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Xhaka: I’m a Six machine

When Granit Xhaka first arrived at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger described him as a ‘box to box’ midfielder, before reassessing that and declaring him to be more of midfield playmaker.

The Swiss international is becoming increasingly influential as he enters his second season at the club, despite what some journalists might have you believe before they start getting too much heat for terrible opinions, block people, and then delete their Tweets:

Speaking to Arsenal Player, Xhaka clarified the position he sees himself in, and his role in the team.

“I am not a player who likes to talk about himself but I think I have shown since I have been here that I am someone who likes having the ball, dictating the play, looking for my team-mates,” he said.

“I’m what we call a ‘six’ in Germany, a quite aggressive, deep-lying playmaker.”

His ‘aggression’ brought about 12 yellow and 2 red cards last season, although he’s had just one booking in his last 9 appearances, speaking to an improvement in that regard.

He’s not going to change his ways too much though, saying, “I know it has been criticised but my style of play is to be aggressive.

“My two red cards can be discussed, were they necessary or not, but I am hoping to have less cards this season and build on the end of last season where I already had less.

“I’m a player who likes to have the ball, dictate the play. The fans knew that and the club did too, that is probably why they got me but there is another side to my game as well – that is being aggressive and fighting in the duels.”

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Ozils Left Foot

The weird situation when you regret having put something on internet and then thinking that nobody will take a screenshot of their stupidity. Well Done Blogs for reminding them that their opinion is crap.


Sorry I’m away on hols and have missed the reference. Can you give me a link or a clue to which utter waste of space journo mug wrote the rubbish in question please ?

Clock-End Mike

The tweet, from Graeme Bailey, is right there in the article above (I guess you didn’t spot it). “… one of the worst signings in PL history”, he suggested. Unbelievable!

He used to be Sky Sports Senior Reporter on The Football Show, but now he’s a freelance. I guess even Sky decided he was useless.


Love him as a player.
he’s always on the move looking for little angles and his passing and vision is superb.
There will always be the odd mistake, but the way we try and play out of the back I think we have to accept that.
Think we’ll get big seasons from Xhaka, Rambo and Ox.
Hopefully Mustafi and Bellerin can kick on as well.

JJs Bender



I just love his personality . for all his technical qualities he is an incredibly hard worker. For instance he ran the most distance out of all the players in premier league last weekend . and he stands up to his teammates all the time. Whenever there is any fight he will be the first one to go there and stand up for our team . if he goes on like this he will be our leader in a few years


He was captain at his old team.


Top man! And just continue with your “outside feet” passes. I still miss Rosisky but you are the closest we have as far as “fancy long passes” are concerned


I am always keen to see a thunderbolt hit the back of the net, although shooting from 30 yards in our system doesn’t always play to the strengths of attack in the final third. Let’s hope the rebounds land into the feet of our new number 9.
For me though, seeing a raking 65 yard diagonal that lands perfectly at a wingers feet, it’s what it’s all about. Love it

A different George

Strikes from 30 yards out don’t play to the strengths of any system.

Crash Fistfight

That stat about the 3% success rate for long range shots is a complete red herring.

Sure, shooting from range is less likely to result in a goal than shooting within the 6 yard box, but that’s not a fair reflection of the option of shoot vs pass.

How many passes that could have been a long range shot result in nothing?

Bould\'s Eyeliner

More importantly, a slightly higher odd on scoring from distance also pulls defenders out, creating space for forwards. A few close shots from afar might create the necessary few inches to score in the six-yard box, especially against bus depots like Chelsea.


totally, side to side passes more often than not go nowhere. And just having the ability to smash them in from distance, and demonstrate the desire to do so on occasion, adds a little bit of uncertainty in the opposition defence. They’ll press out to close him down, maybe leaving gaps.
Shot against chelski in community shield was a cracker, and resulted in a corner.


I love Granit. I think he will have an excellent second season. “£ for £ the worst signing in Premier league history.” What a fucking mug.

Bern pero

Pogba doesn’t eclipse Xhaka somehow ? Guy talking through his anti arse !! Apart from the send offs (1 was very harsh ) he’s been good and will only get better ?


Never heard of man like Andy Carroll


Not a 6 in my eyes. Definitely a 10/10 ?

Arsene\'s dad

I like the fact he’s sticking to his guns. i’m sure many players, especially in their first season in the prem, have suffered and altered their game because of the press. I like that xhaka considers ‘battling’ to be a key part of his game, it suggests he’s willing to work hard at it and many of the fans that criticised him last season had been saying we needed someone with these qualities for years


love this guy


Granite standing over a prostrate Fabregas having just taken him out with a perfectly timed tackle , screaming “Get up a ,get on up, get up a , get on up.”


I have very slim hope, of Fabregas getting up if he gets hit by Granite.

Gudang Pelor

With mustafi as the backing vocal, with dancing complete with flailing arms:
Xhaka: get uph
Mustafi: get on up

X: get uph
M: get on up

*repeat as necessary*

North Bank Gooner

The pundits let us have it for being too soft, then lose their shit when we get a player that puts it about a bit. Love the Granit one, and once he is fully up to speed he will be as good as any.
Cant help but hear a swiss accent singing “jump back n kiss myself!”……

Original Paul

Terrific player and a handsome bastard! “HSB” anyone?:-)

Tasmanian Jesus

HandSome Bastard?


Hardhitting Swiss Battlemachine

Original Paul

I was thinking “Handsome Swiss Bastard” but…

A different George

Think Xabi Alonso or Toni Kroos.


Players like scholes and gerrard used to spray one or two balls in a game and the media used to go mad about their “world class” status. Xhaka sprays balls left, right, centre with inside, outside and laces of left and right peg, and no one sees or wants to see the class of the player.

It’s all good though, we have a player on our hands and haters gonna always hate no matter what.


If he was English pundits would be lining up to give him a rimjob.

Robert Pires: Future Sporting Director of Arsenal

What’s a Rimjob?

Something football pundits do to English players.
Don’t worry about it.

That’s when you put your legs behind your head and have someone lick your arse.

John Lukic

What is a Graeme Bailey anyway? Looks vile whatever it is.


The way he spreads play and picks out passes is so, so beautiful to watch. One of my absolute favorites in the red and white at the moment. The reason we signed him is clear. I just hope he improves like Kos did and we can genuinely call him world class someday


“I’m a player who likes to have the ball, dictate the play…..” …….Granite, you bloody ‘six’ machine……

optimist habila

Xhaka has always held promise, just that mostly fans as wellas pundits and the media are too quick to crucify. Xhaka will rule the midefield in England and, I believe, Europe if he maintains his fitness leven and commitment.


In fairness both his reds were very iffy. The kind if thing that, ooh, Rooney, Terry or, oh I don’t know, any of a dozen England internationals wouldn’t even have picked up a yellow for last season….


Never a truer word was written.

Lord Bendnter

I think he will be the most crucial player for us for this entire season. Without him, the defense is exposed and without him, there’s no attacking creativity from deep (something we really need when clubs decide to sit back with 11 behind the ball against us).

Basically, without Xhaka, we are screwed. That’s my view, something that became absolutely apparent to me after the Leicester game.

Frank Bascombe

Forward Xhaka- forward!


Future captain this one.

Man Manny

He’s gradually becoming my favourite arsenal player.


Lovely player, I guess we need an Nzonzi back up


I think the criticism was harsh. It was his first year at a much higher level. There are some limitations to his game athletically and technically, but hes got the determination and intelligence to play to his strengths and improve his weaknesses. Now he’s settled in and confident, I’m sure we’ll see the best of him and I think he can become world class in his position.


Love Xhaka.

He always talks about aggression. He may be a bit unhinged


I, for one, have liked him from the minute he appeared of the official site. He can do no wrong in my eyes! Every once in a while, as a fan, you get that way with a player. Some are experiencing it now with Sead.


Being Swiss I’d picture him being more into Bolzer and Celtic Frost than the late Godfather of Soul.


We just need a proper tackler in midfield alongside this guy. You can’t have ozil (with all his finesse and languor), xhaka and some other guy (ramsey or somebody) who can’t spoil play for the opponent. They are all quality players but if wenger does’t get that essential partner, its going to be same old.


at’s why we play three at the back now, more quality defending against counter attacks.

All we need is Santi to come back and with him and xhaka dictating play, the forwards are gonna have a feast.

Sitting back against us will become redundant and we know not many teams like to go toe to toe against us by playing expansive attacking football.

Xhaka will become a Vieira type of figure very soon…. mark my words!!


I mean I don’t think we have been functioning with a serious DM for some time now. Coquelin is the closest we have. Other than that, Santi was put in to hold the ball for us and push forward. Granit sits deep for us but isn’t a DM more of a quarterback. I think in this function, he replicates Santi in passing range but not penetration with feet/dribbling. Ramsey and Elneny are pass and play players. I think we will do well to cover Granit (with Santi’s return indefinite) Someone like Pastore maybe (I don’t think they will sell Rabiot),… Read more »


I am more excited when I remember he isn’t yet in the prime of 27/28 for a midfielder and he is this good. I see a future Arsenal captain..pure class

nacho man

gona be a beast this season
go as far to say possiple player of the year


He’s a defensive liability.

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