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Report: Wilshere offered to Real Betis

According to Spanish publication Estadio Deportivo, Jack Wilshere has been offered to La Liga outfit Real Betis.

The short report clarifies that a creative midfielder is not a priority for Betis but suggests the club could be interested because the England international is clearly not in Arsene Wenger’s plans and has only one year left on his contract.

A move to Betis would certainly be a surprise at this point in Wilshere’s career, not least because the player showed little interest in a loan move abroad last summer.

If there’s anything to take from this it appears to be that feelers are being put out, either by Arsenal or Jack’s representatives, that an Emirates exit is imminent. Another one for us to keep our eye on in the next two days.

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My Wig smells cheesy

He won’t go there

Jimbo Jones

Its fire sale time it seems! There’s so many parallels with the end of Graham’s reign and I think its damage limitation time at this point and by that I mean Wenger has one year left at most surely – I can’t see how he will survive the shitstorm that is brewing – and what would be crazy in any football club right now would be to: 1) lose our assets for nothing in the near future (we really need to cash in on Ozil, Sanchez, Ox etc or they will walk anyway and the next manager won’t have the… Read more »


Can’t see him leaving the U.K. his kids are based here

Donald\'s Trump

Can’t kids move?


His kids are based here ?


British players generally refuse to play anywhere outside the UK. Bar Hart going to Torino last year, the only other major player on the continent is Bale.


Beckham did PSG for a short stint. Guess anywhere in Northern France could be viable – only a short train or flight away

Faisal Narrage

Chris Willock is now in Portugal.
Eric Dier left early like Willock.
Reece Oxford is now in Germany.

But you’re right in that by and large, british players love home comfort. Most of all Jack, because a loan to Roma would’ve been far more likely to save his career.

So “Project Youth” was to be built on;
– Jenksinson
– Gibbs
– Ox
– Jack
– Ramsey.

Of which, it seems only one will remain by the weekend (and he’s not even one playing in great form).


A year in sunny Spain will do him the world of good.


Surely someone will give us £5-8mill?


Although both clubs agree the term, but the man himself will reject it, like Gibbs.

Ayush Jain

Exchange him with Ross Barkley.


He should be kept. He’s made plenty of mistakes and is injury prone, but he is one of us, and for me that means a hell of a fucking lot.

If we could sort out Adams’ off field problems then surely we can do the same with Jack?

Also, Diaby got years out of us when it was clear he was finished as a footballer.

Come on, give Jack one more chance. We need players that want to fight for the badge ffs.


Wilshere, fighting for the badge? He asked to leave last season because he didn’t want to face competition! He is expecting daddy Wenger to start him no matter what as in the past!


This whole loan thing has become utterly idiotic. Even the manager himself has realised (late as ever) that the club is so overstuffed with players that there is no real competition. He has literally been repeating that line for weeks. Yet fans here still want to blame a Wilshere or a Gnabry for realizing this earlier and wanting to go out for playing time.

Faisal Narrage

I wonder how many fans have clocked to the fact that maybe all these players giving public excuses may just be a lie and in truth they’ve just lost faith in Wenger, including Jack?

I know I have.


You are blaming a guy who was not even in the rotation of CM at the time to stay? Not try to go on loan to get match fit and play? Just rot on the bench?


Which badge does Jack want to fight for? Ours, or Bournemouth’s?

Before he asked to go on loan, I would have agreed with you that he was one of us. But now I don’t think he sees himself that way, sadly.


He has been at arsenal since he was 8, Wenger clearly didn’t see him as an option, so he asked to go play with his mate to try and get into the national team.

Why the fuck does everyone think he is some mercenary? Would you prefer him to sit on the bench collecting a cheque week in week out? Arsenal players can’t win, with fans saying shit like this no wonder no-one wants to play for us.

Dan Gunn

Wilshere featured in all 3 games before he was loaned to Bournemouth. He would of had chances. He perused the loan.

Faisal Narrage

Stay, and they say you’re just collecting a pay cheque and lacking ambition. Leave and you’re a mercenary. Honestly, I can understand why players don’t want to show any loyalty, as it seems fans are the most disloyal of the lot. Maybe rather than Wenger writing him off, he should give him a chance? Not like our midfield is some kind of Petit-Vieira clone is it? Maybe he should stop being so petty and realize right now we may need him as much as he needs us. But no, he would rather pander to Ox; a player who didn’t see… Read more »


I actually agree totally. I wouldn’t write him off yet. He’s 25 he possesses what Oxlade-Chamberlain does not – football intelligence – he could play well into his 30s once he gets out of the cycle of injuries – plenty of players have overcome worse.


He does not possess enough football intelligence to avoid tackles that result in him constantly being injured unfortunately. I really like the guy but he spends too much time on the treatment table and I think we need to have a clearout and build for the future now.


At a time when we need players who want to play for us, jack is arsenal through and through. I find the whole situation at the club madness! Players who dont want to play should fuck off, managers who cant manage should fuck off and owners who dont give a fuck should fuck off!!

It Is What It Is

That decision to leave last year, so he could make the England squad…is coming back to haunt him now.

A lot of players have no foresight, and very poor decision making skills. Oh, Jack.

Donald\'s Trump

Sell them all.

Rwandan Gunner

The rise and fall of Jack Wilshere. How injuries have deprived us of a natural talent like this young man. All the best sir


Can the last one out turn of the lights?


Why don’t we just sell everyone? Sell a player who would not have put up with that shit on Sunday?? I’m more disillusioned with this club today than I can ever remember being in my entire 40+years of supporting them.


What the fuck


Yeah let’s get rid of the only guy showing any type of emotion at this club. I really don’t care how good our players are anymore, Wenger obviously can’t make it work with them anyhow. I just want tot be able to sympathize with our players, it’s been a while, I miss Flamini tbh.

Jean Ralphio

Two days!

Me So Hornsey

Wenger is like that old great wise uncle that everyone once worshipped but now everyone knows has dementia but those closest to him are too spineless let him know that pungent smell is because he keeps shitting his pants.


Haha, what? How’d they come up with Betis, then? Spin a globe drunk?


It’s hard to imagine just a year ago, this would be considered madness. His loan move to Bournemouth was really the beginning of the end. Sad because I like him.


Closing down sale… everything must go


Shame. I was all for him leaving but based on the pile of processed shit I saw on Sunday, id actually like him to play.

Don Cazorleone

I KNOW he’s crocked,
I KNOW he’s unlikely to stay fit,
I KNOW he’s a bit lary,
I KNOW he’s not worth very much,
I KNOW we could upgrade…

But yet, I still love Jack and want to see him stay and succeed.

Bendtner\'s ego

Can Jack play LWB?

Can’t be any worse than Ox.


Hey. ‘Member, when we all thought this guy was as talented as Zidane and would carry us to trophies and glories?

Public Elneny Number One

In his best Frank Spencer impression “Oooo Betis”


I think he would do well in Spain. Less physical, more technical football would suit his game. Plus a bit of warm weather therapy to help prevent further injuries.

Nothing but love for Jack, I know he doesn’t help himself sometimes, maybe a lot of times, but he is an arsenal boy made good (or almost made good) and we don’t produce too many first team players these days.

Terry Neill - never again

Arse vs Elbow Ivan? Gazidis out


Gibbs finally join WBA.
I hope we can pull this as well.

A Gunner with Psychic powers

I’v been a fan of Arsenal from 2006 and i’v never seen Arsenal in a worse state than it is today. We have to save our club !
London based fans need to boycott the home matches ! If Kroenke doesn’t profit enough , he will definitely sell Arsenal !

#KroenkeOut , #EmptySeats , #NoMoreMerchandises

Terry Neill - never again

Dear “Arsenal fan since 2006”
I’m afraid that’s not possible.
Yours; London Arsenal fan since 1968. Of
P.S. Gazidis out.

Wenger\'s Nose

Oh wowza. What a time to start being a fan. I hope you like the FA cup!


I think WIlshere would do well in Spain from a playing standpoint, but obviously it’s a different culture and language than in England which could be a huge adjustment. We see how many struggle when they come to England at first from other countries.

we\'ve done it again

It seems as if everyone is being offered to someone. Doris should watch out

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