Cazorla: I’ll be back to my best this season


Santi Cazorla has dismissed speculation that he could be forced to retire due to his ongoing achilles injury and promised Arsenal fans they will see him play again this season.

The Spain international initially went under the knife last October but has since undergone several more operations due to complications in the healing process.

Eight months later and the 32-year-old is still unable to put a date on his return, but he insists that he’s made good progress in the last month.

“Do not pay attention to that [rumours of retirement],” he told Spanish radio station Onda Cero [translated by The International Business Times].

“Those who want to retire me will get to see me [play] again. I will return. I do not know how far I am [from returning] but I am convinced that I am going to play football again and at my best level. I am working on it and hopefully, it can be as soon as possible. I am convinced that I will come back.”

Having been out for such a long time Santi admitted that he has worried about getting back to his best, although he’s much more optimistic now.

“Yes, that was the worst thing,” he continued. “The problem is that [doctors] did not know what’s going on. The worst thing is in the head [staying mentally strong]. But I went to Spain, they found a bacteria [an infection], and now it seems that problem is already solved.

“It looks like the operations are over. Now I’m very happy, starting the recovery that is was what I wanted.

“I started the recovery two weeks ago. I’m still far [from playing again]. I do not have strength in my tendon or muscle mass. I need time [to regain it] but I am very happy my recovery in this 15 days.

“I am fine but I do not want to set a return date because if I can’t fulfil it would be a big blow. I only think about the day to day. I really want to play again and I will work to get back as soon as possible.”

Santi also revealed he was buoyed by the fact that Arsene Wenger opted to extend his contract by another year, even though they knew he was unlikely to feature for a while.

“Three days before the first operation [in December], the manager called me to his office to give me a new deal. He told me that Arsenal counted on me ahead of next season”

“It was a relief. Having another year of contract at Arsenal has made me facing [the injury nightmare] in a better way. Now, fortunately, I will be able to have the option to return to play in a great club like Arsenal.”

It’s great to hear Santi is in good spirits. While it’s obvious the club must plan for life without him, we look forward to him stepping into the team at some point later in the season. He’s a joy to watch on his day.

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Stringer Bell

Oh Santi Cazorla, no


Go away.

Stringer Bell

Your not the sharpest tool in the box, no


That’s “you’re”, sharp guy.

Original Paul

Stringer. You just missed out the exclamation mark (after Cazorla instead of the comma) also “no” should have a question mark after it. These are the sort of errors that lead to multiple thumbs downs when you are just trying to be nice.

Original Paul

I won’t tell you again! 🙂


Putting the bell in stringer bell


My man! Come back, and your name will be sung loud enough to drown out the pain and absence of the past several months.


When he retires they will change his name forever to reflect his status in the hearts of us fans.

Saint Cazorla.


Great news that’s a massive boost for us. coyg


The most amazing, underrated and understated player we have.
So incredibly skilful with both feet it’s unreal.
And just no fuss – whack him number 10 and he’s fine, move him to the wing because we bought Ozil, fine, move him to deep lying, fine.
I’m sure you could put the guy in goal and he’d just smile and kill it.

My favourite player of the Emirates era, a true legend.


Spot on sir. One thumb does not do your comment justice.

Third Plebeian

Well, if that’s the case, you could always try giving him a finger?

El Niño

That last minute penalty against a Southampton was one of my highlights of last season. Whole stadium jumping up and down singing Oh Santi Cazorla. Loved it


Don’t forget – score two goals against his side in an FA Cup final, also fine. Just carpe diems the crap out of that situation with a free kick for the ages. To the keeper’s side no less.

Tasmanian Jesus

Not just fine!
Wherever he’s put, he becomes one of the best there is in that position!

Great news, hugely missed by both the team and the fans!


Haha.. The goal post part made me lol.

nacho man

what numpty thumbed this down?
is he the only true two footed player left in the modern game where u cant tell which is he’s stronger foot??
also my fav player of emirates era… so roughly when can we dream of having him back on the pitch after this news?


Sp*rs fans trawling through the site to troll no doubt. No other explanation as to why people with thumbs down then posiive messages above.


More likely someone who doesn’t think he is the best player of the emirates era. Which is fair enough considering we’ve had some delightful players.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Some Nasry supporters ? Lol


Absolutely brilliant!


I hope for his sake he can keep fit and have a large contribution to the season ahead. That said, we need to be realistic. He’s coming off the back of a bad long term injury and was hampered by injury the season before that as well. Just like Jack Wilshere, assuming he stays, we can’t expect to rely on him to be fit for the majority of our games. As it stands we have one midfield pairing that does a job, though not to any degree that would make you think we couldn’t improve on them, in Ramsey and… Read more »

love and hate

I’m not disagreeing with what you said mate, but can we not just Love the fact we might get to see Santi play again and not worry about signing this player and being ready for the season bla bla bla? I really wish Santi was still 25!


Well, excuse me, but he is just f.ckig good.




“He’s a joy to watch on his day” Does Cazorla even get an off day where he is boring to watch? Well, maybe there is but he and Monreal are so consistent that I tend to forget their period of bad forms. Can you blame me?


We need Santi.. If not on the pitch, in the dressing room.. He’s one of the players that give the squad camaraderie.. Miss those cheeky nutmegs and sleight of feet.. Get well soon..

He needs to find a protege.. Willock


He’ll be back. And he’ll be great. And he’ll be loved. And he’ll be a champion. Simples.


Santi and his smile make me believe that there’s good in the world

Lord Bendnter

The number of times Arsenal players have stated that Cazorla is the best/most skillful player in the team… Really tells you all you need to know about him 🙂

Ivan Drago

Anyone watch those quickfire questions clips on the Arsenal youtube channel? Whenever it’s asked ‘who is the most skillful player you’ve played with’ nearly everyone says Santi.


I haven’t commented here for long time but this I am thrilled about. Love him. He’s just magician. For me he’s in the bracket of Don Iniesta, Pirlo, Toure. Absolute joy to watch. If he’s fit and healthy I am sure, he can play for 5 more years. I hope him and wilshere have cracking season.


This is better news than any new signing. The guy is irreplaceable. What a hero.


Words couldn’t express how important this man is to us. What a player, what a guy. We miss you Santi 🙁


Nobody wants to retire him. Quite the opposite. We want him back to his best.

Whether we can rely on him being fit for a whole season is the concern. If we go into the season without a new CM it could well cost us, as it has for the last 2 seasons. In 2015 it probably cost us the title.


He’s our best player, two seasons in a row our performances have nose dived after he’s got injured. He’s a real joy to watch but if we could get one of Keita or Kovacic I think we should do it.


This is the best post I’ve read this month. I miss our little magician. I always have a winning confidence with him in the team. Get back quick Santiago.


Huge positive if he can come back firing. Great player to have around and, if we keep this formation, he can work either as one of the 10s or deeper.

Realistically, a younger, more physical player with his technical qualities is needed if we are to win anything next year. I’m not so sure that is why Lemar has been targeted but who knows. Either way, having Santi available again would be a huge boost.

Tankard Gooner

Always had a photo of santi and another of Jackie chan, they’re both all smiles. Instant mood lifter.


Without being too hyperbolic, he’s possibly one of the best midfielders in the world, and to see him play at his best again would be amazing


and we got him for 16mil. isn’t that absolutely amazing!


Santi Cazorla…. Santi Cazorla!

He should even stay and work for AFC after he retire from football. A great guy to have around the club.


One of our most underrated players, we really have missed him. I do hope he comes back and can play half a season for us at a good standard.




Agreeing with everyone commenting on this post, but worth mentioning the absolute class shown by Wenger by renewing his contract. Giving the always smiling magical Santi the chance to focus entirely on recovering. Two reasons (I have many more) why I will always be a proud Gooner.


We missed very dearly. Even in your absence, you still the best,you are irreplaceable. God bless and reward you accordingly

Tom Walsh

That just made my day!


Can’t wait to see him play again. How he’s been missed.


I remember watching the FA cup final against Hull City a few years back. We were 2-0 down to Hull within the first 8 minutes and we looked shell-shocked. As the 45th minute approached, you could feel the tension in the air. Arsenal players and fans alike were contemplating another degrading cup final loss. Then all of a sudden… A free kick outside the Hull box. St Santi Cazorla stepped up and spanked the ball over the wall and into the back of the net. It was glorious. If there is ever an expression for f**k y*u in football. That… Read more »

Original Paul

You had me at….. “If there is ever an expression for f**k y*u in football. That was it.”
PS. So true because Gazza did it to us back in the day with a similar free kick!


Great Fucking News! Love this guy.


Arsene should ? 40 starts between him, Ramsey & Wilshere this season. That should take care of our CM woes…


Best news I have heard all summer!

Actually, I don’t think there could possibly be any better news!

Laughing Stock

I fucking love Santi. End of.


Good to hear this and really hope he plays again this season. However, we must think about a replacement as we don’t have a similar creative player who can also dribble past people in the central midfield. The lack of service the front guys had against chelsea or bayern is just more evidence of this. Wilshere would be the logical answer but he doesn’t stay fit……


How can anyone not love this guy?! Looking forward to having our midfield magician back

Original Paul

This reminded me of what he did for us after not seeing him in action for a long time. I have a lump in my throat. I love you Santi good luck.

Matt Scarbro

Can’t wait to see the little genius back on the football pitch! Let’s hope there’s plenty more to come from him and that his style of play and low ‘footballing age’ give him and is another couple of years! ?

Matt Scarbro

*him and us

Arnold Swatchnword

He will come back fatter. Oh! I miss him.