Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Video: Sead Kolasinac – Welcome to Arsenal

Via YouTuber viktorberglund162 here’s a video of new signing Sead Kolasinac doing what he does, in action

Check out the video below and his Twitter account is @BerglundViktor

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Got to say I’m pretty excited about this guy. He looks like a fucking beast, love his aggression and desire in those clips.

Welcome to Arsenal Sead!


looks like a monster. I hope it was Chicharito that he shoved onto the ground in that highlight vid


Looks a bit like the ox to me … one on each side would be quite intimidating


With added brutality


damn!!!he is a fully loaded tank…well finally some muscle in our arsenal ?

Ivan Drago

I know it’s always hard to judge a player on YouTube compilations, but that one has me really excited, what a beast!



Gooner on Holiday



Looks like he’s gonna give Per a run for his money in the handshake stakes (4:53)…


Says i can’t watch the video because it contains content from “Bundesliga”.
Sucks being German living in Germany…
Oh well


Time to Timsxit

No way

Tell me about it.


He makes Xhaka look soft!


didn’t have to mute the video, very surprise

Muslim Gooner

Along with xhaka, that pretty much guarantees a yellow by the 10th minute of every game!


He’s never received a red card and has 24 yellows in 4 seasons.


He’s never played in an Arsenal shirt against the FA refs I.e. our opponents’ 12th man.

That said, he looks like he goes in hard but you could build 5x the highlight reel of attempts to break Alexis or Ozil in just a few matches.

Little Mozart

I’m very excited to see what Seo can do for us. Strong, fast, and knows how to put a ball in the box.

Now to make sure Mbappe is on the receiving end of his crosses…


That was a very enjoyable watch. And now we can see him every week. Looking forward to it.

Wenger seems to be looking for players with some fire. I bet he creamed his pants when he found out Sead can also attack


This is probably my favourite new player best bits vid! They’re all somewhat biased, but he’s a freakin tank. Get him to close to mustafi and xhaka, and the gunners will be flying, literally.




Looks a good player. Another no nonsense type. A welcome addition.

Burn baby burn

I really wanted a solid half of this to be crosses for attempted headers but don’t think i saw a single one in there ?

Sir Solar

When rugby blends with soccer you get right antidote for Diego Costa. ????

uncle D

Won’t mind going into a fight with this guy having your back! Very good addition, feel bad for Gibbs, stands no chance with this dude.

Rambo sambo

I love that we’re signing a player like this. We need more of the kind of player who’s not afraid to get in the opposition’s faces and intimidate them.

For the last few years we’ve been too ‘nice’. It’s time to go back to the days when we had people like Vieira, Keown etc – guys who scared the shit out of opponents.

Teams should be terrified when they’re playing the Arsenal.


Seriously! I’m excited to see Wenger signing such players. Now we have Alexis (tell me he’s staying please), Xhaka, Mustafi, Holding (him getting in the face of Costa is the most memorable moment of the final for me) & this guy, all of whom have no issues with getting struck into a fight and one interesting point about this guy is his focus on the ball while tackling and dribbling. The moment you take your eyes off the ball (like Xhaka does at times) you end up with a rash tackle and a red (particularly if you’re wearing Arsenal Red),… Read more »


Loving this signing, the grit and badassery that this signing and Xhaka brings will do Arsenal good over the years to come. We need strong players that doesnt take any shit and will get in the cunty faces of the likes of Diego Costa and such.

not so fed up

Last I heard Diego Costa was last seen in Holdings pocket ?

Gooner Politican

Seems a bit on the heavy side to me. Let’s hope he’s put on through his paces during pre season.


Am scared! We may end up most marches with 9-men or so if you factor in Xaka, Kolscieny and Mustaphi

Lesotho Gooner

What you gona do when Holding,Xhaka and Sead come for you? COYG

Chris Siple

Looks like a guy everyone will hate to play against. We have an awesome back five!


After some of the red cards that we’ve received this season, I’m not sure that these freight train tackles will go unpunished in the EPL. He’s not English enough to get away with it I’m afraid.

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