Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Arsenal agree to sell Oxlade-Chamberlain to Liverpool for £40m

According to David Ornstein of the BBC, Liverpool are on the verge of signing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for £40 million – a club record fee for a player sold by Arsenal.

The England international will put pen-to-paper on a six-year deal at Anfield having snubbed the chance to join Chelsea. The Gunners had accepted a £35 million offer from the Blues earlier in the week.

Chamberlain leaves Arsenal after six years with 20 goals to his name in 198 appearances and his time at the club bookended by two of the most horrific defeats of the club’s modern era – the 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford and Sunday’s 4-0 loss at Anfield.

Despite the big-money deal, Ornstein says that Wenger is not expected to redirect the funds elsewhere before the window closes tomorrow night.

You might want to rummage around in your shed at this point, no doubt pitch forks will be very much in fashion in N5 come 11.01pm tomorrow.

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Just selling, We have no purchases!!!!!!!
buy Seri,Van Dijk,Lemar


I think I have stopped caring


Today I jokingly told my 11 year old Chelsea supporting nephew ‘why don’t u support a proper team like arsenal’.

He said ‘no one supports arsenal bcos arsenal are a joke’.

To which I had no reply.

Yea I’m kinda done caring too.


Next time ask him if he watched the last cup final.


Or ask him who won the league over 38 games last year?

My Wig smells cheesy

There’s no need to do that surely


That was an extremely great year and all players were highly motivated with a fucking strong spirit…we should not forgot it but that huge performance belong to the past..every year Mr. Wenger uses the same SAUCE!! IT JUST DOES NOT WORK ANY MORE…..AND I AM EXTREMELY SAD TO WATCH THIS TEAM…BECAUSE THIS TEAM DOES NOT HAVE ANY MORE SPIRIT…..


Explain to your nephew that his life span is longer than chelseas history.


Best way


I believe if you keep saying it, maybe add a few more exclamations it’ll work.
For your own health, I’d recommend coming to terms with Johnny Evans, LANS Wilshere, LANS Debuchy, and we don’t want to kill Reiss Nelson anyway. It’s not always about buying and buying, sometimes internal solutions work just as well.


Well if that’s the case… wenger out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Debuchy is actually a quality player. If he were to stay and apply himself he would be a genuine LANS. Might be an opportunity to be the challenge for Bellerin.
Long shot I know, but ya never know.


Can we let Andre Marriner handle the departures of Ox and Gibbs?


On the other hand what’s the point of buying? You can buy messi and still bench him for welbeck. Just ask our new number 9 or the best LB in Germany last year


^ ^ ^ that really does need to be explained by Wenger at some point for us to believe he hasn’t actually lost the plot.


I agree 100 percent. It was the tipping point for me as well. That decision made me feel there is all kinds of batshit crazy things going on that we don’t know about or the boss has went bonkers. Either way…I want him out. Now.

Dan Gunn

Maybe he has lost the plot… 10 years of negative media spotlight might have finally broken him.

Tanzanian Gooner

We won’t buy anyone mate. According to Ornstein, apparently, even after selling Ox we don’t have money for replacement. I think it’s time to delete this season and start a new Career mode.


I saw Ornstein say we weren’t planning to replace but could you link us to where he said we didn’t have the money please?


Actually I stand corrected – he did say this:
“Arsenal have no plans to replace AOC & no money for major signings, but only way Sanchez leaves is if #AFC get massive money & replacement.”
What the actual fuck is going on?
How can we have no money apart from if we sell Alexis?
I am lost here…


This is the deal Wenger cut with the board I’ll wager- keeping Alexis and Ozil has to be paid for by selling others.


Have no problem with the selling it’s the not buying

At least we will have plenty of cash in the bank

Jimbo Jones

Its fire sale time it seems! There’s so many parallels with the end of Graham’s reign and I think its damage limitation time at this point and by that I mean Wenger has one year left at most surely – I can’t see how he will survive the shitstorm that is brewing – and what would be crazy in any football club right now would be to: 1) lose our assets for nothing in the near future (we really need to cash in on Ozil, Sanchez, Ox etc or they will walk anyway and the next manager won’t have the… Read more »


Spot on


Do you really think the next manager was going to be able to spend what he needs to make the team better? Do you think anyone would want to come here with this type of ownership that has legit options at other clubs? Only playrs that are coming are desperate or rejects. No one with options are going to come here. I think reflecting back the summer of ’15 when they only brought in Cech was the start of the downfall of this new era of Arsenal. Finally debt free from the the new stadium AW passed on getting 1-2… Read more »


History indicates that players who leave Arsenal don’t necessarily set the world on fire at their new clubs,although i take exception to Van Parse ‘s first season at United, but one can count Henry Viera,Nasri, Cole,Helb,Song,Clichy …etc. thats to name a few. They did ok but they didn’t lit the world. My take here is that agents play major role in convencing players about destinations for their own benefits or what they deem as the benefits of player but they are mostly wrong It is worth mentioning that ALex Ox agent Aidy Ward is also Raheem Sterling agent who engineered… Read more »

John C

This is some of the most revisionist shit i’ve read in a while.

Vieira won how many Italian titles after he left Arsenal? 3 in a row or something
Henry won La Liga and the Champions league
Nasri won 2 premier league titles
Cole won how many titles at Chelsea? 3? The Champions League, UEFA Cup, at least a couple of FA Cups, and the league cup if i remember correctly
Clichy at least 1 premier league title if not 2.

What have we won in that time?


Their teams won…On that we can say Song and Nasri Won titles yet they were normal to peripheral players

John C

So what?

Mike is Michael

I agree with you. Apart from RVP, they were not special when they moved.

Would we say Vermalen had any input in Barcelona’s Champions League win?

Or Song player a major role?

Maybe Nasri did help Manchester City but they were not spectacular.

That however, is not an excuse to sell our players.


They got paid and part of title winning clubs lol WTF are you serious to think that you were happy that they didn’t get better but worse when they left? Arsenal has been getting worse since.


He didnt talk about team achivements, he talked about players who left Arsenal and how they impressed in their new shirts.


Yep and with the exception of cole, most of those players did actually play their best football at arsenal.

Mike is Michael

I agree


I thought Cole was very impressive in his new shirt me.


Ahhh, unless he was talking about Andy Cole?


I’ve just worked out what “revisionist” means. Cheers.


This is revisionist history bollocks. Henry won the treble and CL with barca. Cole won Leaguea and CL. Clichy, nasri, vieira all won the league since leaving.

Man Manny

Shocked to see Cole and Clichy there. Between them they won 5 epl titles and were key players to boot.


Henry won the treble at Barcelona…

Mike is Michael

How much of his goals contributed to that?


42 games and 26 goals in all competitions


Cole? He was the best left back in the league for about 4 years with Chelsea


What a load of absolute bolox Fletcher. Fucking hilarious

Gooner McGoonFace

You’re nuts – NVTS! Henry…Vieira, Cole, Clichy have all left and won titles!


Again. ..Their teams won…On that we can say Song and Nasri Won titles yet they were normal to peripheral players…
Pls read think and reply. ..


Football is a team sport. You’re cherry picking with Song and so you might as well throw Hleb in there. Sure there are a few duds but generally key players at Arsenal were key players elsewhere. Henry was not a fringe player in his first seasons at Barca. Cesc had a good run too (and is still a key player for Chelsea). Cole as everyone mentioned was one of the best left backs in England while at Chelsea. Nasri’s problem is that he’s a self destructing twat. He could have been a tremendous footballer for any team but he prefers… Read more »


They won titles. They have the medals. They have the memories.they earned the extra money.they won titles that they woudnt have done staying at arsenal simple as that.
The ox will probably win fuck all at Liverpool but the others in recent times have all done well. Face it and move on.



Dial square

You Sir, are talking absolute bollocks


Let the Reiss-Nelson era begin.

master floda

But what if we go back to a back 4? We don’t have cover for Bellerin (unless we want to rely on Debuchy)


Brilliant fee for average injury prone player in last year of contract.
Need a back up rb, a cb, dmc and most likely a Sanchez replacement, all in 1 days ffs. Why not plan for this ffs?!

Petit\'s Handbag

I don’t get the point of people saying “brilliant fee”. Agree with everything else, but who cares about the money? Won’t be added to our bank account, won’t be additions to the squad to improve us. All we’ve done here is lose a player who we’ve put all our support behind for six years


Aurier, sahko, and carvalho 26m,29m,30m.
That’s a total outlay of 85m I could see it after we’ve spent 45m already, (so 130m in total) and only recouped 11m, 7m, 40m, and maybe a couple more so say 59m making Wenger’s net spend 71m. Freeing up wage funds to offer ozil more. That’s without Sanchez possibly leaving.

You can probably find your own replacements at a similar price, Question is can Wenger do it in 2 days?
No probably not.

But I watched the FA cup so I know miracles can happen!


Aurier’s joining spuds isn’t he?


Don’t think it’s a done deal yet and he said he’s a gooner so I’m sure at that price we could come in and beat them to it.


We don’t need Aurier. We have Debuchy.
And going by the recent team selection, I believe Ozil can play there as well.


Dude get back to earth, you are talking about wenger if we bring one player in will be a miracle and sins orneistein says unlikly that is it.


I up voted this as it’s a safer bet than my hopes!


Because he is an idiot, thats why there was no planning.
A self serving idiot who got what he wanted – another two years of fucking things up.
Who gives a shit what other people want.
Arsene got what he wanted..
The cunt..


It’s a great price for him, but the fact is he was a first team player and not reinvesting it just further evidence that this club has zero ambition.

I cannot listen to a word from AW when he talks about our transfer activity or lack thereof anymore. He’s an intelligent man, but who does he think he’s fooling when he says that “we work very hard but top quality is not available” when deals are happening all around him.

He’s like a eunuch in a whorehouse saying “none of the girls were really my type”.

Big Mad Andy

See ya!


Hi Andy, I need someone to fix my bathroom door, what’s your availability like?

Big Mad Andy

I am available any time to come and kick it in shouting “You can fuck off pal, you can fuck off.”


Liverpool must’ve felt bad for us after the 4-0 trashing. Proper comfort money this, £40m for a squad rotational player. Good riddance!

Zero hope of reinvesting this though. Depressing.


I think Ox was already playing for the scousers last weekend.

Donald\'s Trump

Be funny if it turns out he’s really good and it’s just crap coaching/management holding him back.


There are a lot of people labelling this transfer as a “good riddance”.
Given Ox’s continous call-up in the national team by Southgate; the recent laudative comments from Wenger; and Klopp’s backing for the transfer –

Well, I hope your managerial expertice will prove to be superior to theirs!


Don’t worry it will be re-invested.
The purchase of additional land to extend Stan’s wonderful Wyoming ranch.
The 2.5 million pay rise that Wenger got for being a fucking failure.
And a performance bonus for good old Ivan who does precisely FUCK all for his money.
It will be re-invested…


Glad ox is going but shame the money won’t be reinvested – although we could purchase someone in the January window lol yes I’m clutching at straws!!!


“Unlikely that AFC will sign a replacement”

Lost for words.
We’re in for a long long season.

Bon Jello

People always say you have to either love or hate Marmite. There’s no middle-ground apparently, which for me is strange, as I neither love it nor hate it. Which, funnily enough, is the complete opposite of how I feel about Arsenal these days.

The moral of the story; Arsenal isn’t Marmite. It’s the total opposite (for me at least).

Marmite is the antithesis of Arsenal… For me.

… I’m not handling this transfer window very well. ?


I am happy for no replacement for Ox. It doesn’t mean nobody is coming in for other positions.

Jean Ralphio

40 million! Good business. I’m presuming we are going to buy someone tomorrow? Getting Van Dijk for money plus theo would be good business too

Tasmanian Jesus

Very good business.


Very good business. Hence we can guarantee that won’t be happening.


Read the story properly and other reports coming out to.we are NOT signing anyone before window shuts


Won’t sign a replacement does not mean the same thing as won’t sign anybody. We don’t need a replacement for Ox particularly. He was a backup RWB which we probably won’t need at all starting next game since we are surely moving back to 4 in the back. That means Bellerin can go back to the position he found his best form and we can use monreal and Sead on the left as it should be. Do we need a backup RB, possibly, but can be filled with youth or even Debuchy if he finds the balls to fight for… Read more »


Ornstein says there’s no money for “major signings”.




In isolation, yes, this is a decent fee. In the context of this summers tranfer activity, this sucks. Money in the back won’t help the team on the pitch. We should be improving the team with new signings.


Have you been watching Arsenal for the last ten years?
Have you ever seen Wenger do anything right?
No new signings.
We get weaker and our competitors get stronger
And that idiot thinks we can challenge.
I fucking hate that cunt…


Record transfer fee to be surpassed tomorrow after Alexis joins City.

The club have shown in the last week what they really are –

Complacent, no ambition, only care about money and disorganised both on the pitch & off it.

Wenger Out
Kroenke Out

Scott P

The first half of that tweet – A-OK. The second half of that tweet – whyyyy.


Because facts matter?

Scott P

I wasn’t trying to say it wasn’t true. I’m asking why it has to be the truth… 🙁

Brown American Gooner

Prices for English players are really inflated. 40 million with less than 12 months left on contract is a good fee.


No purchases? Lol yea good one.
What seriously?


For 40 million, Liverpool just got mugged.


Please tell me it was £40,000,001

Crash Fistfight

At least that would be something to put a smile on your face at the moment.


They did, but they don’t mind bcos they already have a top 4 quality team and have now added a versatile young squad player who also boosts their home-grown quota.

So while we laugh at the price, everyone else laughs at us in general ?

Stuck on repeat...

Spot on.


And they’re really going to be laughing when they sign sell Coutinho for an absurd sum and sign Lemar tomorrow.

It Is What It Is

What have we lost/gained, and what have pool, since the end of last season?


I want to see how Ox will get into this Liverpool midfield… Then next year Keita… I really want to..


Well he was getting in our team at the expense of better players throughout his stint with us.


I think we’ll end up seriously regretting this one.
I can completely understand why we’ve sold though.
But it’s no secret we should have done much more in terms of ambition to convince players we want to keep that Arsenal is the place to be.

No good luck wishes from me, I hate Liverpool and the Ox has left a bitter taste in my mouth.


Why will be regretting, he rejected 180pw deal, he is squad player never fulfilled his potential and i doubt he will, and 40mil for one year left is really generous, i think if ox had a long contract that liverpool and chlesea would not offered even 40 they were force to do it because he was leaving for sure and it was who will get it both clubs helped and hiked the price. great business if only we signed mahrez now mahrez can be signed for 42 mil


The only thing you can regret is that he didn’t wanted to stay. If he indeed rejected that 220k p/w from chelsea, what could have we done? Offer him 250k p/w? Come one, you know that’s bollocks. Under those circumstances, sale was the best choice.


I do hope the find a way to put you to good use. Keep running fast and whatever else it is you do. Keep in touch. Thanks for your goal against Chivas!


Thank Goodness he’s gone. When a defender (Koscielny) has scored more goals than a player primarily used in attacking positions…well that tells you everything you need to know. Honestly guys if we were getting an attacking player with so little production, would we be happy? I for one wouldn’t be. Too bad that money won’t be invested back on the team.


Nice, just imagine the reactions here if the Arsenal would have bought player with those stats for 40m, truly lol.


Selling him was good business IMO as I tend to think if he hasn’t developed into a great player by now he likely never well. He’s a lot older than people seem to realize and still isn’t a guaranteed starter for Arsenal, England or likely Liverpool. That said this year is just the ultimate screw you as we aren’t even replacing players who are leaving let alone getting better. Either Wenger is totally delusional or we as a club are cool with being a Europa league team going forward. In that case why even bother bringing back Wenger or hanging… Read more »


Qualifying for Europa League will be tough, considering our rivals Southampton and West Brom have done well in the transfer window.


Sign Seri now!!! use that money to buy his release clause.


His release clause date has passed, no longer has one

Nav van dham

No such thing as rivalry now between us and anybody else. We are bang average now




This, and I for one am embracing our newfound mediocrity! We only need 40 points to reach our targets now and we go to City and Chelsea safe in the knowledge that we can park the bus without getting embarrassed by a cricket scoreline


That is a good fee for a player (who didn’t want to stay) in his last year. Kudos to Arsenal for getting this done before Thursday. Not sure if we need to buy a replacement for him as we have a heavy squad to begin with. Plus we have Reiss-Nelson, who I hope is eased into the team. We already bought Sanchez’ replacement in lacazette. I’d be more worried if we sold Ozil and didn’t get a replacement for him. While no one is irreplaceable, IMO he’s one that is going to be hard to replace. Without him and Santi,… Read more »


We are taking a squad that put up relegation form from Jan – March, was double digits off the title pace & couldn’t even finish top 4. Our plan appears to be sell our best player (Sanchez) & replace him with a player who almost is unlikely to match his goals & assists this year. Add in that all of the top 4 rivals have strengthened what were already superior squads to ours. I don’t understand this at all.


Let’s judge at the end of the campaign. I’m not one for #Wengerin or #wengerout, but I think we’re overreacting a bit here


Finally Daniel Sturridge will have some company on the treatment tables at Anfield!


Fuck this. Fuck all of this. It’s beyond a joke. Not solely because of the transfer but because our dickhead of a manager shoehorned him into the team in a bid to appease someone we all knew wasn’t happy here. In that process he fucked up our first 3 games. Why did he play him?? Wenger knew he wanted out. It’s reasons like these that Wenger MUST GO.


Can any of the 4 people please explain why they down voted this?


It was Wenger, Gazidis, Bould, Pat Rice and Gunnersaurus


I didn’t down vote but I’m assuming it’s bcos of the idea that ox being in the team was the reason we played baldy.

He was a reason, but far from the only reason.


This (though I also didn’t downvote).


Jesus, I’m not that plastic. He wasn’t the only reason but the lack of positional awareness in Wenger’s team management so far this season has cost us points. Ox playing LWB was a contributing factor.

Steve AFC brown

Good riddance how’s he expect too get in liverpools central midfield god knows now spend it on somebody who is talented mr wenger


He’s someone who would replace what Sterling did for them.


Know what…good luck to the fella. Never nailed down a place in which I feel both parties are to blame. Good price as long as he doesn’t do it against us. It’s a truly deflating time


We won’t miss him! He should have been sold earlier in the window. I hate it when players think they are better than they are.


Hahaha Mugsmashers got mugged off. Fantastic piece of business at 40 million. Now let’s sell Mustafi and wait for a madness to happen.
If Sanchez wants off i would be happy to do a Cash+Sanchez for Thomas Muller. The guy needs playing time in the WC year and it seems he is not getting much at Bayern.


£40m???? Are they smoking something up at Andfield!?


Is it possible to really like a player, while knowing he’s really shite?

Ted E.

Last season of Flamini would indicate, yes, very possible.

Hereford gooner

Yes Kieran, it is


He is not worth 40m so good business if you look at the transaction in isolation. But as part of the bigger picture, unless there is some big secret that will give us all a pleasant surprise tomorrow, like a top level signing, it’s just more of the same arsene wenger transfer window clusterfuck that we see every year. Do your business early. Bed in new players. Hit the ground running. Not us. Instead, write off August, play catch up, fail, talk about potential for next year. Then press repeat. Wish gibbo well. Ox can go and fuck himself as… Read more »

Man Manny

Good deal for a glorified squad player. Imagine the sheer vitriol that would flood this page if Arsene forked out £40m for a player with Ox’ stats.
Arsene returning to a back four. The big question remains though: who comes in within the next 28 hours? Watching and waiting with bated breath.


We need to reinvest or we are doomed! DOOMED!


Stan should get a reasonable bonus payment from this!


Get bac Sagna as right bac bac up


40 Mil for the Ox is a pretty amazing deal. However, it really shows how terrible we have become that our players want to join Liverpool over us.

I feel sorry for Wenger, its an appallingly slow car crash, but he is so devoid of ideas.

I fully expect Sanchez to be a city player on Friday.

Now, we surely surely have to buy some replacements?


I really fucking hope they play you in goal.

Bye bye.

I Am Gunnaaaaa

Was it £40m + 1?


Quotas of English players. They cannot buy him for his quality.



Crash Fistfight

We’re going to change from AFC to DHS.


more like Woolworths


I fucking hate this manager, this board and this owner so goddamn much. The longer Wenger is a part of this shameful degradation the more I give two shits about his legacy. Have a backbone. Stand up for the club.


Why is the only player we’re rumoured to be signing is Evans? If you look closely Evans is actually Matthew Lillard, star of Scooby Doo and 13 Ghosts

Really am concerned we are going to lose more players tomorrow without signing anyone.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

“Old Man Wenger! So it was you as the Mad Manager all along?”

“That’s right, and I would have gotten away with it too, if I had a little bit more sharpness!”

Godfrey Twatsloch

Good riddance!

Let’s see how Klopp tolerates periods of lacklustre performances that Wenger has.

Ching ching!


Maybe what we’ll actually see is how young players can flourish when playing in a system with balance and positional discipline..

Godfrey Twatsloch

That is of course also a possibility. Maybe Klopp is the man to get the best out of the Ox. Regardless the scenario of what you suggest or my previous point it will be interesting to see how he fairs under someone else. Not least since that manager is Klopp.


And I’m fine with the same, it’s the fact that it’s getting pocketed that infuriates me.


to be fair, Ornstein’s tweet only says the money won’t be used for a “replacement,” which doesn’t rule out spending it to strengthen the squad elsewhere

*clutches at straws*




I think they know we wont win shit so there trying to just make as much money as they can without making us shit to the point of no return


More money more power they say…… unless you are Arsenal….


I live in the US but if I lived in London I’d be out there with banners…


I know, right? No banners, no support and love for the club and the more banners, the better the team plays!

Gooner Scrooge

And finally we have actually made some money this transfer windows. Mission accomplished!


Funny how a team who beat us comprehensivly and coached by a manager we’d gladly take as our own, buy a player who by the sounds of it,
They rate as a potential centre midfielder, a position we are seriously lacking quality


Hmm funny that indeed. Are we so out of touch? No. It’s everyone else who are wrong. Seriously though, just because Ox maybe might not have been suitable to play in a 2 with our style of play (and we never really got to find out), doesn’t mean he couldn’t play in a 3 with Liverpool’s style.


No one has mentioned that this was a player who was given great support by the fans. The North Bank had a brilliant relationship with him but those things don’t seem to count for much nowadays. And everyone liked Gibbo and if he hadn’t headed off the line we would have lost the FA Cup to Hull. Oh for a Tony Adams or a Denis who loved the club.

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