


I did not think about it ahah.
Monaco still is an option. He is just afraid of too much leavings: Silva, Bakayoko, Fabinho, Mendy all seem on their way out.

Dark pimp

He’s not worth more than £10 million pounds n is coming from a weaker league


Not sure how much he’s worth, but, yeah, I can’t be the only one who thinks the touted fees are batshit crazy.


Good use of scare quotes.


“Confident: From Latin confidens (“confident, i.e. self-confident, in good or bad sense, bold, daring, audacious, impudent”)”

Lord Bendnter

Monaco have grown as a club. If Mbappe decides to join Madrid in a year or two to fulfill his dream, he would most probably choose to stay with Monaco for the time being. That is to improve his chances with the France first team as well. Further, he gets to play in the Champions League and participate in a genuine title challenge (Ligue 1) The only reason for him to choose Arsenal will be Wenger, and Wenger’s name doesn’t have that much strength as it had some years ago. So, I would poo 100 times and wait for Monaco… Read more »

An Ox-sized Coq

If Wenger is the only reason why Arsenal is being considered an option…then I’d say Wenger’s name has more strength than you think.


Did you just wake up from being asleep since 2003? Wenger’s name means very little these days to anyone who is not a kissass to the great dictator and he will make sure it goes down the gutter this season, choosing to save his own skin by staying at the club.

Andy Mack

It still means a lot to most footballers, especially young French players. It’s only know nothing fuck-wits that don’t rate him at all…




Sign him up


No chance. This poop goes to 11.


Can’t put in words how much I’m hoping we’re the intermediate club he chooses.


Too true ..but whose to say that this kid could be the one that finally gels us, the club and the team together. Lex stays Oz too along with Ox. Think one other signing and it all could be ours. We need wipe the sand that gets kicked in our face and bang bullies Citeh and all back.


I couldn’t get myself to poop this morning.
Surely, SURELY, that’s a sign?


Try some Milk of Magnesia.


Alas, I poop and I poop but I still don’t get to admire my work. It continues to say readers: 0 poops. We all know there is no way on Dennis’ green earth that we readers have no poops to give.

Maybe it’s time to call cousin Eddie.


Dare to dream as of old boyz

Lord Bendnter

I am of the opinion that the best intermediate club for Mbappe is Monaco itself. I think given our poor season last year and the Mojo Jojo type fiasco that’s happening with regards to the future of our top two players and the Gang Green Gang style madness occuring with regards to our future talents (Ox,Szhezney), we are a tad below Monaco when it comes to “intermediate clubs” (granted this may be true only for this year).
The cards are not on our side of the table in this deal. We might not even be sitting at the table.


Surely M’Lord is right about this one.


Monaco just brought in a replacement for him from Barcelona so he’s going somewhere this summer. The relative uncertainty about playing time in Madrid (compared to with us) and the tax situation in Spain are two factors that have to work heavily in our favor. Throw in Arsene’s demonstrated ability to develop French goal scorers, how important he must know this kid is to our, and his, future and it makes sense that we have a shot. If we can sign him I think everything else with next years team fall into place pretty quickly.

Andy Mack

The tax issues in Spain are old.
Anyone going there now wouldn’t have a problem provided they stick o the rules.


Couldnt put a poop from my phone. But 10 would have been perfect. In yessterday’s l équipe there was an article about the discussion nettement mbappe and Zidane Who assured him that he will play next season because Zidane is getting rid of one of his 3 stickers. Following that they say that mbappe completely changed hes mind about Real

Tyler Briscoe

Honestly if we signed him but sold Alexis I wouldn’t be content, it would be 1 step forward and 2 back for me, maybe 1 back which still leaves us where we are when we need to push forward.

Laughing Stock

I don’t want to neg the vibe but all this is saying to me is that Sanchez is off and I’d rather have him in the team than anyone else we might sign

Subramanya Rao

The money is a big part for Monaco but I think Mbappe is not thinking about the biggest clubs right now. He’s an intelligent lad. I think he’ll either move to Arsenal as the ‘Stepping stone club’ or he will stay another season at Monaco and move to one of the big clubs directly. I think it’s either Arsenal or Monaco this season. Thoughts?


My worry is that we will spend the whole summer trying to make this happen only to see him sod off to Madrid at the last minute leaving us strikerless and only days or hours to find someone. it’s happened before.


He looks good in white and red tho

Block 93

I can’t bring myself to believe this might happen even though I really want it to. I hope the saga doesn’t drag on for too long. We need to focus on decent alternatives if signing Mbappe is out of our reach. I do think Wenger (for his faults) has a big impact on young players. I remember Ramsey saying how Arsene went all out to convince him and his family that he should come to Arsenal over Utd. Hey ho, fingers crossed!!


The arsenal stories enhance the mbappe team’s negotiation which makes me a bit sceptical.

The only way real can prove that mbappe will be given similar playing time to arsenal is by, guess what… paying so much MONEY to him (and his team) that real have to make a success of him or end up looking like fools.

love and hate

Not gonna happen. Even if he is as good as all the hype, over 100 mil for a kid! I’d rather we spent that type of cash on a proven player. The football world has gone insane. What did we pay for henry? I bet even if we take inflation into account it is still nowhere near this crazy price!


Mbappe and Sanchez would scare the shit out of any defence I the league I also think arsenal missing out on the champions league will prove to be a good thing . Manchester Utd diddernt do to bad from it. A Season in the Europe league could focus them better as well we all know Arsenal have for many years been known as always the bridesmaids never the bride re champions league. Let’s just emagene Arsenal bye Mbappe ok break the bank forget the pay structure and who knows We might have an Arsenal of the 80ts again no one… Read more »

Matt Scarbro

I think the Mbappe noise at this point is just a negotiating tactic for other targets, Lacazette perhaps..


your site says its processing my poop…. lmao


Dreams are free, 9 poops and 1 dream

Ethiopian Gooner

I really really don’t think this is a good move by Arsenal.


Damn I just pooped no poops by mistake. I’d like to amend it to at least one poop as I’m always reading arseblog on my phone from you know where.

I’m gonna get pinkeye.

The Loon Ranger

???? great if it happens but I’d really like SOMETHING to happen instead of this hanging around waiting for good news.

Anthony Payne

Oh stop it!


Really poopimistic about this one … And yes that is my job title.


I just threw my phone to the toilet, then I finished the work by rating this comment with a lot of love.


I can’t poop

Christopher Sam

I thought I had finished pooping after dropping ten mounds of hot shite but as I got up to go, out came another, and another, and another, a-aaaand another, and oh! yeah another one, and oh! shit someone please call the paramedics.


I wanted to poop so bad, but then I realised I’m outta toilet paper.

Seriously, if he joins us, its down to Wenger who promised him heaven and hell. Deep down inside, I think he could turn him into the next big thing, so many similarities between him and Henry.

But on the other hand, Perez is a sneaky son of a b*tch who always gets his toys.


I’m confident of going out with Kate Beckinsale. Means fuck all though really.


He looks like Gilberto in that pic above

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