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Deportivo no closer to Lucas Perez deal as Arsenal prefer Levante offer

Lucas Perez has less than two days to sort out his future, and despite his desire to return to hometown club Deportivo la Coruña, that seems a distant possibility at the moment.

The Galician club have made a number of bids for the striker, but as reported previously Arsenal are not inclined to do them any financial favours after Depor insisted on the club paying the full release clause for Perez last August.

At the moment the preferred destination for him is Levante, who have made that Arsenal consider to be an acceptable loan bid for the duration of the 2017-18 season.

There also appears to be interest from Valencia, and the two clubs have been in close contact recently due to the sale of Gabriel earlier this month.

The issue is that Perez is dead-set on a return to Depor, and is holding out hope that a deal can be done.

His agent, Rodrigo Fernandez Lobelle, is in London and ready to deal with any offers that come in, but with less than 48 hours to the deadline, time is running out and if Perez wants to play next season, he may have to choose one of his less favoured options.

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At least he can keep Joel company out in the wilderness. What a fucking shambles.

DB10\'s Air Miles

I can’t wait til we sell Campbell so he can get on with his career and gooners can stop daydreaming about a player who isn’t good enough for our starting 11.



The starting 11 of 2017 Arsenal clusterfuck transfer sagas. With Wenger as manager of course.

Dan Gunn

Could the clusterfuck side beat the likely starting 11 against Bournemouth? Hmmmmm…


Well it’s a tough one to call I reckon. Might just scrape a point if Bournemouth under perform

Faisal Narrage

Clusterfuck XI could probably beat our starting 11.
For one, they’re all playing in the appropriate position.

Also, Lucas > Welbeck.

Damo Dinkum

For the clusterfuck side to be accurate, shouldn’t they all be playing out of position?


The club are absolutely correct if Depor are offering so little after making us pay the full release clause. I do feel sorry for Lucas….and I want him to stay and play for us, we could regret letting him go, in the sense that Alexis could be away and we aren’t really looking like signing a replacement. He is shifting Lacazette onto the left and putting Giroud up top people!!!! What a f*cking shambles our great club has become. As for me, I’ll get behind anyone that wants to play for the shirt, if anyone wants to go then sell… Read more »


You want the player then pay the fee. That’s the kind of crap that we get, and then get destroyed in the media for not paying up. Also, once again the issue comes up of us being a classy club and tending to do the “right” thing concerning players etc. I love this club for being the classiest club in the world and for the beautiful moments of footballing genius I have witnessed. It has brought me so much joy over the years, and also so much pain. That’s the conundrum here, and regarding Lucas Perez..of course we want to… Read more »


I think your definition of ‘classy club’ is a little different to mine. We’re not that institution anymore. Just a badly run grey corporate facade doing its best to fuck over its ‘customers’ as much as possible.

Faisal Narrage

Man, so many fans are so deluisional.
What makes you think we’re a classy club who still does things the right way?

Saying it over and over again doesn’t make it true. At best, we’re no different from any other club when it comes to negotiations and contract management.


How can we accept £7m for Gibbs, a supposed €25m for Mustafi and the squabble over the price of a player who has more or less been done over by the club.

He wants to go to the club he loves, where his family are from. Show some class Arsenal and give the guy a break.

What the fuck has happened to us?




Clubs stance is ok here although they do mess things up all the time don’t they.? People are nuts Perez is a grown man .. And I assume they are a grown club. Pay the asking price.

That’s what we did.


sorry mate, so if I approach you to sell me one of your property for instance and offer you far less than its worth despite making a premium from you when you initially bought it you will give it to me. Loving the club is not an excuse for us to lose money, did Monaco accept a cut price deal because lemar loves arsenal? It seems arsenal cant win whatever they do, their is a premium for attacking players and if the club love enough they pay up the money they received. If his sold for cheap the fans will… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

And that’s fair.

Just remember all this applies to Liverpool and their offer to Ox. Can’t expect them to offer 40M when they know he wants to come to them and his contract is running out.


Just sell him. Arsenal have wasted a year’s worth of his career and are now saying we can’t improve the squad until we let players go. Well then sell him.

Hank Scorpio

What odds we sell Sanchez & Arsene proclaims Perez to be LANS!


Given how things look today, i’d be ok with that. We’ve all come on here and said Perez should get a chance at Arsenal – so it would be interesting to see what happens if he gets it.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Wait, so we quibbling over £3-5m with the Lucas fee yet we’re selling Gibbs for £5m below market value just to find a taker and selling Mustafi for possibly £10m less than what we bought him for without having a replacement and barely a fit centre half left at the club? It’s not like we really need to keep him for the numbers – ‘short nippy forward’ is probably our best (or should that be only?) stocked department

Goon Town

Only at Arsenal can one be both a panic buyer and panic seller simultaneously! Wenger ever the innovator!

Bruce Lee


Hank Scorpio

That best sums up everything about the club right now

George Gunner

Why did buy him in the first place?The fm is at the end of his tether and as Parlour said unlikely to win the epl.
What then for Arsenal?To fight for top 4?That shows how Arsenal have degenerated under him.
For the good of Arsenal he shd go asap.


Have to say Id rather keep and PLAY Lucas and ship Walcott or/and Welbeck. Pretty much every game Lucas came on he produced for us. Welbeck really should be better at finishing and Walcott seems not to fit.


actually would probably keep Welbeck as a left sided Marauder and swap between Lucas, Giroud and Lacca as a front one or two as circumstances dictated.


If you refuse to pay the asking price for your top targets… this is what you end up with. A bunch of squad players you didn’t really want… but you can’t get rid of so you can buy players you do want. And this is the cycle we’re in. I’d be amazed if we managed to clear. Ox JW10 Debuchy Mustafi Perez Akpom Campbell In the next 37hrs. Our signings over the yrs have been awful. Perez- Arsene clearly didn’t want him. Mustafi – if Arsene did want him? He no longer does. Xhaka- I like him but I’m not… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

Falmini – opportunistic, we needed more Sp*rs hating players
Emiliano Viviano – ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

nacho man

can we do anything right?
whats the point in loaning any of these players anyway when they are finished at the club
cut your losses ffs


Why would any player want to come to Arsenal at this point? No top level player will want to be part of this circus and no player hoping to move to a bigger club has to look at situations like what have happened to Perez and Debuchy and think about the chances of that happening to them.

Terry Neill - never again

Ivan fiddles whilst Rome burns. Gazidis out.

Faisal Narrage

I know we all wanna hate Ivan, but let’s be real, his silence last year was clearly because he wanted Wenger out, and until Wenger won the FA Cup and went over his head to Gazidis, that was the case. He’s tried to improve our commercial revenues (hard to do when your footballing side is such a clusterfuck), he’s tried to modernise our structure, scouting and analytics, all clearly against the wishes of Wenger; whom has resisted all the major structural changes Ivan’s wanted to make. He upgraded our medical wing and staff, when Wenger conducted his own internal review… Read more »


Who fucking cares at this stage, Club gets 10 mil, Board goes to Cancun for a about 10 months, We finish about 12th,


If Perez gets transferred, you can cut off my legs and call me shorty (if you can find me). Arsene has no intention of selling him. He’s just been dicking everybody, including Perez, around. He’s been holding onto him because, when Sanchez leaves he will be the cheap replacement (and balance the books). If Arsene really wanted to sell him, he’d be gone by now


I think we need this chaos to reset our club.
Willing to sit back and watch it all blow over.
I predict Wenger will not complete this contract.
I predict this will be our worse prem season ever
I predict kroenke will sell
But order will be restores out of this chaos.
Just a question of 1 year.


I hope your right.
Arsene is finished and we need to get rid of Stan
Usmanov is what we need.
I’d back him to sort out this mess.


I think and hope you’re right on points 1 and 2. I don’t think Kronke will sell tho. But of course, wish he would.


Wenger is making a shambolic mess of a season in the transfers in and out.


Given the number of departures being reported today, we may need Lucas Perez as a starter this season.

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