Thursday, July 7, 2022

Boss backs Alexis Sanchez after ‘mixed’ reception

When Alexis Sanchez was introduced in the 75th minute of yesterday’s 3-0 win over Bournemouth, there were cheers for the Chilean, but a few jeers too.

Some sections of the crowd seemed unhappy at the summer shenanigans, although in reality the 28 year old did little wrong. It was Arsenal who decided to try and broker a deal with Man City in the final days, and throughout Sanchez did nothing to publicly rock the boat like others have in the past.

The reception left Arsene Wenger confused too, saying afterwards, “We have to accept those responses from people.”

Pressed on his thoughts about why they reacted that way, he continued, “I don’t know why.

“The best way to get people on your side is to perform. I had a chat with him after the game and he didn’t look unhappy. Maybe it’s because he wanted to score.

“The interpretation of the attitudes is always very dangerous.”

In his 15 or so minutes on the pitch, Sanchez created a good opportunity for fellow sub Olivier Giroud, and had a couple of shots on target well saved by Asmir Begovic.

Wenger is right though, performances will be key, and it’s hard to imagine too many people jeering if he cracks in a winner at Stamford Bridge next weekend.

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What no-one seems to have picked up on is that large sections of the crowd were singing ‘ALEXIS SANCHEZ BABYYY’ for most the time he was on.

That should get more recognition than the 50 angry blokes who lose their shit every time a so-called ‘judas’ want out.

andre santos

so what are these same large sections gonna sing next year when he plays for city ? Alexis sanchez baby ?

andre santos

you can thumb me down but this is the reality. He has made up his mind and is leaving next year. the same lot that cheer him this year will boo him and call him all sorts of names next year. Oh the irony


By your logic then, the only players who should ever have songs are the ones who are going to stay at the same club their whole career. Got it.

andre santos

the difference here is that we know for sure that he wants out and is leaving. About the other s we dont.


You talk as if this is something new. The same people who sung RVP’s name boo him now. The same people who sung Nasri’s name boo him now, the same people who sang Fabregas’ name boo him now and so on and so on. You can go as far back as you like and you will always find these kind of situations. Ask the spuds about Sol Campbell. FACT: As of today, until at least January, maybe the end of the season Sanchez is an Arsenal player. FACT: 2018-19 season hasn’t happened yet. How about you stop acting like you… Read more »

andre santos

how do you know im not supporting the team ? bombaclot!


You’re missing the point. You can still show appreciation to a player who has had 3 amazing years for us.


will have* had … hopefully

Dave M

Agreed. People seem to think that a player who signs for Arsenal must play out their career to be respected. They must be 100% loyal or they are a traitor and a mercenary. He hasn’t publically stated his desire to leave because he is a pro (not like Nasri or Robin Van POOsie). He leaves it all out there every game. Just yesterday he came on and ran his cotton socks off in a typical non-stop energetic display. Alexis has 30/15, 17/10, and 24/12 (goal/assists) in all competitions in his 3 years thus far with Arsenal). He IS an Arsenal… Read more »


grow up mate – Robin Van POOsie…? jesus christ


Support the team regardless. He’s a professional and hasnt acted up. As much as people will not agree with this. He wants to win titles, he looks at other teams and ours and has decided he has a better chance else where. And if we are all honest he is right. Regardless of the position anyone has in regard to the business (or club) that we all support, as a professional who plays to win titles you cannot not argue City are not in a better position to do so. With his desire comes humility and professionalism, which he has… Read more »

Why not

Hasn’t acted up? I get the supportive attitude, but he was a pathetic petulant kid end of last season. If we are going to be honest, lets include all of the details.


He didn’t show it when he played and that’s the important thing.

Mein Bergkampf

Maybe this is why we don’t get the loyalty from our players we feel we deserve. We turn on them for rightly wanting out of a sinking ship. If we’d given him a heroes welcome yesterday, I’m not saying he would’ve signed a new contract, but it would’ve given him pause for thought and at the least made him play his heart out for his final season. I don’t know if I would be bothered to perform for a club where portions of the crowd are jeering me for doing little wrong other then having a little ambition.

Dave M

Here here!!


THIS. Never underestimate the effect the 12th man can have. Mourinho (as much as I despise him) said just that the other night after Utd got a “good point in a difficult game in a difficult stadium/atmosphere”. Get behind the team and contribute or take your issues to the board, not the football pitch people. Now, don’t make me quote that tosspot again!

Sheffield Gooner

Cheer him whilst he’s red. Boo him when he’s blue.


andre santos


andre santos

yesssssss !!!


Do we have to get rid of Andre Santos again?


Time to. He’s fattening.

andre santos

how about we swap jerseys .. lolol

Indian Gooner

As soon as he was on.. you could see what a terrific player Sanchez is..Hats off to him for turning up even after all that.
I hope he sees how mediocre City and Guardiola really are! I happened to watch the full game between City and Looserpool.. City were never even there in the game until Mane was shown the red card. An extremely lucky goal from a fantastic De Bruyne assist. But that was just about it.
Stay Sanchez.. we need you.❤️


You mean the same Liverpool that destroyed us last week?

Indian Gooner

Even by your logic why switch to a mediocre team managed by a mediocre manager..from another mediocre team managed by a mediocre manager?


Bc man city has an actual shot at the title. They are clearly a step above us both in he league and the cl and actuality spend money to try to improve the squad. Your mediocre comment about city is silly unless you are comparing them to Madrid

Why not

Since when have city done better than us in the champions league? Once maybe….over 20 years. Na!


Saying two of the top teams in the league have mediocre teams doesn’t sound cerebral not even close! Know the meaning?? And don’t care for Pep but Wenger put Arsenal on the European map, you don’t have to be #wengerin to show some restraint before calling the man mediocre. He is without doubt the greatest manager Arsenal have had, show some respect to his achievements. Without him, God knows where this club would have been. In short neither managers are mediocre, Wenger definitely is not, he might not be the best anymore but calling him mediocre is down right… Read more »


As it stands though I dont think he’ll stsrt on Sundy, the balance of the team/apart from midfield seems very good. With Kolasinac at his preferred left and Welbeck fitting perfectly to our system and getting goals, I dont see him starting. And he looks very dangerous with Lacazette. Im not in slightest way saying his time here is up but itd be too much of a risk for Arsene to disrupt the balance of the team considering its an away match


Of course he will play on Sunday. You don’t leave our best player on the bench against the league champions


For sure. Much better chance of getting a result vs Chelsea with Alexis on the pitch then off it. I think Alexis and Lacazette will cause them some problems. Both can shoot well.


Bit harsh on Welbz don’t you think?


Keep booing and when he leaves in January after we have our expected breakdown or playing catch up, I hope no one complains. Imagine booing one of the major components that can push up to top 4 if he’s on form. No Alexis = no top 4. We have to hope he recovers his form soon.


Remember we got to 5th last season WITH Sanchez

King 14enry



fucking right they bood him, he thinks this team aint good enough for him, so he is pissing off to another team, and YOU expect us to cheer him, do me a favour, any body who cheered him wants there head testing


Spoken like a true supporter. Let’s boo our best player while he’s playing for us. Toxic is too good a word for you.


Hes right though this team isn’t good enough for him. We should have surrounded him with world class players amd utilised him more. We didn’t and next season we will pay the price.


I expect Wenger will pick Sanchez for game v Chelsea but on form surely you have to keep Welbeck in


Since when did form have anything to do with team selection


Apparently Welbeck got 2 at the weekend,a sure fire way to be dropped.


has he ever actually come out and said he is unhappy at the club and can’t wait to leave?

Frank Bascombe

I’d have more respect for him if he did.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

No but refusing 300k a week is pretty much tantamount to it. No club is gonna pay him 400/week unless they get him on a free. It’s an intentional tactic.


Sooner Sanchez goes the better.
What is the point of keeping someone against their will?
Hopefully the old fossil will also be gone at the end the season (or preferably sooner).
Once Wenger is gone we can move on…


With our useless board the problems would continue even when Aw leaves


Never a truer word said


the traitor is pissing off in January, so it doesn,t matter if he gets bood or not


Mr toxic strikes again. You are not a true supporter


Arsenal fans make me laugh. When we were hammered by Liverpool the consensus was that Wenger should leave. After the international break and a win against a very poor Bournemouth side the tune changes. Then it will no doubt change again after we suffer our annual hammering at Stamford Bridge. That is why the manager has been in post for so many unproductive years – why the same pattern is repeated every year. Why Arsenal NEVER progress and improve. Because of the fans. Arsenal’s decline – its long term run of poor form is not because of the manager but… Read more »


I don’t think the fans get to decide whether Arsene gets kept on.

Pretty sure Kroenke has some kind of say in it … and also pretty sure he doesn’t give two hoots about the fans.


Truth. Pretty unfair, isn’t it?


Then you don’t understand economics. Owners always listen to the fans. Always!!!


&Leon-i actially think the dynamics are a bit different-Arsenal loses a game-people with realistic views over the situation at the Club get more engaged in the comment section, Arsenal wins a game-‘stop fucking moaning, lets hold our hands and celebrate the title which is soon coming’ suddenly increase their share of voice. I do not neccessarily agree that these fans are responsible for Arsenal’s decline however i do share your frustration that after 10 years they still cant learn.


I would be very surprised if any fan honestly believes Arsenal are title contenders. There is nothing wrong with supporting the team and the players who represent that team on game days. There is a higher chance of the team performing well if the supporters are behind them.


100% agree. It’s not just the manager who goes through the yearly cycle. It’s the fans too. Arsenal fans are way too tolerant.


So you blame the fans for not booing hard enough and creating an atmosphere so toxic we finish a couple positions lower? I’m so sorry that I support the team, blindly! FFS


I just don’t think we will miss him that much .. when he gets the ball the other players may as well stop.. good as he is .. I think a player like Sane would more than fill the gap


In Sane comment


As good as he is, he has his flaws. I think that out of form Alexis does not contribute too much. Sometimes his play does not suit our team play (loses the ball, hangs on it for too long, sometimes gets greedy). Don’t get me wrong, he’s far from our bigest problem when on field and surely numbers don’t lie but people forget that if he’s not playing, someone else will pay on his spot. If he’s replaced properly (haha, i know) by someone who can contribute to our team play, it doesn’t have to be THAT bad when he… Read more »


I don’t buy the whole “out of top 4” without Sanchez opinion. We may actually play better without him as a team. We didn’t look too bad against Bournemouth (1 game I know). Arsene has sacrificed style for substance over the last few years and kept himself in the job winning those FA Cups. We played a lot better under project youth and won jack. Looking at our squad today, this is not project youth, we have a great mix of experience, youth and real talent. Give the team its fluidity and confidence back and I’m sure we can at… Read more »

Frank Bascombe

For sure. Better player.


OT: Tomas Rosicky just scored for Sparta Prague!


I really don’t understand how Alexis is at fault. Pls explain.


Really? He wants to leave to play for Manchester city. You know, a team in the same league we play in , with a history of poaching our players, funded by oil money, with a hoard of cunt supports.

Get it now?


Doesn’t every club fans feel the same way about every other big club? lol

So where is a top class player suppose to want to go where Arsenal fans don’t get mad?


I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned Liverpool is a big club and I don’t really hate them. It’s Sp*rs, Manure and Chelsea I’m having problem with. Nonetheless, I prefer our best players not want to go anywhere else.


* to not to go anywhere else.


God dammit! *to not want to go anywhere else. Brain fart.


Nah. I hate every team that isn’t The Arsenal.


They can go to Charlton.


Leyton Orient’s management style is based on an interesting philosophy. Wouldn’t mind Sanchez going there.


back to Barcelona would seem to be a good option apparently they win Champions league more often than Mancy Manchu Liverpoo or Chelsea these days


Only half a season wonder Nasri left us for Man City when in his prime. All the others were passed their best so we really didn’t miss any of them.


Attitude and desire to leave. I cheer on players who commit to the team.


Let’s win the league and the europa league and top players like Sanchez won’t ask to leave prematurely, and we won’t be discussing “mixed receptions”. Next weekend will be a good test at the bridge


The way I see it both sides are correct here. He is our player and playing for us. We should cheer and support him whenever he’s on the pitch.

He also made it perfectly clear that he wanted to fuck off and go to our rival. So fuck him. He’s a big boy and can live with being booed.

I’m Arsenal all the way. With Alexis or without. With Arsene or without. I’m going to cheer the side on the pitch on match day. After the match………… fuck Sanchez. Wenger out.


Dont care if “did little wrong”. He wanted/wants/will leave us so he can be a professional player and do what he’s payed to do without expectation that his name be sung.


So booing him is ok ?


Never get the attitude of certain fans. What’s there to boo? Do we really want to lose him? We should be encouraging him to stay on. He’s a solid player who gives his all regardless of what feelings he may harbour toward moving elsewhere. IF we can get him sharp, looks like he will profit from Lacazette who also has a bit of guile to his game. If Ozil is also firing as in last game, we can be very lethal up top (not to mention we have GIroud and Welbeck still) Just need to keep the balance in midfield… Read more »


We’ve lost Sanchez and no cheering or booing is going to change that. In fairness to Liverpool they did have their best player (not Ox just so you know) sent off against Citeh but that’s not to say I didn’t cut myself a big slice of schadenfreude anyway. I hope they have an awful season and regardless of where we end up in the league that we do considerably better than them. Just so I can say “told you so” and “How’d you like it now, motherfucker?” And other such colourfully dismissals as I choke on my massive slice of… Read more »


Why the thumbs down for a perfectly sensible comment ? Very strange.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Not quite sure he did as little as you say blogs.


We sure made a dogs dinner of it. I’m hoping, naively perhaps, that the three parties have their act together in January so we get Lemar and the smiling Chilean can go to his coveted Citeh with lots of money changing hands and everyone successful and happy ever after.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Yep, so him saying publicly: ‘ I have made my decision, now we wait for a response’ wasnt a big deal. And I’m pretty sure his behind the scenes agitation and extra extra delay in coming back had nothing to do with our deadline day move.


I’ve gone off this bloke after his smiling incident at Liverpool but to boo him is bollocks. Can’t wait for him to fuck off though.


The smiling incident was conveniently caught on camera by Sky. Come on, they’re always looking for the slightest gesture to suit their narrative and make a story. Smiling can be interpreted any way you like. I can understand his reaction to that joke of a team selection at Anfield. You either laugh or you cry at that debacle.


Not absolving the team or Wenger for that shower of shit nor Sky for trying to stir things but there was something so unsavoury about his reaction to me. Plus knowing he’s desperate to go. Whichever way we put it, having a player on the team who doesn’t want to be there is not a good feeling. Personally I can’t wait for him to go. I just hope that we get a proper replacement when he does. Lemar for example.


Reaction to what? A Sky photo shows him smiling which may have nothing to do with match. The Express today has a series of photos looking glum on Saturday whilst he was playing. Don’t believe everything you see or read.


It’s well established that this is exactly what he did and it was captured by more media than Sky. Hardly a conspiracy and while you may think he’s a swell guy anyway I don’t. I think it’s time for him to go to his beloved Citeh for as much money as we can squeeze out of him so we can replace him with something better who wants to be here.


Trying being loyal to your own company when things are bad, then come & talk here! Alexis is just a normal human.

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