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Wilshere’s Arsenal future remains dependent on fitness

Jack Wilshere completed 90 minutes for Arsenal against Doncaster last night, his first full game for the club since September 2014, when he played the entire 2-1 defeat to Southampton in the Capital One Cup (as it was back then).

The England international has been beset by injury problems, and is currently on his way back from a broken leg sustained while playing for Bournemouth at the end of last season.

His contract is into its final 12 months, and at his press conference this morning Arsene Wenger was asked if Wilshere would be offered new terms.

“That is down to – and I said that many times – to the fact that can remain fit or not, you know,” he said, before responding to a question as to whether or not that’s what Wilshere would want.

“I think he’s an Arsenal man, an Arsenal player,” he said. “He certainly would want to, but I don’t know.

We haven’t spoken about that because at the start of the season I thought we had to see how it evolves and what kind of influence he can have in the squad through the whole season.”

Earlier, the manager spoke about how the 25 year old is nearing a return to Premier League action after a positive performance against Doncaster on Wednesday night.

“For me he is available now to play and the decision I have to make is when to play him,” he said.

“I think this kind of game in its 90 minutes at that intensity repeated and then he will soon be back.

“You see that in his movement it is natural and after that everybody is looking at him because of course everybody expects him to come back to his best and I wish that as well.”

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Really hope he stays fit and shines this season.

He’s one of our own…


I think a bit of perspective is required here. Jack hasn’t played for the first team for a long long time. Obviously delighted for him that he’s had an opportunity to represent Arsenal again against Doncaster in the League Cup. But there is obviously a huge difference in the demands on the body between a game against Doncaster in the League Cupe, and a fully fledged Premier League game. So lets not carried away. For me, and I know I will get some stick here, but I would still look to move him on at the end of the season… Read more »


No one is saying he should be offered a contract in January without merit, but if he has a positive and injury-free full season where he plays well and contributes to the potential success of the team, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be offered a new contract. As Pedant says he’s one of our own, and we have very few of those in our squad at the moment, especially with the quality and experience to be challenging for a starting position in the team. He also has immense quality and we need players like him around the squad if… Read more »

Jimbo Jones

Two great, well thought out comments I must say ??


Some interesting points raised there. I kind of get what you’re saying with the Dutch skunk, however, for me, he is or was should I say, a much better player than Jack. I get that it’s difficult to compare two different players playing two very different roles in the team, but I think technique wise, Van Persie was probably one of the best players I have seen at Arsenal. Hence why it was so painful to see him go to United in the manner that it happened, because he did have that elite level quality. Jack for me… had the… Read more »


I agree with RVP having more technical ability than Wilshere, however Jack is for me one of the more naturally gifted footballers at the club, only really surpassed by players like Santi and Özil. Even getting back to fitness now, it’s pretty clear what he adds to the team in terms of understanding of the game and technique. I can still see him having a PL career, he certainly looks to have bulked up a bit and it may be because he’s being more cautious coming back from injury this time around, but also looks a bit more “sensible” in… Read more »


what do you consider setting the world on fire? Even if he does in your eyes and get a new contract, once he gets hurt again you’ll be here complaining about why Arsenal gave him another contract for?

If he does leave and fulfills his potential elsewhere you’ll probably come back here and complain about why we didn’t offer him a contract.

It’s going to be a catch-22 and I would rather take the risk with a high reward type of player as long as the wage is reasonable.


ha, I think you will find that its more of a test against Doncaster than any premier game, so that blows your theory right out of the water


The question is who does he displace. He was man of the match Vs Doncaster so clearly deserves a first team call up but do you drop xhaka or Ramsey for him? Jack and Ramsey together has never seemed to click as both get forward too much. We’ve yet to see how the Jhak works together but on form Ramsey isn’t the central midfielder who really deserve to be dropped, if anyone it would be xhaka. Conundrum indeed but we do have the opposition coming up to give us room for an experiment. I would expect jack to replace Ramsey… Read more »

Stringer Bell

By on form you mean one game ?


We get it, you don’t like Ramsey


By saying he doesn’t deserve to be dropped?


You can be Man of the match without demanding a starting place in the team. Big difference in quality of opposition as well as the overall quality of our own team performance yesterday. Think you’re right about the sub appearances. I don’t think he is near to displacing anyone from our starting XI, and if he does I think it will come from a door being opened due to an injury. I don’t think Carabao/Europa performances will be enough to win a starting place in the league unless the current players are massively underperforming for a prolonger period.


Oh, yes, Doncaster! The allmighty Doncaster! Even fit, Wilshere has always been mediocre. But yes, he is one of our own… Just a proof of the level of ambition among the fans…


Yes, that ‘mediocre’ Wilshere that tore Barcelona (at their peak) a new one). That ‘mediocre’ Wilshere with 34 England caps. That ‘mediocre’ Wilshere who scored (and helped set up) the greatest ever goal at The Emirates. That ‘mediocre’ Wilshere described by Dani Alves as “a truly great player”, by Bastian Schweinsteiger as “one of the very best” and by Marco Reus as “the perfect player”. That ‘mediocre’ Wilshere who was voted man-of-the-match in six of the seven Euro 2016 qualifies he played in. That one?




At his best before injuries he was the best English central midfielder.


He still is!!!

Andy Mack

By stating ” Wilshere has always been mediocre” we all now know that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about…


What do you mean who? We are the Arsenal. When has it been that we’ve had too many fit midfielders for a season. History has taught us, that we are always short on players due to injuries at some point odlf the season and this is the moment when the deep reserves get their chance.

Kwame Ampadu Down

I don’t think it really comes down to form, I think it comes down to balance. I find it difficult to see Jack forming a partnership that works with any of our current midfielders other than Coquelin to be honest.

Andy Mack

I think he could work well with Xhaka, ElNeny and Santi…
We’ll hopefully find out.


He’s not going to start. If he gets any promotion it will be as a sub. Why would you just throw him in against a PL side without any games under his belt.


Isn’t every footballers future dependant on fitness?


Mostly on talent, but just seeing a fit Wilshere on the pitch seems enough to call him a great talent.


Definitely a Spurs troll


Now, now. There’s no need for foul fucking language like that.


definitely a twat troll.


Random point but notice how when Wilshere sprints, his foot is facing in, when Iwobi sprints, his foot is facing out.

Quick question to any sports scientists/physios, what is the correct way to sprint and does this cause any issue with injuries, ec.


You are born/grow up with your feet/knees either looking inside or outside. There is no right or wrong actually. Although straigt legs/feet position will maximize your ability to sprint faster.

A different George

Yeah, except for Usain Bolt.

Jimbo Jones

Disagree with the first part of your comment. The second part is spot on though.


In hockey, bowlegged players have an advantaged since it makes it easier for them to stride on the outer edge of the blade, which makes for a more powerful stride and better balance. Don’t think it makes any difference for sprinters though, maybe a bit, balance-wise.


The late and great Garrincha was born with both feet and knees pointing out which made him an absolute devil to defend against…how I used to enjoy watching him leave defenders on their arse. ..

Jimbo Jones

Neither is correct. Correct footstrike would be from a dorsiflexed foot position, striking with the front part of the foot and straight forward. Any misalignment to either side will cause extra stress and likely lead to soft tissue injuries anywhere from the ankle, knee, hip or even lower back.

I hadn’t realised analysed wikshere’s running style but will pay attention next time.


well with your feet pointing forward, I would have thought


Its an interesting discussion as to who he displaces, personally I dont see this current system (3-4-2-1) sticking around for long and even if we were to revert to 4-2-3-1, Ozil looks likely to leave at the end of the season, leaving a gap at number 10. I’m not saying that Jack just slots straight in as our number 10 but we need to be open minded about how he can fit in and contribute to this team. He has attributes our other midfielders dont, he can beat a man and h’s much neater and more agile in quick interplay,… Read more »


yeah right mr frenchman arsene wenger

this rule did not applied to abou diaby then?


Diaby: Joined January 2006, released June 2015 ~ 9.5 years
Wilshere: First team squad number September 2008, contract expires June 2019 ~11 years
Seems the rule applied more to Diaby than Wilshere.

California Gooner

Sell him and both parties can move on.


Should be limited to 1 game a week, max. Also, Jack should seriously think about retiring from international football to extend his career. I remember few years ago, Diaby regained his fitness briefly, impressed and was recalled to France, only to get injured and he never regained fitness again. Really hope Jack avoids the same fate.


why don’t we have midfield of ramsey, wilshere and xhaka. ramsey can play the no. 10 role of ozil in which he impressed during the euro and xhaka, wilshere can play as the central midfielders.

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